2014-08-01 Follow Up Visits Part 1
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange, Marios Marinos (GMed)
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Follow up Visits Part I

Founded in 1736, Bellevue Hospital center holds the distinction of being the oldest public hospital in the United States. As with all hospitals Bellevue speciallizes in Psychiatric facilities and Emergency Response. It also serves as a home to FDNY-EMS Battalion 8. So when you have a medical emergency, who you gonna call?

Well, 911. But they're going to send you here if you're close enough.

Beep. Beep. Beep. WHHHHHRRRRZZZZZ -Kkkkkiiiitssshhhhuuurrrzzz. When the devices hooked up to you are making such noise, it is a wonder how any patient at Bellevue Hospital can sleep. But sleep is what Wade does, with some intraveneous intervention bearing most of the weight of the task. It is entirely likely he'll sleep through any visitors he has today, and the next.

Having made his way into the hospital and to the Wade's room as a perfectly normal visitor, Stephen Strange stands up from besides the young musician's bed. The wizard has a few beads of sweat dripping down his neck but other than that he seems completely composed. Reaching over to the bedside table he plucks his hat off and slips it onto his head, covering most of his black hair. Stephen stands perfectly straight over the formerly injured patient and sighs softly, knowing he's done something as a kindness that he used to refuse to people when they didn't have enough money. This thought elicits a second sigh at his own guilt, but the Sorcerer Supreme has no time for his emotions, he has a race to save. He starts to move towards the door of Wade's room to leave the hospital and head towards his Sanctum Sanctorum.

As Strange approaches the doorway, A doctor rounds the corner, entering in to Wade's room. About a head shorter but a few inches wider than strange, the bespectacled, slightly greying man pauses in his walk, looking to Stephen. Dr. Marinos glances over towards the patient and then to the other doctor, "Well, well. Fancy meeting you here, Strange. Friend of the patient or just reliving memories?"

"Marinara." Strange says incorrectly, it's been a time since they were barely even acquaintances, cut the master wizard a break. He shakes his fedora'd head, "No, mutual friends." Stephen notes, putting a hand onto Wade's unconscious wrist. "Are you this man's primary care-giver?"

"Marinos." The doctor corrects, looking over to Wade. "He's a celebrity. He has several. Not as many as when his friend was in the hospital, but more than one all the same." He considers Strange, "A friend of Drago then?"

"Marinos, my apology." Stephen says, slipping his hands into his pockets, and moving to the foot of the bed, "His fame is no concern of mine, I am just coming by to see if I can help the friend of a friend, that's all you need know." Stephen pauses slightly at the mention of Drago, wondering how well known their band is, as he's never heard them consciously, and Steve has never considered that his former peers to be ones to listen to that type of music. "I am in fact." He has no need to hide his friendships from anyone. The Sorcerer Supreme doesn't back down.

"Interesting." Dr. Marinos looks over to Wade as Strange starts looking back to him. He frowns a little, seeming to consider something, "Be careful around that one. People around him have a tendency of getting hurt."

"Maybe that's why we're now friends." Strange says, a strong believer in fate due to his many trials and tribulations over the past few years. Though he does throw the thought Marinos' had in his head a little bit, even realizing it very well could be a threat from his former colleague.

"I thought you quit the medical business, Doctor." Marinos comments, looking over to Strange, "But if not, I suppose following him around IS a good way to chalk up business." He reaches a hand up, giving Strange a light tap on the shoulder. "Do take care, Stephen." He doesn't leave, seemingly trying to give a hint that Strange is to leave.

"I have, but I haven't forgotten what it means to help others." Stephen, a far more noble man than he ever was as the top surgeon in the nation, maybe possibly the world. "You do the same Marinos." Strange whispers, getting the hint and stepping out of the door. He pauses for a moment as he replays the conversation in his head, something seems very off in regards to the current surgeon.

As Strange makes his way down the hall, the door to Wade's room closes quietly.

Stephen adjusts his hat and then starts to walk towards the elevators, giving a polite nod to the nurses on the way past. Once in the lobby he makes his way out the main entrance and turns to move to his home.


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