2014-09-03 All's Well That Ends Well?
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Players: Surge Sage
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Title: All's Well That Ends Well?

It's mid-morning, not that inside these walls would know that given the lack of natural lighting. Which is a somewhat shame considering the construction of the glass holding cell. This was a place specially built for meta-humans that needed insulating for a number of different factors. Given the reports on the cell's current occupant that meant any source of electricity that wasn't strictly controlled. Light was filtered in from clinical overhead lights that sat dozens of meters above the cell, imbedded in the concrete ceiling.

"Good morning Mr. Vyril. I hope you are feeling better." Chimes what might be a somewhat familiar, utterly emotionless voice. The cell itself is more like a upscale hotel room, with a queen bed, a projected TV screen though he'd have to ask to have the channel changed, a shelf of popular reading material and a blocked off privacy area for the lavatory. The only source of electricity in the room however is the 9 volt battery that powers the motorized wheel chair, hardly something that could be very effective against the reinforced ballistic glass.

Sage stands primly on the other side of that glass, wearing her SHIELD uniform with a side arm on her right. "If you have the energy, I have a few question I would like to ask you."

And for all the luxury that Surge otherwise may appreciate, he's spent almost all the time between the would-be armageddon and now confined to the bed and moving very little. When the voice kicks in, it spurs his eyes to open slowly - merely cracked at first, but managing to reach halves. His head doesn't turn, because frankly, his everything hurts.

"None of that now..," he meekly replies as she uses his real name, the faintest of grins tugging at the corner of his lips. "We haven't been properly introduced."

Emerald greens flit hither and thither, taking in the room in detail from his position. "What's on your mind?"

"You are in a SHIELD facility. You were brought here after you collapsed during the battle in Hell's Kitchen. Our doctors have told me that physically you are going to make a full recovery, that the expenditure of your abilities created an acute exhaustion that you need time to mend from. My name is Agent Sage, and first I would like to know if you want someone from Xavier's contacted on your behalf?" Her voice is even, if a bit monotonous, calm in a way that would quickly become frustrating for someone looking for any kind of emotional connection.

"Given that you are a minor, you are not required to answer any of my questions without an advocate present." Even with SHIELD's far reaching permissions to enforce the law, minors were protected. "I would also like to know if you are comfortable, and if there is anything you require during your stay with us."

"Well, Agent Sage, I'm not gonna lie to ya - my 'acute exhaustion' is sore," Surge replies dryly. He twitches a finger, realizing he can feel the bedsheet easily. That means no gloves. "Couldn't let a guy keep his dignity, could ya?"

A slow inhale is taken as he considers his options. "I think I'd better be the one to make calls. It'd go better for everyone if they didn't know this… this particular bit happened. So, SHIELD, huh..?"

"Dignity is dependent on behavior Mr. Vyril, not on a state of dress." Tessa explains, taking a very logical approach that is more akin to a European view on nudity. The same doctors that stripped off his suit however were kind enough to dress him in a set of hypoallergenic silk pajamas. "Yes, this is a SHIELD facility." Sage continues, leaving out that this particular room was often used as a holding cell rather than a recuperation room.

"I can arrange for you to speak to someone from the school, but I need a name of whom to contact." She offers carefully, having no issue with him doing the talking, but unwilling to allow further electronics into the cell until his intentions and capabilities were better documented. "If you are willing, I would like to know why you were at the site yesterday."

"Nono, no contacting anyone just yet. If we can get through this while keeping them in the dark about it, all the better." Surge makes an effort to scooch himself into a seated position, but even that much movement elicits a sharp, pained yelp. He drops back onto the bed in a flump. "Hahah-ow.."

It's slow going, but he turns his head towards his interrogator. His vision isn't completely focused, but she's kind of familiar. Was she there at the incident, or is his mind screwing with him? "Same reason everyone else was. End of the world was happening. Didn't sit right with me. Y'got two options; try to do something about it, or throw away your vote and do nothing." After a beat, he adds, "I take it the world's still turnin'."

"It is. We are trying to determine the extent of the consequences now." She pauses, a measured time to allow the young man to acclimate both to her presence that the extent of with what he is surrounded. "Very well, I will make sure that someone is available to make a call for you if you change your mind. If you would, please tell me everything you know concerning the incident, specifically what drew you to that spot, and if you recognized any of the other participants."

It takes a moment, but the fact that he's surrounded by what looks like glass or plastic sinks in. Rather than get offended, a strained laugh bubbles forth. "You're kiddin' me. A guy tries to stop the end of the world, and you're worried he's gonna pull something on you? Come on." An amiable smile is then cast to the female. "Much less a guy who can't even sit up yet."

"I was around the area when the big ol' snakehead showed up. Then there was this… I dunno… urging? Urging to go there? That's the best I can explain it right now." He shifts a little in the bed, eliciting a quiet wince. "Didn't recognize anyone, but to be honest, I was mostly focused on doing what I could."

"You are not under arrest." Sage informs, intending the information to be soothing, "However there are protocols in place when dealing with an unregistered meta-human. When you are ready and wish to, you are free to leave." That statement is offered as if it were always the truth, when in point of fact it was only his statement, and the fact that Sage could detect no subterfuge from him that has made him a guest rather than a prisoner. "Very well. Thank you for your cooperation. If you need anything, please feel free to call on the attendant." She turns on a heel to leave, every inch the consummate professional he's expecting. When she turns around, it might seems as an afterthought, though nothing Sage ever did was without planning and reason. "One more question. Are you aware of an aircraft being kept on the premises of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters?" Her expression is one of idle curiosity, but her eyes are very carefully scanning him for any hint of a lie or evasion behind the red tint of her shades.

She'll find none. What she will find, however, is puzzlement. "An aircraft? Nuh-uh." The notion of hiding an 'aircraft' from him is hard to swallow, and to his knowledge, he's seen what the institute has to hide. Of course, his knowledge is wrong, but gated information can be tricky like that.

Before she can get too far away, he calls, "So you're not gonna tell me anything about SHIELD, huh? Just that they have swanky rooms for holding chats with guests?"

"Thank you." She says, turning again to walk away and be about the considerable business of interviewing the number of Asgardians SHIELD retrieved from the other pillars of light. His voice halts her exit however, and she walks back to the edge of the cell while answering. "The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division is an agency of the U.S. government in cooperation with the United Nations founded protect the world from meta-human and extra-terrestrial threats that normal law enforcement is not equipped to handle. Is there anything else you would like to know?"

"Yeah. A couple things. For starters, you guys gonna keep quiet about… you know, who I am and what I've been doing? Not gonna try to tail me or anything?," Surge asks. The fact that she's been using his name is enough to make him uncomfortable, even if he's been outwardly jovial about it. "Second, you guys don't see me as any kind of threat, do you? If you're fine with me walkin' out, I've gotta imagine not."

Looping her hands behind her back gives Sage a somewhat more authoritative appearance, and when mixed with the evenness of her voice she puts forth a 'stern but fair' kind of impression. "Despite your previous issues with Los Angeles law enforcement, you have no outstanding warrants and by all appearances seem to be trying to improve your station. SHIELD has no interest in monitoring you beyond the preview of our standard mandate." Meaning that if you don't go robbing liquor stores or electrocuting people, they won't be bothering you. "It is not our practice to consider a person to be a threat unless they have demonstrated some kind of threatening behavior, which you have not. Indeed your efforts during the incident were heroic, if misguided and unorganized."

SHIELD seemed to think that they had the leadership position when it came to interplanetary warfare, and to be honest, they were probably the most legal and organized group to do so, even if some people didn't like to admit it. "When you are processed for release, you will be asked to submit a DNA sample. It is not mandatory, however it is my suggestion that you do so, and register yourself as a mutant. It is speculation on my part, but given the lack of documented proximity to known meta-human causing circumstances, there is a seventy two point nine seven percent chance that your electrokinesis is the result of a genetic abnormality. It would be best if you were on file."

"Okay, good- hey!" Misguided and unorganized? He was working with what he had! A 'hmph' is communicated only with a souring of his expression. "I'll keep that in mind," Surge replies with a certain neutrality that suggests his real response is closer to, 'Hell no.' "But out of curiosity, what would the government do with that kind of information? Why do they care?" Thoughts of the… more extreme 'controlling' of mutants in recent history comes to mind, and it isn't a far leap for him to be suspicious of SHIELD having connections to it. As she put it, they're there to protect the world from meta-human threats.

The difference with SHIELD, at least as far as Sage is concerned, is that the 'world' they are protecting includes meta-humans and mutants. "Registration is mandatory for government service. Otherwise a person's genetic status is kept as private as their social security number, sexual orientation, and medical history. A database of known meta-humans, registered and non, is kept to aid the enforcement of the law under SHIELD preview." She pauses, realizing that she might be getting a little too technical for a seventeen year old. "The information is used the same way a driver's license and gun owners permit is used. If you were to be suspected of a crime, the information would be disseminated to the investigating office for use with enforcement and apprehension. The same way we check to see if someone who is being served a warrant owns a firearm, we check to see if said person can channel electricity. Does that answer your question?"

"I guess." Some of those words he has to assume the definition of. But Surge cracks a grin at her, regardless. "So what's the incentive to going with it, then? If someone's ever worried they might be.. let's say, discriminated against, wouldn't they want to have that ace in the pocket?" He starts to pre-emptively wave a hand, but that doesn't go over well with limbs that would rather stay put. "Mmf.. I'm just bustin' your chops, Agent."

Despite the 'busting of her chops' Agent Sage answers the question in her typical lack of humor tone "That argument fuels discrimination by delaying integration. Historically, if African Americans refused to apply for driver's licenses for fear of discrimination, they as a body of people, would still face much of the adversity of racism today that has been left beyond such as segregated restaurants. By hiding who we are and what we can do, we are capitulating in the observation that there is something wrong that should be eliminated, rather than something natural that simply needs to be understood and accepted. The difference lies in the fact that race has marginal effect on environmental stability. Therefore it is not unreasonable to require that people with dangerous abilities register and submit to training in how to control said abilities rather than risk public safety by hiding." She pauses, letting him digest that information for a moment, and also the intentional slip that she said 'we' instead of 'you' or 'they' when referring to mutants.

"I'd go for that, if they had any kind of choice in the matter." Surge lifts an eyebrow at her, and despite her officiating tone, continues with her with a mildly jocular air, "'Course, I only get half of what you're saying. Capitulating? I'm not even sure how to spell that. So we might have to let this one go for now. At least until I can stand up and gesture around."

"As you wish." Sage comment amicably, making a mental note to have someone who is better with people explain the specific merits of registration to the young man before he leaves. "For clarities sake, to capitulate means to participate by surrendering. Is there anything else you would like to ask before I return to my duties?"

Surge turns his head to stare up at the ceiling again, earning a fresh wince. "Nahh, I think I'm good. I should be out of your guys' hair pretty soon. Hope ya won't miss me too badly~." Beat. "Wait, where /are/ my clothes, anyway?"

"Unfortunately your cloths were destroyed in the rush to give you medical attention. If you do not wish to have someone retrieve you upon your release, you will be given a set of standard issue SHIELD civilian clothing including shoes." Tessa replies evenly, as if it were of no consequence.

"Aw, come on! I just had that made!"

Surge sighs, frustrated. That's not gonna be so easy to explain away. Hopefully no one asks.

"The medic deemed it necessary when conducting your initial examination to check for further signs of electrocution. I'm sure you can have another one made." Since most of her wardrobe consisted of functional SHIELD outfits, Tessa was the wrong person to complain to about fashion.

"We'll see," says an exasperated Surge. "That's all I got, anyway. You can get back to your duties, Agent Sage."

"Good day Mr. Vyril." Sage offers by way of farewell before spinning about just as primly as she arrived and exiting the room to be about her business.

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