2014-07-28 Felicia and Fury
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Felicia, Fury
GMed by Phoenix
Title: Felicia and Fury

Nick is sitting at his desk, rustling through paperwork. As he does so he lets out a sigh that indicates he absolutely despises this task. Reaching for his mouse, he opens up a music program and finds some jams he can listen to that won't annoy everyone in the mansion, turning it up to a respectable level and bopping his head along to the beat.

The door to the head man's office suddenly opens and a woman with white hair pops in. Felicia has her hair up in a clean professional bun but a few strands have fallen down around her ears. "I- Mr Fury?" She asks, sounding almost nervous. She has lost a close friend lately and the last thing she was expecting was a call for an interview, but here she is, or sort of, as only her head is visible.

Reaching to immediately turn off the music, he gestures toward the door. "Come in, Ms. Hardy. My apologies for the noise. Have a seat." He's happy for any distraction from his mundane task. "I've been looking over your file, and see that you are interested in joining the SHIELD program. Why?"

"I am interested in work. I'm interested in any job where I can use my skills and also grow them." Felicia says as she steps in, answering Fury's question while following his command. She wears a black suit with pants and flats for shoes, a preference of hers. Felicia slides around the arm of the chair she sits in and crosses her legs at the knee.

Nick nods and taps his fingers on the desk. "Well, I don't know how much you know about what we do, Agent Coulson or Agent May could fill you in on that. What I can tell you is that you've caught the attention of some of the right people, and some of the wrong people. While looking at other targets, we happened to notice some of the things you've been doing, and I believe you could be an asset to the organization. That is, if you are willing to accept without prior knowledge of what it is exactly you are accepting."

Raising a white eyebrow, Felicia looks at Fury's eye, "I'm sure you know that's my specialty." Felicia asks, before looking down towards her file and then raising her head, "Will I have to do anything different as far as how I work?"

"Perhaps, but I'm sure you won't find any changes too restrictive." Nick writes something down on the back of a business card. "Now, I want you to call this number, and the Agent you will speak to will have all the information you'll need to get started. Are you willing to undertake this position? It will be physically and mentally demanding, but you will be provided wit hall the training you'll need."

Leaning forward to take the card, Felicia keeps a straight face, though she wants to put on her most devilish grin she can muster. "I'm not afraid of any job." Felicia says proudly, leaning back into her chair once more, waiting a moment to see if there's anything else the man with the eye patch wants to say.

Sitting back with his elbows on the armrests of his chair, Fury steeples his fingers. "Good. We'll see if you still feel that way once you've had a meeting with Agent Coulson and Agent May. Unless you hve any questions for me, it was a pleasure to meet you Ms.Hardy and I look forward to reading what else is put into your file."

"I have nothing I need answered, yet." Felicia says standing up quickly and moving towards the door, not too quickly but with purpose in her stride. "Nice to meet you too Mr. Fury." She says as she steps out of the double door.

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