2014-08-20 The Death of Balder
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Players: Balder, Loki
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: The Death of Balder

It is a bright, clear morning in Asgard. The city is bathed in golden light, making the statues and other massive structures gleam. Warriors are up bright and early, off to their positions to protect the realm from threats such as Trolls, Rock Giants or even stray rampaging bilgesnipe.

The princes of Asgard are not excluded from training their physical skills. They are required to keep up with swordsmanship and other weapons, even though each of them prefers to use their own in battle. In the training area, Loki is in his practice gear, swirling around with his daggers against a practice dummy. His movements are swift and accurate, though occasionally he oversteps himself and misses his mark. Nearby is a wooden table with some other weapons upon it, monitored by a guard. Loki is waiting for his adoptive brother Balder, his assigned sparring partner for the day.

Strolling up a little late is one of the true sons of Odin and Frigga, Balder was a rather smug look on his face as he walks into the practice yard. He raises a hand to keep the guard at bay, even as he walks over towards the weapons table to pick up a practice saber. "How goes it brother?" Balder asks towards Loki even as he looks at his own reflection in the blade.

Loki walks over to the table and sets his ornate curved daggers down and picks up a one handed sword. He regards Balder with a bit of scrutiny, but nods cordially. "I am well, thank you, brother. It appears that we have been assigned to train together today."

The guard holds up a hand. "Excuse me, my prince, but I would recommend you utilize this sword instead. I believe the hilt of that one is not set properly."

Setting the blade down with a shrug, Loki takes the other one from the guard and looks it over. "Well then. I suppose I am ready!"

Rubbing his thumb against the sharp of the blade, satisfied it's blunt enough for the exorcises, Balder moves to the other end of the training area and waits for Loki to have his blade prepared for him. The odin sons square off before the guard and Balder lifts his blade in an offensive stance. The tip pointed towards Loki and a single foot held forward as he waits for the moment to go. "I hope you are prepared sufficiently, I'm not going to hold back Loki." The name rolls off his tongue as though it leaves a sour flavor.

With a slight roll of his eyes, Loki steps back and twirls his sword, aiming the tip toward Balder from a safe distance for a moment. "Nor am I, brother." He says with a devious smirk and takes on a stance. "No magic, just good old-fashioned swordsmanship. I believe you will be surprised at my skill with a blade."

With a smile that fades into a growl as Balder speaks, "We shall see." fades into a guttural roar as he lunges forwards towards the trickster. The point is jabbed to where Loki's heart would be unless the black haired god parries or dodges the initial attack.

Loki inwardly gulps when Balder comes toward him. It takes all his effort to keep himself from using his magic to instinctively teleport out of the way, but he manages and brings his sword up to knock it away from his heart. He uses his slighter frame to turn to the side and bring his sword in a sweeping motion toward Balder's side.

Using the momentum of Loki's parry, Balder drops his arm down, lowering the blade to catch the counter from the trickster's blade. Stepping in and trying to use his sword clenched fist to punch Loki in the ribs as his own counter. The Protector grins viciously as he keeps the pressure on his brother, reveling in the emotions coursing through his head.

The smaller Asgardian grunts when Balder's fist hits him in the ribs, sending him stumbling to the side and falling to the ground. "Unfh.." he groans, clamping his eyes shut for a moment. But, he is on his feet in a flash, coming at Balder swinging. "I suppose you think you are clever." He growls. "Come on, I thought you said you weren't going to hold back."

Balder's smile doesn't fade for a moment but he does drop back a half step and raises his blade into a defensive stance to allow Loki to rush him. The fated son turns towards his back during the rush hoping to pull Loki off balance and lift his knee into the god's abdomen. "I have to toy with you a little!" Balder grunts.

Loki knows in the back of his mind this is supposed to be a friendly sparring match, but when Balder seems to be teasing him, his anger just begins to boil to the surface. He doubles over automatically when kneed in the abdomen, especially after those wounds he took from Wolverine. He finds himself on the ground, curling up, sword still in hand. He is in a great deal of pain, but he can ham it up a bit to get Balder closer. He said he wouldn't use magic, he never said he wouldn't use trickery.

"What's the matter, BROTHER?!" Balder begins as he looks down to Loki, his hands bouncing the blade from one hand to the other. "I can claim to understand Thor's favoritism, but for you to be held in a higher regard than ME! It's preposterous. It's INSULTING!" The invulnerable shouts, the guard having long since left. Or at least turned his back. Balder raises his blade as he approaches Loki, "No longer." the god whispers to himself.

Looking up at Balder with real pain in his eyes, Loki squints at him. "What? Me held in higher regard? You are wrong, brother. You have no reason to resent ME…I am nothing more than a pawn in Odin's game against Jotunheim. You are the golden one, he who can do no wrong. Why would they prize one such as I over one of their own?" Loki is known as Silvertongue, afterall. Might as well butter Balder up.

"I will not tolerate any more of your lies brother." Balder says as he rears his food back and brings it forwards to give Loki a swift kick in his ribs. "You are the one they CHOSE to love, I am the one Odin tried to have killed!"

Loki groans, curling around his midsection, eyes clamped shut. "Chose to love? I don't understand, brother. You are Balder the Brave…we have fought together. Do you not remember that? I only live because they can use me. Odin said so himself. You are an heir to the throne. I am just a pet."

"Tool or not Frigga adores you!" Balder says, stepping away from Loki and moving back towards the point where he started off from. "Get up and come at me. Brother." The word is practically spat out towards the trickster.

His body begs him to stay still, but his ego demands he rise. With a great effort and a bit of grunting, Loki gets to his feet, a hand going under his arm to his ribs, coming back with a bit of blood from opening the claw wounds. He wipes it off on his thigh and takes an offensive stance with his sword. "Do not bring mother into this!" He growls and comes at him, preparing to feign a swipe to the left, then quickly swipe toward his right side.

Balder steps forward to meet Loki's attack, his sword going to his right to block the attack but his eyes widen as the move was a feint, something he should have seen the trickster plan. But he didn't. His guard is solid, but open for the attack to his left.

Loki's boot comes up quickly to try and kick Balder in the stomach and knock him down, then aim his sword down at his neck, the tip inches from his skin, but unbeknownst to Loki, there is a splinter of Mistletoe on the tip, protuding just a bit further than the point, enough to pierce Balder's skin.

Balder doubles over and lands down on his knee, looking up to Loki for once. His eyes peer at the frostgiant, but his hand snaps out and grabs the blade as if to keep control on the battle, pushing against it trying to wrench it from Loki's grasp.

Loki watches him in concern, lowering his weapon. "Balder?" He didn't actually stab him, and he is fairly certain he didn't have injuries before they started. "Brother, are you all right?" He allows Balder to take the blade, looking down at him.

Moving the tip of the blade to look at it closely, "What did you do?!" He asks, looking up to Loki, a rage unseen before this moment. The blade is cast aside as Balder tries to stand but he has trouble doing even that. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?"

Loki steps back, mouth agape and eyes wide. "I-I-I don't know! What DID I do??!" He reaches out to try and support Balder. "What is wrong? I didn't stab you! I didn't! If this is some sort of trick you are doing a very poor job!"

Balder slaps Loki's hand away, his face changing from pain to that wicked grin again, "You've done it now." Followed by a weak laugh. "You've started the end, brother."

"No…No…NO! NOOO!" Loki covers his face with his hands, then reaches out for Balder. "We'll get you to the healing room. They can save you if we act quickly! Come on, take my hand and I'll teleport us there. Come ON!"
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Balder simply lowers his hand to try and stay on his own feet "It's too late for that Loki." He's sweating figurative bolts, "I don't have time left to hear you try and talk you way out of this. Go, prepare yourself for the final days."

"No, no. Why would you just resign to the end of the world? This isn't supposed to happen…I tried so hard to prevent it! Why would you just give into it??"

"Because I'm dead either way, and you don't get what you want. That's why Loki. That's why, frost giant." Balder says, his bitter tone fading as he simply resigns himself to his fate.

Loki lets Balder drop and backs away, eyes as wide as saucers. He looks around, still walking backwards, then turns around to run, disappearing in a cloud of black and green smoke. He's going to have to consult someone about this, and hide out. Someone will find Balder's body and figure out what happened. Until then, he needs some time to think.

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