2014-07-25 Early Morning Rescue
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Loki, Doctor Strange, Mike (Kind of)
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Early Morning Rescue

Stephen goes as the crow flies towards a destination that most people wouldn't want to go. The halfway house appears in his vision rather rapidly as the sorcerer zooms across the sky. He lands at the doorway, his cloak flapping heavily in the rush of wind. Stephen stands straight, his eyes like spears as he peers into the doorway, purpose overflowing his every move. With a mere gesture of his hand the door is ripped from its hinges and cast onto the lawn without a ounce of care.

The halfway house was such a peaceful looking halfway house until some MEANIEHEAD came ripping off the doors. Fortunately most of the residents were in their rooms, protecting their fragile moods from the terror of poor fashion choices. (NO CAPES.) However the sight of one person in the hallway simply LEAPING down the hall towards the open door is not a pleasant greeting for the rude vistor, or for any persons in the building not aware that their staffers might be able to do that.

"Uuuuhhh…" *Thud*

Oh. There's one now.

Stephen remains standing even after the possessed being leaps seemingly through him. Turning around to look at the being on the ground behind him the illusion quickly fades away as the actual Doctor slowly floats down to the ground where his false self was moments ago.

Loki arrives, wearing his leather armor. One moment he wasn't there, the next he was. He can move about like that. "Strange? I am here as requested." He places a hand on his side and grimaces slightly, but starts walking to get an idea of what's going on around here. "Mike?" He hates porting in clueless.

The one that leapt at Strange is only the first to make their way over. As the one leaps through the illusion of the Sorceror Supreme, several more emerge from the office down the hall, while the man who Strange has seen working there before remains within, seemingly not as interested in the commotion outside. Taking note of the sorceror's 'distracted' status, they start leaping down the hallway as well. Two of them divert their approach upon Loki's arrival, making note to split their numbers amongst the intruders.

Loki grimaces again, able to anticipate one of the demons descending upon him, turning his back to the other and throwing a hand out to conjure a brilliant flash of light meant to stun the one he knew was coming, slashing out with his other hand with his dagger. "Will you hideous beasts never go away?? Show me where your portals are so I can seal you away once and for all!"

Strange turns to meet his newest assailant and meet he does. Raising his hands above his head with the palms facing down he contorts his fingers into mystical positions, unlocking volumes of magic to use, "By the crimson bands of Cyttorak, you shall harm no more this night!" The Sorcerer Supreme commands, as red bands of mystic cloth fly from beneath his sleeves and bind the first attacker from feet to neck. His attention has been off the original attacker for far too long…

Mid-leap, one of the creatures ends up missing Loki by at least a yard as the blinding light distracts him from his aiming. The other, not dealing with the light issue is aware enough of the dagger to shift their weight, doging the blade. She tumbles to the side, rolling to her feet, snarling at Loki.

As Strange deals with the secondary attack upon his person, effectively stopping her intrusion, the first greeter has moved back to their feet and has run towards Strange to slam their body into the Sorceror.

Loki grimaces again and snarls "Strange?? Where are you?! MIKE. I am in NO MOOD." He slashes at the demon again, using his Asgardian agility to focus on one at a time, while trying to make progress through the house.

As soon as Stephen is tackled the bands around the other attacker quickly disappear as his mind is distracted too much to keep them active. The wizard hits the ground hard, but in that instant he pushes his mind to move the cloak around his shoulders. The cloth begins to squirm and wriggle, before it flies off of the wizard's back, flipping the demon and pinning itself to the ground away from Stephen, locking the attacker beneath it's stretched form. "I'm here!" He says, standing back up and snapping his hand out, a blue wisp of smoke extending from his palm before forming into a blue rod in his hand.

WHOMP! The tackling demon gets tugged off as the cape snares him off in a ball of cape wrapped demony fury. The one that has gotten freed takes a moment to collect herself before starting to once more run at Strange.

The knife dodging demon wasn't quite so successful the second time around as the blade catches it's host in the arm. It hisses, collecting itself while it's partner starts to get its vision back. Other than the four creatures, there doesn't seem to be as much opposition in the hallway.

Other than Strange's response, there is none identifying where the requested Mike is.

The trickster wastes no time delivering more blows to the one he sliced, then shoves her out of the way and continues down the hall, following Strange's voice and ignoring the other demon. If he doesn't pay it any attention, perhaps it will go away on its own. He can hope, right?

Strange is prepared for the original attacker with a strike to the host's neck with an mystical weapon, meant to cause temporary paralysis on the area it has struck on the wielder's opponent. Strange turns once more to finally approach the door that's been open for the past few moments. "Loki!" The wizard calls out across the hall as he walks in, his magic weapon once more returning to smoke. "MIKE! Are you here?"

Getting knocked with the rod, the woman's form goes limp, flomping to the floor. As for Loki's opponents, Asgardian strength makes for a strong push. Demonic strength makes for… Well, the cut demon falls down from the shove but doesn't go flying across the room or anything of that extent. The recovering demon, upon seeing Loki going away from the office, appears to hold back, guarding it. How weird indeed.

There is still no response to the raised voice inquiries from said Mike.

Loki doubles over, groaning. "Oh come on…" He hisses, blinking away the spots in his vision and straightening up, taking a moment to turn and look at the demon guarding the door. If it's guarding the door then that must be where Loki wants to be, so he charges toward it and the demon.

Stephen moves closer towards the Asgardian, but stops cold in his tracks, snapping an arm behind himself and turning slightly to summon his cloak back to him. Once fully garbed in his Supreme outfit, the mage takes a step forward and pauses once more. Steve's grey eyes dart to his left and his hand lingers over the doorknob as he feels out the aura of the room. "Mike." He whispers to no one.

Seeing Loki turning his attention back towards the door, the two remaining demon possesed ready their stances in expectation of conflict. And now Strange isn't being occupied. Well, CRAP. There's a flash of metal as the female pulls out a blade, readying herself for Loki's approach.

Loki doesn't feel the intense burn as strongly, but that's OK. Demons still need to be dealt with, and he pulls his other dagger, grinning wolfishly. "Strange, perhaps you should find Mike. He is not in this direction. Come on, demon, let's get this overwith."

"Be careful." The wizard says as he nods towards Loki and rapidly phases through the floor. Strange keeps his hands at his side while waiting for any obstacle in the basement to approach him.

Oh what good fortune! There's a Mike strapped down to a gurney, wrists secured to the sides like a combative patient would likely end up with. But, he's not really fighting and is instead just lying there, the syringe to the side a likely indicator to the how and the electrodes that are being pressed around the head are probably a contributing factor to the why. Seated nearby in front of a laptop, a helmeted figure sits, looking to the screen quietly. An interesting sight, if it wasn't for the demon possessed leaping at him.

The female demon runs at Loki, slashing the knife at him, seemingly smiling at the invite.

Loki brings his forearm up to protect his face, then swings both of his at her. "Haven't you had enough, yet? While Strange locates our friend, I will see to it that they are protected from evil like you."

All that time spent in the Himalayas was good for Stephen in many ways. One of those was that he learned martial arts, and those instincts now snap into control of his extremities. The wizard slips his arms up to guide the latest attacker, using their force and momentum against themselves. Dodging out of the way, he basically pushes them into a wall right behind the wizard. Straightening out he looks over to the helmeted figure and to Mike. "He's coming with me." The Doctor orders.

With the doctor slamming his last attacker in to the wall, the helmeted figure soon glances up. Head tilting, the mute figure gives a slow nod, looking over to Mike. The head turns to look back to the laptop, clicking a few more keys before closing the screen up, getting up and heading to the exit, leaving the Doctor to his charge.

The female creature jolts back, getting another cut for her efforts and is about to leap back towards Loki before her partner shakes his head. Glaring, she turns and starts to run, flinging the blade down as she follows the other.

Loki smirks wickedly as the demon in disguise begins to run and gives chase. Trying to outrun an Asgardian is probably foolish, as Loki can teleport and does so, disappearing a reappearing with a displacement of air and brings his daggers down to take down the female with a stab to the back of the neck, then takes after the other with a flying leap to tackle him and do the same.

While Strange's opponents have been neutralized in a non fatal manner this time. Loki's are not as fortunate. With the demon possessed being killed, the twinges Loki may have been feeling fades away as he's just left with the bodies of the hosts. This is going to be a bit hard to explain to the residents upstairs it seems.

Some people might feel guilt over taking down possessed humans, but not Loki. He straightens to his feet and sheathes his weapons, looking down at the bodies with a neutral expression as he catches his breath. Flicking his head to the side to toss his hair back over his shoulders, he turns on one heel and starts walking away in search of more.

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