2014-09-04 Strange and the Giant Peach (Pit)
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Stephen Aura Loki Mike
GMed by Random Acts of Spongebob
Title: Strange and the Giant Peach (Pit)

*Takes place Mid-morning*

Loki is up in his room resting, after having been given large amounts of brandy the night before. He was a bit overwhelmed and confused, and a little bit afraid due to being called a war criminal and having so many people wanting to take him with them. He only knew Daimon and Stephen for a short time since his reboot, but he tried to trust them. He had to, otherwise who knows what would happen to him.

Down the stairs, a bit of a walk down the hallway from Loki's room, Doctor Strange sits on a nothing but is still a couple feet above the floor, cross legged. The wizard is staring at the large crystal orb in front of him. Occasionally sending a psychic probe into its space but getting no return ping for the moment. [What are you, why the connection with the reborn god…] The Sorcerer Supreme thinks to himself.

Loki sits up, running a hand through his much shorter hair as he takes a deep breath, rolling himself out of the bed and standing up, wobbling on his feet a bit. "Ugh…that drink made me feel terrible." He groans and takes on the stairs before consulting with his legs to make sure the were up to the task. Loki soon finds himself at the bottom of the stairs, upside down, but unharmed. He lets out a sigh, rights himself and homes in on Stephen. "That is what is calling me?"

When the crystaline peach pit the rough size of a compact car was brought here, it was vibrant with its own internally generated light. Vibrant and varied in color, it flowed around the shell and down into the seemingly semi-fluid interior in slow waves. But now, after the passage of some time since being brought inside there is only the barest dim eminations on the surface. Light from the candles flows through the dim air towards the cocoon, but does little to rekindle its previous intensity. Mentally, there is a dim sensation akin to someone attempting to draw breath or of the stomach rumblings of the hungry.

"Loki?" Stephen asks, turning his head at the sound of thumping and thudding down the stairs. "Are you ok?" The wizard asks, his feet lowering to the floor to turn himself around. "I think it may be. Come in, it should be safe." he says, motioning Loki to come closer to him and the large-ish orb.

"Fine, thank you." Loki replies, coming further int other room and looking at the strange object. "What is that? Whatever is inside it has something that draws me to it…but I don't know if I can get to it without whatever is inside coming out."

What a time it has been. After popping around the city, bringing whole families (and sometimes pets) through dream dimensions in order to save their butts, Mike was exhausted to the point where he had to sleep or risk some less than desirable consequenes. So any attempts to contact Mike were for naught until this morning when he regained conciousness. Still tired and not quite rested enough to trust his use of abilities. Mike took the slow route. On foot and as himself. Mike Hannigan. Knock. Knock.

"There's only one way to find out." Strange says, looking from Loki to the ball and back again before the is knocked. "I believe that's our friend." Strange notes but stays with Loki.

"Yes master Mike, I know the master has sent for you, they are down stairs in the basement." Wong says leading the way to Strange and company.

"Our friend? Is it Daimon?" LOki asks, looking up at the stairs. "Should…should I touch it? What do you think will happen? What is inside there? Can you open it?"

Mike follows along, stifling a yawn that creeps up before reaching the stairs in time to hear an unfortunate sound byte. "…Just WHAT in the hell are you doing down there?!"

This new Loki is certainly full of questions, "Mike." Stephen says, looking over his shoulder as Mike walks in. "Trying to figure out why Loki is drawn to this, thing." Strange says, motioning to the crystal orb in the basement. "I'm glad you finally made it, I assumed you were asked to help him too."

The 'thing' in question is a crystaline object about half the size of a compact car, shaped something like a peach pit, with a dull brittle surface the color of a wet oil slick. Light from the candles in the room flows towards it in fits and spurts, causing the spots where it enters to flicker with brighter colors briefly.

Loki looks at Mike apprehensively, his eyes a bit wide. "Your…your name is Mike?" There is something drawing him to Mike as well, where he had stuffed his memory orb. It'll be missing quite a bit, but at least he won't be so clueless and lost.

Mike's initial step down the stair pauses at the information. There's a less than well mannered stampede down the stairs as Mike uses the stairs like children on Christmas morning. Reaching the bottom, he hooks onto the end of the rail, spinning himself to look to the rest of the party, grinning. He studies Loki's new appearance for a few moments before the smile widens. "Rocking the little brother look a bit more this time, eh?" He starts walking over towards Loki, "You weren't kidding about the memory thing." He pauses, standing within what he judges to be within reach of Loki's arm. "You also said you'd know what to do if I came near you."

"Little brother look…?" Loki looks down at himself, brow furrowing in puzzlement. "I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage." He looks MIke up and down, then reaches out to place a hand on Mike's arm before he knows what he's doing. The feeling is like being struck by lightning. Loki's head snaps back, jaw agape and eyes wide. He draws in a shuddering breath as all the memories flood back into him all at once.

Mike's smile fades as Loki's head kicks back, unsure to what signifies a success and a total failure for rebooting. "You okay?"

Loki looks at Mike, peeling his hand away, standing there shaking as he tries to absorb and sort a thousand years worth of memories. He starts to sag t the knees, everything around him seeming to turn grey. "Mike. It is good to see you…"

"It's good to see you as well." Mike replies, stepping forward as he sees Loki getting a little wobbly. Wrapping an arm around the hip in an effor to stabilize the Asgardian. "Why don't you sit down?"

*Scene Transition to Afternoon of Same Day*

"How are we feeling Loki?" Stephen asks, standing from the doorway of Loki's room. His arms crossed before him and the wizard's slate grey eyes linger on the god-guest. "Would you care to explore the orb some now that you have many of your memories back?"

Loki holds his head in his hands and says, "I don't know. I think my head is going to explode if I move." He sits up and swings his legs over the side of the bed. "I guess we can explore the orb a bit more. Your basement is seriously dank. Perhaps you could light a few more candles, or I could produce an illuimination spell."

Loki holds his head in his hands and says, "I don't know. I think my head is going to explode if I move." He sits up and swings his legs over the side of the bed. "I guess we can explore the orb a bit more. Your basement is seriously dank. Perhaps you could light a few more candles, or I could produce an illuimination spell."

"That's one problem that's been taken care off. I had Wong instal several construction lights in each corner, it's incredibly bright and the orb seems to be responding to it." Strange notes before motioning with a hand for Loki to come with him, "Then should we wait for you to feel like moving before we explore the call you have from the object."

"No, no, let's go. I'd rather get this overwith. Whatever I did, I did it after I stored my memories within Mike. So I have no idea what I did. I am glad the orb is responding to it, though I don't know what the orb is."

"Good. I was getting some thought signals from the thing, and it seemed on the verge of death, I hope the extra light in the room helps." With a frown Stephen urges Loki to hurry and follow him into the basement to observe the thing

When the crystaline object, shaped like a peach pit nearly the size of a compact car, was first brought in it was brilliant with its own internal light. Vibrant and varied colors moved over its surface, flowing towards the center of its mass which seemed to be some kind of semi-fluid mass. After the days of being kept in the basement with just a few candles, it steadily lost its luster. The center was no longer visible as the surface became dull, brittle, and the color of a wet oil slick.

With the extra lights brought down, there has been a positive reaction from the object. The dim oil colors have brightened and move slugishly around the surface, but the brittle appearance is still present. The illunination from the construction lights, which would normally light up the entire basement, isn't making it any further than the object's perimeter. Every stray photon is being sucked in with the vigor of a drowning victim pulled to shore.

Loki lifts a hand and creates a brilliant light around it with a faint green tint to it, to see if the thing absorbs his energy as well. Otherwise, he remains silent, just staring at the orb. He wants to reach in there and take what is his, if only he knew what that was.

"Let me try something. This should protect you from any unforeseen negative pulses and possibly restore the object further, I hope." Strange says as he shifts his stance so that he's square with the large peach pit. His hands form a loose triangle outlining his amulet before it splits down the middle, showing a piercing eye. This eye emits a light brighter than that of the sun and it's wholly aimed at Loki and the orb. "Whenever your ready." Strange says, not waiting for more than a moment to see how it reacts to this the arcane light of Agamotto.

The light that Loki conjures does flow towards the crystaline object to be absorbed hungrily. The green color becomes dominant for a time before the surface tone again fragments into a kaleidiscope of hues. The light is also sinking more deeply into the depths of the object, the border between solid crystal and semi-fluid interior becoming visible again.

And then the object is bathed in the all-seeing light from the Eye of Agamotto. There is certainly a reaction to that.

The brittle cracks in the surface of the chrysalis (for that is what the object is revealed as by the light) close almost instantly as even this light is absorbed without prejudice. A kind of triple-image forms in the air above the chrysalis… A small being, possibly female, with pale waxy white skin and no eyes to speak of is the core image. Over lapping slightly in the foreground is a young brunette woman with ice-blue eyes and a defiant expression. Behind both of them and slightly larger than both is a feminine figure that shares features of both but is composed of light made flesh. And in the center of all three, linking them together is an orb of spell-power. The source of what draws Loki to the chrysalis and its contents.

A chrystalis which is starting to crack open.

"Is it energy it requires?" Loki asks, then pulls his arms in, closes his eyes tightly and focuses, bringing all his magic to the surface and creating another brilliant light, this time around his entire body. It takes a concerted effort, fueled by his massive magic pool. "Perhaps…this…will help…"

"It appears to me to be fueled by light. Though energy could be a valid hypothesis as well my friend." Stephen says, his loose close flapping in some unfelt wind as light continues to pour into the chrysalis from many directions but most noticeably from the god and the wizard. The Sorcerer looks over towards Loki, "Do you feel that beckoning you mentioned earlier still?"

Cracks continue to form on the surface of the chrysalis. Not the marks of decay and approaching death like before but ones that herald the exit of its occupant. When the final cracks appear and the chrysalis starts to fall to pieces those pieces start converting into light themselves, getting pulled inward where a figure can be seen curled up at the center of the mass as a spot that manages to somehow be brighter than the lights that are feeding it.

Almost as soon as it started, the opening of the chrysalis is over. The lights feeding it are no longer being absorbed, but in the case of the construction lights at least are simply acting as they normally should. The energies from Loki and the Eye of Agamotto are still interacting with the figure as it… she slowly gets to her feet.

There is a look of confusion as she raises a hand to shield her eyes. The energy from Loki is resonating with a point on her identical to the place were memories were extracted from Mike earlier. A place just below her colarbone that reflects the asgardian's magics like a twin. She seems to notice this and her 'eyes' widen, "Loke, du er i live!" A pause and a sad look. "Betyr det at jeg er dod?" (translation: Loki, you're alive! Does this mean that I'm dead?)

Loki ceases producing energy and wobbles on his feet, panting. Looking to Ember, he reaches out, his fingers splayed. "I am alive…but you have something of mine…what is it? What are you hiding inside of you?"

Strange lowers his hands, and the light ceases to wash over Ember and Loki. He falls silent not sure what to say in this situation, the good doctor chooses to stay silent and observe.

With no more magic washing over her, the figure staggers forward as if she'd been leaning against a vanished headwind. More clearly visible now, she still looks like a living statue of light. When she speaks, it's not words so much as a soft song produced by her entire body. She hears Loki's question and looks thoughtful. "Det sa ut som en snokule. Det ble bare sittende i fanget mitt nar jeg vaknet fra a sove. Og sa, en eller annen mate, det var borte, og inni meg. Etterpa kunne jeg / foler / ting som jeg ikke burde ha vaert i stand til. Jeg folte Gjallarhorn i mine ben. Og sa kunne jeg / se / du dor, Loke. Etter det var det for mange Jotun a kjempe for a bekymre deg om noe annet." Her expression is a mixture of confusion, hope, and of one trying to put their mind together after being asleep for too long.

(Translation: It looked like a snowglobe. It was just sitting in my lap when I woke up. And then, somehow, it was gone and inside of me. Afterwards, I could /feel/ things that I shouldn't have been able to. I felt the Gjallarhorn in my bones. And then I could /see/ you die, Loki. After that, there were too many Jotun to fight to worry about anything else.)

Loki slowly approaches Ember, nodding. His arm is still outstretched, his slender fingers flexing as he comes closer. "I died at the hands of my brother Tyr. He came to find me after Balder perished and accused me of murdering him."

If Ember lets him, he places his fingertips lightly on her shoulder, and green and gold energy twines around his arm, flowing from her to him. His head lulls back, mouth agape as once again everything rushes through him, flooding into his new body as if a dam had burst. Once he absorbs everything, he looks at Ember and Strange with a loopy smirk on his face. "Oh look…I'm back." And then drops to the floor like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Well, at least he's happy.

Strange steps forward as Loki falls down. "Um, glad to have you back." Stephen's hand reaches out and lifts up Loki's prone form without touching the god. "Who are you?" Sorcerer Supreme asks looking towards the light based girl born out of the crystal in his basement.

As Loki approaches, the figure of light watches as the hand touches her then lurches as the energy rushes from her back to its true home. She starts to move as if breathing heavily in the wake of the energy's departure, then seems to realize that she doesn't have any breath. She hears the question from Strange and looks up to answer but the song-like sound isn't quite coherent the first few times she tries to speak again, as if the 'Loki' that was inside of her was helping her before. But she does get the hang of it after a few tries.

"My name is Em…" she looks down at herself as if her appearance is just as new to her as it is to Strange. "Aura. My name is Aura. I was a sometime student of Loki's before he died. I… wasn't expecting to live through the battle against Jormangund."

"Aura, nice to meet you." The sorcerer says with a soft smile as he moves towards the door, a floating Loki in tow. "You may come if you're able to walk." Stephen says, keeping one eye on the 'new born.' Slipping through the door, the Strange caries Loki up the stairs and into the first doorway at the top of the landing. "Loki?" Stephen asks, as he floats Loki's body onto the bed, trying to get a response.

Aura nods, putting effort into speaking as she gets used to her new existence. "Pretty sure I can walk." She does, but it's more of a hop-glide as if she were moving in low gravity. She drifts up the stairs without touching many of them on the way up and follows Strange and Loki into the room. "How is he still alive? And what happened to the Midgard Serpent? I… don't remember making it all the way to the end of that fight."

"He is alive because he is reborn. Which, if I'm correct, he seems to have predicted the series of events almost exactly. That or he trusted you two to make it through the end of the world." Strange says, offering Aura a smile. "The serpent has been cast off to another dimension, and you fell from near space heights, so consider yourself lucky for being able to stand here today." Strange notes, looking back to the god, checking on him to make sure he's ok.

"That sneaky bastard." Aura seems more impressed than annoyed as she remembers the orb that was just suddenly there and then not. "He planned this out in case he couldn't manage to keep holding off Ragnarok. He planted a seed, hoping to harvest it afterwards." Then she seems to catch up with all that Strange said. "Wait, you said 'you two'. Who else had one of those inside of them? Also, please forgive my manners, but I haven't asked your name yet."

"That seems to be the general consensus of him around here." Stephen says with a trite chuckle. "It was a bold plan but one that ultimately paid off for him." Strange crosses his arms across his chest to look back at the sleeping Asgardian. "I am Stephen Strange but you may call me the Sorcerer Supreme. The other person that stored part of his memory, I believe, that was Mike." And that's all the wizard says on that.

Aura nods, "If it's insane and it works, it wasn't insane. And I know Mike, somewhat. We've been introduced at least." Her expression at the introduction is a polite nod with a snarky raised eyebrow. Shades of her asgardian teacher. "Thank you for, well I'm not sure what happened between the battle and now. But it's plain that you've been helping me. I fell from almost space?" She seems to be piecing memories together as time passes, at least of things before she became a cocoon. "Oh, yeah… I was flying. It was my first time. I'd just figured out how on my way to join the battle." She bounces on her feet, still moving as if she's not very affected by gravity. "I wonder if the same trick will work now."

Looking down to her feet, the Doctor smirks. "I'm not sure gravity is much of a concern for you any longer." Strange notes and then points with a single finger towards the floor where her feet are. Young super heroes are always a treat, and Strange isn't one to disregard someone who's been through a dramatic transformation of the self. "Do you have anywhere you need to be?"

Aura follows the finger to look at her feet. "Yeah, that seems to be the case. I wonder if I can still…" Her voice trails off as she concentrates. She gradually starts to become more solid, lowering to the floor as her mass increases. When she stops, she takes a few experimental steps. There's still a bit of a bounce but she could almost pass for walking normally. "Guess I'm going to need a whole new training ciriculum now." Then Strange asks if she needs to be somewhere and her gaze shoots up, eyes wide. "What day is it?"

"It is thursday. The fourth." Strange says, looking a slight bit impressed at Aura's level of self control for only having been born moments ago. Or at least reborn. Stephen blinks. "You said Loki was your teacher?" Strange asks, "I'm sure when he comes to, and gets used to what's going on in the world. He might be able to keep teaching you. But I'm not going to speak for anyone else."

Aura looks stunned at the date, "Oh, no. I've been gone for over a week… I'm gonna have some 'splaining to do. Maybe." But she nods about the Loki being a teacher thing. "Yes. When we met he saw that I was an illusionist of sorts. He was helping me refine it." She seems a bit distracted. The look of a teenager trying to think of an excuse for troublemaking mixed with the same teenager trying to maintain manners. "I'm very grateful for everything you've done for me here, even though I don't really remember much of it. But I've been away from my, uh, boarding school since the rifts started getting bad. I should probably find my way back before the staff starts sending our search parties. Or planning a funeral, since I think I remember one of them being in the fight. And if she saw me fall…" Yeah, she's babbling a bit.

"You're free to go, and if you school gives you trouble, contact me and I'll help you out." Strange says, getting the feeling that she's got far more things on her mind than the here and now. "He'll be ok. I'll make sure of it." Strange says with a calming smile.

It seems that as Aura becomes a bit agitated and pulled between two thoughts, her control over her body drops. She looks between Loki, Strange, and the window. "Thank you. And thank you for taking care of Loki. He's an overly powerful, snarky, misbehaving universal pain in the ass but he's been a friend." With that she offers a quick curtsey (he did say he was the Sorcerer Supreme after all.. that's kinda swanky), takes a moment to regain control and look more normal (complete with skin tone, hair color, and clothing), and hop-floats down the stairs to head out.

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