2014-07-31 Couldn't even leave a note
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange, Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Couldn't even leave a note

The decor of the large room is very VERY simple. There is a bed. Over to the far end of the room, furthest from the entrance, the music gear rests. Drum pads, The actual kit, keyboard, two guitars upon stands, and a violin case. Thaaaaat's about it.

Stephen's astral form appears in Mike's newest room, the wizards head and collar appearing first before the rest of him slips in from the wall attached to one of the other avenger's room. "Mike!" A voice comes out from the wall. "Ah, there you are." Says a disembodied voice.

Mike, who is still getting used to the new environment, is resting in his bed. Well, on his bed. He didn't bother stripping down to his sleeping attire, nor did he bother getting under the sheets. So in his half asleep state, Strange comes popping in. Which results in a phone book being hurled at the intruder. Eyes opening up with the burst of adrenaline, he takes a look at the possible attacker and utters a curse. "The hell, Strange?!"

"Reading the phone book again?" Stephen asks, a quick hint of a smile showing but fades just as fast as the book passes through him and hits the wall. "I have come to inform you as to why you were taken by those demon folk. I'm certain they're after the phantasms." Steve says bluntly rather matter of factly.

"No, I lost my phone so all the numbers I had are gone." Mike answers, pushing himself up as he looks to the Sorceror, frowning as he gives the explanation. "Targeting Phantasm…" He grumbles, "And here I thought the Easter Eggs were what was pissing them o-" He pauses, "Plural. You used the plural didn't you?"

"Can't lose your memory." Stephen says, taping his translucent head, then looking at Mike flatly, "Yes, phantasms." The Sorcerer Supreme says with a nod, "It's fairly obvious Mike. I'm working on a way to protect you two and end this threat once and for all but it's taking time to find and defeat the source."

Shaking his head, Mike gets off the bed to retrieve the phone book. What a time to lose his phone! "We need to warn Leo."

"Leo's been warned, you have just been." Stephen notes then moves over to float just above a chair, "I came by to inform you that you were located in a halfway house ran by the Order of Saint George, or some remnants of it are working with an entity named Nightmare." Steve whispers, "I'm not sure the connection yet, so I need you to stay on your toes and don't let any more incidents like what happened at the studio to occur again."

Mike's expression twitches and then twitches again at the mention of Nightmare, "All that figured out from when you came after me?"

"I've known for some time, I just haven't been able to find time to tell you." Stephen notes, looking at Mike and his twitchy face.

"Ah." Mike gives a solemn nod and grows quiet. Before suddenly throwing the phone book at Strange again. "Couldn't even be bothered to send a text message?!" He snaps, bringing a hand back to his head, rubbing the side of his forehead, "I have a friend who is still in the hospital because of all of this. I could have REALLY used the heads up before this happened!"

"I never foresaw them attacking you, they need you alive." Stephen notes, looking solemn but then replies, "I don't have a cell phone." Sorcerer Supreme notes. "I am sorry about your friend. I might be able to go give him a visit." Steve notes, going further than he would because Mike is a friend.

At Strange's admission for the lack of a phone, Mike rewards him with a raised brow, "No cell phone?" There is quiet as Mike considers the matter before giving a solitary chuckle as he turns back to the minimalistic bed. "Figures the guy who uses relics is one himself."

And with that insult, Stephen floats downwards, through the chair and through the floor, "Take care Mike." The wizard recommends just before his head vanishes through the carpet.


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