2014-07-28 Wakey Wakey
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange, Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Wakey Wakey

Doctor Stephen Strange's mansion is located in Greenwich Village. The address is 177A Bleecker Street, New York City, NY 10012-1406. His Sanctum Sanctorum is located within the mansion. There is a large window in the pattern of the anomaly rue (a strange magic algorithm). Guests are greeted by Wong. Unwanted guests are usually stopped by protective spells.

Stephen walks down the stairs with a gilded cup of steamy tea in his hand and a saucer in the other. The former surgeon wears what almost looks like a gi a simple long sleeve silk top, and matching pants. He walks into the room with Mike just as the musician is waking up, "Glad to see you're awake Mike."

Well, that is one way of describing the groggy performer lying on the over stuffed sofa. Unlike the changed out doctor, Mike is still wearing the clothes he worke from the time he went missing. Although not smelling of smoke, there's a hint of a gasoline scent to the stain on the back of Mike's pants, mostly just noticable for anyone who for some reason had their nose near that area, been staring at Mike's backside for some reason, or has been having to sit near that smell for a lengthy enough time to notice. Not moving much of his body, the primary signs of any for of wakefullness comes from the direction his eyes point as they switch over to Stephen. "At least part of me." He grumbles, glance focusing accusingly to the legs.

"The important part at least." Doctor Strange notes as he leans up against a console, raising his cup to his lips to take a small sip. "What do you remember?" Stephen asks as his cup clinks against the saucer before the wizard sets them down on the coffee table before his friend.

Mike tries to shift his weight, to push himself into more of a sitting position, but after the not quite so visible effort, sighs and continues lying there, looking to the doctor from below, getting a reminder of what kids see when they're looking at grown ups. He closes his eyes, not really wanting to stare at the Doctor's nosehairs, "Late session at the studio, Was taking a break with Wade, had some delivery and…" He pauses, frowning, "Blacked out. Came too, was on a cart…"

"So you're either repressing, wiped, or just don't know what happened." Stephen says putting his palms on the console he's leaning against. He puts a hand up to his chin and hmms, considering all the ramifications of Mike's situation and lack of memory. "Can Wong get you something, water, anything?"

Mike nods as Strange suggests water. "Scrubs… But one was wearing a helmet…" He offers up, "Strong."

Stephen looks over towards the doorway and gives a nod towards his servant in the shadows. "Nurses or something?" Strange ponders this, "Helmet?" He says with a questioning tone, then thinks back to the figure in the room that left as he came in. "Do you know anything about the helmeted figure?"

"Think that's the one that dosed me when the scrub told them." Mike murmurs, giving a sigh as he continues looking at the inside of his eyelids, "Was opening a bag when I blacked out again."

"Here." Strange says as he motions to Mike as Wong walks in with a cup of water. "Don't dwell on it any longer. We'll take care of this in due time. You need to rest." The doctor's orders.

Mike takes a deep breath, managing to move the right muscles to give a nod. Clearing his throat as he has the time to notice is throat is dry.

Stephen grabs his own drink steam still pouring up from the surface of the tea. "I'm just in the other room, and Wong will be here as soon as you so much as whisper his name." The grey haired sage looks down to his apprentice, "We'll take care of you as long as you need."

Mike nods, seeming to settle down. But peace is short-lived as his eyes open, staring up to the ceiling, "Wade." He shifts his arm, helped along by the newly found adrenaline, to push himself up. "Where's Wade?"

Stephen quickly puts a hand on Mike's shoulder with a touch of added comfort infused in his touch. "Your friend is safe." He snaps his free hand outwards, the motion seemingly getting a hold of the paper's attention which leaps into Steve's hand. "Here, read." The article mentioning Mike's friend is already accounted for.

Mike turns his head, looking to the Doctor, and then to the newspaper that flies over to his hand. Sitting up, he falls back, pressed upon the cushion as he reaches over to the newspaper. "Just how long was I out?"

"Four days if that is indeed when you were taken." Stephen says leaning back up and moving towards the door. "Please rest now Mike. Everything is ok for now."

"Four d-." Mike chokes back the response as he looks down to the paper, frowning. "Looks like I got a lot of explaining to do…"


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