2014-08-15 Demon in the Street
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Cara, Terrock, Captain America, Aura
GMed by Cara
Title: Demon in the Street

It's early evening in New York City and you know what that means? Time off away from Xavier's School!

After an awkward at worst night last night, Cara has taken the first opportunity to come down to the city, the place that was her home for a few months before being picked up by the mutant school. The young mutant has a glass ball held in one hand and even does some contact juggling idly with it as she moves it between her fingers. She would seem bubbly even excited if she didn't have her eyes planted forwards seeming a little out of place on the brown-haired woman.

Carrying some grocery bags that seem to have some weight to the, Terrock silently make his way down the street. Folks quickly step out of the way of the giant muscular man who looks out at the world coldy. All the while a tiny monkey, seeming out of place and the oppisit of Terrock chitterer away on the mans shoulder with him giving a nod every now and again

Terrock and Cara are both close enough to witness a single beam of orange and red light erupt from the ground in the middle of the street. Up from the base of the beam a large hand emerges from nowhere and claws at the street, pulling the rest of the creature up from unfathomable depths into this dimension. With a disturbingly toothy smile the thing's head peaks over, well it's maw does, followed by hollow smoldering eye sockets that being immediately searching for a snack. Interdimensional travel makes one a mite peckish.

With her eyes set forwards she doesn't notice the portal appear but she does notice people begin to freak out and sprint towards her and past. Cara pauses as she reaches up with her already full hand to pluck the headphones out of her ears using her index and middle fingers. "Tha hell?" She mouths to herself as her eyes lock onto the demon sprouting forth into this world. Her first instinct would have been to run, but she has a sudden strong sense of morbid curiosity, and moves closer by a few feet and ducks down behind a car but peeks her head over the hood to watch the hellspawn.

Blinks as screams and cries are heard throughout. As the demon makes it way into this world, he quickly ducks into an ally and peeks out watching "By the soul, what is that thing?". The monkey that was on his shirt immediatly goes to hide in the man's blazor pocket. He continues watching, afraid, but not wanting to run away.

The demon choosing a poor place to make an appearance is in the middle of the road and most New Yorkers aren't exactly the slowest drivers. The demon gets a Mercedes plowing into it's leg as a mighty fine greeting. The car merely hits with a glancing blow but is lifted onto two wheels and spins fully over sliding several feet before coming to a stop. The demon seems to care not as a splattering of light orange blood splatters the pavement from the newest wound but it still stands and roars a guttural cry at the citizens stopping in front of it.

Cara screams as the Merc slides past her hiding spot screeching and scratching past. Diving away from the danger but getting closer to the main threat she pauses and tries to catch her breath, no clue how to proceed.

Terrock ears flicker as the screams grow louder to him. The man growls not quite sure to do. He looks around the ally and mutters to himself "Hungry…looking monster thing, cars crashing, but…folks not paying attention…." he spots a dumpster and from the relative safety of the ally picks it up and throws it at the demons head, not quite aiming for any particular spot, except away from any of the people that are near, not knowing that Cara is hiding several feet from the beast

The beast takes a large metal rectangular prism to the face and recoils from the hefty blow. A few of it's outer teeth missing are visible once it rights its posture, it's boney fingers curling in even more rage than prior and beings to strain heavy legs to walk towards the direction the blow came from. Turning its head from side to side, it's gashes on the things mouth are visible as the orange trails slowly roll down its lips.

"No, this isn't happening!" Cara whines out, her hands moving up to her ears to muffle the sounds of horror, the orb slipping from her hand and resting in her lap as she pulls her knees close to her chest to make herself look as small as possible. The ordeal is familiar and quite traumatic for the young mutant.

The part of Terrocks face goes ghost pale as he realizes he just attracted some truely unwanted attention "…crap" unfortanly his massive size dosn't help as he attempts to hide behind a second dumpster looking down to his pocket and saying to the monkey inside "Everything is going to be fine, you'll see". Is not quite sure actualy

Lucky for Terrock and his monkey friend, Demon is distracted by a loudy and apparently tasty treat just next to it's feet. Turning to look down at Cara, the beast licks it's outer teeth with a long tendril of a tongue, its mouth staying open as it breaths in her scent with a gluttonous lust. Its clawed hands starting to stretch out for the young mutant.

With her hands over her ears and her eyes slammed shut with only tears escaping, Cara has no idea how close the monstrosity is to taking her by the arm and having a meal before setting off to gather more resources for its demon brother and sisters.

Terrock peeks back from his hiding spot, and fianly take notice of Cara . His eyes widen "Sparks hide somewhere else now!". The young monkey leaps from the pocket and dashes off to unknown places. With a furious roar he charges at the demon and tackles it with his full force of strength, instinct taking over. He wishes as he does this, that he had his axes

Demon reals back as it's tackled and grabs onto anything it can out of instinct. Mainly it's the car that Cara was hiding behind, yanked from it's parking spot the girl is suddenly exposed as most of the citizens have ran away entirely or vacated to a 'safe' distance. "That's quite the strength you've got." The beast speaks to Terrock with a nasty snarl afterwards.

Cara takes a moment to realize that she's out in the open now and turns around standing on her feet the ball in her lap sliding to the ground and starts to roll away. "I-i" She mutters to herself watching Terrock stand up and save her, "I can help." She whispers to herself and that's about all.

And just at that moment, a hand gloved in reddish leather rests reassuringly upon Cara's shoulder. "No need for that, citizen. Get to safety. I'll hand this… creature." Captain America smiles down at Cara before stepping in front of the young mutant, pulling his iconic shield up from his backside and sliding it over his right forearm to serve as a protective bulwark until she can flee. The First Avenger glances over his shoulder, to make sure that Cara is at least behind him, if not already safely tucked away in a nearby alley way. The Captain returns his attention to the abomination at hand, narrowing his eyes as he focuses on the task now at hand. The Captain takes a deep breath before sprinting off to chase after Terrock and the demon.

She decided to come back into town a few times a week now that she's healed and mobile enough to make it a fast trip. This time she's gone to the area where she heard that Loki did a frost giant rampage and is keeping an eye on the surrounding blocks in case anyone decides to take advantage of the aftermath. Aura keeps the glow of the mist that surrounds her down to less than that of the streetlights below her as she travels the rooftop road, keeping an eye out for trouble.

That trouble makes itself known as she spots first Terrock tackling a demon and then Captain America's arrival. Aura lets out a breath, sends her aura (disguised as a thick luminescent blue mist) down to the street to form a slide to get herself down to the street as well, coming from the side opposite the Captain with the battling bulwarks in between them. When she gets an opening, she sends a combo platter at the demon:

Part the first: Bindings of glowing blue mist that form around the demon and solidify to the strength of strong canvas.
Part the second: A tightly controlled laser blast from her hand aimed at the demon's head.

Just before the blast, she shouts out a warning. "Orc, pull back!"

his ears flicker hearing a familiar voice and his age old nicknamed. But with no time to respond with the danger at hand he dives to the side trying to avoid the brunt of the attack being fired. He was not much of a talker when fighting his hands balled into fists as he does so

The Demon is assaulted heavily this time but he is a proud demon, not the lowest on the food chain but not high enough to be able to truly defend himself or take the offensive. The large hellspawn raises a sharp clawed hand to rake across the face of Terrock. When a large solid mist attack binds the creature with a howl, the demon struggles against the attack, its natural strength enough to rend its limbs free. In it's struggling it shifts about too and fro taking a laser to the forefront of its massive maw, severing part of its chin from the rest of its mouth, tongue dripping out covered in the beast's orange blood.

"I-i can help." Cara whispers once more, this time loud enough to be heard by the Captain but she doesn't seem to retreat as the soldier orders, but she does bend down to pluck up her clear glass sphere and hold it to her chest. Definitely not a good sign for a girl her age to be stuck motionless with fear.

Steve plants his feet and slides along the pavement as he reaches the proximity of Terrock's tussle with the demon, and he struggles to find an opening in all the thrashing to knock the beast away with his indestructible shield. A voice reaches the Captain's ear from behind, catching his attention. Steve quickly snaps a glance over his shoulder again, frowning as he sees the young woman still crouched in the middle of the street. Steve looks back at the demon embroiled in conflict, who now must contend with a third combatant. As a witness to Ember's assault, the Captain takes the opportunity of numbers to sprint back to Cara, smoothly returning his shield to the mounting bracket on his backside just prior to scooping her up in his arms and carrying her out of harm's way.

Aura makes the strategic decision to drop the misdirection of the 'mists' illusion, running out of them as they vanish. Now instead of an obscurred figure behind blue mist she's a figure that has shown up at a few scenes around the city in recent weeks: A small female figure in a black hooded bodysuit with white glowing 'tron-like' panels and a blank white nothingness concealing her face.

She tips a quick salute to Terrock as she positions herself behind the demon. The Captain is getting a civilian out of the combat zone, so she repeats what had a solid effect on the demon before. The aura around her body flares and extends out towards the demon in multiple tendrils, each of which will try to constrict a limb. And in their wake is not one but five laser strikes in a rapid-fire pulse aimed at the demon's torso. Maybe a quick killshot will be the result, maybe not. All depends on how tough the thing is.

Terrock backs up as more Laser bolts are unleashed. As the beams make there way, so does he, he leaps trying to get on the demons back. Unfortanly he is both head strong and reckless, let alone inexperinced.

The Demon is gathered up in the tendrils rather easily, though he does struggle with all the might the already injured beast can muster. His arms tense and pull and his legs thrash about wildly, even his mouth widens to give the masked figure a roar with deafening volume. "Release me!" The spawn demands, but does little more than squirm causing a few of the lasers to miss by inches will the rest lance through the creature barely missing the most vital areas, meaning the beast lives still.

Cara gasps harshly as she's picked up by the red white and blue warrior, her mind spinning, and she starts to push against him but her non-enhanced strength is shadowed by the Captains science given muscles. "Let me go!" She demands in a tantrum of fear and rage. The glass orb in one hand morphs into an exaggerated cude with extended corners looking like a sharp representation of her mind-state.

Steve does just as Cara demands - when he's gotten her to safety, of course. Coming to a stop about twenty feet into a nearby alley way, the Captain gently sets Cara down to the ground. Instead of rushing back out into the street to battle the demon, Steve remains crouched there, taking a moment to gauge the mental health of his charge. "Are you okay?" Steve asks, looking down at the sharpened cube held in her hands with concern.

Aura reforms new tendrils as old ones are broken, doing her best to keep the demon off balance and easier to hit. Her voice, altered by the layers of solid illusion to mask herself further rings out to Orc. "Try to hit him in the neck or gut to get him down! Double-fist it!"

The lasers that missed don't get very far after being dodged by the demon. While Aura is calling out tactics to Orc, all three shots that missed curve out and around back towards the demon like missiles reacquiring their target. No new shots are fired to join them, but if any of them miss again, they are again guided back around until all shots have hit the demon to whatever end.

Terrock climbs along the demons back towards the demons neck. Hearing the Captain, Aura and Cara with his enhanced sense, his mind reels with fear, anger and downright confusion. He begins slamming his fists into the creatures neck and head with all his strength as if he was in a berzerkers rage letting out a loud roar

The demon is able to do very little in its current state, and is quickly and decisively dispatched by Terrock's mighty fists and Aura's unreal lasers piercing organs and adding more holes in its chest cavity to allow it to bleed out. The beast howls in pain, thrashing back and forth trying to survive but ultimately aiding it speeding up its finale.

Cara stays right where Steve put her, the cube in her hand slowly looses it's points as she finally looks up to meet Steve's eyes her fear catching in her throat and forcing her to take a breath. "I-I'm so scared." She whispers, the edges begin to blur on the glass in her hand to return to a perfect sphere. "Go." She says swallowing her fear, "I'm okay." Cara notes feeling calm suddenly knowing he's here to help.

Wary of cubes (and for good reason), Steve's tense nature slackens some as the shape in Cara's hands reverts back to a spheroid. The Captain extends both hands to each of Cara's shoulders, holding her there with the firmness of security while dipping his head to keep his eyes locked on her her own. "Okay. Stay here, stay safe. I'll be right back. Promise." Steve offers the young woman a grin before he stands back up, turning to speed back out onto the street while drawing his shield again onto his forearm. Captain America plants a heavy foot on the hood of a car as he approaches the battleground, leaping up into the air and taking a full account at the fight at hand. The First Avenger wastes little time in whipping his torso around like a top, using the created torque to launch his emblematic disc at the demon's exposed neck.

Aura reacts to the demon's weakening and Terrock's attacks against it by stopping her laser attacks and strengthening the lightform tendrils to keep it from retaliating against Terrock. No point in letting the big guy take any more damage than he might have already.

And to help in that regard, as soon as she sees the Captain return to the fight and wind up for the shield toss she's doing a bit to help both Captain America's attack and Terrock's defense. Just as the shield is tossed at the demon, she releases all of the tendrils holding the demon. Hopefully this will cause it to straighten up and expose itself more to the shield's cutting edge.

Then she tightens her aura between the demon and Terrock and pulls backwards with a quick, "I've got you, Big Guy. Let it go!" If she can get a solid barrier between the two, this should pull Terrock back off of the demon and allow her to do the third part of her action, which is to turn the aura's edge just behind the demon into a wall of the strongest crystal she can create. This should give the shield a surface to reflect from or stick into. Either way, it won't be good for the demon.

Terrock releases the thrashing demon shouting out "I'll see you in hell!". Being pulled back by Aura he lands rather roughly it seems. Lucky for him, he is very durable, but seems dazed none the less as he watches the Captain shield fly by, and Aura's crystal wall form.

The demon falls face down onto the concrete and begins to burble its last few death groans and sighs. The flesh of the being begins to boil and smoke as it dissolves into nothingness, it's flesh unable to exist long in this dimension without a spirit. The battle is over.

Still sitting where the soldier left her, Cara has moved only slightly with her legs pulled close into her body and the sphere in her hand perfectly round but she has a million yard stare as she relives the day her parents were killed and her mutation manifested, she's silent and oblivious to the world around her. She waits like she was told, as if she were some twelve year old child, waiting for her parent to unground her, not the young woman she really is.

As the demon falls to the ground, the Captain's shield sails over the creature's head to embed itself into Aura's crystal wall with little fanfare. Captain America slows to a stop as he watches the thing dissolve before him, and he can't help but frown at the disgusting nature of it all. As the hellspawn boils out into nothing on the street, Steve surveys his allies, looking Terrock and Aura both over with an evaluating eye before approaching that magic frame she had erected a moment ago. With a vertical leap the kind that some professional athletes would kill over, Steve snatches his shield away from its temporary resting place, shifting it back to cover his broad shoulders once more when he lands. "Any idea where that thing came from? Or more importantly - why?" the Captain quizzes those present.

Aura rushes forward as Terrock falls back, shrinking the space her aura is spread across and thus making it stronger. Y'know… in case the demon is one of those explody ones from TV. But it's not, so there's that. As it dissolves, she gives Terrock a quick pat on the shoulder. "You alright?" She drops her voice down to a whisper she knows he can hear and asks, "Do you want me to give you a quick makeover like I do for myself?" If he says yes, she'll whip up a quick illusion for him that doesn't do much beyond mask his thick hair and tusks enough to conceal the visible signs of mutation.

As the Captain reaches to retrieve his shield from the crystal, Aura dissolves it back into the light it was built from. The brightness that flares outward from this flows around and is absorbed back into her aura. She shakes her head at the question, "No idea. I came into it about the same time you did, Captain."

Terrock nods at Aura, and does nothing short of downright ignore the Captain, he has a more important subject on his mind. He stands up and calls out "Sparks!", his constant companion no where to be seen yet. After a moment his ears flicker, he seem worried, but none the less he looks to the Captain answer with a simple and gutteral "Hell"

Steve offers Aura a slight nod as she approaches, providing him with her understanding of the situation. The Captain briefly gives Terrock an unbelieving look before slowly turning away from them both to survey the battlefield for clues that may lead them to discover the beast's motives or true master. "There's been a lot of activity here as of late… I doubt these events are merely coincidental."

Aura stands up as if she'd taken an electric shock when Terrock starts calling out for his tiny friend. "Wait, Sparks is missing?" She looks around quickly, not exactly ignoring the Captain so much as wanting to help her new friend find his tiny friend. With a quiet breath she causes every light source along the street to increase to more than double their normal brightness, banishing shadows and making small things easier to spot.

She looks over to the Captain as he comments on the recent events. "Except that this one didn't have anything to do with Loki as far as I can tell."

Terrock after a moment of scanning more with the brighter lights, he carefully makes his way over to the turned over Mercades that had cross over the creature and landed a bit aways. There he picks up a shaking, scared, but none the less unharmed pygmy marmoset. He gently perches it on his shoulder listening to it frantic chatter with an occsional nod. He then turns to the Captain and speaks gruffly, still shaken by the events "What activity are you talking about exactly?". He strokes Sparks head to calm him down

Steve pauses i mid-thought, "…Sparks? Oh." The Captain stops himself after seeing the marmoset perch itself atop Terrock. He looks back to Aura briefly before resuming, answering Terrock's question first. "An Asgardian had an episode here not long ago. And now… this… /demon/?"

Terrock blinks several times and glances to Aura and then back to Steve "An Asgardian?". Sparks chitters some to Terrock and replies back to it "Yes I know I know. Move to a new town and suddenly we are fighting demons, and are apprently are visted by Norse Gods, excuse me for trying to make a living" shake his head ignore the little mammal befor looking back to Captain "To be honest. My bet is that someone is messing with Magic that shouldn't have been touched"

"Yes. Sparks. He's a friend." Aura reaches up to give the tiny fuzzball a quick one-finger headscratch, opening a gap in the blank nothingness in her hood so the critter can see her face while she does. When she looks back to the Captain, the blankness is restored. "I've heard rumors of other demonic attacks around the area, stretching back a few months now." She chuckles softly at Terrock's reaction to the mention of Asgardians. "See? Told you so." She doesn't seem phased that Terrock is conversing with the marmoset on his shoulder and comments to the Captain. "I've had some contact with Loki the past few weeks. He'd been teaching me some tricks in our shared skillset. But I have no idea what was behind this demon or anything about magic, really."

Steve nods with finality, the gears upstairs working feverishly. "Something to investigate, then…" The Captain then extends his hand to shake both Aura and Terrock's hands in succession. "I appreciate your assistance in taking that creature down. I hope this is the last time we'll have to do this, but something tells me I will be disappointed…" Captain America then salutes the pair before turning on his heel to return to where he left Cara earlier.

Terrock shakes the hand formaly frowning at the Captains words, he didn't like the sound of that. He then looks around his ears flickering as he says sidelong to Aura "Well…I can defintly say Cops on on their way"

Aura shakes the Captain's hand, managing to supress her fangirl squeel as she does so. "If you can catch Loki sober, he might have some information." She nods in agreement with the hope of avoiding future combat, then returns the salute as the Captain heads away.

Terrock's announcement of the approach of cops gets a quick sigh and another nod. "Alright, then. Let's head down this alley and out the other side will emerge a very anonymous pair of folk who look nothing like anyone who was in a fight just now." She slips her arm around Terrock's elbow and makes a sweeping gesture with her free hand towards the alley. "Shall we away?"

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