2014-07-29 Recruitment Drive
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Nick Fury, Phantasm
GMed by Phoenix
Title: Recruitment Drive

This is a simple office, a bit cuttered with a large desk, a window overlooking the yard, and tons of filing cabinets stuffed to the hilt with paper and folders.

What a d- Wait, no. What a we- Oh? FINE. What a MONTH. July has had it's set of ups and down and whoo boy have things been going down since he took the Hulk out of the crowded nightclub. Tabloids, explosions, getting drugged, and apparently sleeping on a sofa for about 3 to 4 days. He's still got a bit of a crick on the neck, and finding out his friend got hospitalized was just the icing on the goddamned cake. If he could just get his hands on the people who just- ARGH.

And then, Mike comes home to find a phone on his futon when he gets home, plus a phone call inviting him to come over here. This is where we find Mike, dressed down to his default Goodwill, off duty attire. Hair tucked into a ballcap to make his hair look a lot shorter than it actually is, and the tired, worn look which removes any likelyhood that someone would see him and think 'That must be a celebrity.' It's not a Nick Drago that's come to Fury's door, but Mike Hannigan. Coming to the door insructed, he knocks.

Looking up from his paperwork, Nick gestures to the closed door as if Mike could see him. "Come in, come in." He could see Mike courtesy of a camera hidden up in the corner of the wall outside. Thus, he knows it's not some assassin coming to get him. "Have a seat, Mike. I take it you received my message. It came to my attention that you've had some adventures lately."

Mike doesn't see the gestured but the sound of Nick beckoning him in does reach his ears. Opening the door, he glances in to see Nick. A look of recognition comes across his features as he recalls the err, episode on Saint Patrick's Day with Banner. "Do you often leave phones in people's apartments to leave messages?" Mike asks, the events of the past week allowing for a bit of his inner smart ass to speak up as he moves over to a seat as indicated, "Expensive replacement for pen and paper." He falls back into it, giving a weak smile at the mention of the adventures. "It's been a bad month."

"When a message needs to get through to someone, yes. Sit down." Nick points with his pen to the chair on the other side of the desk. "Tell me a bit about what you've been up to this month. Mind you, I know just about everything courtesy of a certain resident Asgardian with loose lips. But, I want to hear it from you."

As he was already in the process of sitting, this is a command easily and quickly executed as he continues his flump into the seat. "Ah. Loki." Mike gives another half smile, this one seeming a little less forced, as he leans back, "Well, working on an easter egg for the album I'm set to release, dealing with my agent, dating. So, the first few days of the month was ok. Charity gig got interrupted a bit when Loki detected a problem and confronted it. And, misunderstanding happens annnd Hulk. In a crowded nightclub."

"Indeed. Well, since he couldn't stop talking about you, we figured you might make a good addition to the Avengers Initiative. You would be in training and learn some defensive and offensive skills that you can use so you don't use your other abilities in public and get yourself into more trouble." He picks up a folded newspaper that Mike has surely seen before with the headlines about Nick Drago. "Need I say more?"

Mike looks to the newspaper, giving a small chuckle. "Hulk. In a crowded nightclub. Need I say more?" He puts a bit more emphasis on the 'I' in response, he pauses, "Do I need to quit with the music and acting gigs? Because there is stuff going on with that."

Nick gives Mike a look that indicates he's not pleased with the attitude, but has put up with worse, so doesn't say anything. "No. As long as you can keep your identities separate, you can do both. There are alternate ways of entering the mansion so you aren't walking through the front door all the time for training."

Mike gives a slow nod, he considers the proposition. But another thing pops into mind. "Just. HOW much has Loki been talking?"

"That's classified." Fury replies, closing the folder with a slap. "Questions?"

"Hmm." Mike glances to the door, considering, "Stipend?"

"You have access to what you need. Uniforms, food, shelter if needed, training, access to equipment. If you need a stipend, that can be discussed."

Mike raises a brow as stipends are referred to as an optional thing. (DAMN YOU TONY) "People don't normally ask for that?"

"Those that don't have the means or opportunity to make a living for themselves in other ways are provided a stipend automatically." Fury says, sitting back in his seat. "People like, well, Loki for example. He could potentially make a living for himself on Earth, but he is too undisciplined and tends to set things on fire, so his ability to make it in the outside world is limited."

"Yeaaah." Mike considers, "My profession, when I'm not on tours, filming, or hawking products, I'm essentially unemployed. And if I DO agree to the Initiative thing and get fucked over physically in the process, I can probably kiss those gigs goodbye."

"Very well, we can set you up with an account. Don't worry about being hurt too badly, if that happens we have state of the art equipment that can fix just about anything. Do you need a place to stay? If so we can arrange for you to have a room here. Since you and Loki are friends, you can be his roommate if you want."

Mike grows quiet, considering his situation and what is up with Wade. "…Probably better If I do stay here." He mulls over the Loki as a roommate aspect. Considering matters, "From what I've seen, those rooms are massive. But…" He glances over to Fury, "Do you know what it's like, sharing a room with a younger sibling, cousin, or equivalent for a long period of time?"

"Yes, I also know what it's like being around a pain in the ass Asgardian who I'd rather use as target practice. But anyway, there are a few rooms left upstairs. Your training will start tomorrow bright and early. I'll find someone to give you the tour of the facility. Any questions?"

"He's not that bad once you get to know him." Mike murmurs, smile warming up a bit at the thought. He shakes his head, starting to get up as he picks up on the cues of an ending conversation, "Um as for questions, not that probably won't get answered by whatever mountain of paperwork comes my way during the getting started process. Well, yet." He offers a fist towards Fury to bump.

Fury gives Mike the most profound bitch face a man can possibly give and clears his throat. "I'll have someone show you to your room. If you need assistance transporting your things from your apartment to here, someone can accompany you with a van."

Aww, Fury left him hanging. Lowering his fist, Mike slides the hand into his pocket as he gives a shrug, "Alright, thanks."

"You may go now. Welcome to the team. You'll start as a junior member and have the chance to be promoted to full member after your trial period is up."

Conversation finished, Mike nods. "Alright, thanks." He repeats, not running the risk of kickstarting the conversation again with Fury hinting to the departure. Stepping outside, he glances around, wondering where he should be heading. Great. He's the NEW guy again.


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