2014-07-30 Hints and Misses
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Ember Drake
GMed by Random Acts of Spongebob
Title: Hints and Misses

Ember has been true to her word. She's been told to slow down and rest, but as she told Drake, that's not her intention. She's gotten mobile enough to make her way down to the lake for the last three mornings to push herself. Her body is injured, but her powers aren't physical. So she's been working to increase her abilities through a self-built strength training regimine. Out in the lake she has formed what ammounts to a large pair of verticle paddlewheels in the water. And using the water for resistance, she's been gradually expanding the wheels to make it harder for her to move them. Right now they're about fifteen feet long and ten feet across and although they're not rotating very quickly, they are moving.

Drake has actually been looking for Ember. Why? Because frankly, she worried him a little with her refusal to take things slow. Accidents can happen, and a part of the reason they're here is to learn to use their abilities. If something went haywire now, injured as she is, things could go fatally awry.

Not that any of this is readable on Drake's face. He hurries along to the dock, zeroing in on the (probably) brunette's locale. "You know how bad an idea it is to play by the water alone, injured as you are?"

Ember is, indeed a brunette again. Since leaving the medbay she hasn't let her personal illusion drop even for a moment, maintaining herself in an unchanging basic version of 'Ember Classic'. She's comfortably set up in a deck chair with her left leg elevated and her right arm tightly bound against her body. Her attention is tightly focused on the waterwheel constructs in the water. Coming closer to her it becomes clear that they are connected to her by a thin light cord.

As Drake approaches and speaks, she doesn't allow her concentration to break but responds in a voice that is tight from the effort she's putting into her training. "It's not like I'm dipping my feet in the water, or trying to suspend myself out over the lake, Drake." As she talks, a thread of light extends towards Drake then starts to wrap around him before tugging upwards with just a tiny hint of lift. "Are you volunteering for that part of today's session?"

That tendril of light does not go unnoticed. The teen squints and quickly taps his index finger at the side of her neck with the intention to deliver a light, but pronounced static shock. There's even a small, but vibrant flash of yellow from fingertip to neck. He has powers, too! "Behave. I /just/ cleaned this outfit after getting caught in a storm the other night," he fusses. "Anyway, it took me forever to track you down. It'd been a while, and I wanted to make sure you're, y'know, okay."

Ember jerks away from Drake's hand as it comes close, the shocks her. "Hey! Can it, California! I've been down here every morning for days. Then before sunset I go back inside and start working on forming constructs. The whole not sleeping thing comes in useful for self-training." Ember drops her hand back to her lap and the light cord around Drake fades into nonexistance. Out in the water, the paddlewheel constructs slow to a stop and then slowly fade out as well as the cord connecting them to Ember is severed by her. "It's not like anyone on the staff her has been offering anything in that regard. One afternoon of evaluation and then nothing. Logan's vanished off to God knows where. Scott won't even give a straight answer to a simple question about power training. Why the hell wouldn't I do what I've always done and keep training myself?"

"I'unno," Drake replies honestly. His shoulders bob in a shrug. But a small, supportive smile plays on his face. "I'm all for you flexing your weirdness. The only thing is, if something /did/ go wonky and you fell into the water, you could be really screwed." He nudges a fist at her shoulder. "I'm protective like that. Deal with it."

Ember smirks up at Drake as he fistbumps her shoulder. "Drake, look at this place. I'm in a chair that could almost hold three of me, in the middle of a dock that could hold fifteen of me. If I end up in the water here, it would have to be because someone threw me in." She returns her gaze out to the water, even though it doesn't technically matter what direction her eyes are facing. "I'll gladly deal with your being protective. Just return the favor and don't assume that I'm out looking for trouble. I'm angry, hurt, and having passing thoughts about testing out for my GED and make my way away from here. But I haven't gone around the deep end just yet, and I'll most probably end up sticking around."

"I'm not thinking you're suicidal or anything, but… accidents," Drake says, as if that completely explains it. The fist that nudged her shoulder now simply rests over it. "And you'd better not take off. If you leave, who'm I gonna hang out with? Who'm I gonna badger?"

"Everyone and anyone, who else?" Ember considers the question of 'who would Drake badger' not even worth half a second's thought. It's too obvious. "And there's always Kitty," she says with a shrewd glance up at Drake. "You two seemed fine with badgering each other. Help me up?" She starts to shape a lightform into what looks to be a crutch.

Drake exhales a little sigh and leans towards her. One arm goes to loop her midback, the other under her legs. Rather than just help her up, the teen plans to scoop her up into a cradle in front of his chest. "I don't think Kitty's into it," he muses. "Thinks of me as more've a toy than anything, and that'll get boring before long." He shakes his head adamantly, bangs whipping back and forth. "Nope! There's no alternative, it's gotta be you I bug!"

Ember doesn't permit herself to be carried, even though she feels light enough to be held up by a sturdy breeze. Once she's close enough to upright, she drops her good leg down and brings the lightform crutch to her hand. "Don't. I need to do it." Once she has the crutch under her good arm she creates another lightform under her good right foot to bring herself up to an even keel. "Can't hurt to find out how Kitty looks at the whole thing. Gotta remember that she's been here longer than either of us have even had powers. Hell, just about longer than both of us combined. She might be our age, but she's an upperclassman in all regards."

Drake makes a grumbly little noise as Ember squirms free. "Get over yourself, I was gonna carry ya 'cuz it'd make me look cool." His delivery is snide, but a growing, rueful smile likely gives his mirth away. He doesn't attempt to pick her up again, though. Instead, the shift in topic earns an odd look. "I dunno why her powers or.. her being an 'upperclassmen' might have anything to do with it, but do you know somethin' you're not saying?"

Ember blesses her dance background because it allows her to treat the crutch as just a replacement left leg and more or less walk normally with it. "You'll have to just look cool without the whole bridegroom thing, then. My illusions are strictly visual. You've already gotten a hint that things aren't what they seem with me, even moreso than usual. I'd really rather you didn't get any more." She rolls her eyes at the questions about her comments about Kitty. "Her powers have nothing to do with it. But… when she and I met, she told me about… well, hinted at some of the things that she's experienced in her time here. She's best friends with a space dragon. She's been to /space/ and met aliens. She's been through things I doubt you or I could imagine and yet she's still… well, /Kitty/." She pivots around so she's facing Drake, leaning on the lightform crutch and gesturing with just her left hand for emphasis. It can suck when you can't really move much of your body without risking injury. "She's exactly what I want to be when I grow up, Drake."

Drake simply smirks at Ember's explanation, right up until she turns around to face him. At that point, he shakes his head - not as fervently as before. "I'd rather you be Ember when you grow up."

"Of course I'd like to be Ember when I grow up. Just… you know what I mean, Drake." Ember shrugs her good shoulder before turing back around and continuing up towards the main house. "But we don't always get what we want." She is quiet for a moment, then speaks up again. "Drake… what do I look like?" Her tone makes it clear that she's leading to something with the question.

Drake starts following after her, just a single step behind. "No, I meant what I said. No joking. I want you to be you. I /like/ you. You're different, in a good way." After a beat, he adds, "And more than one Kitty might be too much for the world."

The question earns a pause. "You look like an aquamarine. Told you that a long time ago."

The answer brings a small smile to Ember's face before she moves on to the next question. "Now… what is my specialty? What am I best at with my powers?"

"Being a smartass," Drake nods as he walks. After a beat, he adds, "Oh, you mean your mutant power? Being a /complete/ smartass." … "And that lightwarp dealie."

Ember chuckles softly at Drake's response, then hits her point home. "Illusions. Warping visual perception in the most direct way possible… by changing the very way that light strikes the eye. Even my lightforms like this crutch don't have to look like they're made from glowsticks." She puts truth to her words, making the crutch look exactly as if it were a normal metal and foam medical support device with no superfluous glowy bits. "My very survival depended upon my developing that power quickly and perfectly. Over the last four years I've become very, VERY good at controlling how people perceive me. So… can you guess my next question? Try to remember what you /felt/ the morning you signed my cast when you think about it."

Drake twists his lips slightly as the crutch warps into.. well, a crutch, by appearance. But he doesn't look particularly fussed by it. These are things he already knew about her. He even has a sneaking suspicion of where she's going with this.

"What, you mean pride? I got my name on there first." His chin tips upwards, feigning ignorance. But soon enough, Drake follows up with, "And the scruffiness."

Ember smiles as Drake brags about being first to mark his territory, as it were. Then her expression settles when he goes where she was leading. "Exactly. I can't trick touch without a lot of sculpting, so usually I don't even bother. I don't lie about who I am. Not here, at least. But there are things I'm not ready to show yet. Maybe I'll never get the chance," she shrugs her good shoulder once more, "to grow up. But I've decided what kind of person I'm going to be, even if I end up not getting much help in becoming that here beyond a place to crash in the middle of fellow weirdlings like yourself."

"Ember, you're not… what you look like, or what you can do. Don't get hung up on that." Drake tilts his head at her a bit, his typical humor dulled. "I may never see what you really look like, and I'm okay with that. 'Cuz I'm getting to know you - the real you. You can twist light all day long, but that doesn't change who you are." He moves a fist to very gently, carefully bump her back. "On the inside. Try not to get so caught up on being different that you miss out on being with people who just plain like you."

Ember rolls her eyes before she turns to face the way up the path, nudging backwards when Drake bumps her back. "You're alright, Cheese Grater. But let's not waste too much time. Sun's going down." She's very good at adjusting her tone and body language to give the impression that she's on the same page as Drake and feeling more upbeat. But a few layers down is a different matter. There, she's not rolling her eyes but is rather uncertain how she feels about her hints being all misses. "And I'm sure you're wrong about Kitty, but even if you're right why not enjoy the game while it lasts?"

Drake offers her a little smirk, nonethewiser. But that smirk dissolves into a softer, more pleasant smile. "At /least/ invite me next time you wanna play around with the special effects. We're supposed to be training buddies, right?"

At the renewed mention of Kitty, however, he slants his gaze askance to Ember. "Well, she's pretty. So… there's that."

"Yes, she is. And she's also smart, athletic, and modest. I believe she described it as 'the total package'." Ember grins a bit wider as she and Drake get through the woods path and come up on the back deck of the mansion, near the pool. Ember glances westward to where the sun is dipping below the treeline and lets out a long sigh. "Well, time to move this circus back inside." She glances over at Drake with a grin, "I've got a bit of relaxation time before my next drills. Think you can finally beat me in a deathmatch now that I've got a broken wing?"

"I remember, I remember. Especially the 'modest' part." Drake returns the glance to Ember. "Finally?," he questions. "I'm gonna have to play with my feet just to make it fair!" He nudges her back again to keep her hobbling along, offering a teasing smile. "Keep'er moving, tricycle."

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