2014-10-27 To The Rescue
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Cara, Doom, Loki, Phantasm, Surge, Tech-Star
GMed by NA
Title: To The Rescue

Established handwaveyness: X-folks got permission because no one wants Doom to have a Loki. Annnnd people knew about this well enough in advance to prepare while figuring out where to go.

So let it be written, so let it be Doom … er, done.

Right. Now set somebody

Loki has been well kept within the castle for about a week, withdrawn from his cell at time for interrogation and for experimentation. Some of the Doombots have whispered seeing the shadow of their master lurking the halls without a helmet. Now Doom sits in his lab, his eyes glassed over, as he studies three dimensional protein renderings. At times he scribbles down a note or two. Now he turns, looking down a glass floor to a tank below where Loki is kept, bound to a metal operating table. "I believe, Trickster, that I have hit about the source of your magic. I thank you." He is wearing his helmet.

The lab is dome shaped, surrounded by screens, ports, and two large desks on opposite end. Guard robots are at either side of the door and four are stationed within Loki's cell.

Loki is exhausted. Even he needs food and drink to survive, and considering he's there to serve as a guinea pig for Doom to find out what makes him tick, he wasn't exactly provided with much. He spent much of it sedated, having periods of wakefulness where he would see a bright light above him, or hear the sound of the Doombots before he went back into blissful oblivion. At the moment he is awake, sort of, and swallows to try and moisten his dry throat.

"You should be warned that not all of my magic source is pure."

It was slim pickings, slim pickings indeed that led to this motley crew that is now in enemy territory. The pilot, and perhaps another have remained behind with the Quinjet, making sure that they are ready to get the hell out of the area once they get back Loki.

The hooded figure looks over to those who have tagged along for this expedition, somewhat thankful that his expression is hidden considering the group. Oh lord, how is this going to pan out? "Surge. If it looks like it's holding any data that's important. Fry it. Hell, even if it's Doom's credit cards, go make those useless as well. Tech, Same. Blast shit. Smash, whatever. Cara, uh… " Phantasm pauses as he considers Cara. "…stab things with glass."

With a quick sharp breath in, Cara looks down at her hands, shaking with a nervousness she knows all too well, yet doesn't know how to handle. She grabs a rubber band off her wrist and uses it to bind her hair in a tight pony tail. She wears a tan jacket and has a faded baby blue t-shirt on underneath and a pair of blue jeans on. Yeah, she's not dressed for the cold of Europe, she's dressed for the controlled coolness of the Avenger's mansion. She looks over to Mike when he speaks to her and suddenly two clear blades appear from under her sleeves and she grips onto them. "I'll do my best." She whispers, stepping behind Mike, hoping he's able to be a strong leader.

Traveling by team jet never gets old. Accustomed to flying by Blackbird, Sam takes quite a bit of time to study his surroundings. He doesn't want to admit it, but the quinjet does seem far more advanced than his team's jet, albeit less comfortable to travel in. The power armoured bulk of the young mutant, a vision of Iron Man in three quarter scale with the distinct X-logo on the carapace, leans back in his seat, nodding at the instructions. He left the helmet recessed for now, his head and face visible rising out of the armoured gorget of the suit, dwarfing it in comparison. "Got it. Wreck the tech." Is he nervous? Absolutely. The youngest member of this team by far, he's only here because nobody else was available.

"Then I shall wait," says Doom as he paces back toward the screen. He presses a button and the door slides open with the sound of a record being scratched. One robot exits. "I shall acquire simpler life forms on which to imbue with your powers." Doom moves to the opposite counter on which chemicals mix together in tubes and beakers, the result a pale green sludge which gleams iridescently under the hard lights. The door opens anew and the air fills with the sound of screeching and hooting, as two chimpanzees are brought in by the necks. Each is given an injection and within seconds they reach a happy torpor. Doom sets each ape on the counter, hooking up electrodes to their brains, and from their brains to their hands. "Meet your new family, Loki, which I will create for you."

Loki pulls against his restraints and squints against the lights. "They won't be able to withstand the power, you're killing them needlessly. Mortals are not meant to hold that kind of energy. And you're forgetting one thing. I'm Loki. I've been trained by Karnilla as well as Frigga. I have two sources of magic…one of them is black magic." He lets his head fall back against the table and wrenches against the bonds again, whether it tears his skin or not.

"But most importantly, don't get killed." Phantasm adds in, holding out his hand to grab the two younger members of the group, "Now, for the quiet entrance…Surge, grab a shoulder." Upon Surge doing so, the vanish from view as they shift over to a dream form, bypassing as much of the security as they can.

Cara starts to extend her hand out to Mike to grasp his but with her elbow grabbed she just goes with it. The knife in her hand shifting to form an impromptu bracelet for the time. The glass-bender forces herself to keep her eyes open during the trip.

As the operation starts, Tech Star's helmet extends from the suit and snaps into place. Readouts and status indicators flood the mutant's vision, and with a slight flicker the visor of the helmet illuminates, indicating the suit has gone into full operational mode. He'd normally object to being asked to hold hands, but this is clearly not the time to be petulant, so he fades from view along with the rest of the team.

Inside the castle, he can feel the flow of information and technology, the conduits, the invisible web and skein of information that binds it together. His slightly distorted voice comes over the team comms a scant few minutes into the dream walk "Taking this apart is going to be fun. Want a null zone? I can disrupt anything you can see, and plenty of things you can't. Just give the word."

The shiny sludge is carefully applied to the electrodes and the rest is injected into the apes. There is no visible reaction from them, save perhaps for a widening of the eyes. The insertion point was the hands. "Then you should be comforted in knowing that Doom is a magician skilled in both shades of the art." He turns his face from Loki and begins to call upon some minor powers, seeking their aid in binding his will to the stuff around him, the apes, the machine which would short cut their normal nervous system. The room grows dark for a moment as arcane forces swirl around the apes and the fingers of Doom.

"Doom, you don't know what you're doing!" Loki starts chanting and lifting his fingers to cast a green and gold magic to try and dispell what the apes and Doom are doing. He's weak, so his magic isn't as potent as it could be, but he's doing his best to stop him. "You're an idiot. A fool. An…an…asshole!!!"

What the four see is nothing more than what they saw before, with the occasional times where Phantasm prompts them to close their eyes while walking. Particularly around the times they are walking through walls. "First off, we need to know where Loki is. Then you'll be free to go clear a path for the exit."

Cara does as she's instructed and simply follows along with Phantasm's plan, not sure what she should do when she gets there. She just knows she'll do her best and try to do what's right.

"Right… give me a moment." It's impossible to tell what Sam does, but his steps become a bit more labored, walking on auto pilot rather than paying full attention. "Let's see… robots everywhere, same C & C net for all of them, eyes everywhere… no… no… wow, no, but wow…. Whoa." At that, the suit comes to an abrupt halt, and the visor flares again for a moment. "I see him. Two floors up, western wing, but we want to get there in a hurry."

Victor inhales deeply through his mask, his hands move slowly over knobs and buttons. The electrodes stimulate the chimps' brains, wiggling does, increasing heart rate. Ah, he has found it. The wires shine golden. The hands of the apes shimmer and turn transparent. Their hearts beat faster of their own accord. "Punish him," growls Doom, and the robots fire bright orange energy at the rascal-turned-Avenger.

Loki emits a shrill cry. Damn this younger body. He arches his back and strains against the restraints, drawing blood. When it's finally over, Loki has passed out again, perhaps offering Mike the opportunity to enter his dream when it kicks in. The green magic dissapates.

As Tech waddles around, Phantasm is doing his utmost to drag the others along so as not to break contact. "Do you have to mo-"he pauses as Tech mentions where Loki is. Then another presence pops up which gets an eiree glow of fanged smile in thought process. "Looks like I found a shortcut. Don't break contact until we are there. Tech, Crash. Cin, Slash. Surge, we'll deposit you outside of the area so you can start work on clearing a path back out." He grows quiet as the view of the room vanishes from them and the world of a certain Asgardian's dream envelop them.

Cara nods her understanding, then thinking about how he's moving forward, dragging her, "Yes!" She says, suddenly sounding slightly confident for the first time since they set out.

"Understood." is Tech Star's response, staying close to Mike and not even thinking about breaking contact. He'd seen a glimpse of the lab holding Loki through the eyes of a Doombot, and he's getting ready to unleash some technological mayhem in support of his favorite Asgardian.

Making sure that Loki shall not thwart him at this stage, Doom returns to his experiment. The apes' hands both morph into more human hands, although he unable to alter their size. The chimps howl and yank at their restraints. Their hands begin to bleed, the blood red tinged with a shiny metallic substance. Doom calls upon another power to stabilize the connection. A scent like ash and citrus fills the room. The apes tremble as the blood coagulates. "Not ready yet, indeed. Then Loki will suffer more until the power can be tamed."

Using the dream, the two stories becomes more two steps before the group steps out of the dream into the room o' Doom. "Now." He whispers to the others before letting go of Cin and Tech, turning to shove Surge through a door to do escape route duty. Turning, he does what likely would be an ill advised move if he still wasn't invisible, charge a Doom.

Cara takes a moment once let go to quickly observe the room with a frown and a quick hunching over to make herself smaller and less likely to be shot should bullets start flying. She points one knife in direction of Doom but stays her hand as she slowly inches towards Loki's holding cell, lifting one hand towards the glass between.

There is no great display of pyrotechnics or other such grand standing effects. One moment Tech Star wasn't there, the next he is. Doomtech starts shutting down in a bubble around him, powering down if it can, switched to safe mode if it can't, or overloaded if none of the above is an option. Armoured boots clank along the floor as the young mutant heads towards the cell, disabling the bots inside and extending the ballistic plates along his limbs in a defensive posture in case other nasties outside of his sphere of control decide to take a few potshots.

The power goes down. The apes, as unconscious as Loki, collapse to the ground. There is no blue sparks from the loose wires. There is no electricity at all. The bots are down. Fortunately that means the door stays shut. Doom shouts, calling on the spirits to attack. "Hashtur, Elgash, I summon you to my aid." The room darkens and Doom appraises the situation. "Welcome, intruders. I commend you for your stealth, however you are strangers, and foolhardy ones, to enter the domain of Doom, with knives and an electrician."

As Phantasm approaches he blinks just as he's about to come into contact with Doom, effectively running through the armor before stopping, slamming the back of the armor, from the side of Doom in the hopes of tipping the armored sorceror over. Oh this is just getting WEIRD.

Cara keeps her eyes on doom, yet she presses a hand against the window between Doom and themselves, and Loki on the other side. At first there seems to be nothing going on, but the glass gets noticeably thinner and eventually starts to pool around her hand. It appears like hot wax melting around and cocooning around her fingers, then her hand and wrist all the way up to her elbow in a thick yet malleable second skin of glass.

Seeing that Cara has the situation well in hand, pun intended, and seems able to get to Loki without his help, Tech Star engages the brand new flight pack, blasts towards the domed ceiling and comes back down again, landing with a metallic thud not too far from Doom's weird chimpansee to Loki transmogrification machine. "Nice place you have, shame I have to wreck it. Wouldn't it be just a drag if all of your research notes got replaced by Justin Bieber tracks?" He wouldn't…

Victor feels the Phantasm's impact and staggers to the side. The powers of Hashtur and Elgash appear as two pairs of menacing eyes, one which surrounds Phantasm, the other seems to be attempting a siege of Tech Star's armor, perhaps an attempt at possession. Loki and what is happening to him does not appear to be a prime concern.

Phantasm looks over to see what Cara is doing, "Tech, Loki! Cin, Door!" After pausing long enough to tug off what looks like important stuff in the suit, Phantasm pops out, moving towards the door.

Clenching her fist around her new gauntlet, Cara keeps the weapon in her other hand pointed towards Doom as she moves towards the door, each step deliberate and yet rapid. She really doesn't want to be here too much longer.

"On it." Tech Star reports and engages his flight pack again to rocket towards Loki. Luckily his new suit was far more agile and precise than the previous iteration, or that would have been a very short flight… Odd warning flicker across the readouts, but then again that was nothing unusual… if a demonic computer virus managed to get aboard his suit's computer, the mutant hasn't noticed. "C'mon, time we got gone." Shackles open and Tech Star moves to grab Loki, ready to drag, lift or fly him to safety.

"I will not call your bluff, electrician," declares Doom, as the team seems to successfully be making away with Loki. "Let me be rid of the fool, and by losing one gain many more."

Run run run run. When everyone's at the door, a hooded figure appears, facial features missing save for the glow of red eye and jagged teeth. Despite the appearance, he grabs on to Loki and Cara. "And go." After he's sure Tech's grabbed on as well, he fades them out of sight, to get the hell out of dodge.


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