2014-10-06 Muggings, Doctors, Corvids, and Agents
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Warning: N/A
Players: Ant Man, Deadpool, Ilene, Lucy, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Muggings, Doctors, Corvids, and Agents

Mon Oct 6 19:25:42 2014

This part of Manhattan is home to several businesses and attractions, being home to Stark Tower and Grand Central Station. It is one of the busier sections with frequent traffic jams and impatient pedestrians. From here, one can enter the subway's major terminal, or head off to Grammercy Park, the Upper East Side or back to Manhattan's lower areas.

With the sun long gone there is a set chill upon the city. With the destruction brought about and with so many residence buildings deemed unsafe, the shelters are filled to capacity and there are still a few unfortunate souls left to wander. Fortunately, it is not cold enough for snow and the basic precaution of wearing a coat and forgoing the summerwear is sufficient. Several of those who were unable to get a spot in the shelters for the night have found themselves in Manhattan, mostly heading towards Grand Central Station where the rules against sleeping in there have been relaxed for this time of need.

Above in the shadows, a dark, purplish black figure lurks, watching the scene below with it's beady little eyes. The line of the mouth frowns, giving for an odd look for the owner's face. Ravens shouldn't have expressions like that. It's just UNNATURAL.

An unmarked black helicopter hovers in the skyline for about a minute before a series of small purple flashes fade in and out as if there was a pattern to something or someone moving or teleporting towards something or somewhere. Finally, a form emerges on the street level behind a dumpster. The shadowy figure walks towards the street lights to reveal who it is. "It's me you big doof!" Wade Wilson seems to be talking to someone who is not present and then seems to disconnect his headset. "Thankfully I found those yellow boxes I was looking for. Now I have to get ready to be on the look out to find out what's going on around here. Or else I might have to get yelled at by some system operator for ruining their game and messing up their scene. Because if I do things /my way/, I contaminate things. I don't feel like doing too much typing so maybe I'll just simplify things."

Wade looks over his shoulders to see if anyone was listening to him as he pockets at his personal voice recorder. He starts to move some debris on the sidewalk. He notices there's a wallet that was riffled through as there is no money or credit cards left inside it. He pulls out a ziplock bag to place the item in it. "Evidence of something!"

A cold Hank Pym, having left his coat at the mansion much earlier in the day, walks this way, popping around the corner, his eyes looking up to the helicopter. They squint. He frowns. A shrug and Pym looks back to street level in time to see a figure stooping to pick up something. He quietly shifts over to the wall, watching, hand on his belt, prepared to shrink if need be, less prepared for a confrontation.

"I sincerely doubt that anyone is ever going to publish your autobiography, Deadpool," comes a vaguely amused voice from the dark not far off from where he had appeared. A young woman with coppery orange hair and skin far too pale to make her colorations anything but natural (she's a ginger!) walks around the corner of the building shaking her head at the man. Lucy pauses as she runs her hand over her side checking her belt to pull out a small pair of binoculars. "It took you long enough to get here…" She begins only to pause as her head snaps over catching sight of… something. Or someone, as they duck behind a wall. She frowns in that direction with eyes narrowed speculatively before turning back to Wade with a single eyebrow arched questioningly.

While Shadow Pym looks suspiciously towards Shadow Wade while Shadow Lucy looks suspiciously back towards Shadow Pym. shadow Raven continues to suspiciously watch the scene below until there is another shift of movement to the side of his vision. The bird's head turns, looking over to see other figures making use of other nearby alleys. Well, damn. There's a lot of shadowy stuff about. Surely this is serious.
S'more. Snape. Succotash. *snickers*

Refusing to fully let himself be identified by anyone who might know what he is up to, Special Agent Wade Wilson turns on his S.H.I.E.L.D. tracking device. "On location in Midtown." He then clicks on his personal holographic projector and adjusts the settings. The hard light energy masks Deadpool in a Boba Fett costume. "Perfect, with New York Comic Con this weekend, no one will know who I am nor bother me." He figures that he can keep his weapons at his side with this set up. He turns around, feeling that someone might have observed his actions to see if anyone might pose a threat.

"Lucy, you startled me." He then pauses, "It took me longer to get here because of what happened over the weekend. But we don't have time for a recap or a flashback so just catch the reprint of Issue #11 from Volume 3." He winks but the helmet hides his facial expressions. He then sighs, "I need to find Reed Richrds soon. I heard that he's one of the best scientists out there. Him and that brainiac who invented those amazing 'Pimp Articles' both live in the city. If anyone can help get my healing factor back under control it's one of those two. I've been doing my homework." He then salutes Lucy and then has a cold, emotionless tone in his voice. "Alright, enough playtime from me, what's our assignment?"

The name "Deadpool" is clear enough, and Pym pokes his head out a bit further to see him now conversing with a redhead. His frown fades. His hands raise and he steps forward. "Not my plan for the night" he whispers to himself. His silhouette is alone visible from the street lights behind him. "Richards is a physicist. I think you'll find Dr. Pym's services more suited to your needs." He then looks over his shoulder, then down to the shadow long on the pavement. "Just what I wanted … a dramatic entry," Pym says and rolls his eyes.

Lucy had donned a jacket to help ward off the cold and so the official SHIELD attire she wore was as disguised as it was going to get. Shoving her hands into her pockets she watches with vague amusement as Deadpool changes to Boba Fett image with a small shake of her head. "Right. Well then let's…" She begins only to pause when the figure she'd seen moves over to greet them in a manner, and she nods toward him silently. "And you would know this how?" The Raven… raven? Is not seen however. She doesn't think to look up.

This evening appears to be all about dramatic entrances. While Pym makes his step out of the shadows towards Deadpool, one of the newly made homeless unknowingly steps closer to the shadows awaiting in an alley not far from the one Wade and Co are situating themselves in.

Not really wanting to wait until this new element plays out, the raven spreads its wings and leaps off the roof, gliding towards the potential issue.

"I heard that Richards is better suited to help with what I need. At least compared to that jerkish know-it-all Avenger who thinks he is the king of science," quips Wade as he looks around, not making eye contact with Henry. "Just because he flies around in a toaster doesn't mean he can help fix me. I need that dude with all his aunts. I think he might be able to help with my regeneration since he is all smart unlike Iron Man or Richards. Richards seems like a great scientist but he can't help his friend turn back into human again while that 'aunt' guy does all these amazing things with insects and growth tissue. Stick bugs dp regrow limbs and such. Maybe that's where this guy and I can work together. I can normally regrow parts." He shrugs again, "I just wish I could remember his name. I was reading up about his work on Wikipedia last night." He then eyes up Henry, "I'm Special Agent Wilson of SHIELD. Contracted for your protection. Do we know each other?" He keys in something on his left wrist communicator. It's addressed to Lucy but it's not sent. The display still has the text on it. Wade's attention is now on something else.

"Hey, ADHD might as well be my mutant power. I can multi-task on—- oh, there's a pop up blocking my thoughts. Why, yes, I am 18 and over…"

There's a glance back and forth from the helmet, "Are we in Gotham? I think I just saw a bat acting creepy. Awh crap, one of you is all glittery and a glampire?!"

It's about then, when Wade has his little freak out, that Ilene appears, walking down the sidewalk. She's not paying attention, eyes focused on the ground infront of her. Seems she's thinking about something rather hard, because her nose is scrunched up and her lips are pursed. Even all that talking doesn't get her attention. Eesh, what a space cadet. Oh, and she's not really dressed for cold weather, seeing as she's in a dress.

"I … Well I am Dr. Pym." The good doctor fumbles for his wallet, pulling out his old University ID, rather than his Avengers card. He steps a little closer and hands it to Lucy. His features and blond hair are a bit more discernible now. "Oh, you mean Stark," says Pym breathing a sigh of relief. "No-no, I can do my best with you. Mr. Wilson. Of each other, certainly. Though I wouldn't stoop to Wikipedia for my research. Miss, you may need to pass that to the storm trooper when you've finished looking at it."

Lucy takes the offered ID in hand to scan over quickly regarding it with thought. There was no way to really check the veracity of such an ID versus the Avenger one—Which was rather hard to get your hands on, really, but… "It looks real," she assures Wade with a small frown of thought as she looks back up to Pym. Without a word she hands the ID back toward Hank as she states, "I'll buy that it's real, and you're who you claim. Kind of odd for someone to randomly show up claiming to be the person we're talking about while having a fake ID for that person on them." She offers a small smile and introduces herself as, "Agent O'Keene, SHIELD. It's fine. I'm Wilson's handler."

While the three have their chat, the shadowy figure emerges from the shadows branishing a knife to the unexpecting homeless guy. Considering all those present in the general area, this would be likely an ill-advised move for the person. Even more ill-advised would be the speech he starts, "Your money or y-OOOOPH!"

See? No pizzaz. Cliched start, and what's worse, he didn't even finish it. How har- Oh? Well it turns out the reason why he didn't complete his line is some BIRD was early on his entrance and knocked him to the ground. God, what is this? Community theater?! TIMING folks. TIMING.

The Boba Fett —- eh SHIELD agent is puzzled, "Oh my God! It's you! The dude with the Pimp Articles!" For some reason, Wade's convinced that it's Pimp Articles and not Pym Particles. He's about to say something else but he hears activity. "I think we really are in Gotham. I should have used a better holographic image. Of like Iron Man. He's like Batman and Giant Man except not as cool. And he wasn't bitten by a radioactive iron thingy." He dispatches his pistol and starts to creep over to the commotion.

Nearly stumbling, Ilene pauses and looks up, blinking a few times. Then she frowns, shakes her head slightly, and keeps walking. With a sigh she pauses and drops onto a bench, where she pulls out her phone and stares at the screen for a bit. Nose wrinkling once more, she just looks at it, no call made, no text sent. She's just a civilian sitting on a bench, at night, stareing at her phone. Weirdo.

With a nod Hank takes the card and slides in back into the wallet, which he slides back into his pocket. His hands hand relaxed at his sides. "A pleasu—" Dr. Pym is interrupted by the voice in the dark the screech and the rushing of wings. His hand is reflexively on his belt near the case of liquid Pym Particles. Hank keeps behind Wilson and his Handler, glancing back to notice the young lady in the dress. He falters. He should go back to warn her. But he might be needed. No need to frighten her unduly.

"Holy shit it's Birdman!" Lucy blurts out only to pause immediately after. Who the hell was… Dammit, spending too much time with Wade again. It doesn't quite matter though as her attention shifts abruptly from Pym to the would-be-attacker and the bird that apparently went Birdmageddon on him. There air immediately around her grows suddenly warmer in spite of the fact that it was a chill autumn night as she obviously tenses to prepare for a potential fight.

Knocked down, the would be assailent is now on the ground blinking up at the feathery hero of the evening standing on his chest. "The-" He lifts up his gun, only for a wing to smack it out of hand. The other wing balls up, throwing a punch to the man's jaw. Oh geez, this is REALLY going to ruin his street cred.

The intended victim of the mugging stands there dumbly, watching as the Corvid beats up on the crime maker.

The hard light projector deactivates to reveal Deadpool! He pulls out his SHIELD issued Uzis from his belt and looks around as he watches the battle go on. "So, is this like a King novel? Or that Goosebumps stuff?" He looks at Lucy, half amused about her 'Birdman' comment. He then looks back at where Pym is to make sure he's ok. He wants to protect the Avenger. "I got things covered, I think." He does have a burning question to ask.

Wade does think that the Raven is a good guy though!

Ilene looks up as she puts the phone away, a brow arching as all the noise finally catches ehr attention. With a frown she stands and takes a few steps toward where the others went. She's hesitant, arms wrapping around herself, but takes a few steps closer, trying to see what's going on.

"Well I don't think we can count on the bird to take him in. We should probably call the police. I doubt this is really the concern of SHIELD, not is it that of the Avengers," says Pym while looking from the fight scene in front to the girl in back. She's coming nearer. You better stand back miss? No, Jan would say he's sounding like an old fogey.

"That's the problem with having a badge of any sort. You're kind of obligated to do something when it's right in front of you," Lucy explains to Pym in reply. She doesn't jump in though—She allows Wade to do that. He'd not really gotten out much lately and if he couldn't handle something like this then it was really time for him to consider a career change. Instead her gaze follows Pym's to the woman approaching with a frown of concern. "Hey, are you nuts? Stand back you could be hurt."

With the poor excuse for a criminal out cold, the two foot tall bird stands on his chest a little longer, head tilting in obseration before shaking his head, "Damn it." Phantasm turns to look to the homeless guy, "You, REALLY need to be more aware of your surroundings." Giving a grumble, the bird hops off of the gun man, kicking the gun a little further away from the prone form, just in case as he reaches into… a pocket? Since when do Ravens have pockets?

"Ok, the talking bird took out a criminal mugging a bum. I think tonight's pretty normal," says Wade as he puts his holographic cloak back on. This image is of a standard looking SHIELD Agent but with Hawkeye's face. He walks over to the homeless bum and the attacker while looking at the bird. "Hi there, I am a special agent with the government. Can I put these restraints on this guy without upsetting you? You did good."

Ilene blinks as she glances at the two, but focuses on the woman. She purses her lips, then shrugs and takes a step or two back. Leaning slightly to the side, she still tries to see what's going on.

In light of the agent's response to the approaching woman, Pym wonders if his would indeed have been more tactful. At any rate, it is clear now that they were dealing with another hero. His arms crossed, Pym takes a step back and watches as Wilson deals with the situation. At this point the fire of the Avengers mansion are calling, as are the blueprints for that robot he's been sketching out.

As the bird starts to pull out a cellphone out of… well, himself, the bird pauses as the 'Hawkeye' approaches him. The Jr. Avenger squints at him. "Right…" He puts the phone back, "So, 'Hawkeye', how are you doing with replacing Hulk's ice cream?" The wings fold, waiting expectantly. His head tilts, looking over to the regular Avenger, "…Pym?"

Lucy facepalms hard when Wade puts on the 'Hawkeye' disguise. "Wade…" she mutters as the hand drags down over her face. An apologetic glance is cast toward Pym, and she can only shrug. The innocent bystander is regarded again and she nods in apparent approval… then walks forward to reach for Wade's arm clearing her throat.

And an evil little grin settles over her as she drapes herself up against his side much like any woman might with Hawkeye. Or. Well. Maybe? "Are you having fun without me, Woogie-bear?"

Wade frowns, "No, I am not him! I am just looking like him today so I can be awesome. Because everyone in SHIELD loves Clint. Even me. I am starting to think he's Cupid and he shot his arrow into me or something because he has great stories. And—-" As Lucy seems to be drooling over the fake 'Hawkeye; image, there's a thought that occurs to Deadpool; everyone loves Clint while no one really tolerates Wade. He's aware that he's done bad and he's aware that he has done good. He deactivates the holographic projector and takes his mask off; revealing a thing of bandages on his left side and a band aid where his left eye should normally be. "Kid, if you're a Junior Avenger, then I guess you got this taken care of." He looks at Hank, Lucy, and he thinks he spots Ilene. But he also thinks he sees a cast of other people he's seen recently.

"Body slide by—-Right, we don't have that yet." He frowns and then looks at Hank, "I'll be in touch soon. I might need your help. I also need to know why the Avengers never have Ant Man and Giant Man work together. You never see them at the same time." He then looks at Lucy, "Tell Fury that this was on me and I'll make it up some how, someday. I am not collecting my pay for this." He unclips his harness, letting his katanas and webgear fall to the ground before he clicks his teleporter button and vanishes into the night.

Lucy was of course teasing for the sake of helping his disguise… but that falls through rather suddenly when he removes his mask. She stiffens, and stares at him with a scowl. "Dammit Wade how did you lose your…" The concern that was evident turns into anger though as he pops off in one of his moments, causing her to yell out helplessly to the now thin air: "DAMMIT WADE!" A single deep breath is taken as she claps her hand over her face again grinding her teeth together in frustration. It was really hard to keep a handle on someone that wouldn't actually tell you what was going on half the time. The hand swings down, and she stoops to grab his gear slinging it over her shoulder as she stands again. "Sometimes, I hate my job."

Ilene keeps back, watching the goings on all the while. That is, untill the woman sidles up to Wade. A brow arches at the sudden change in moods. And then Wade drops the holo and pulls off the mask. Instantly her face falls, eyes going wide, "W-Wade…?" There's a woman hanging on him. Her hands curl into fists, and suddenly her hair is flickering with blue fire…Wait…Blue fire? Oh dear. Just as she's about to move toward them, Wade vanishes. With a shriek she turns and runs off toward home.

Pym chuckles, seeming to find himself. His arms relax again and he moves closer to Drago. "It's me, Phantasm. I seem to have turned a corner onto a couple parties." Not unlike the girl behind who, do to standard human curiosity is lingering, but whose presence is a bit unnerving. To flippant around a civilian, if that was the right term. And now it seemed to truly be a party of sorts. His focus was now on the mugger, half paying attention to Wade as he begins to answer. "Alright, Wilson. My Avengers extension is 54- Oh." Deadpool was gone. "I'll give you a card for him, agent." And Pym reaches once more for his wallet. Then a shriek, a flash of blue light. Pym whips around, watching the girl run. "I understand, agent…"

The bird snerks, shaking his head as he hops off of the assailent. 'Woogie-bear.' He repeats, sniggering, taking a few steps away, watching Deadpool vanish. "Everybody goes through that at some point." Phantasm commnts to Lucy's lament, shaking his head, "If you loved it all the time it'd be more a hobby than a job."

Lucy flashes Pym a smile. "Thank you Dr. Pym that would help-" Fwompsh? She knew that sound. Knew it intimately being a firestarter herself. Her head snaps around to stare after Ilene running off, engulfed in blue flame, after letting out an anguished cry of 'Wade.' "… Did that… did she just get jealous of…" Her eyebrows furrow with a small frown as her lips purse tight together, and she glances at the katanas currently sticking out over her shoulder where the web gear and weapon belt was slung. "… I need a beer." Reaching up she pinches at the bridge of her nose nodding to the pair of Avengers. "You have no idea. Really, you don't. First I was assigned to 'Loki-watch', then I lost a year of my life, and then Wa—Deadpool. And now apparently," she mutters straightening up again. "I'm going insane because, you know, I swear I was starting to maybe, /just maybe/ like him. But damned if I'm going to be playing the angry jealous girl when he's apparently got a thing for hotheads. So. I'm going to go home. And get nice and smashed." With that she grins cheerily, flips a wave to the pair, and adds, "I'll call in a pick up for our friend here," in regards to the criminal handcuffed up nicely.

Pym reaches into the depths of his wallet for small stack of business cards, one of which he passes to Lucy. "Loki-watch? I cannot imagine. No that's not the worst plan, agent, though I'm a scotch man myself. I can wait here with Phantasm until then if need be. "

The bird frowns as Lucy laments the Loki watch. "Loki's not THAT b-" He pauses as she starts talking about boy problems. Yeah. Not stepping into THAT. But he does give a nod as she assures them that the failed mugger will be handled. Less stuff on his end to do. He glances over to Hank and then back to Lucy, "Enjoy your drink."

The Tomahawk begins to leave the sky. A SHIELD agent flies out and is using the standard issued jetpack. He makes his way to the group and he looks to be fatigued as if something had just happened. His flight goggles have cracks. He sighs watches the vehicle fly away. "Coulson is so going to fire me over this." He holds up his ID badge, "The clean up crew should be arriving shortly. The police are en route." He shrugs, "And Deadpool hijacked my bird to go after someone named Sinister. This is going to be a week worth of paper work." He tosses a SHIELD issued watch towards where Wade left his katanas and gear.

"Loki before you guys decided to take him in," Lucy points out to Phantasm as she takes the card from Pym. "Back when he was an arrogant prick of a princeling. Trust me. He was a handful." Smiling perhaps a bit forced she heads off now. "They'll be here shortly."

"You mean, the equivalent of a teenager." Phantasm responds, blandly, giving a dnod as he watches her off. He glances over to make sure the homeless guy ran off before looking to Pym, "Off the clock or also looking into the disappearances?"

Pym withholds comment on the Loki situation, the debate already too sharp for his liking. He waves to Lucy as she departs and gives his regards to the second agent. "Disappearances?" he asks Phantasm. "No, just collecting some papers from the old lab." Pym pats his jacket pocket.

The bird frowns, flapping his wings to fly up, perching upon Henry's shoulder, "Ah. This might take a bit of explaining then…"

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