2014-09-17 Late For The Party
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Warning: N/A
Players: Scott, Drake
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Late For The Party

It has been a whirlwind of activity for Scott. Having recently returned from Muir Island, he has found that the mountain of work patiently awaiting him can wait just a little longer. Scott lazily drifts back and forth on the hanging chair on the porch while a hand absently runs along his jawline. He hasn't shaved either. What a bother.

The front door opens, and out steps one Drake Vyril. He starts forward a step, then halts, spotting Scott just in his periphery. His eyes widen and he bee-lines for the older male, excited. "Scott! Holy crap, it's been a while! Where've ya been, man!? You missed everything!"

Scott's lips part into a warm smile as Drake approaches. "Off the northern coast of Scotland. I had a little business to take care of and I wanted to get it out of the way before the weather took a turn." He explains, leaning forward and extending a hand towards the rail to indicate a spot for the young man to lean. "I've heard some of what happened, how about you fill me in on the details."

Drake moves as bid, propping his hip to the rail and his elbow over the edge. "It's a lot to take in. Uh.." He glances over his right shoulder, then out over the front yard, ensuring they're alone. "You know about the New Mutants, right? Faculty knows, I think the Professor said. I'm on that now, for starters."

Scott chuckles lightly and offers a nod. "I'm aware of the New Mutants, yes. Congratulations on you're appointment. I look forward to seeing how you grow during advanced training." He remarks, rolling his wrist to spur Drake into continuing.

"Well, you missed me smoke a bunch of frost giants. Horrible things. Monsters," Drake continues. "And, uh… you might've missed the would-be end of the world. Don't suppose you saw a giant snake some time ago in the sky, did'ja?"

"You'd be surprised what boiled out in Europe, man." Scott murmurs to himself, glancing aside. "Have to say, I'm pretty glas the world didn't end."

Drake smiles wryly. "You're welcome!"

After a beat, he tips his head back. "Ahhh, I kid. I was there, though. That snake was gonna eat the planet, so me'n a few others I didn't know went to stop it. I ended up draining New York's entire power grid and turn it into a massive blast. I… overdid it, though. Wasn't ready for something of /that/ magnitude, and it wiped me out. But since the world's still turnin', we obviously won."

Drake's head lowers again. "Oh, and that's one thing you never knew about me. I can drain the electrical currents out of things, and even add that power to my own for a while."

Scott's mouth screws aside thoughtfully while his visor appraises Drake. "Is there a physiological toll on your body for increasing the output in this way?"

Drake shakes his head. "It's kind've separate. I can drain a lot and add it to myself, and use that much more power without any problems. Doesn't get taxing unless I take a /lot/ of it, or over-extend my normal reserves. The more I work at it, the stronger I'll get, though!"

"So it almost goes without saying, right? Only push that during training or when you absolutely have to." Scott cautions, gathering his brow together with a second consideration. "How did your classmates handle the situation?"

"Believe me, after I woke up, I couldn't but barely move. It was like whiplash. I was stuck in bed for… nearly a week," reflects Drake. "But anyway, I don't think my classmates were even there. From what I heard from Doreen and Cara, they were bunkering up here at the mansion."

Scott murmurs to himself and rises to his feet, taking a moment to brush the dust from his jeans. "It's the prudent thing to do. That's in the past now; I'll review that later. What are your thoughts on the New Mutants?"

"My thoughts?" Drake turns to prop fully against the rail. One foot crosses the other at the ankle in casual poise. "I think I'm doing something good. Or preparing to, in most cases. It gives me something to do." Beat. "No, more than that; purpose. Like I can really /do/ something. I dunno about the rest of the group, though. I don't even know who all's in it."

Scott says, "The New Mutants are a group of students who have been specially selected to aid in the defense of the school. You /are/ doing a good thing. I can promise you it won't be easy. It's not an appointment to take lightly." Scott tells Drake, leaning forward to set a reassuring squeeze against his shoulder. "I'm going to be restructuring and reviewing it heavily in the coming weeks. For the time being, focus on your studies; focus on your training."

Drake glances to his shoulder, then back up to Scott. "That's the idea. Now more than ever. Now that I know what I'm capable of. I wanna be able to do that, but without the whiplash. That, and more." He leans off the railing finally. "You just let me know if the group needs anything. But also?" He throws a light jab at Scott's shoulder - the action is crisp and swift, indicative of the training he's undergone so far, albeit completely harmless. There was no force backing it. "It's nice havin' you around again."

"The challenge will increase." Scott remarks dryly, offering the sky a thoughful smile as he steals a deep breath. "I need my coffee, then I've got to see how badly Logan's messed up my bike."

"Bring it on," replies Drake with a bright smile. "But'chyeah, get in there! Take a load off! It sounds like you're due for some rest after everything." He gestures his right hand lazily towards the door. "You know how to get ahold of me!"

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