2014-08-01 Follow Up Visits Part 2
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Players: Doctor Strange
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Follow Up Visits Part 2

The neighborhood is primarily residential, with a mix of tenements, apartment blocks, city housing projects, townhouses and renovated rowhouses, and its many retail businesses reflect the ethnic and social diversity of the population. The western part of Chelsea has become a center of the New York art world, with many art galleries located in both new buildings and rehabilitated warehouses.

Greenwich Village, often referred to in New York as simply "the Village", is a largely residential neighborhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan in New York City. A large majority of the district is home to upper middle class families. Greenwich Village, however, was known in the late 19th to mid 20th centuries as an artists' haven, the bohemian capital, and the East Coast birthplace of the Beat movement. What provided the initial attractive character of the community eventually contributed to its gentrification and commercialization.

Nearly home, Stephen takes a deep breath to re-center himself and expel all the days stress with a single breathing exercise he's practiced for a long while now. The mage remains silent, as he turns the corner to get onto his street and begin the hike a few more blocks.

In the shadows above, others watch the Doctor's quiet walk, moving along the rooftops. To each side of the street, about three demon posessed are leaping along, with the ones on the furthest end of the turn finding themselves having to stop. The ones on the side of Strange's turn do so as well, hopping along.

The Sorcerer's thoughts are elsewhere, dwelling and replaying the events of the past, scanning and examining the paths of the future roads. Strange's eyes fall down to the sidewalk before him as he thinks and walks on automatic. The present is something that is apparently so trivial it doesn't warrant the effort of thought

Hoppity Hop hop. Strange's shadows follow along, waiting for him to show them the way home. The three that got hung up by the turn test the roof access point of the building they landed on.

The doctor steps in a puddle from the previous rain, causing the water's surface to ripple softly and in it he notices an unnatural shadow behind him. Stopping and turning around to glance up, his hands snap out of their pockets and he falls perfectly still, hoping to see what's going on.

The shadow starts getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. It appears that one of the demon posessed has leapt off of the building, aiming it's body at Doctor Sedtrange, knife in hand and poised to stab. Hi there!

The other two nearby are a bit better suited to make slightly better decisions and are essentially making their way down by utilizing the distance between buildings in an alleyway as their friend.

The other three find themselves having to go to another roof to check another roof access door.

"By Oshtur!" Stephen exclaims, jumping backwards to dodge the attack. His movement appears too much for his suit as the illusion fades his blue three piece suit vanishes into his black clothes, yellow gloves and his intricate cloak of levitation with the overly dramatic collar. "You dare to attack the Sorcerer Supreme?!" Strange's voice echoes off the neighboring houses as his hands snap before him and he begins to drift into the air, a bolt of eldritch energy screams through the atmosphere from his fingertips to the initial attacker.

The initial demonic strike is a failed one as the bolt seizes them and, in a manner that is attributed to comic book physics everywhere, stops falling for a few moments as he is lit up and proceeds to do a bit of a jerking dance. This lasts for all of a second before finishing the drop to the ground. FLUMP!

The other two emerge from the alleyway, splitting up in order to attack Strange from two different directions. Damn demons. Have they NO sense of honor to the order of fighting? ONE AT A TIME PLEASE!

The access door is unlocked! Woo hoo! The remaining three disappear inside.

"Surely you jest." Strange even mocks the would be attackers as he floats forward, roughly ten feet above the ground. Before he's in striking distance, his hands move down to be level with his waist and a trio of glowing pink insect appearing sparks fly from each palm. These pixies if you will take erratic paths, flying haphazardly through the air leaving a trail behind them all the way back to their point of origin, until they strike simultaneously with unexpected force equal to that of a large caliber handgun without the entry wounds of course.

Flitter flitter tee hee! Flitter flitter! Bachunk! As the pixies attack, the added two cringe as they end up getting the feeling of being shot multiple times while wearing a low rated bullet proof vest. Doubling down, they are halted a little as they end up having to catch their breath.

"Hmm." Strange whispers to himself, realizing that his minor attack did more to them than he would have anticipated. "Pawns! Cease your attack and you shall remain on this plane for a while longer." The wizard lowers himself back down to the ground but stands with two smokey blue bokken, one in each hand poised at the demons.

The pair pause, studying the doctor as the trio left behind emerge from their building and start to approach the scene. One hisses, bearing the, not all that fear inducing set of human teeth. Habits die hard it seems.

"Then you have sealed your own fates." Declares the Doctor, he zips forward, using intense allowed to him by the cloak and he strikes the left demon of the remaining original three in the forehead. He turns around, bringing the other rod towards the right demon with a downward strike hoping to take care of these two before having to face the three approaching assailants.

Thunk Thunkity Thunk. It is actually a nice rhythmic tone as the hollowed sounds of stick to head rings true. Combined with the sounds of them falling to the ground. Floomp Floomp. Beautiful Absolutely b- Oh look! Three more are leaping his way!

Strange spins backwards away from the newest group and drops to a knee, using the momentum to throw a stick towards the frontmost attacker. Stepping backwards and straight up his now empty hand slides above his remaining weapon, reforging it to a silvery blade retaining a few hints of cloudy grey and blue which he then points back to the demons, "Why do you attack me?" he asks.

Not ones for discussions but more focused on their goal, Strange is left to just wonder as the first attacker adjusts his approach to dodge the thrown stick while the other two continue rushing. Intent, but likely not the brightest.

The non-corporeal sword is cast aside, He can't use it against this opponent. Strange sighs as he reaches back into his nonlethal bag of tricks and casts an spell on the puddle of water that the lead demon is charging through. The water morphs into a rock hard slab of new cement the exact shape the water was a mere moment ago. Now for the other two, Strange steps forward, his hands raised above his head, "By the vishanti you will cease!" And a orange bolt of lightning passes between his hands and from the center an arcane bolt of energy scorches the air around the second attempting to force him to stand still also.

The one that gets cemented jerks to a stop. Kind of. As the feet stick still, the rest of the body moves forward, which would cause for a laughingly good faceplant if it wasn't for said feet being cemented. Instead he wibbly woblies. The second doesn't do as much, and just stops still. leaving the third to continue on his charge-ish. She leaps to the side, drawing a kni.fe before leaping towards the doctor that way.

Strange's hands drop away as he steps to the side to avoid the knife, having nearly used up all his arcane energy. With the last bit of magic left to him, he steps into the demon's range and with an open palm he strikes at the heart, with an arcane exorcism spell. "Begone fowl beast!" The warlock shouts getting enraged by the continued onslaught against himself with no answers coming from the attackers.

Whoop. There is a shrill shriek as the final attacker comes full circle by mimicking the very motions of the first. The jump forward pauses as she is struck in the chest. The knife drops as her eyes widen and then collapses.

Looking to the two left standing, Strange steps forward, his hand glowing from the prior attack and because he's allowing it to, trying to use intimidation, "Tell me why you are doing this?"

The one cemented down scowls but refuses while the one in the air trap is looking a bit wary. Neither provide an answer.

Strange approaches the one left standing still without help and looks at the newest statue in New York, "You will answer my question demon or you will speak to Nightmare himself!" The mage snaps his hand into the trap and grasps the shirt of the demon to pull him into the snare, making all the standing for naught.

The demon sneers. "We do not work for HIM."

"Then whom do you work for!?" Strange's fist begins to glow even brighter, more radiant as he steps closer to the final attacker but stops himself just out of reach. He's trying to talk to the demon to get answers and to allow his magic to replenish just enough to use the spell on last time. It's been a very busy day of magics.

The demon possessed sneers, "Ourselves."

With a frown Stephen straightens himself up, stands straight and allows his hand to return to normal. "Farewell." He whispers to the demon but remains motionless. Raven haired and garbed in some outlandish attire, Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, stands as a statue before his foe, but the sound of him inhaling begins to rise in volume and his chest begins to puff outwards.

As Strange calms down, the demoninfested grows quiet, watching the change in the doctor's demeanor. Not entirely sure what he's doing and not really having much ability to leave, he watches.

Closing his eyes gently, Stephen asks, "What do you want with me?"

The demoninfested's brow raises at the question. Is he asking POLITELY? Well, Strange does get an answer of sorts. If laughter is one of them.

Calm and collected Strange has no qualms with what he's about to do. The demon's response was just as he expect but he bought himself enough time to gather his mystic energies. Without warning his hand snaps forward, striking this target too in the heart, no words are spoken for this particular opponent.

If anyone in the area was listening in on the scene, someone might think people were getting killed. But hell if they're going to come out and confront the crazy man. So the next Shriek of pain emits from the smart assed demon posessed.

Airpocket demon frowns, "We want you to STOP interfering!" he volunteers, shaking his head. "You have NO business with us. So stop snooping!"

"You came after me, The Sorcerer Supreme!" Strange says for the demon to hear and him alone. "If you pose a threat to this realm or this planet and it's inhabitants, I am sworn to prevent you from completing your goals fowl ones." Stephen notes, as he steps forward with his hands clasping behind his back.

The demon pauses, "You've already failed a few. What's one more?"

With a burst of light from his chest the amulet worn around his neck splits down the middle revealing an eye that shines on the demon with a golden light of truth. "I will have to remove your entire presence from this planet by force if I have to, and you will show me everything you know!" The light of Agamotto bathes the demoninfested.

Well you see Dr. It all happened when the demon, You know, let's just call him Bob. Ever since Bob was an itsy bitsy demon, he did not really settle well in the realm he came to be in. A joke. The weakest of the weak to the point where all the other demons would pick on him. So when the man in the robe promises the chance to leave. Of course he took it. His body even volunteered to be his vessel. Easy peasy. And all it cost was to assist his host with achieving their goals. A simple trade really. And then some mean sorceror comes barging in booting his newfound family back to the hell they were escaping from. How CRUEL. What a monster…

Strange keeps the eye upon its latest victim, waiting for the images to stop flowing before he ceases his own assault on the demon possessed.

… All in all it's a great trade with the exception of Strange. And the demons getting killed. But still. Some of his friends remained with the cult, others shuffling and escorting recruits, special order collections, others donned yellow and green and went elsewhere. So many. Much Demons. Very vast.

NOW Content with the knowledge he's gained of this robed leader, Strange ups the intensity of the light, aiming to wash the demon out of it's host body and off this plane. Wether is goes to it's point of origin or to some entirely new dimension is up to the whims of Agamotto, as long as it's gone is Stephen's concern.

With the exorcism of the more recent demon, Strange also manages to ensure that none of the others are going to be in a talkative mood.

Since he's so close to home, Strange quickly looks around the place and is thankful that no one without the affinity for it can see magic, so they would have just seen him being attacked by a group of oddballs. He resets the concrete sidewalk to its original state. He returns home and has Wong help take care of the still possessed hosts. Finally staying inside his house for the night, though occasionally Wong takes one of the then cleansed hosts to a random place and leaves them on a bench or some safe place to sleep for a night.


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