2014-08-29 Jotun Madness
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Cara, Dominique, Phantasm, Surge
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Jotun Madness


The famous split street, the digital billboards, the Great White Way, this is a tremendous center of entertainment, especially theatre, in the city. Shops and theaters line it, each in their own sections, and everything seems to shine bright and at times garish, to coax visitors to this or that attraction. Even foot traffic here is almost impossible dense, and at all times something is happening.

Oh what a wonderful even- Scratch that. It is far from pleasant in Times Square and the reason for it is very apparent as a number of Jotun have found themselves in the middle of Times Square and are having a smash. Arms iced up into blades, the gigantic blue toned attackers are making a mess of the cars stopped on the road. Traffic has stopped as the drivers of the vehicles have determined that it'd be faster to flee by foot and only the few, the brave, and possibly stupid remain nearby to watch the destruction in pure looky lou fashion.

Tonight marks the first night Drake assumes a new identity and outfit. He's on Official School Bid'ness, and that requires doing some snooping that ideally won't lead back to the Xavier Institute. It's funny how one could dress to stand out with the intention to conceal. The irony's not lost on him. It is, however, buried under a completely self-aware internal 'squee'-ing at how he looks in these new threads.

The commotion of a supernatural attack-in-progress has a way of derailing plans, however. It doesn't take much work to track down the source, at that. Just listen to the panicked cries and move in the direction opposite the masses are going. Soon enough, the scene is spread out before him, Jotun running amok. Eyes widen behind an accommodating mask, and he just… soaks in the sight. Monsters. Legit monsters. With a hard swallow to steel his nerves, he takes a single step forward - then pauses. A clasp is disengaged on his belt, and out comes a cellphone. A few buttons are pressed, and…

"Hey, this is D-.. Surge. There's something going down in Times Square. Icy giants are wreckin' the place." The Institute has to be informed. He remembered.

Having watched Drake leave the young mutant Cara has been very careful to follow him to Time Square. The mutant blinks a hint of hesitation in her form when she spots the Jotun. "What the hell?" She winces, moving closer to the scene but putting her hand on the nearest empty car's rear windshield. The glass fades away from the outsides and forms into a medium sized ball in her hand. With her weapon of choice in hand, Cara slowly begins to approach the giants, telling herself that she wont be helpless. She does gesture with a hand towards a few trapped folk and ushers them away from the monsters.

The evening that Dominique had planned to enjoy her dinner at a little cafe just off the Square is now ruined by the panicking crowds and marauding giants. One of them had managed to slip about and flush people outside of the square towards it, 'herding' them towards danger. Now, the scientist would have been just fine remaining where she was until the danger passed her, but that plan fell to pieces as the cafe was mostly destroyed by an angry, chromatic giant.

SMASH! A car blares it's horn as an icy arm crushes the front end of the vehicle. Adding on to the symphony of horn blaring already going on. Another car gets tipped to itside by another with a swing of the arm.

Not quite trapped but more stunned, only a couple look over towards Cara, one of which misinterpreting the ushering as a beckoning and actually walks towards her. Unfortunately a Jotun sees the figure moving and starts charging towards Cara and the idiotic witness.

As that confusion goes on, another steps in to the scene. Not wishing to be mistaken for a 15 year old girl trying to be up to date in fashion, this hero has forgone the tights. In fact, the attire itself would likely not be mistaken for that of a uniform at all with it's simplistic nature. The dark gray velcro shoes and charcoal grey of the sweat pants and the matching colored hoodie pulled over the head would make for him to blend well with the jogging crowd around Central Park during the colder months. The thin set black gloves and the black material underneath the hood that blocks all view of the wearer's face? Not so much. The faceless figure looks to the scene and stills themselves, before there's a bit of a flicker to their presence.

And if this isn't enough, a group of shadowy figures comes towards Times Square via rooftop express.

The information relayed, the cellphone is shut and holstered back into its slot along the belt. The newly-dubbed "Surge" refocuses ahead and spots Cara stepping towards the fray and motioning for some civilians. And one just isn't reading her signal, looks like. What's more, there's a frosty menace inbound, and that oculd spell trouble both for the bystander and Cara. She may be able to handle it on her own, but that's something she won't have to worry about.

Without wasting another moment, Surge plants a gloved hand to the trunk of a nearby car and vaults onto the trunk, followed by a short bound onto the hood. Crouching, both palms thrust forward, streaming a blast of concentrated electricity towards the charging Jotun.

Just like herding animals into a corral, so too have the Jotuns devised a clever scheme. While one flushes the group with Dominique out of their spot, others have flipped cars so that by the time they rush forward without looking, they have been cornered by several cars turned 'pen' with a final one being tossed to shut the trap. As the last car lands in place, the glass shards that shatter cause small cuts across Dominique's cheek and hand as she raises it to shield herself.

With the lone civilian taking her time to leave Cara has to finally push forward to grab her wrist. "Get out of here. NOW!" The auburn haired mutant claims and points to the doorway of the nearest building. Standing and turning the glass ball into her hand into a long pointed shaft which she then hurls, untrained, towards the nearest Jotun. Her other hand presses into the passenger window and forms that into a ball for her secondary attack to be ready should she need it.

As the blast of electricity hits the Jotun, the creature stumbles and falls, going in the direction the momentum is carrying him. The electrical blast, in all of it's comic booky glory does draw the attention of several other Jotuns which does not equate to good things happening as Surge shall soon find himself the focal point of a multi Jotun charge. No pun intended.

As the glassy shaft is thrown, it sticks into a Jotun, giving a growl of anger, he turns, tugging out the shaft before proceeding to charge at the offending party plus the civillian still approaching her.

The figures upon the roof reach the scene of the conflict. While one stands behind the others leap off of the roof, divebombing several of otherwise unoccupied Jotun. As they come to ground level, several of them have rather demonic features while others look to be more human… There's a frwwwwrrr as one of them cuts on a blowtorch. The figure remaining upon the roof steps back, unlike the others, wearing what could be considered biking gear, including the helmet, disappears from the view of those down below.

The hooded figure leaps towards a secondary one charging at Cara.

Even though Dominique is one, it doesn't take a genius to figure out these creatures thrive in cold, icy, what with their colorations, ice-like weaponry, and chilling effect they have about them. And what better way to combat cold, icy conditions than with fire? And so it is that the black blood now dripping from Dominique's cuts begins to ignite, engulfing her in flames inside the trap just as a Jotun prepares for a killing blow. The giant is forced to pause as the sudden burst of intense heat can be felt.

As the Jotun drops, Surge shoots a look to Cara to ensure nothing befell her. She looks to be doing alright, shepherding that one persistent, likely panic-addled citizen.

"Careful, eh?," he calls to the female mutant. Should she look his way, he'll flash her a confident smile belying the nervous tension running through him.

The shadowy figures are then taken into account, though they appear to be attacking the frosty menace. And when the hooded fellow jumps one that was approaching Cara, they fall under that quirky 'blessing and curse' variety. He can't fully unleash on these things while friendlies are in the way. There could even be civilians crouching and hiding amidst the cars, on top of that.

Surge leaps from his perch onto the next car's hood, then the next, putting a little more distance between himself and his chargers. He squares his stance and spreads both arms forward at an angle. Brilliant blue arcs of electricity lance from either arm, both streams targeting a different charging Jotun, then converging on a third target to create a circuit of ionic energy in a diamond pattern, hoping to bring down all of his pursuers before they can reach him. Or at least a good number of them.

Cara steps between the large frozen creature and the human she's trying to get out of the way. The ball in her hand changes form into a small pointed blade, as if it was just a spike and she holds it afraid of the approaching Jotun but not going to run from any more problems. "Come ugly!" She shouts, hand reaching behind her beneath her jacket to grasp another ball of glass, this one much more substantial than the first spear and the stiletto in her hand.

BZZAP! PFFZT! VRRM! It isn't until the circuit completes that the three Jotun in the way of the blast get a taste of Electricity's heat, shrinking down in reaction from the hit.

There is a flare of light as it appears that at LEAST one of the demonInfest has pyrokinetic abilities. How nice! As that one gets crispy, the demon infest turns, blasting a wall of flame towards the Jotun Cara's trying to fight. The Jotun runs into the glass blade, allowing for it to schlup into the shoulder before he grabs at Cara's exposed hand, exposing it to dangerously low temperatures before the blast of fire hitting it causes him to let go.

As for charging Jotun #2, the hooded figure lands on him, seemingly unaffected by the creature's touch as he simply wraps around the creature's head, effectively tilting the head enough to sort of steer the Jotun off path. Oh the perils of charging blind.

From a nearby alleyway, the lone figure that had been left on the building earlier emerges, leaping over to the corral o' cars. Grabbing a hold of one of the bumpers, it gives a violent tug, moving the car just enough for a person sized gap to be formed. The helmeted figure peers in, pressing a hand to the underside of the chin before an electronic male voice emits a simple command "RUN!"

As the Jotun stumbles back from the blazing heat, the elemental incarnate presses forward, pulling itself up and over the car, leaving large scorch marks, melting some of the metal into slag, and even bursting a tire and melting it before it descends the other side. The people who were trapped within have little time to whisper "The Demon of Hell's Kitchen" before they see the helmeted figure give them a way out. Not wasting a moment, they rush for the exit, shoving past one another to escape certain doom. Meanwhile, "the Demon" presses forward towards its foe who stumbles back more and more, falling down as his body begins to shrink and crawling back on hands and knees to try and escape.

With a yelp of pain at the touch of the Jotun, Cara's other hand lurches forward with a second spear length spike and aims to drive the molecule sharp point into it's face, head, area. Her hand snaps away from the burning cold touch as she drops the dagger of glass and hides her hand from further pain, ignoring the flames attacking her target already. The girl may have snapped and is unleashing her rage and pent up emotions on the unwitting invader.

Gloved fingers curl into fists, a now-smiling Surge looking on with satisfaction at the result of his endeavors. He came into this staring down monsters, a nervous wreck, but there's something liberating about bringing them down with nothing more than your own natural ability. It makes them seem so much less invincible.

That smile is short-lived, however. Cara's still on the field, and last he saw, she had a couple coming her way. Eyes snap back in her direction in time to see the giant grabbing for her hand and fire blasts into him. With a scowl, he leaps across the car hoods again, maintaining that advantageous, elevated position, before crouching and thrusting out his palms.

"Leave'er be!," is all the warning the Jotun will get. A dense beam of electricity spirals towards to Jotun, even as Cara attacks it. Fortunately, glass is a poor conductor of electricity, so even if she were to be connecting with the Jotun at the moment the blast touches, she's not likely to be hurt. That Jotun, on the other hand, is getting a dose of fire, lightning, and glass-in-the-face. That's a bad day.

Fire plus electrical charge plus spear to the head. Ok, bad combo. Not only does the Jotun start shrinking, he collapses down entirely.

With people heeding its warning, the helmeted one turns and walks away from the fire, not looking back as it goes back to the shadows.

Riding the other charging Jotun away from Cara, the hooded figure shifts, making it to where the legs are wrapped around the Jotun's head, freeing the arms as they pull out a canister with a trigger on the side. Pulling the ring, a glowing jagged smile becomes apparent on the mask area as he shoves the now activated incendiary grenade INTO the Jotun. Oh, Strange would probably not approve that move. Task done, he simply falls off the Jotun, leaving him to his shrinky dinked demise. Phantasm turns his head, looking to survey the situation.

As for the remaining Jotun, The Demon Infest and demons appear to be getting the upper hand as several by now have displayed abilities of the heat producing variety.

Pulling the blood soaked spike from her foe's face, Cara steps back away from the fallen victim and gasps at her actions. Knowing she was acting on new instincts that were being taught to her by the school she frowns, the spear molding back into the shape of a clear ball, though this time it's stained in Jotun blood, clouding it up. She drops it with a clack and the ball splits in half. Cara puts her hands to her mouth and then quickly turns around and darts into the nearest building to either cry or vomit. (Definitely both)

Surge watches Cara take off, frowning. She's demonstrated some superhuman abilities tonight, and leaving her alone wouldn't be for the best. But that's just what he has to do right now. He spares a glance in the direction of the one who issued that helpful blast of fire and taps a couple fingers to his brow, flicking them aside in boyish salute. From there, he drops down to reassess the situation.

It… looks like it's well in hand at this point.

Surge's attention turns to the citizens, quickly motioning and escorting them out of the Square. Once they're clear, he'll be able to get Cara somewhere safe.


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