2014-08-23 East Harlem Ice Age
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Aura Terrock Jotun (NPC)
GMed by Lore
Title: East Harlem Ice Age

It is an August evening around 7pm, yet the sky is an eerie shade of orange. Slight wiggles of energy (ooc: think the sky in Angmar) disrupt the otherwise solid color, and a strange sound begins to stir up activity in East Harlem. It increases in intensity between two buildings, and a jagged fissure begins to open, spilling frigid air and snow into the summer evening. As the fissure grows, another world is visible, one that is dim, covered in ice and snow. Stepping through are five large Jotuns, carrying weapons made of ice.

Terrock was trying to take a quiet stroll though town with his constant companion Sparks, a tiny monkey, on his shoulder. He had looked up noticing the odd sky and feeling the stranger energy. Both him and Sparks grew increasingly irritated by the odd sound. Despite the unsual cold, Terrock himself dosn't seem to notice, though the small monkey seeks warmth within his jacket. And then he sees the Jotuns "….By the maker". He has a bad feeling about this.

Without quite understanding the why of it, Ember has been exceptionally restless the last day or so. She hasn't exactly gone back on her word to Drake that she'd approach Dr. McCoy about her terminal condition, she's just had the strong urge to be in motion. Almost a sense of needing to run from something undefined in the corner of her eyes (an odd sensation for someone with no 'peripheral' vision).

This motion without direction has brought her to the general area when the nature of the skies seems to galvanize something from the same place within as the restlessness. She starts running towards the center of the disturbance, arriving shortly after the last Jotun steps through the rift.

The Jotuns stand looking around this strange new environment, then to each other. As the strangers approach, they immediately launch into action, the first taking a swing at Terrock with a great hammer made of ice. The second stomps at Ember, attempting to knock her off her feet or at least scare her off. The others begin icing over the general vicinity with their breath, causing the air to become bitter cold.

Terrock may be strong, but he is not a person of speed or agility yet. And with a audible thump, he gets a hammer to the chest, and his back mashed agaist the wall. He slides down looking pained, but amazingly intact due to his how resistant he is to sheer force. He staggers to his feet somewhat dazed wondering what hit him not quiet registering what just happened

Ember manages to barely jumpstep to one side far enough to avoid ending up under the Jotun's stomping foot, but even her dancer's reflexes aren't quite enough to keep her upright. Splayed on the ground in a very unhappy place between a frost giant's legs, she buys herself a bit of time by using a trick she picked up from Loki and has used to good effect since: 'splitting' herself into a half-dozen illusionary copies plus herself. One of the copies remains sprawled on the ground and the others, the real her included, roll to their feet and scatter in all directions trying to lose themselves in the cold mists raised by the other Jotun's breath.

A blink later and Ember has brought up her 'Aura' persona and appearance, except different. Instead of a black hooded bodysuit with white lit panels and face-concealing glow, the bodysuit is a deep forest green and the light panels and masking glow the golden sheen of Asgardian alloys. Firing without putting much power into the shots, she sends a volley of lasers towards the Jotuns from each of her running illusions. Too many targets hopefully means too little coordination from the invaders.

A deep growl comes from one of the frost giants as he glares a Ember.

"Grrrrr….Asgardian trickery."

Three of the Jotuns are trying to figure out how to get rid of Ember, bringing up ice shields, though one of them is too slow and falls to the ground with a thunderous crash. The other two reach down for Terrock, trying to grab him. They aren't sure what to do with him, but they'll think of something evil.

Terrock shake his head becomming aware. Unfortanly for him, and possibly for them, he is not one for running. Terrock dosn't know how strong they are, but he knows how strong he is, and tries, most likely in vain to punch the incomming hands away.

With a growl almost as deep as the Jotuns he snarls "Get the hell away from me!"

Aura isn't aware of the differences in her appearance; looking at herself is something she tends to avoid in general and there are more important things right now. Like the two Jotuns still up that would like to turn her into an ice pancake (mmm… pancakes). She uses the cold mist as a screen again, altering her aura to look like it for the real her to hide behind while the six illusionary versions of her she sends one-by-one 'jumping' into the air at the Jotun closest to the real her. As the illusions jump, she gives them a speed-increasing 'flick' with her aura and making them more solid as they accelerate. Good ol' 'mass times velocity' should give them a good bit of impact should they hit. Right after hitting (or missing) each illusion vansihes in a bright flash.

In the meantime, the real Aura is trying to think of how to fight five of these things without ending up in multiple casts again.

The Jotun grins wickedly as Terrock tries to knock his hands away and decides to toy with him a bit, batting with his massive hands to try and bat him back and forth. The one Ember attacks roars, spraying ice in all directions. That's two down, three to go. Snarling, one of the two not on Terrock widens his stance, creating an ice sword attached to his arm. "You reek of Asgardian, but you are mortal. Before you die, explain how this is so."

Terrock blinks as he realizes these giants are far stronger then he is. By now the cold has formed frost on his beard, and some on his clothes. He shields himself and the pocket where Sparks is as best he can. He is knocked back and forth in the giants grip like some rag doll, a feeling he has never had befor. Brute force was not going to get him out of this one.

As he is being batted, and fairly badly as it stands, he notices one of Auras Illusion shatter. He dosn't like asking for help, never needed it. But…he will make an exception "Aura! A little help over here!!!"

The question from the Jotun catches Aura off guard a tad. She shrugs as she starts sending random sprays of crystaline shrapnel up at the frost giant coming at her with the ice sword. "What? Did their healing magic make me smell or something?" She hears Terrock's call for help and only now notices the big guy is even here. "Crap! Keep your various extremities pulled in at all times!"

The need for this is from the 10-foot pinwheel of sharp-edged light that she forms next to her and sets to spinning as fast as she can manage in a few seconds. As she runs /toward/ the frost giant with the sword (to hopefully avoid its coming attack), she uses her aura to 'throw' the pinwheel like she did her illusions earlier. Except this time she forms it into the hardest crystal she can forge as she directs it towards the arms of the Jotun attacking Terrock like a flying sawblade.

It is fortunate that these are not elite frost giants. "ANSWER ME!" He roars, trying to block the pinwheel, his sword cracking. The one playing with Terrock decides to create a mallet from ice on his left arm, using his right to try and keep Terrock in one place as he threatens to bring down the arm. The odds are a bit more even now, two against two.

Terrock can't help but be thankful that pinwheel was blocker. But he also looks up at the hammer threatning to come down "….crap". He jumps back agaist the giants hand just barely managing to avoid the hammer all togeather. Terrock is large, and does not work well in such tight places, out sized, out muscled, and confined, the young looking mutant dosn't even know what to do! And his face showed it, as he was far more scarred right now, then when he was fighting the demon, his eyes wide.

Aura knows better than to try and control or redirect the sawblade. "Terrock, shut your eyes and roll forward!" Warning given, she releases all of the light it contained in the sawblade in a burst that turns the area around the battle to noontime brightness and even manages to block out the sickening orange of the sky for a brief moment. As she runs towards Terrock she does two things with the released light.

First she turns the light around the last two Jotun's heads into a solid covering that's rubbery, elastic, and thick. She has no idea if these things need to breathe, and it wouldn't take much for them to rip or tear the 'bags' off but it's something to keep them from smashing her and Terrock with ice hammers and the like.

Secondly she starts condenscing the light into laser 'stinger shots' to pepper the Jotuns as well. Maybe she'll get another lucky shot like she did on the first one.

No lucky shot this time, but the blinding light does cause them to pause, shielding their eyes automatically. Jotunheim had been plunged into darkness a millenia ago, so bright light is something they cannot tolerate. That, and heat. They both flail blindly, trying to smoosh Terrock and pierce Ember with shards of ice. The sticky stuffo n their heads poses a momentary setback, but they come back swinging with a vengeance.

Terrock closes his eyes as he rolls forward just missing the flailing giants. Noticing how they are reacting to light, an idea sparks in his mind as he tries to deftly avoid the giants swinging and smashing. "Aura, turn up the light, and I mean BRIGHT. Bright as you can make it!" He pants as he contines trying to dodge the incomming hammers and swords, at this point working up a sweat despite the cold. "And make it quick!!"

Aura is barely noticing the cold, even as it starts to bring the local temperature into the sub-zero range. Her aura and the solid lightform of her bodysuit give her some insulation. Plus she's from the midwest, where conditions like this are no more than another day walking to school in January. She starts to put all of her attention into dodging the incoming giant attacks, then nods as Terrock provides a strategy. "On it. I'll need time to focus, so here's a present to use while I work… hope you know which end goes where!"

The light near Terrock collapses into itself like when she formed the pinwheel sawblade. But this time what forms is a rough crystal battleaxe (an exact duplicate of the one from the movie she watched a couple days ago: Kull the Conqueror).

Leaving Terrock to use that or not as he chooses, Aura ducks around the corner of a building and starts to put every remaining ounce of her focus into gathering the light from all around, even outside the immediate neighborhood, and drawing it into the space where the frost giants are at. As the light flows here from everywhere else, the light levels start to drop drastically in surrounding areas while increasing here. Outside observers can see the change as the light moving like water into a whirlpool.

The brightness makes it difficult for the Jotuns to see, but it doesn't do damage to them. Heat will, however. One of the giants rears back and prepares to breathe ice toward Terrock, which would turn him into a frozen statue, so stopping him is probably a good idea. The second one is busy with whatever Ember is doing, trying to grab her.

Terrock takes the axe made of crystalized light (i think) Aura has made earlier in his hand and gets moving. A look of determination crosses the mans face. The axe is one thing he does know how to fight with and fight with it he will. He runs towards the Jotune preparing to breath ice on him and slams the axe down with all his might towards the giants toes in an attempt to sever themand hopefully throw him off gage.

Pulling something like the light vortex is at odds both extremely physically tiring to Aura and at the same time invigorating as it brings to her metaphorical fingertips the very thing she needs to amp things up way past eleven! The towering vortex remains in place, continuing to draw light in from as far away as Central Park and Ellis Island like a tornado brighter than the noontime sun. She knows basically what she needs to do with this bounty of energy, but first she has to make certain she doesn't end up as Jotun toe-jam!

When the giant coming for her gets close enough to attempt the grab, she makes a run straight at him and between his legs. It's really not a great place to be, but she doens't plan on being there long. These things thrive in the cold so it stands to reason that heat isn't their friend. So she starts turning the vortex's broad funnel into something more focused, more narrow. More akin to a superlaser. This isn't something she can do while in motion, so she's going to have to take a gamble that she can get a shot off at the Jotun trying to kill her before it actually… kills her.

The giant emits a pained roar as the heat strikes it, causing it to shrink in size by several feet. It is almost the size of a man, now. The one Terrock strikes also roars as his toenail cracks. He stumbles back, bumping into a frozen hot dog cart, shattering it as he thunders into the ground, which gives way under Ember's attack. Fortunately, the platform was empty and no trains were in the tunnel at the time, but the rock, ice, and snow all pour through the chasm left in the middle of the street.

"Ha! Now were getting somewhere!". Terrock blinks as he sees one of the giants shrink and he grunts in approval "Keep it up AUra, we got them on the ropes!"

He waste no time in taking advantage of the now shruken giant. He hopes his aim is true as sends the axe hurling towards the smallish giants back, the axe seems to whistle as it flies throw the air, but with such bright light, it hard to tell where he throw it completly.

It takes a moment for Aura to register anything other than the fact that she just destroyed a length of New York City street. Seeing the road collapse and the larger giant fall down into the subway catches her completely off guard. It's a very good thing that the Jotun that was trying to kill her is now person-sized and being picked up tag-team style by Terrock.

The break in her concentration returns the powerful laser back into just the bright vortex it was previously, but now that she's seen what kind of effect it has she has a better way of approaching the last Jotun down in the subway tunnel. She stretches her arms out in front of her to describe a partial circle. Inside this circle she alters the way that light flows so that it becomes more focused than normal but not so much that it becomes a laser. Instead, it's like sunlight through a magnifying glass with the fallen Jotun playing the role of the insect at a cruel child's mercy. Once she's got her focus right, and the heat is playing across the last giant's body, she'll keep it up until there's no more visible effect or until it's visibly dead.

Terrock's giant roars, the blood red eyes seeming to dim as he slumps over, vanquished. The other one shouts as Ember begins to go sociopath on him, squirming and writing, water streaming from his body with a hiss as he begins to shrink as well. "You haven't seen the last of Laufey's forces. We will be avenged! Aarrrrrrgh!"

Terrock pants seeming grateful that the giants are dead. He looks about as all the ice and snow begin to melt away. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a somewhat shivering Marmoset. He set it on his shoulder and it quickly curls up next to his neck for extra warmth. He calls out to Aura "I think their dead! Lay off the light show!"

"Alright, but we need to see if we can figure out how they got here and if more are coming." Aura folds over with her hands on her knees as she stops baking the last frost giant, breathing just as heavily as Terrock and now starting to shiver as adrenaline is replaced by cold. Slowly and carefully she releases her hold on the light forming the vortex, allowing it to return to its natural state without causing a citywide flash-flare. She's accidentally endangered enough people this evening, thank you very much.

With her breath back a bit she starts towards the alleyway the Jotun first came out of, seeing if there's any hint of their point-of-entry remaining.

The fissure that let the Jotuns through begins to destabilise, the view of the baren wasteland of Jotunheim becoming faded. It is as though it became unraveled, a loose thread pulled and the whole thing falls apart. With a sizzling sound it fades away, and the sky begins to look more normal. Other than the ice, snow and the giant hole in the ground, there is no evidence of their existence left.

Terrock stares at Aura "….look, I haven't been here long. And quite frankly this is the LAST thing I expected to be doing when moving. But seriesly, giant vortex of light, freezing ice, if we stick around…" shudder thinking of the sentinels "I don't want to know where they send unregistered mutants." This was something that clearly worries him.

Aura watches the rift destabilize and vanish until Terrock's words bring her to her senses. Her gaze shifts to where she cut a hole in the city… yeah, that's gonna take some adjusting to. Still breathing heavily, she manages to stand upright again and gestures in the general direction of 'away' to Terrock. "I've got just enough left in me to disguise us like I did after the demon fight if you know of anywhere we can lay low long enough to get our wind back."

The bodies of the Frost Giants have melted away, and the ice they created starts to turn to water as well. There is an eerie silence for the moment, but considering this is New York City, that quiet won't last for long. Already there are a couple of sirens in the distance. The two are alone now, for the moment.

Terrock ears twitch in worry "…I am not sure where you stay…but my place is not to far. Greenwich village I think folks call it." Looks around, the fight has him drained, and he seems unsure where the sirens are comming from "But we best be quick about it"

A moment of concentration and Aura is back to being Ember. Except now she's got more of an androgynous look and black hair on her personal illusion while still looking like the 'herself' that Terrock is familiar with. "I live up at the school we first met at. We can get a cab to your place a few blocks from here, then I'll take one back there afterwards."

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