2014-08-13 Loki's awake (huzzah!)
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange, Loki
GMed by N/A
Title: Loki's awake (huzzah)

Early in the morning, an hour before the sun will rise, the Wizard of Greenwich makes his way down the stairs towards the basement levels of his mystical home. Stephen Strange wears a black tunic, with lengthy sleeves, tied around his waist with an orange sash and a pair of black pants. The wizard steps to the room that contains the latest threat to New York, Loki. Who at his last check was still out cold from Hulk's mighty blow. Steve walks in silently, holding a book in one hand and a ornate gold and porcelain cup in the other, a few whiffs of steam rising from the cup. Dark grey eyes examine the captive Asgardian with concern and worry for the troubled god.

Bruised and with a few cuts and scrapes, Loki rests upon the bed. His hands and ankles are undoubtedly bound, which keeps him from casting any rogue spells. After a while, Loki begins to stir, shifting as if troubled by a bad dream. His brow furrows and his eyes clamp shut, but then he suddenly bursts into consciousness, panting. When he notices his hands are bound, he brings them up toward his upper body. "Where am I? Who has bound me?" He asks quietly, still a bit groggy.

With a wave of his hands, Loki's bonds are loosened but not undone, "I have, for both of our sakes." Stephen says, leaning against the wall to Loki's right. "You're in safe in my home. You have been most of the night." Raising his cup to his lips he pauses a moment to breath on the liquid a bit before pouring some in his mouth. "Would you like to explain what happened or should I go straight to the source?"

Loki turns to look at Stephen, frowning. "Straight to the source? What do you mean by that? What source?" He wriggles to try and sit up, grunting softly as his body protests the movement. "I am a frost giant…I thought everyone knew that." Loki tries to deflect the situation by being a bit flippant. "What do you want me to say?"

"You're not in any danger, I just want to know your motivations for your actions last night. Also if there's anyone that may be using you for their own gain." Stephen explains, lowering his drink to be held at waist level. "I want you to tell me the truth Son of Odin." Using a more formal name, trying to break Loki out of his defensive demeanor.

"Nobody is using me for their own gain. I…I just thought that if I destroyed Midgard that the cycle would be broken. I don't know, I wasn't thinking very clearly. I had been drinking mead. Perhaps I had a bit too much. It's coming…there has to be a way to stop it. If I don't do what I need to do to change things, then all the realms will burn."

"Then don't go smashing our stuff." Strange says in his most fatherly sounding tone yet. Disappointed but understanding. "What exactly is this cycle, perhaps together we both can find a way to do something about it. Other than destroy Midgard." Strange says, crossing his arms, cautious and careful to not spill his tea.

"It is the cycle we call Ragnrarok. Those Who Sit Above In Shadow decide what triggers it. It is always the same. Asgard burns,Midgard burns, everyone dies and we are thrust into a new cycle to live our lives again. There is nothing you can do to stop the gods of the gods."

Stepping away from the wall and standing up straight, "Then it seems fitting we should take your rage to them and earn you a place in Valhalla." Stephen says, about to make his move towards the door, "I don't sit on my hands when there's a threat." Strange says aloud to put a fire in Loki's belly and to steel himself for what is likely his own demise.

"Would you at least be kind enough to unbind me? I have no need to rest anymore…" Loki watches Stephen leave, his words resonating in his mind. Would he earn a place in Valhalla even if Valhalla is to fall?

Without a word, the alien's bonds are removed with a simple wave of Stephen's hand, and the wizard continues out of the room but says, "Inform me when you are prepared."

Loki rolls to his feet, groaning, massaging his shoulder with one hand, the other covering the bruise on his face. "Prepared? What do you mean prepared? You mean you want to insitgate Ragnarock NOW?"

"To prevent Ragnarock, I'm ready the moment you are." Strange says, he's not exactly one to hesitate or bide his time unless it's absolutely necessary. "Take all the time you need, be it this instant, or in month's time."

"I…" Loki follows Stephen, so confused. "How would we prevent Ragnarok? It..it's something that will happen no matter what we do. There may be a way to save your world from the purge, but I don't know what it would be."

"It is an event, and like any other event there is a great hand turning the wheels." Strange denotes, his goal noble, "Who turns this wheel? Your gods?"

"Yes, Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. I know not what they look like, noone has seen them. They feed off the energy released by the destruction of the Nine Realms, and then it is reformed. I have seen Yggdrasil burn in my mind…I don't know why I've been having visions, but I feel absolutely sick. What if I come back as the villain I am portrayed as in the mythology?"

"Then pierce that shadow and meet your fate head on. I'm trying to join you in this fight, if you'll let me. I have no answers as to what lies on the other side, but I know in my heart of hearts, I must try with all the strength I posses." Strange continues to try to rally the worried Asgardian.

Loki nods and looks down as he thinks. "If I die, then I cannot kill Balder. If Balder lives, then Ragnarok cannot proceed. The cycle will be broken." He looks up to Strange. "That may be the solution. We can say damn the Fates and take control of our own destinies."

"I'm glad you understand." Strange says as he makes his way up the stairs they have been walking towards since leaving the room. "Take time to say your goodbyes should you feel so inclined."

The young prince swallows hard. "I…I…" He rubs his forehead and sighs. "I suppose you're right. Perhaps it is best to not tell anyone. It would be easier for them."

"You know Mike will be rather cross if he hears about this." Strange mentions.

"I know, but perhaps you could just tell him I was summoned back to Asgard and fell in battle with a Troll or Jotun." Loki replies, putting a hand over his churning stomach.

"If you don't make it back, and some how I do, I will tell him such." The wizard notes. "Again, I'll be here when you need." Strange says showing Loki the door.

Loki looks back at Stephen, his youthful features contorted with worry and fear. "Very well. It was a pleasure to know you, Stephen Strange." He then tentatively reaches for the door knob and slips through.

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