2014-08-10 Hurts and Recriminations
This scene is rated R
Warning: Contains repeated profanity.
Players: Ember Drake Doreen
GMed by Random Acts of Spongebob
Title: Hurts and Recriminations

From the rooftop in the East Village, Loki teleported them back here to the room he was most familiar with; the rec room. He crashed out on the couch soon after, but Ember couldn't sleep even after all the exhaustion and how much pain she was in. Just wasn't physically possible. So when she had the chance with no one watching, she slipped out and slowly made her way outside to the pool house where she was pretty much certain to have the place to herself for a good stretch of time.

She's been here since then, with the windows closed, blinds pulled, and the lights as bright as they would get. Sitting in a chair in a corner, she's been holding the runestone Loki gave her. Wondering if she should use it, bouncing between fear and hope as to what would happen to her if she does.

Drake wants to sleep. He wants to sleep really, really badly. The amount of power he was putting out earlier was crazy by itself, and spreading it over the entirety of the rooftop… 'drained' is a great word to use. But at least he's unhurt. He didn't go so far as to internally damage himself, which Drake reflects is a good thing. It means he's growing. But feeling good about himself is the last thing on his mind. Ember's disappearance hasn't gone unnoticed. Once Loki's out, the teen began hunting around for her.

She wasn't in her room.
She wasn't in the kitchen.
She wasn't at the pool.

And that brings us to the pool house. The door is opened, and he's greeted with the sudden brightness of the interior; something his sleepy eyes weren't prepared to handle. His left hand raises to cast enough of a shadow over them to make things more bearable. "Can't hide from me," is his opening huff.

As the door opens and Drake's shadow crosses her vision, Ember wonders if anyone's notices that she doesn't have one. Has she remembered to add one to her illusions? "I'm not trying to hide, Drake. I'm just looking for privacy." She lets out a slow breath and looks up at her friend, the runestone in her hands. "You're not me, Drake. You need to sleep. Recharge your batteries some before you start digging into me."

Doreen practically bounces into the pool house, looking for a nice refreshing glass of juice. "Hi Drake! Hi Ember! Is everything OK? You two look really ragged. No offense, of course! Were you out there having adventures?" Her bushy tail swings back and forth in a twitchy manner as she grabs a glass. "Do you guys want anything to drink?"

"Can't do that," is Drake's breezy response. He moves closer, despite her clear indication that she wanted privacy (what with her saying so and all), and comes to lean on the wall beside her. "You had that look about you. Like-…" Suddenly, a wild Doreen appears. The teen's head turns just enough to look back at the entirely-too perky girl over his shoulder. "Uh, no thanks, Squirrely. We just had some… things happen, is all." He's too bushed to be a good liar.

Drake's attention returns to Ember, and he offers a little more subtly, "It's hard to dig into you if you're not /here/, you feel me?"

Ember, on the other hand is a tremendous liar. It's pretty much reflexive for her. So when she pipes up with, "We just got our asses kicked in East Village by a half-dozen robots and some guy in iron armor that looked like a robot," it's not exactly in character for her. But then she is sitting in torn, blood-spattered clothing and only the barest of personal illusions so it'd be a real stretch to believe anything more innocent. "But thank you, Doreen. I'll have some fruit juice if there is any. Anything non-citrus." When Drake gets his jab in, she shrugs. "I tried telling you a couple times that I wasn't telling you everything about myself."

"Awww, Ok!" T hen what Ember says hits her. "Robots! Wow! That must have been crazy! What happened that you ended up fighting them? Man, I miss all the fun!" She finally finishes assembling her drink and takes a seat a tthe table. "Are you guys all right? Were you hurt?" She looks to Drake and tries not to frown. "You could have been killed! Next time call me and I'll summon the army to help!"

Drake gives Ember a rueful look. "Scorecard, sweetness. The bots were slag. Metalhead took a dive off the building and ran off. We won." But that's not really the important thing right now. He shifts a little against the wall to better slide his tired gaze between Ember and Doreen. To the latter, he says, "Just.. things happened, Dory. Ember got a little hurt for it. I'm good, though." After a beat, he exhales a soft sigh. "I'm glad you weren't there."

And to the former, "Look, being true isn't the same as being honest or not having secrets. For instance, I'm true to you. You run your mouth and get shot at, I'm gonna fry stuff until you're safe again. Doesn't mean I'll tell you everything there is to know about me or what I'm thinkin'." Nevermind his tendency to be an open book regardless. "The point is, I've got your back. That I'll be around to help ya, or at least hear you out. What about you?"

Doreen sets her glass down and throws her arms up in the air. "You won! That's great! We should celebrate. What did the Professor say about it?" She picks up her drink again and sips from the straw, going silent for the moment to let the two talk.
Monitor> Sunder has connected at 2:16 p.m..

Ember nods to Doreen with a smile, "We'll try to remember that next time, SG. I'm guessing your friends would've come in useful on that roof." She rolls her eyes at Drake's more morbid responses, poking him in the side with her good hand at one point. "Hey, get it right. I got hurt when I couldn't quite manage to hold up a collapsing building a few weeks ago. Last night just popped the stitches, so to speak. And there was no way I wasn't going to give that metal-face asshole some crap of my own after the way he just blasted his way up that building… and don't think there weren't people in there, not to mention the police chopper he shot down just so he could leave. That fucker needs to be strapped to a pole and fed to ferrets."

She pauses as she gets a thought and glances over to Doreen, "You don't do ferrets, do you?" Her one intact shoulder shrugs briefly as she looks back to Drake, "As for the rest of that, you really need to get some sleep so you can maybe put a coherent phrase together." When Doreen asks about what the Professor's said about their battle, she glances down, "We haven't said anything to him about it."

Drake looks rather put-off by Ember's dismissal. His eyes narrow slowly as he talks. "I just told you I've got your back, and that's what you have to say to me? That I'm incoherent? I just risked my life to make sure you didn't get fried. I just /ousted/ myself to keep you safe." With a shake of his head, he concludes, "Not cool, Ember. Not cool."

The teen leans off the wall and takes a few steps away from her, letting his attention move fully to Doreen. "He'll probably find out about it on the news first thing in the morning. M'gonna get what sleep I can before I get yelled at, so…" He resumes walking towards the exit, lifting a hand in passing, "Later."

"If I see him, I'll be sure to sic the army on him! " Doreen gives a little wave to Drake, frowning. "Byeeeee…." She says, one hand holding her head up with her elbow on the table, the other waving her fingers at him. "I hope you guys feel better soon. And I don't do ferrets, just squirrels. I guess Ferrets speak a different language or something."

"We didn't go up on that roof intending to risk our lives, Drake. But it happened and we all lived." Ember speaks sharply to Drake's back as he turns to leave, not moving so much because, well… injuries. But still managing to put plenty of angry into her voice. "Neither one of us did so well up there today, so don't try and make yourself out like some sacrificing hero or try to make it sound like I don't have your back." She stops because a coughing fit starts and doesn't quit until after she's added some extra blood to what's left of her sleeve. Her hand tightens around the healing stone but she hasn't yet moved to break it.

Doreen gets a small nod, "That would make sense. Ferrets seem more… ADHD than squirrels."

Drake pauses at the door and shoots Ember a sharp glare. "You really don't. You ignored what I said, acted like an idiot, got shot, and I did the best I could to make sure nothing else happened to you. And in the process, I may've just given myself up publicly. I'm not like you, I can't make illusions. So I might not have any kind of public future now. Nice to know it's appreciated."

Alas, poor Doreen's stuck in the middle of this. At least none of it's directed at her.

"Who are you supposed to have outted yourself to exactly, Drake? Loki? Me? We already know what you can do. The iron-mask guy? That thief who was there? Somehow I doubt they care. The police who got shot out of the sky when they got close enough to see? They're dead." Ember stands up against the protests of her body and steps forward close enough to poke Drake in the chest with her good hand.

"And by what twisted logic does your mind make getting shot at my fault? That asshole had just blown a hole in a roof for no fucking reason, of course I was going to shout at him. How does him trying to MURDER me for what wasn't even a good insult become my fault? Because I didn't obey your orders to stay off the roof? Since you seem to have forgotten, there wasn't any homicidal robot-man there when we went up. It was just our friend who was freaking out and we wanted to help him. You were not going to keep me away from that, Drake. You are not my teacher, my father, my brother, my leader, or my boss. You don't get to decide what I do with what's left of my life." Yeah, Ember's not even pretending to be polite anymore. Sorry, Doreen.

"Anyone who looked out of a window on any building that happened to be the same height? Any news choppers? Like you said, there was an explosion! People don't just /not/ look at that kind of thing!," Drake barks back. At this point, he fully turns around to face her. "It was /your/ choice to run your mouth! Any chance of him being talked down, or Hell, there even being /strategy/ went out the window when you decided to paint a huge 'shoot me' sign over your head! We don't even know what he was after!"

An accusing index finger levels on her. "It was your choice, and it was your bad! I just tol'ja to be smart'n careful! And I said that because I didn't want you to get more injured!" The finger lowers, as does his tone. "What you did was the exact opposite. It didn't have to go the way that it did. Are you suicidal or something?"

Ember actually laughs in Drake's face at this point. "Drake, I have no idea who he was but there is no way he was there to do anything except attack. He used explosives when he could've gone up some stairs. He flat-out told Loki that he was going to get rid of him, had his robots lining up their shots and everything. If you think that was going to go any different way with some talk, you're delusional."

She stares past the finger pointed into her face. "We weren't even up there for even five full minutes, Drake. Between the roof exploding and Loki teleporting us home, there wasn't enough time for the vast majority of people to even pull themselves up off of their floors much less get anything resembling a good look at any of us. Especially once the lightning, lasers, rockets, and death rays started flying. And there were no news choppers anywhere close. Are you really more worried about the nonexistent threat to your nonexistent reputation in Manhattan than you are about what had Loki so off his rocker in the first place?"

She sneers at him and turns away to return to her chair. As she sits back down a bit heavily she shakes her head. "And I'm not suicidal. I just refuse to let myself be bullied by anyone." She makes certain she's looking Drake dead in the face as she finishes that sentence.

"And strategy? Tactics? Maybe having some idea who this guy was, or what he was after? None of that seems important? Heck, he could attack again, and maybe someone could be alerted to where that might be, but nope! Ember had to have her moment of smacktalk," Drake chides, undeterred. "And it's /New York/. It's like Los Angeles-lite with the paparazzi. But I get it. As long as it's not your ass in the fire, who cares? You've got a snark to make, and you sure as Hell aren't gonna bite your tongue for five seconds."

At the last bit, Drake turns aside from her. "You need to recognize the different between bullying and when someone's calling you on being stupid. If you're not suicidal, then making yourself look it has been your best illusion yet."

"What the fuck do you know about tactics, Drake? Or strategy? You're an armed robber runaway with daddy issues. I'm a multiple murderer with PTSD and an expiration date. We are not some mutant SWAT team." Ember's voice has lost its force at this point. She just doesn't have the energy for anger anymore.

"A bomb went off under our feet. Without any warning or provocation. I was buying food for a picnic and then suddenly I'm less than four inches from going over the ledge of a seven-story building to my death from a bomb. I was angry, scared, and surprised to still be alive. So yeah, I reacted out of reflex. And if this guy does attack somewhere else, what are you planning to do about it? How would you even know?" She is genuinely curious about this. "What was he after? He was there to kill Loki, who is one of my teachers and who I consider to be something of a friend. And as to who he was, how about you give us a chance to recover from our oh-so-fun afternoon before we start looking it up on Google?"

Her remark burns him. Visibly. Fury lights behind those emerald eyes, and Drake's lips work momentarily. But whatever was on the tip of his tongue is reined back in.

He takes a slow breath.

"I know that you don't run your mouth off to someone who's blown up a chunk of a building when you're fresh off'a crutches. I know that when you've got other people around and you're injured, you try not to make yourself the most attractive target."

Drake pinches his forefinger and thumb to the bridge of his nose, eyes falling shut. "We could've at least had some /idea/. And it sounded to me like Loki was an obstacle, not the objective. I dunno what I personally would've done, but we could've at least /told/ someone what to watch for, or our best guess." The hand lowers and he opens his eyes to regard her again. "I didn't come here to chew you out. ..Well, I might've a little. But it's because I actually care what happens to you. You wouldn't even let me /talk/ to you here, though."

Ember looks at Drake like he's the village idiot. "Are your neurons even firing? What part of 'reacted out of reflex' isn't registering with you? There was no thought, no decision. I wasn't trying to make myself a target for any reason. Once that bomb went off under our feet, there was no planning or intent. There was just physics. Action/reaction. Threat/response. As for telling someone what to watch out for with the psycho in the mask, that whole thing took place less than two hours ago, Drake! Give us a chance to breathe before you try to be Scott Junior, Super Mutant! Sieg Heil!"

"I came down here to rest and recover and get out of the way so you and Loki could also rest and recover. To take care of myself out of the way of the faculty who can frankly wait until I'm good and ready to fill them in on our part in today's excitement." Her hand tightens around the healing runestone that's been in it this whole time. "And to decide if the chance that this really can heal me is enough to risk that using it just might also mean killing myself. If I was suicidal like you claim, I wouldn't even hesitate using it."

Drake's expression grows blank as she fires off more vitriol. Once she finishes, he says evenly, "And what part of 'you did something dumb' isn't connecting for you? Quit defending it. Own up to it. And if you give half a damn about me calling you 'friend' anymore…" He trails off, either unwilling or unsure how to complete that thought.

Giving up on it altogether, he turns to the door to exit, granting her her privacy.

"So glad at how much attention you really pay to what I'm saying, 'friend'. Anything that's not in lockstep with your own rant just goes right past you, doesn't it?" Ember shakes her head as Drake turns to the door, "Don't you get it? It doesn't matter if what happened was stupid on anyone's part. It's over. Drag yourself off the rooftop and deal with the /now/. Don't try to act like you're some kind of authority figure who has the responsibility or the right to rake me over the coals when you were just as moronic as I was up there."

Drake lingers at the doorframe, eyes half-lidded in a mixture of fatigue and irritation. "I'm not the injured person who told the guy to shoot me. It don't even compare." He peers at her over his shoulder. "The /now/ is that you're an ungrateful, entitled jerk who refuses to take responsibility. What's gonna happen is gonna happen with or without you. So save the drama. I'm spent on it."

Ember stands up again and pushes past Drake out of the pool house, tucking the runestone inside her shoulder cast. "And you're too stuck on your own narcissistic concerns about who might have your picture on their phone that you can't even register that how and for what I take responsibility for has nothing to do with you." She keeps moving towards the main house, calling over her shoulder, "You're the one who came hunting me, Drake. The one who decided to spark this drama you're so spent on. Just remember that. Go to sleep."

Drake makes no move to stop her, but he does give her a bemused look, momentarily breaking the irritation. But as she carries on yelling, he exhales a beleaguered sigh. At a normal, non-yelling level, he simply says, "Mouth open, ears shut. But I got my answer."

From there, he's off to head for his room.

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