2014-08-13 Rhinos In The Park
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Captain America, Drake, Spider-Man
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Rhinos In The Park

Peter Parker is out blowing off steam, webswinging through midtown at a pretty serious clip. Nothing serious tonight, so far, stopped a mugging, prevented a fist fight outside a bar from getting out of hand, and helped a little girl rescue a kitten so far. Unfortuntely for him though, his danger sense flares, to the south.

A few blocks south of him, a cargo van pulls up outside a branch office of Chase Bank and the back panel rolls up, revealing Alexsei Sytsevich, AKA The Rhino. He leaps from the back of the truck, pounds toward the bank, bowls over security guards and customers as he plows into the bank, leaving a huge hole in the front doors.

He's inside for only a minute or two, as Spidey swings closer and closer, drawn to danger like a moth to the light, and sirens and alerts go out across the city as literally hundreds of cops get mobilized in response to the threat. Rhino pounds out of the bank, only to find that the Police have impounded his getaway ride. He lowers his horn, knocks three police cruisers out of the way as he charges, carrying two dufflebags full of cash over one shoulder. He lowers his horn and *SMASH* the brick wall surrounding Central Park gets smashed into powder. Spider-man swings by, in hot pursuit, webs snapping. "Hey! Buddy! Yer gonna get towed if you leave your car there!"

It isn't long before deafening klaxons and crimson strobe lights entirely fill SHIELD headquarters with a disorienting symphony of light and sound. One Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, present in the belly of the beast at the time of Rhino's bank robbery, immediately sets to work suiting up in his trademark uniform. Meanwhile, a diligent flock of SHIELD agents cycle through about him, appraising him of the situation unfolding in nearby New York City proper. Once briefed, Rogers wastes no time in retrieving his iconic shield from a SHIELD holding vault just prior to passing into HQ's vehicle bay. The First Avenger fires up the engine of his favorite ride, throttling the chopper out of the huge blast doors that open to permit his passage as he approaches. Steve opens the throttles once out on the open road, barreling towards New York's epicenter.

Drake had no intention to find shenanigans tonight. After the scolding and punishment, as it were, concerning his previous involvement with Dr. Doom, he was pretty sure Xavier wanted him to keep away from danger. And yet, one thing Drake has discovered since moving East, it's that New York is lousy with villain-types. But hey, it's Central Park! Nothing's going to happen here but some dumb ol' muggers who can be easily scared away by a tough-guy routine, right? Drake may not be the most physically imposing guy in the world, but his time on the street has given him that 'edge' that helps in dealing with undesirables.

KA-BLAM. Undesirables with horns and an unyielding urge to run amok might present a problem, however.

The teen, previously just sitting on a bench and minding his own, tuning out the noise of cops doing their thing not far off, is left giving Rhino a deer-in-headlights look. His jaw hangs slack for a few seconds before his mind catches up. Thanks in no small part to the craziness that is New York, Drake's seen enough to mentally cope with this sight in time to react. He hurries to his feet and murmurs a wry, "Fee-fye-foh-fum, what nut-house did /you/ come from?" He moves to the side, gaze lifting just a little to spot one of the rare costumed-crusaders he actually recognizes: "Oh crap, Spider-Man!" But this is revelled in only a moment, as he dives well to the side to clear Rhino's path. Being splattered is not in his agenda tonight.

Spider-man gives the kid on the bench a friendly wave as he swings by and says, "Get to safety citizen, this guy doesn't look like he cares who he smashes tonight." He springs after the Rhino, and webs a tree to take a swinging kick at the back of Rhino's head as he tries to get away with his cash. Police cordon off the whole park fairly quickly and start evacuating people.

Spider-man follows the kick to the back of the head, with a backflip, trying to web the Rhino to the turf, succeeding and then finding that does little good as the Rhino just rips the sod of the park right up.

Rhino is enraged of course. "Spider-man, you fool… get back or I'll kill you!" He snarls as he rips a merry go-round off it's base and hurls it at the webslinger. Spidey dodges by inches, and would go on the offensive, but the wheel carries past him, right into Drake's path. Spidey plants his foot and webs the thing, yanking the web and changing the path of the rolling metal hurtwheel just enough that it whips past Drake, right behind him, and mangles itself against the huge brick wall.

Thanks in no small part to a psuedo partnership with Stark Industries, the Captain's hog is propelled by some force much more advanced than the typical fuel-injected, gasoline engines that you'd find on most bikes. As a result, the Captain arrives in NYC from SHIELD HQ in record time, cutting a patriotic swath through the concrete jungle on his way to the origin of the distress call. To be expected, the Captain faces little in the way of resistance on his way to Central Park from the local authorities. Nearly all of them recognize that iconic color scheme from miles away and wave him through - and the ones that don't get a stiff elbow from their peers and a 'lesson' in law enforcement operating procedures later on.

The Captain arrives at the perimeter of Central Park, slowing his bike to a halt and thrusting the kickstand out with a heel. Steve steps up from the vehicle, smoothly drawing his shield onto his right arm from its mounting bracket on his bike's front fork while surveying the damage that's already been done. "A heavy hitter," the Captain quietly remarks as he runs a gloved finger along the crushed brick nearby. "Well, I am due for a decent workout." The Captain turns back to the city streets, waving the police offers away so that they may establish a blockade further down the road - for their own safety. The Captain draws a deep breath then, and begins to job toward the park's center…

Drake starts to give a cheeky thumbs-up, only crap gets real. A rather large obstacle comes hurtling his way, and Drake does the only sensible thing: he dives onto the grass with a yelp. Fortunately, the wheel was set to clear him anyhow, blasting into that brick wall. Once the realization that he's clear reaches him, the teen shifts onto his knees with a scowl at the hilariously larger, horned man.

There's a tick, an urge to do something. Anyone gifted in empathy could detect that simply by the look in his eye. But he bites back his instinct, recalling what the Professor had insisted. He's already in trouble for doing something along these lines.


Lacking any superhuman strength or agility, Drake lifts to his feet again and finds himself at a loss. Spider-Man can handle this, right? There's no need to throw himself to the proverbial wolves again. Not unless things get out of hand; in which case, screw the rules, lives are more important.

"Don't you worry about me, Spider-Man! Just worry about your safari!"

Peter Parker, on the other hand, is pretty worried, hence, he gets mouthy, "Rhino, you're doin' it all wrong… You give the bank the money and they drain your account with fees… it's modern capitalism!" He is cartwheeling forward, weaving back and forth as he charges the Rhino, and fires a couple of web blasts toward Rhino's face. Rhino blocks those webs, having fought Spider-man before, and jerks his forarms wide, pulling a startled Spider-man forward. Spidey avoids getting impaled on the horn, the horn sliceing open a cut along his ribcage, as Rhino uses Spidey's webbing to spin him around and slam him into the ground right in front of the massive villain. He raises both fists to smash a stunned and wobbling Spider-man.


A commanding and authoritative voice rings out above the din of combat. That projection of command can be followed back to Captain America, standing tall and demanding just before the Rhino, his unshielded arm held out flatly to point a stern and unequivocal finger of reprimand at the super-villain. "Or I make you."

It looks like Spider-Man's attack backfires.


The web-slinger gets yanked in and almost gouged.


Those fists raise. It's clear what's about to happen.


Drake's an eloquent urban youth this evening. With his left hand, he grabs the lapel of his open dress shift to tug up over the bridge of his nose in lieu of a mask. As he does this, Captain America's voice rings out. The newcomer gets a stunned, panicked look. The Captain's willing to give Rhino a chance to stop. But if he doesn't, he could smash Spider-Man. And Spider-Man just finished redirecting a massive, heavy chunk of swirling death.

In the end, the decision is clear. He can't take the risk. He'll take his licks at the mansion later. The free hand reaches towards Rhino, despite being some distance away, with fingers splayed. Tendrils of vibrant blue ionic energy swirls along his outstretched arm, gathering at his palm and lancing forward in a dense bolt of electricity, temporarily filling the surrounding area in a burst of wild light.

The Rhino did pause at the top of his stroke when Cap burst on the scene, and the lighting…that takes him completely by surprise, causing him to clench and spasm and totter.

Below him, Spider-man shakes his head briefly to clear the bell that just got rung and flips backward and to the side, forming a triangle with Drake and Cap around the villain. "Hey, Cap, comprehension is not Rhino's stong, suit, capice'?" He webs himself up some boxing gloves so that he can jump in and pound on the Rhino's head, doding and weaving around the grasping and flailing hands the instant the spark is down. The web gloves are just to make sure he doesn't take any lingering shock.

"Pardon my athlete's foot…" says Spidey as he flips back onto his hands and propels himself feet first into Rhino's face.

The Captain snaps his neck to the side as a blue light winks into existence just at the edge of the periphery of his vision, and he sizes Drake up in a split second with the speed of a battle-tested military mind. The same finger used to scold Rhino quickly finds itself pointed at Drake. "Son, you might want to back down - let the professionals handle this." That settled, the Captain returns his full attention back to the threat at hand, shifting his weight and taking on a fighting stance in preparation of what may come. While Spider-Man leaps back into the fray, Steve gauges how to best assist the webhead. "Remind me to explain to you the concept of NCI when we're done here, Spider-Man…" Oh, the military and their acronyms. With a certain fluidity and grace of motion, the Captain unslings his shield and wheels it at the inside of one of Rhino's legs, specifically the knee, in hopes of bringing the beast down as swiftly as possible.

Fingers clench, and the stream of electricity cuts off. Drake is left standing with one outstretched arm and a tentative look in his eyes. He's fairly certain he did a good thing. But time will tell if the hammer's going to fall on him even more for that. Nevertheless, Spidey seems back into the swing of things, and the Captain's voice registers.

Still keeping his face hidden as best he can with half of his overshirt, Drake turns to the star-spangled superhero. "Happy to!," is his muffled response. "I'll just be over thattaway." The direction is indicated with a jutting of his thumb over his shoulder, followed by a few cautious backsteps. He has no intention of leaving quite yet, though. If things go haywire again, it might be good to have artillery in the wings.

Spider-man replies to Cap's quip as he springs back from the thrashing fists of Rhino, only to re-web the guy's chest in mid vault "Sure, Cap, over some Apple Pie" he says, as he slings himself back at the Rhino at ridiculous speed.

He grabs the Rhino around the neck and tries to twist the behemoth's head off. At least, that's what it looks like he's trying. The Rhino is stronger than the Spider though, and Peter only manages to twist his head a trifle to the left, making Rhino's hips shift, just a bit, making that right ACL of his exposed and vulnerable to the shield of the First Avenger.

Cap's aim is true, it strikes the Rhino just at the right spot to buckle his leg, bringing him to a knee. Spider-man, able to get contact with the ground now, clings to it and leverages the Rhino into a full suplex and slams him into the turf so hard that his nose plants itself a foot and a half into the turf of Central Park. Peter starts spraying web all over the Rhino's head.

"You have the right to remain stupid!" he quips.

The First Avenger's shield ejects into a lazy arc from its impact with the Rhino's leg, just at the right trajectory to see it snatched out of the air by Captain America's hand without him having to move a single step in order to do so. With practiced ease, the iconic weapon finds itself equipped on the Captain's right arm, ready for another powerful toss. Though at present, continued aggression doesn't seem to be a necessity, as the Rhino is now half-buried in Central Park and in the process of becoming entoumed by a vast amount of that tough tendril material - courtesy of Spider-Man. Steve takes a moment to survey the park at large, peering about for something in particular. "Where is the money this criminal removed from the bank?" Steve asks no one in particular as he searches.

Ah, see, that's much better. Drake's fairly certain this threat's been taken care of, given the present circumstance. Before the media starts to pour in, it might be a good idea to take off. The teen glances towards the destroyed wall, easily seeing the swirling red and blue lights of the police just beyond. So he opts to take the long way out, moving at a subtle trot with his gaze affixed firmly on Rhino, Spider-Man, and the Captain. Despite this fact, he manages to avoid tripping or otherwise embarrassing himself on stationary obstacles.

Spider-man nods towards the bags still strapped over the Rhino's torso. He pauses his webbing job to break the straps and toss them to Captain America', first one aiming for the chest with a brief, "Incoming…." followed by the pair of bags in quick succession. "Double!" he adds, and goes back to entombing Rhino in webs. If only he had had time to get some action shots. Maybe he should get some now. He webs with one hand, and snaps a pic of Cap with the recovered millions. "Say Cheese!"

The Captain's lightning-quick reflexes are put on display as he snatches the first bag out of the air with little effort, quickly tossing it over his shoulder to retrieve the second in similar fashion. "Well done, Spider-Man," Captain America offers to the webhead with a small nod of his head in acknowledgement of his ally's efforts. He glances over his shoulder to provide Drake with much the same in the way of recognition, but the young man is already half way across the park. Steve muses audibly, making a mental note to seek that one out in the near future. The Captain ignores Spider-Man's antics with the camera, though it is not because he is attempting to be rude toward Peter. It is simply an unnecessary frivolty. The Captain is the no-nonsense type, after all. With the duffle bags in hand, the First Avenger strides back up toward that huge hole that the Rhino carved in the park's wall. Passing back through the wide breach, Steve sets each bag in turn atop the hood of a nearby police prowler before sitting back down upon his motorcycle. Rogers salutes the officers collecting at the site of the Rhino's entrance, despite their awestruck and dumbfounded expressions, and lifts the bike to throttle it back down New York's crowded streets.

Spidey doesn't stick around long, but will swing into the trees and get more shots of Cap and Rhino and NYPD's finest in action, taking Rhino back into SHIELD custody at the request of the NYPD. NYPD knows that they couldn't hold him, and SHIELD can and will. And then checks his ribs, not torn up too badly, he'd be fine after awhile. He reloads his webshooters and then swings away north, toward Queens and home.

Steve coordinates the work-site partnership between NYPD and SHIELD from the communication suite built into the control column of his bike. Shortly afterward, he radios in to HQ, informing them that he does not intend on returning to base tonight - so don't wait up for him. Instead, he intends on visiting his local haunt - the old gym he used to prowl during his time of leave during WWII. The place closed long ago but has since been purchased by SHIELD for his own personal use. He's going to beat the crap out of some punching bags, work his adrenaline out overnight while putting a plan together to reach out to that young man from the park…

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