2014-09-17 Political Assassins
New Mutant Clearance-Level and Up
On my way through New York, I passed by the Supreme Court building. Some official people were leaving, people in suits. A mutant revealed himself; a guy with silvery-white hair who was stupid-fast. He killed someone immediately. We got in a scuffle, but sad as I am to admit it, I couldn't stop him. I couldn't use my powers in the open. I wasn't even in uniform. And by the time I realized what was happening, it was too late to prevent. Hate it, but he made a clean getaway.
I did a little snooping. The man he killed was Francis Connelly, a lawyer who had become really vocal about mutants. From what I gathered, he was vocal about mutants in a negative way. This attack seems to be politically motivated. The attacker didn't look familiar to me, and I have a hard time believing we condone assassinations like this. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
We're going to get pretty bad backlash from this, aren't we?
Reported by Surge on 2014-09-17
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