2014-08-23 Dimension breech in East Harlem
This is filed in the team records. Accessible to New Mutants and X-Men members.
At approximately sunset, a seemingly random dimensional breech occurred in East Harlem. The breech was heralded by an altered sky and some slight but noticeable audio harmonics. A pack of five Jotun (frost giants of Jotunheim) entered through the breech and began attacking bystanders. I responded to the altered sky and was in time to divert the Jotun's attacks along with a friendly local mutant. Some substantial damage was done to the local city structures but civilian casualties were nil.
The Jotun seem to be sensitive to heightened light levels and focused heat will cause them to shrink and eventually cook. Their attributes are excessive strength and hardiness along with the ability to project extreme cold with their breath and to create solid objects of ice (weapons and shields) from their bodies.
Reported by Aura on 2014-08-23
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