2014-08-07 Angry Birds and Drunken Warnings
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: The Cuckoos, Deadpool, Dominique, Ember, Loki, Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Angry Birds and Drunken Warnings

The last vestiges of sunlight linger over the city as the streetlights begin to come on. People are out and about on their way to the theater or the restaurants and bars, bathed in the brilliant lights of Times Square. There have been reports of some oddities happening in the area, such as the large screen on the buildng overlooking the square glitching out with strange symbols. The traffic lights occasionally all turn green or yellow, causing several near accidents, and some of the other signs start displaying Angry Birds instead of their paid advertisements. (repose)

The Cuckoos have hit the gentrified shopping district - plenty of people want to buy them things, why should they deny then? After flooding their twitter account with selfies in their new outfits, they're heading home when the chaos starts to happen. They giggle at the discomfiture of others, laugh outright if actual misfortune results. Cruel triplets, from the look of it.

Odd things happening in New York? Naaaaaaah. After stopping by another location to deal with some non-Avengers related business, Mike steps out of a restaurant and glances around. Glancing up to the billboards, the rocker tilts his head curiously, pulling out his replacement cellphone to dial Loki's phone number.

Times Square has of late become Ember's second home, it seems. This evening she's sitting at the window seat of a coffee shop people watching as herself instead of sitting up on one of the billboards as her other self. She doesn't notice the odd glitches until one of them causes a minor pileup in the intersection outside. At that point she leaves a tip and heads outside as one bystander amongst many. For now, at least.

It is rare for Dominique to venture into public these days, what with the nasty fact that she is constantly hunted by those who would do good in this world. Be that as it may, the interns at HammerTech that are assigned to her cannot brew a cup of proper tea, and none of the facilities housed within seem to be adequate to provide as such. Thus it is that she's headed into Times Square, not far from her old lair of Hell's Kitchen, where she knows the perfect tea shop, to be visitted precisely at 7:08pm on the first Thursday of each month… granted, she has not done so in some time, a fact that has left her with quite a feverish itch.

Loki's cell phone rings and the large vertical sign suddenly displays his face, green eyes glarng down at Mike with an annoyed sounding "WHAT?!" which echoes throughout Times Square. The angry birds stop in mid flight, their cartoon eyes also turning to look at Mike. People on the sidewalk don't seem to know what to do, stoppng and looking up, muttering amongst themselves. Some turn to the CUckoos when they're heard giggling, wondering if THEY had something to do with this.

The Cuckoos look innocent. They're excellent at that.

As the musician holds the cellphone to his ear and gets rewarded with an annoyed Loki. "Ah. So that is you," he replies, keeping the phone in position even if Loki can hear him without. No point in making it overly obvious that they're actually SPECIFICALLY looking to him, "Bad day?"

The… hell? Ember stares at Jumbotron Loki for a few heartbeats, shakes her head fro the ringing, then looks around at all of the other screens. Follow the eyes to… someone down the block that's a tiny bit familiar in the way of someone you can't quite place, but who seems to be the focus of all the billboard eyes in the square. She heads in the vague direction of Mike, but can't quite take her attention off of the four-story huge Loki-face.

The redheaded scientist continues on her path towards the tea shop, despite all the comotion and the throngs of distracted individuals. Thus far, none of it serves to interfer with her plans, so why should she pay it mind? Yes, she's quite insane.

Who wouldn't want to look at a four story image of such a handsome face? He huffs and rolls his eyes, lookng back to Mike. "Who cares?" he asks, hiccuping slightly. "Oh look, it's Dominique. And Emberrrrr and those annoying little girls who think they're soooo much better than everyone else. Don't you know your world is about to be eaten by a giant lizard?"

Hearing Loki hiccup, as well as the drawl of the one girl's name as he mentions it, Mike gives a small smile of understanding. "So that'd be a yes on the bad day. Ragnarok?"

Alright, she'll admit it, Ember has no idea how she's getting picked out from the massive crowd. It catches her off guard enough that she stops a few people away from Mike, points at herself with her non-casted left hand (after trying to use the right out of reflex and getting the painful reminder that it's not as quick to heal as her leg was) and says, "You can see me?!" Perhaps a bit too loudly for continued anonymity.

As the digital Loki makes his presence known and begins to call out those around, Dominique continues to ignore him… until her name is called. A glance of her eyes towards the screen forces her to acknoweldge that something strange is indeed afoot, and if attention is called too her, there may be problems.

Loki scoffs and looks around the square. "Of course I can see you, you ridiculous girl. If I couldn't how do you think I knew you were there? I'm not empathic, you know. What are you people doing here anyway? Did the bald man call you? Or the one eyed bald man? Oh yes we must keep an eye on that Loki. He's such a bad person. Ohhh did they send Mike to defeat me?"

There's a pause somewhere, "Fappy Birds… Why is this app acting up?" The gravely voice seems to be in a hurry as the smart phone gets tossed into a pouch. "One of many of them to be exact. Rob thought I needed more pouches than an army of kangaroos," quips the gravely voice as he pulls on a red and black mask. No one is around Wade as he gears up. For what is he gearing up for? "That all depends on if Betty Crocker still makes Shark Bites. Oh, those little gummies are delicious." Opening up the window to the fire escape, Wade leaves his horrible apartment in the slums and notices the view of Time Square around him. "Needs more Bea Arthuer!"

"What the fuck are you talking about, Loki?" Mike replies, lowering the phone, "I was down here on business and came out to this-" He pauses looking to the traffic lights. "I really don't care if you mess with the billboards and advertising signs. But, could you leave the traffic signals alone at least?"

At least Ember can be certain that she had the right guy when she followed the eyes, now that Mike has put his phone down and just started talking to the billboard. But the rest of it is just… "I'm just here because it's bright and there's coffee. The Professor either doesn't know I'm here or doesn't care that I'm out. Either way works for me."

Seeing that Loki's attentions are on others and that he is certainly having conversations with them, wherever they may be in the crowded streets of thousands, Dominique begins to slink backwards, slowly edging her way towards an alleyway she just passed, an ocassional gaze flitting to the big screen while she watches around herself.

Loki turns his eyes to Dominique and barks "Don't think I don't see YOU trying to sneak away." He says, taking a drink from a horn. "What unbecomming language coming from such a popular figure," He says to Mike, then grns wickedly at Ember. "The Professor! Is that his name…has he taught you how to be a proper mutant yet? He was working wth that one who can conjure lightning and knocked me off a building. What was his name again?"

For about 180 seconds, Wade is perched on a billboard and looking over his smart phone. "I don't get it. What is flying in the air and shattering that glass of milk?!" Finally, his attention is to the ground where he notices Dominique. "Oh! It's that French Canadian chicken who thinks I am trying to kill her all the time what was her name?" Deadpool smiles, "Are you sure her name was Avril Lav— No, are you sure it was Avril Lavigne that was that Canadian chick singer and not Justine Beiber?" Anyway, Wade drops from the rooftop and makes his 13 story drop to the ally way. He wants to see what has Dominique out to play.

"I think you may have had more than enough to drink." Mike comments, frowning, "Are you going to leave the traffic lights alone at least?"

Ember winces sharply at being called a mutant. For an instant she's caught in that oh-so-happy place between tears and anger. She goes with anger. Since she's sure Loki can still hear her she just mutters, "Fucking bastard," under her breath. And then the traffic lights go red in all directions for about three blocks and the billboards all just go white with a giant image of a raised middle-finger as Ember seems to split into six different versions of herself to storm off in as many different directions.

The real her is still standing there wearing the appearance of an old man with a cane, too pissed to actually move.

Dominique ignores the talking head as she steps into the alleyway to withdraw a unique device, much like a cellphone, but wired solely for Hammer Tech. She looks at it for many long moments before deciding to tuck it away again, arriving at the thought that perhaps if Loki is doing this to Times Square, his control over any such device may be unlimitted. Thus, she makes plans to simply depart down the alley; what can a talking head do to her should she wish to leave? But it is not to be, as she suddenly finds herself confronted with the red and black costumed man.

"Leaving so soon?" Loki asks of Ember, then waves a hand that releases his control over the traffic lights. "Maybe you should have some." He goes to taunt Dominique again but she seems to be indisposed now. "So what shall we do next to have a bit of fun with this wretched planet?"

Seeing that Loki has granted his request, Mike smiles a little. "Thank you." Safety issue settled, he looks over towards Ember, only to find multiple ones. He blinks, walking over the one nearest to him, attempting to tap it on the shoulder.

Now pointing at Dominique for no apparent reason, Deadpool grins from under his mask, "Did you know that farts are really just ghosts of the things we ate? Let's get all Doctor Philosophical with each other. And I am going to jazzercize my freedom of speech. This is America! Where we attack you in your sleep on Christmas. Look, George Washington even did it! He was that dude that fought the British because they wouldn't let us Yankees have a tea party or something." He then pauses again and rubs the back of his head. "I've seen you around a couple times and I am not a stalker! I swear. We just happen to have these annual crossovers and bump into each other. I'm not even armed today. I have no arms on meh—" Deadpool looks over at his left shoulder and then his right shoulder, "Ok, I do have these arms. But I am not out to kill you. I just find your accent to be refreshing. What part of Canada are you from?" He peels off his mask to show a 'healed' face. Barely any scars.

He overhears Loki's comment and shouts "This planet is NOT so wretched. The human species has down so much. We invented books, television, and the internet just so we can view this cosmic goodness called Bea Arthur. We even traveled through space to share this goddess with the aliens!"

Ember has no way of really knowing that Loki has released the traffic lights except that Mike seems thankful for something. So she takes a chance and stops making them all seem to be just red, letting their normal light take over. Alright, that seems better.

Mike's hand goes right through the 'Ember' that was closest to him. But just behind him is her voice with a quiet. "I'm behind you. The old gimp."

Dominique pauses as she stares at the masked man before her: a drop from an impossible height, the lifting of his mask, his insane and hard to follow thought patterns… this is just not her day. "You are an insane man."

"I'm not that ol-" Mike turns, looking to the old man, "-Oh." He nods in the general direction of a cafe. "Can I get you a coffee or something as an apology?"

Grinning, Wade looks at Dominique, "All the women say that to me. I am insane. But I am trying to take the right pills to fix that, we think. Anyway, I'm Wade Wilson, temp agent of SHIELD, and I would love to get you a cup of coffee or whatever it was that you threw at me when you thought I was after you. I wasn't then but now I am. I got you in my sights." He winks, "So let's not talk about work, gore, or anything bloody. Nothing violent tonight. Oh, since you are from Canada, ever check out The Birthday Massacre?"

The old man who is Ember shrugs to Mike and nods to the coffee shop he/she just came out of when all this started. "Sure. And maybe you can explain what just happened with Loki going off his rocker?"

"Oh that's going to take a bit of time." Mike admits, shaking his head as the rock star turns to head towards the indicated coffee shop.

Deadpool shakes his fist. "No, you cannot pose out! N00bs!"

"We were here from the begining you late comer!"

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