2014-08-06 Up that wall
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Cat and Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Up That Wall

As with most decisions in life, there are drawbacks and then there are perks. For Mike. The presence of a rock climbing wall in the Gym is a VERY big perk. Upon seeing it the first time, Mike had to restrain himself from jumping around like an excited kid who got first dibs at the jungle gym. Just… a rock wall. Where he's living now. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

And this, is why Mike is found here today, halfway up the wall, and with no one else in the gym, grinning like that kid previously described.

He may think he's alone, but the newest Avenger isn't. The other person was already in and doing the exact thing that Mike's come in to do. Felicia rapidly climbs to the top of the wall and sits down on top of it, just out of sight at the first sound of someone entering the gym. She waits, listening to the noises and the patter of Mike's feet, waiting to sneak a peak over the lip of the wall or just wait for them to begin their chosen activity.

Phoenix shouts, "OK that idea didn't fix it. You can rejoin the channel now"

There is a wait, but not too much of one as Mike continues his climb. For one who has lived in a city most of his life, he's doing alright with climbing. A hand wraps around the upper edge of the wall, wapping around the frame as the other hand soon joins it.

Moving her face forwards, closer to the hands and waiting for the face to pop over the wall, Felicia wears a shit-eating-grin. "What're you doing here?!" She asks with a playful smile, but is still cautious towards the musician.

Not expecting a face to be on the other side. Mike's initial reaction was probably not what Felicia intended. Instead of lifing over the wall completely. Mike falls back. And, well, falls. Kind of. A hand grabs onto another climbing grip clenching down upon it. He blinks, tryig to process what's going on only to come with the best conclusion he can come up with, "Damn it, Loki!"

Half expecting that to be his reaction she snaps her arm out to grasp Mike by the wrist. "You would rather me be Loki than Felicia? You got some problems." Felicia teases as she lifts him back to the lip of the wall.

She speaks like Felicia, she looks like Felicia, and she lifts like… ok both. And Loki can change his appearance. He frowns as he is pulled over. Eyeing Felicia, giving a suspicious look. "What did you break when Limon interrupted our date?"

"A table, but I think it should be me who's interrogating you Mike." Felicia says her smile fading to something a bit more neutral. "When did you become an Avenger? Why didn't you tell me? Were you going to tell me? And do you want to try another date?" Her resting face slowly forms into a grin before her teeth show with a pearly smile.

Getting the correct answer, Mike nods, relaxing a bit before giving an impish file in response to the line of questions. "Think what you want… For the first two. Another date, yes. But first, why are you here and how did you get in?"

"I thought I made it clear that I was the one asking the questions, Mike." Felicia says loosening her grip for a moment before catching him once more, that pearly smile changing for a moment into a vile grin before she chuckles once, "Why are YOU here and how did YOU get in?" Turning the Phantasm's own question back at him.

Mike grabs the edge of the climbing wall with his other hand. Still giving the impish smile, despite her threatening to drop him. "Think what you want." Your turn.

"So, I can't stay too mad at an Avenger that I'm dating. I'll put up with a little more but if you die again, we're through." She says, pulling him up all the way on top of the wall. "Glad to finally see you again."

Mike makes sure that he's actually on the other side of the ledge, sitting down on the upper area of the wall. Once that is secured he looks over to Felicia, "Same here, Felicia." He looks a bit curious, "What made you think I was an Avenger?"

"You have a room in the mansion Mike. I'm not an idiot." Felicia says with a grin, while moving over to sit on the edge of the wall, her hands resting on the wall too.

"Maybe they're just keeping an eye on me." Mike leans back, "Anyways. You don't have one, so… what brings you here? I didn't exactly leave a forwarding address."

"Then you'd be in one of the jails and not have your own room." Felicia teases by bumping into him with her shoulder. "I'm not a dumby Mike, c'mon. And it's you. I heard a rumor from a little bird and had to check it out myself."

Mike's body shifts aside as Felicia bumps him. "Care to tell me which nest that bird comes from?"

"You can figure that out yourself buddy." Felicia says with another smile before she puts her hand to Mike's chin and turns his head to steal a kiss from the musician. "Bye lover boy." She says pushing off the wall and dropping to the floor and heading out the door without blinking.


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