2014-11-08 The Good Samaritan
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange, Gambit
GMed by Phantasm
Title: The Good Samaritan

Logfile from FlameOfDarkness.

The East Village is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, lying east of Greenwich Village, south of Gramercy and Stuyvesant Town, and north of the Lower East Side. Within the East Village are several smaller neighborhoods, including Alphabet City and the Bowery.

The area was once generally considered to be part of the Lower East Side, but began to develop its own identity and culture in the late 1960s, when many artists, musicians, students and hippies began to move into the area, attracted by cheap rents and the base of Beatniks who had lived there since the 1950s. The neighborhood has become a center of the counterculture in New York, and is known as the birthplace and historical home of many artistic movements, including punk rock and the Nuyorican literary movement. It has also been the site of protests and riots.

The East Village is still known for its diverse community, vibrant nightlife and artistic sensibility, although in recent decades gentrification has changed the character of the neighborhood somewhat

Evening, another cool night has begun to fall upon New York City. Oddly enough, during these twilight hours on cool nights like this, Stephen Strange finds himself with a hint of cabin fever. To sate this irksome mood, the good doctor has stepped out of his Greenwich abode and has travelled a small distance on his feet, finding himself in the East Village. He has stopped in a coffee shop moments ago and carries in a gloved hand a warm cup of brew. The sorcerer walks slowly, deliberately as are most of his actions but he has no purpose in this night. Or, none yet.

The work of a master thief can take one to many varied and interesting jobs. It isnt always stealing something shiny and expensive. It is a rather interesting job that brings Remy LeBeau to the East Village tonight. Even though the sun no longer illuminates the street, the tall lithe man still wears a pair of sunglasses which hide his rather unique eyes as they scan the area. He pulls a small piece of paper from his pocket and regards it momentarily before stuffing it back into one of the oversized pockets of his trench coat. Last week, he was approached by an old friend who requested that the thief help track down a young girl who has been missing since Ragnarok. Its not his usual work, but the pay is good, and while hed be loathe to admit it, its for a good cause.

The evening is not a good time to be seeing little girls out and about all their lonesome but with the aftereffects of Ragnarok. It's becoming a sad reality in some parts of New York. As LeBeau looks to his paper there's a soft sound of distress coming from a nearby alleyway.

"Please don't-"

"The he-?!"


Stoping dead in his tracks, Stephen turns his head towards the direction of the voices, even though he's on the other side of the alleyway. The warlock casts a spell of vague invisibility, making him more camouflaged in the nighttime shadows and colors than outright invisible. He steps into the alley to see if he can see what's going on.

Remys attention is instantly piqued by the sounds of distress coming from the alleyway. For a moment, he wonders if he should even look into it. Sometimes its a pain being a thief with a conscience. With a nearly inaudible sigh, he puts on a big goofy smile, and adjusts the gait of his walk to give the appearance of having a few too many drinks. Yo, 'ommes, he calls out in a friendly manner, Yall good wit drections?

The scene inside is a condemning one. A young girl, thrashing frantically on the ground with a guy struggling to pin her down while the other is standing nearby. At the inquiry the one not otherwise occupied turns to look towards Gambit, giving a bit of a sneer, "None of your business. Walk away." He adjusts his stance, a hand reaching into his own coat pocket.

Stephen pauses his spell hand, at the approach of Gambit from the other side of the men. He keeps the spell charged in his angry grip, but he must let earth take care of itself. He frowns at the situation his title has put him in, but he must stay his hand and wait.

Gambit continues to stumble towards the scene, still appearing drunk. Come on, mon ami, he says while his speech slurs slightly. Jus' lookin' ta get ta dat bar where all de punk music started. He prepares a hidden card within the sleeve of his trench coat, letting it slide down his forearm, past his wrist and within the palm of his hand, all within the blink of an eye, and well out of view of anyone looking his way. Meybe you boys an' de lady like ta join' me fo' a bit'a party? Y'all like ta party?"

The girl turns her head looking towards the approaching Gambit, "Please! You've g-"

The girl's request is halted as the man on top of her brings a fist to her stomach before getting up to turn and face Remy threatingly. Instead of running, the girl turns on her side, curling up into a fetal position. The other man looks to his friend and back to Remy, "I guess it's yes, because he's ready to dance." He sighs, pulling out a knife, "You're going to regret trying to play hero."

Strange slinks into a corner, and keeps himself as quiet as possible, even casting a spell on himself that's easily broken should he need to speak to anyone or if he gets wounded in a cross-fire. His other hand is clenched around a spell still, waiting to use it only if he has to.

As the two men take their attention from the girl, Gambit continues to move closer. I usually pfer ta dance wit de ladies, he slurs out, still maintaining his ruse of being drunk. With card still in hand, he begins to charge it with kinetic energy. Dun look like de lady be enjoyin herself, dough, he says with a sly grin. With that, he tosses the card across the alley, aiming in front of the two men, careful to keep its blast away from the young lady on the ground. Before the card can even hit the ground, he is charging towards the men, revealing a telescoping bo staff made of metal from somewhere behind him.

Seeing Remy run towards them, the man with the knife shifts into a more attack ready position, his expression almost preda- The blast knocks him and his friend back. Unsteadying themselves during Gambit's approach.

The girl, she's still curled up, shifting a bit before lying growing still in her ball, her back to the fight.

Doctor Strange's grey eyes fly from combatant to combatant, observing the battle and the abilities of this mutant trying to save the girl.

Getting very close, Remy plants one end of his bo staff into the ground, using his momentum to pivot at the closest assailant. He twists in the air as his first booted foot hits one man in the chest. Continuing to spin, his other foot sweeps upward at the head of the second man.

Be it that the attack was preceded by an explosion just earlier, allowing for the surprise, or perhaps the men in the alley just weren't up to snuff compared to Remy, the Cajun's actions do get rewarded as both men fall to the ground. There is the added benefit with the impact of the second causing for the man to land on the ground and remain there. The first one, ends up losing his knife in the process of getting kicked. Final stage bosses, these are not.

The girl is also no longer moving.

Stephen waits.

The cajun gives the man who had been wielding a knife a sharp kick in his back, for good measure. He gingerly walks over towards where the girl lays balled up on the ground. He leans down to get closer to her. You alright, petite, Gambit asks softly with concern. He looks at her from over the top of his sunglasses, and were she to look at him, she would have a clear view of his very unique eyes. Need ta get ya outta 'ere, an' sumwhre safe.

The kick is enough to knock the man down with a rather pleasant thump as he hits the ground which is seemingly enough to reduce the threats as Gambit tends to the victim.

As Gambit comes up to the girl, she gives a small whimper. When the voice comes closer, the frightened looking girl cautiously turns her head, staring at Remy's eyes. "Are you a…"

In what could likely be determined an unhuman bit of speed, the girl's hand which had been hidden by her former possition jabs up, jabbing Remy's neck with something.

With a sudden gasp, Strange dissipates his spell as he covers his mouth in surprise. He was certain the scene was over with the two delinquents dispatched, but the girl seems to have something else in mind.

As the object is stabbed into his neck, Remy reaches up with a hand to press at the area. "J'me fu," he mutters and stumbles back slightly. "De hell was dat, girl?"

With Remy stumbling back, the girl smiles as she starts to get up, the expression on her face seeming much older than the face displaying it should be, "Hush. It won't kill you." She looks over to the two fallen men.

Stephen wants to step out of the shadows but he isn't justified in his interference. He does reach up to his chest to verify something with the eye of agamotto. He sends out it's light as an invisible ray and it's information plugged directly into his head. What exactly is this girl?

Gambit feels his eyelids getting heavier as a tranquilizer begins to course through his body. He continues to try and put a bit of space between himself and the girl. "Damsels in distress ain't what dey used ta be," he slurs. This time however, the slurring is genuine and not at all put on. His head reels. Were the tranquilizer not so fast acting, he would be charging another card. As is, his vision is already beginning to blur. "Merde," he curses under his breath, shaking his head violently trying to clear the world up.

The girl doesn't seem so distressed anymore as she moves towards Gambit, "You're not what we were planning for but you'll do nicely."

Stephen steps out of the shadows the camouflage spell dissolving as he does so. He pushes a spell at the woman, trying to bind her arms and feet to the ground with her facing up! "Who are you?! I seek the one inside."

Remy tries to focus on the new figure who has appeared from the shadows, but he is finding it harder and harder to focus now. He mutters something in french that is unintelligible. Dropping to one knee, he tries to brace himself from hitting the ground.

Another challenger has entered into the fray! While she was once gloating over Remy, the not-so-victim finds herself once more pinned to the ground. This time however, there is no one on top. Not liking it one bit, the woman snarls in far contrast to the whimpers from earlier. That soon gives way to crying. "Oh God, where am I?"

With a hand stretched out and being a used as a conduit to keep the woman pinned with his spell, Strange peers at the girl. Her question catches him off guard. "You're in the East Village." Strange says rather bluntly before looking down at her with his three eyes, a bright light emitting from the one residing in his chest. "What's your goal on this plane?!" The sorcerer asks.

The cajun has expended a lot of energy trying to remain conscious, but his body can no longer withstand the tranquilizer that is now coursing through his blood street. He blinks slowly. Once. Twice. And before he can blink a third time, his eyes close and his body hits the ground, not to get back up for some time. So much for being a hero.

"My mom… Is she still-" Flashes of images pop up for Strange to see. Apartments being burned during the conflict between the Ice Giants and the Fire demons, a shelter, the girl running into a pair of people outside, darkness… "No. no. Not my fault. The wouldn't…"

Strange grimaces visibly at the images he's being shown. With that he intensifies the light being emitted by the Eye of Agamotto, attempting to purify the host of the demon infection, to give this woman her body back.

When the light gets stronger, the woman's body twitches as the other presence lets out a snarling cry once more turning into sobs as the demon inside is made no more. The girl stills as Strange is left with four bodies lying in the alleyway.

The two men that were attacking her in the first place are transported to the lobby of the nearest hospital, while the girl and the mutant are taken to the basement of his sanctum sanctorum. Strange would then leave up stairs and asking Wong to take care of the two newest charges and to inform the doctor when either of them wakes.

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