2014-08-11 In on the Secret
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Drake, Ember, Charles Xavier (NPC)
GMed by Lore
Title: In on the Secret

Just as the sun is setting outside, there comes a knock upon the office door! One Drake Vyril is standing outside patiently, the non-knocking hand stuffed into his pocket.

Xavier is sitting in his office working on paperwork as usual. Occasionally, he rubs his forehead, a bit exasperated by all the tedious work. When someone knocks on the door he lifts his head and says, "Come in, Drake."

After leaving Drake at the pool house, Ember got cleaned up but hasn't done anything else except pace around the main house all night. She spots Drake as he's heading towards the Professor's office, and decides to wait in window seat down the hall since she's sure she'll be getting a call in soon.

Drake doesn't notice her, though! And when he hears he's being called, he opens the door and saunters on in. "Hey, Professor," he greets, his typical level of vibrance down a few notches. He doesn't even question how Xavier knew it was him. Besides, the guy's psychic. He probably detected him. So the teen sets his hands over the edge of the desk once he's approached. "I didn't hear anything on the news about what happened, but… did you catch wind of it? Loki talking about the world - or universe, at times - ending, and then some dude with a metal mask attacking?"

Xavier gestures to the seats across from the desk. "Please, sit down, both of you. I have heard what happened but I would like to hear it from both of you before I offer my opinion on the matter. What exactly were you doing on a roof with Loki?"

Ember is waiting nervously in the window seat when she hears the Professor's voice asking her in. So she walks into the office in time to hear him asking Drake about what they were doing on the roof. "Didn't you just…? Oh, right." She taps the side of her head with her good arm and takes the seat next to Drake without looking at him. She'll let him give his version first.

Drake takes the seat as bid and casts Ember a very brief, very neutral glance before looking back to the Professor. "This is one of those cases where what you heard is probably about the gist of it. Loki was going on about destroying the world - or having someone else do it - to avoid destroying the universe. Ragnarok was mentioned, but I dunno anything about that." He lifts a hand in a shrug as he continues, "Went up to the rooftop to talk Loki down. He's… he's rough around the edges, but I don't think he's bad at his core. So I wanted to touch base with'em, see what was up and settle things down."

"Then, kind've out of nowhere, the guy with the metal mask blasted through the building to join us. He had a group of robots with'em. I can't remember exactly what he said, but it sounded like Loki was in the way for him. Then he attacked Ember," he mentions, gesturing aside towards the female, "and fighting started. It… felt necessary to use my powers, so I did. And it's worth mentioning that Loki was trying to protect us."

The teen takes a breath and leans back in the chair. "The guy's droids were destroyed, and he ran off. On the way out, he wrecked a helicopter. Wasn't anything anyone could've done to stop that, I don't think."

The Professor leans back in his seat, steepling his fingers. "I had hoped that no more students would become tangled with Loki. If my mental abilities would work on him, I would place something in his mind that would keep him away from New York permenantly." He sighs softly. "When something like this arises, it would be wise to contact someone at the school. Taking on Doctor Doom by yourselves is a terrible idea. I doubt Loki would help very much. Using your powers in public is not wise. I don't need to tell you why. It is fortunate that nobody was able to identify either one of you."

Ember can't help but glance in Drake's direction with narrowed eyes at the mention of not being identified. "Loki got us out of there too fast after the fight for that to happen. As for taking on Victor von Doom, that wasn't our idea when we went up there. We were just trying to talk Loki down. Figure out why he'd been drunkenly taking over everyone's electronics to warn them about the end of the universe." She shrugs her good arm, then puts the hand back inside her shoulder cast. "He was telling us when Doom decided that a bomb was a better way up than the stairs."

Drake glances aside to catch that narrowed-eyed look, but it's met with that same neutrality. In short order, he's looking again to the Professor, quickly defending, "I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think it was totally necessary! I know how important it is to keep things on the down-low. Scott's… had that talk with me."

Xavier looks a bit stern as he talks to the students. "What you both did was reckless, and could have placed the entire school in jeopardy. The Sentinels could have tracked you and attacked. There are squadrons of soldiers who are on a mission to exterminate mutants. You could have been victims of whatever it was Loki was planning to do. If he's planning on destroying the universe, he needs to be stopped. I've asked Jean to join us so we can come up with a suitable arrangement for you two."

"What we did was defend ourselves against a homicidal maniac." That Ember is angry is fairly obvious, but she keeps nearly all of it out of her voice and posture. "And I don't think Loki intends to destroy anything. He's been acting like a scared drunk, not a violent one. And he's not the kind of person that would deliver warnings to anyone he planned to attack. He'd come at it sideways, not in plain sight. He was talking about the coming of Ragnarok when Doom attacked." She bristles visibly when the mention of arrangements is made. "What kind of arrangements are you talking about?"

There wasn't even a knock on the door, just Jean opening it and stepping silently in behind them moments after the Professor finished speaking, surely telepathically timed. "You summoned me, Professor?" she asked politely as she stood in front of the door behind everyone.
Drake blinks.

"If we tried to run, he would've blasted us. We had to go down a fire escape, and that doesn't give ya a whole lot of room to maneuver. If we jumped, we'd splat. And even then, we'd be leaving Loki behind to get dusted by what's-his-face and his robobuttmunches. Whatever he's done in the past, he did what he could to protect us out there. What kind of people would we be if we just abandoned'em?"

Drake turns his head to look back to Jean when she enters, then ahead to Xavier. At this point, he leans forward. "Look, I get that.. that he's had a weird past, and he's done some really bad things. Scott told me about it. But I'm also hearing that he's trying to turn things around. It's real hard to do that on your own. It's harder when no one's willing to believes in you."

At this point, Drake dejectedly slouches back in the chair.

"You should have called for help. Loki is not to be trusted. He is not an innocent little prankster, he is the god of mischief and lies. His entire purpose in life is to spread lies and cause chaos. He's caused nothing but trouble for the students of this school and should be avoided at all costs. Now I want you two to tell me how you think the whole situation could have been handled differently, starting with you, Ember." Xavier looks to Jean and says, "We are discussing the incident the other day with Doctor Doom."

"We could have died. I'm sure my corpse would've given coroners loads of fun for weeks on end." Ember's response is quick and pointed. Her left hand tightens around something tucked into the sling on her injured arm, then shakes her head. "Beyond that, how are we supposed to know how to have handled things differently? And who, exactly, are we supposed to have called? And then what? Waited however long it took this hypothetical help to show up? Everyone here is very firmly fixed against Loki, this I get. I even get the distrust. He's the very embodiment of tricksters." She shrugs and allows some of her normal attitude to surface. "It's one of the reasons why I watch and listen to him closely whenever I see him. To learn anything I can from him, because he and I have some things in common."

Jean tilts her head to one side as she listens to everyone. "Wait, Doctor Doom? The crazy Dumas fanboy? What happened there?" She looked down at Drake and Ember, then back up at the Professor, "Don't tell me they're already causing trouble. Especially involving Loki already."
Drake breathes a puff of a sigh, resigned. His mouth opens, but at the last moment, he stops. He simply remains quiet in his chair. Xavier wanted to hear from Ember, so that's what he'll get. Though the disapproval of how this has gone is written plainly on his face.

Xavier looks at Ember with a frown. "You should have called the school. And to look at things differently, you should analyze what happened and think about what you could have done to improve the situation. I'm not scolding you, I am simply trying to get you to think things through. What about you, Drake? What do you think you could have done differently? It is clear that you two already know how to work as a team, but there seems to be some tension."

"The situation…" Ember's nervous energy bursts out as she starts and stops speaking, causing her to stand and start to pace in the short distance in front of her chair. Although her left leg is still in a heavy support boot (or at least it seems to be), she moves as if it were perfectly intact. She nods to Drake to indicate that she's not going to interrupt him, then makes an 'ah-ha!' face at Jean's description of Doom. "See? I'm not the only one to think that about him." Then she shuts up again.

Jean reaches out and rests a supportive hand on Drake's shoulder as he sighs and stews there while the Professor speaks to Ember. «It'll be okay,» she sends him silently. Seeing Ember's facial reaction to her literary comment, she gave the woman a wink. "Well, to be fair, he does wear a cloak."

"Could've ignored it. Kept walkin'. Let Loki do whatever he was gonna do in his… kind'a fearful state, and let that masked guy possibly kill him." Drake's head tilts to look back up at Jean, taking a moment. When he looks back to Xavier, he continues with a more resolute tone to his voice, "But I can't do that. Whether or not he was drunk, I couldn't let'em make a spectacle of himself like that - not when he's trying to clean up his image. And I couldn't /not/ try to find out what was going on. When some Norse deity's dropping hints of armageddon, time seems like an important factor. And when someone blasts through a ceiling and attacks a friend, I can't leave'er to fend for herself." His hands lift mildly in a shrug, "Maybe Loki's playin' me. Maybe. But leaving him behind and not helping him didn't feel right at all. I'd have a hard time forgivin' myself if I found out I let'em get killed."

The stern edge to his voice dulls, and Drake's normally vibrant emerald eyes lower. "But as for.. as for when things were actually going on, I could've fried each of the bots at once. Couldn't do that, though - Loki was in front of me. Would've nailed him, too. So I could've told him to move, I guess. Either way, I could've called a faculty member, but that seemed like a really slow, clumsy thing to do when lasers started flying. 'Sides, Loki hijacked all the electronics. I get the feeling I wouldn't have been able to call anyone anyway."

Xavier nods his head as he listens to the two students, tapping his fingertips together lightly. "Indeed. Your instincts to protect others are commendable, but you cannot expect to be able to handle such a dangerous situation just yet. You are still learning to use your powers and gain full control over them. If you think Loki is playing you, as you say, perhaps you should visit the library and read up on Norse Mythology (Which would be the Marvel version)."

To Ember, he offers a very faint sigh. "I could scold you on the dangers of participating in a fight while injured, but I'm certain you have figured this out already. You two are a team, and thus rely on each other to keep each other safe." He leans back in his seat and looks between the two. "As much as it pains me to say this, your actions cannot go without consequences. As consequence for your behavior, I am ordering you both to one extra training session every day where you will work together to solve whatever the trainer decides to give you that day."

Ember's pacing stops as she hears Drake use the arguments he blew off when she was giving them to him as a way to cover his own ass. Then she tilts her head at the Professor in confusion. "So as punishment for getting attacked while injured, I'm being ordered to fight while injured?" She shakes her head slightly, "And one can't have extra training sessions without first having any training sessions. I haven't heard word one on that since my first week here when Logan put me through some quick paces and Scott said he'd 'get to me on it later' after he could find a teacher with similar powers. Then Logan vanishes to God knows where, so my unarmed combat training has been nonexistent. And the only word I've gotten from Scott since then was that I'd have to wait until I was healed from the building falling on me before getting into powers training with Drake. It's just been a big Summer of Procrastination so far."

Drake had actually been saying things to that extent the entire argument. It's thus delivered straight, without faulter, flinch, or second-guessing. His right hand lifts slightly, as if asking permission to interject, "More training it is, then. But if it matters, I don't want to be partnered with her." No elaboration is given. The statement simply stands on its own.

"You will be partnered and train together. That is my order. Whatever problems you are having can be worked out through hard training and learning how to better act as a team. You may one day be part of a bigger team, and this will teach you how to handle difficult situations. Now, is there anything else you want to tell me?"

"Other than what I just did say about not having had any powers training here at all? Which I wasn't exactly worried about since I just came here because I thought it was a boarding school so I could finish high school." Ember fixes her eyes directly on the Professor, her expression a mixture of confusion, accusation, and questioning. "Not that I'd sent an application here, but an interview invitation arrived with the others, so I figured the guidance counselor at school had done it. But since this place only takes in mutants, I doubt that's the case. So what is it with this place? Getting strongly warned to not use our powers, but getting ordered to train them so we can fight? Being chastised because we didn't call for back-up from our boarding school? I've made some cracks about this not being some kind of tactical support center and us not being a mutant SWAT team… but is it? Are we supposed to be?"

Drake takes a breath, but that neutrality remains. "Then /that's/ the actual punishment." He rises to his feet again. "Whatever. I'll deal with it."

While Ember's asking about something he'd brought up days ago, getting answers like this, in this accusatory manner, is not something he wants in on. "If that's all, I'm gonna take off."

"That will be remedied, Ember. This school is a safe place for mutants to live. But there is more to it than that. We do not discuss this with all the studens but I believe you two are able to handle this knowledge. We have a training program to teach mutants how to use their abilities defensively and offensively. They are called the New Mutants. If you wish to be inducted into this group, I will see to it and arrange alternate training sessions for both of you. We do not discuss this openly with all the students because when dealing with children they tend to inadvertantly give away information. We also have a team called the X-Men. They are composed of your teachers and other faculty members here at the school. They are the first line of defense when something happens. New Mutants can often be recruited by the X-Men if they have shown proficiency."

Ember closes her eyes and lets out a slow, silent breath as the Professor actually gives her straight answers to all the questions that have been building in her mind since she saw Logan jump out of a quinjet missing half of his face. Most of the tension that's been tearing away at her leaks out in that breath, with a whisper that sneaks underneat the Professor's words about the faculty… "I'm not insane." Her left hand slips back into her shoulder sling, not clutching but cradling something inside of it. She comes back to herself again just as the Professor is finishing his explanation and nods without hesitation. "I'm in. All conditions accepted."

Drake was already starting to move back to the door when Xavier explained everything. It's convenient, but there's still that sick feeling that accompanies it. He lingers a moment longer, but only a moment. Once said and done, he simply turns to exit.

Still speaking, with a bit more volume, Xavier says "This would be an excellent opportunity for you, Drake, Ember. It will give you everything you need to become a hero. Doreen has accepted a position in the New Mutants. I know you both get along with her, so perhaps the three of you can learn to work together."

Ember smiles as she slides back into the chair she vacated earlier, "I do like Doreen. She's fun, with her army." She looks over her shoulder at Drake, then turns back to face Xavier. "I do have to ask you about something related to earlier comments about Asgardians. Something I need to learn about before I can make a certain decision."

"Certainly, Ember. Never hesitate to ask questions. If I don't know the answer, I can point you in the right direction. What can I do for you?" Xavier smiles warmly, though the look in his eyes indicates he's worried about Drake.

"I know you don't trust Loki. I don't know his history with this place, but it doesn't matter for this. I need to know if you know anything about Asgardian magic." She takes her left hand out of the sling and holds up the runestone she's had tucked into it for safe keeping. "Does it work? I was told that if I broke this over my injuries, it would heal me. But…" she shakes her head, "I don't trust miracles and this seems like a potion from a fairy tale."

"Although Loki is not to be trusted and should be avoided at all costs, that runestone was created by another source, and thus should be reliable. He likely would not try to hurt you if he considers you a f riend. It's true what they are is stuff of legends, their powers are far beyond our comprehension, but they are very real. Would you like for me to have it analyzed?"

Ember shakes her head. "Thank you, but no." She slips the runestone back into her arm sling and stands, looking more relaxed than she has since she was injured and glances around in a way that takes in the entire school around her. "I think it's time for me to take some things on faith."

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