2014-07-30 Phone Tag
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Cat and Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Phone Tag

Seated upon his 'new' bed in his new home, Mike sighs as he lowers his cell-phone, grabs a pen and marks off YET another name out of the phone book. Keeping an eye on the book, he dials on the newly acquired Fury-given phone to try another number. Pre-paid minutes. You BET he's going to use them.

Felicia is back on the bus, her costume not making the most comfortable attire for walking around a plane parked in the middle of Nevada. She's had enough of it so she's in her quarters, changing to some traditional clothes, pants with pockets on her thighs a pair of boots that are honestly way too thick and a dark grey tank top, making her white hair stand out so much more.

Mike sighs, wondering if this is the right number as he listens to the dial tone start to pick up.

Felicia's phone buzzes against her bed, and she glances over to it, seeing a number not saved to her contact list she moves over, brushing her hair out from under her shirt. Clicking answer, "Hello?" She asks, not sure who it is.

When a familiar sounding voice answers, Mike gives a sigh of relief. Yay. No more phone book search. He thinks. "Felicia? It's Mike."

Felicia eyes look to the ceiling, and she sits down on her bed as she considers the possibilities of what she should say to the musician. In her thinking she forgets to respond and remains silent for several moments.

With the pause, Mike's relieved look fades. Crap. Was he mistaken? "…wrong number?"

"No, Mike, you have the right number." Felicia responds finally then falls silent for a time once more. Chiming up once more, "I thought you were dead."

"Sorry to disappoint my critics but no." Mike replies, giving a weak smile. The smile dies quickly, "Sorry for the late notice but my phone's gone and I'm …borrowing someone else's…Did you know how many Felicias there are in the phone book?"

Felicia lowers the phone from her ear and takes a moment to gather herself, "You're alright though?" She asks, eventually, resetting the phone to her ear.

There are a lot of pauses in this conversation, but considering matters, understandable. Mike doesn't immediately answer Felicia's question, as he considers how to answer it. But sometimes, simpler is better. And there's no point bringing others in on his problems. "I'm exhausted, but alive."

"Good." Felicia says with a half smile, "Maybe we should meet face to face soon, this doesn't seem real over the phone, even though I already saw the news." The smile is gone and it's pull on her tone as well, "I'm incredibly pissed at you, but I'm glad you're ok." She says, just about to hang up but she decides to give him a few more seconds.

"You aren't the only one." Mike murmurs, lowering the phone from his lips as he says that. He lifts the phone back up. "Yeah. Some stuff that should be said in person…Sunday? Where we met?"

"I'm, out of town, I'm not sure when I'll be back." Felicia says, not quite picking up his murmur, but knowing he said something she, gives her response and then ends the call, dropping the phone over on her pillow. "Damn it." She utters as she lays back on her bed.


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