2014-08-09 Picnic Plans
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Ember Drake
GMed by Random Acts of Spongebob
Title: Picnic Plans

August is the time between. Still summer but almost school. Unfortunately, due to some thrillin' heroics Ember is sidelined from almost everything that makes summer a fun time. She's still out by the pool, but since she can't get in the water with her leg and shoulder in casts, she's instead spending the time out in the sun with a stack of textbooks on the table next to her and a tablet in her lap. Seems she's serious about getting ahead on her studies and getting done with school as quickly as possible.

August is still perfectly warm, by Drake's standards. Or that's the image he's trying to purport. Truth be told, it's gotten nippy for him. He's used to the west coast, the heat of the beach, all that good stuff. Out here, it's more… temperate? We'll go with temperate. Regardless, he's stubbornly clinging to warm weather activities as much as possible, up to and including pool play.

Thus, it should be no surprise that the young man is making his way out to the pool now, towel draped over his shoulder. A cursory glance is given the lounge chairs settled around the perimeter, and his gaze comes to rest on a familiar, oft-illusioned Ember. With a wave of his hand, he starts in her direction. "Hey!"

Ember sets the tablet down long enough to wave with her free left hand, then props it up against her raised right knee to continue reading. It's a bit awkward getting things like this done with her left leg elevated and in a cast below the knee and her right arm tight against her body so the shoulder can heal, but she's been managing. Of course, being able to do things like hold a book open on a tendril of solid light while she skips between reading it and the tablet doesn't hurt.

"Hey there, Drake. How's life outside the walls?"

"Movin' along. Things kind'a slowed down, actually," converses Drake on approach. As he nears, he grabs onto another chair and drags it over to the female for the sake of flopping onto it near her. His arms fold languidly behind his head, eyes shifting sidelong to her. "Don't like the slowing down part. Need more students around here. Or cool teachers. Somethin'." His lips draw into a smirk. "Anyhow, you keeping occupied? I've been giving some thought to what I said earlier…"

"I'm sure there are plenty of cool teachers. They're just… gone for the summer." And if she says it often enough, Ember might start to believe it. "But yes, I'm keeping busy. I said I would finish my diploma this year, so I got a subject list of what I need from the Professor," she taps the stack of books; there are a few lit volumes, some chemistry, math, and history. The book she's holding open in her lightform is, appropriately, on the physics of light. "Which thing you said earlier? You'll have to narrow it down a bit for me."

Drake glances to the book and immediately fights off the urge to yawn. It does nothing to hide the weary look that comes to his face, but at least it's short-lived. His attention shifts back to the girl's face. "The thing I said when we first met. How I'd take you to the beach. The /legitimate/ beach. I've been thinking about when that should happen. And if we get swamped with schoolwork, we might have a hard time doing it. On the other hand, with you being all broken off, you might not feel up to it." His left hand raises in a shrug. "Wanna weigh in?"

Ember smirks as she spots the sleepy look at her books. She sets the book back down in the stack with the rest and dissolves the tendril that was holding it. "What? It's just some light reading." That's right, she said it. As to the rest, she shrugs thoughtfully, "Even though I couldn't swim, I think I've seen enough of the grounds the past few weeks to last me a while. It'd be nice to go somewhere else for a change." She gives Drake a questioning look, "What beach were you thinking of, anyway?"

Drake fires back a simple, "Nerd," before moving on. "Not sure yet. I was gonna look into it, if you were up for it. And since you are, I will!" He flashes her a peppy smile before sitting upright. "We don't have to swim, anyway. We'll pack food'n whatever, and just hang out. Watch the waves, listen to the seagulls get vocal…"

Ember chuckles, "Do you even know if there are any beaches you'd consider 'legitimate' anywhere around here?" She smiles and sighs, "But food would be nice. Any seagulls get ideas around me, though and," her eyes flash white for a blink and a laser hits the pool surface in the middle, causing it to flash-boil briefly. "Fried squab."

"Psh, you're lookin' for any excuse to fire off the special effects," chides Drake. "Anyway, you just let me figure out where we can go. All you have to do is tell me what kind'a foods you like!"

Ember shrugs, "Hey, I'm just glad I can call down lasers from the sky without bleeding from the nose and passing out in humorous positions. Of course I'm looking for an excuse." But she considers the other question for a bit before answering, "Chicken, fruit salad, fresh bread, potato salad, and sun tea."

Drake blinks as she rattles off an entire list. "Oh. Well. Guess you're a veteran of picnics, huh? But those sound alright to me." He shifts to his feet at this point and starts to take a step forward, only to hitch. His foot sets back down and he shoots his gaze to her. "White or wheat?"

"I'm from Iowa. Picnics and barbeques are a thing there, and tailgating is basically our religion." Ember lies through her teeth as she puts the books and tablet back into the backpack next to her chair and starts to reform her cane, since she graduated from a crutch not long ago. She shrugs at the question, "Why choose when both are just as easy?" As the cane gradually goes from free flowing light to solidity to crystal strong enough to take her weight she works on getting herself turned in the chair so she can lever herself into a standing position when it's finished.

Drake pivots his body to face her fully at the question. Her little lightshow doesn't go unnoticed, but by now, it's nothing he hasn't seen before. Maybe not a cane in particular, but still. He gives the girl a cock-eyed look. "Because they taste completely different. You've actually had'em both before, right?"

And while her mutant tricks may've started to become standard fare around her, the shifting around due to injury isn't. He steps closer and leans down, offering his hands out. "Can I help you up, or are you tryin' to have an empowering moment?," he asks with a wry smile.

Maybe it's a trick of the light, but before Ember puts out her hand to be helped up, it seems to become more solid, more… real than the normal surface illusion she maintains. Once up and steady on her one good leg and one injury support boot, she leans on the cane and smiles, "Of course I've had both of them before. I grew up in the place the parts of bread comes from, remember? But a loaf of both and we've got all the tastes. Oh, and a good salted butter. Can't forget that."

Drake takes the hand and carefully draws the girl up to her feet. Her hand gets an odd look after it's released, which is transferred to her face. "…Putting a lot more effort into those illusions, huh?," he guesses. "Not worried about wearing yourself thin?"

Ember shrugs her good shoulder as she balances in place for a moment. Some lightform tendrils scoop up her backpack and lift it up over her shoulder before tying themselves around her torso, avoiding the bound right arm. Her only response as she turns to head towards the mansion is a quiet, "I just do what's necessary."

Drake puffs out a scoffy bit of air as she passes him. "There's a difference between necessary and just pushin' limits," he muses. He doesn't sound like he particularly minds, of note. He simply places his hands to his hips, watching her.

"Y'know," he calls, "I was wondering if you'd be able to fly with that hoodoo. Try it when your leg's not screwy!"

He's tried wrapping his head around the gravity-warping that would probably go into it, but then just stopped. She can make light a solid object. Physics is already screwed.

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