2014-11-12 Intern Interruptus
This scene is rated PG-13
Warning: AJ = Profanity
Players: Surge, Tony, Angelica
GMed by Tony (Thanks!)
Title: Intern Interruptus

Summary: AJ finally meets her boss, AIM attacks! Surge happens upon the scene and helps mop the lemon-yellow baddies up.

Stark Tower. Manhattan. Midtown. And there's a Tony Stark in the lobby, fiddling with what looks like a custom version, heavily modified, of one of his company's own tablet phones. They're all the rage. People line up for midnight openings to get the latest one. Of course, theirs aren't exactly like his, which includes a variety of additional functions that most people probably wouldn't ever use. Like remote-controlled armor and things like that. He doesn't really try to blend in, everyone at his company is used to him just wandering around. Everyone in New York practically is.

Except for Angelica Jones, who's never crossed paths with the man before. She's been living under a rock. In Brooklyn. She's fresh from the Kinkos across the street, for she is the Stark Enterprises intern and glorified paper pusher. The best and brightest young minds in the nation compete fiercely to be her, willing to slave away at such mediocrity just on the chance they might soak up, by osmosis, some of the science being laid down in this joint.

At the moment, several dozen neatly bound and newly printed executive summaries of Something Awesome are balanced in her arms, almost obscuring her view. She's concentrating so hard on keeping the precarious tower from slipping as she walks that she — of course — plows right into Tony Stark. She sprawls, the reports scatter, and the first thing she sees, after babbling, "Oh, shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT — I am so sorry…!" is his shoes. Not the man. Just the shoes. So she goes for a little levity.

"Oh. Hey. Nice shoes."

Commence meetcute.

Fortunately, Tony isn't actually remotely operating any of his suits right now, or else this could have ended very badly, probably with some real estate going up or down in value fairly meteorically. The tablet clatters to the floor, but being so well-manufactured — natch — it's fine. He snatches it up from the ground, slips it into a jacket pocket, and moves to help Angelica up.

"Thanks," he answers. "I get that a lot. Though not usually on a first meeting." He cracks a grin, and yes — probably implying a lot more, since it's the kind of thing Mrs. Arbogast or Pepper would royally chew him out for saying, if he were the one to say it. He holds out a hand to the intern, and once she's up, moves to help her gather up the papers.

"That's a lot of shit for such an innocent-looking face. If you got any sharper-tongued, I might blush." Tony glances over a few of the papers as he collects them, trying to put them in order as quickly as he can, if he can. "I'm told I'm way too innocent and angelic to ever curse or say anything harsh." That's probably a joke. No, check that: unquestionably a joke.

It's not until he helps her up and she's looking him straight in the face that she realizes exactly who owns the footwear she's just admired. The girl freezes like a deer in the proverbial headlights. "Holy Mary mother of fuck," she profanes, gaping, then blushes to the roots of her carrot-red hair. "I — oh, God — I'm so sorry, Mr. Stark. I did not mean 'nice shoes.' I mean, I did, they're nice. I'm sure they could probably buy a small island nation or at least a comparably sized boat. But — you know — the… rest. That's usually…" Oh, fuck. "Words are not my friends. I'm just going to…" Stop using them now. Yeah. She grabs up the last of the reports, visibly shaking.

"I'm the Mary? Usually I get to be the Rhoda." Tony holds out the stack of papers he's assembled. At least he seems to be enough abreast of what's going on in his company to know which order to put them in. "Call me Tony. And what may I call you, Ms…?" Once the papers are returned to Angelica and his hands are free, one hand remains extended to the intern, bright and confident smile on his face. He could very well power his suits with that.

"Rhoda Wise was never beatified," the redhead blurts. And, even though she realizes this is completely irrelevant, she can't help but continue, "So. Uhm. You know. Holy Rhoda. It's not a thing." Yep. There's so much blood in her face, she probably can't feel her feet. "Oh. I'm…" It's possible she considers using an alias, just then, but she's wearing an employee badge. In the picture, she has her eyes closed and is in the middle of saying something that twists her mouth at a goofy angle. It's a deeply unfortunate likeness.

"Jones," she supplies, unhappily. Wanting to be anyone else. Anywhere else. But she's not, so she takes his hand. It's at least a good handshake. "Angelica Jones. I'm… your intern. Sir." So much for 'Call me Tony.'

Tony stares for a moment, and then he just bursts out laughing, reaching over to pat Angelica's shoulder. "My intern, and I haven't been properly introduced to you yet? I guess it's probably just as well. You could've seen me in one of my super-nerd phases, or worse — company soiree. So. Ms. Jones. May I call you Angelica? I'll call you whatever you want if you just don't call me 'sir'."

There's this kind of feel around Tony that he just doesn't take much of anything that seriously. But in a good way. "I think we can make Holy Rhoda happen, what do you think?"

Angelica eyes him. "You could probably bribe the Pope?" she suggests, for making Holy Rhoda happen. "Unless that's a metaphor for something, like making the beast with two backs. In which case I'm sure you've got about a sagan better ones." Not that he has a reputation for that kind of thing, at all. She wrinkles up her freckled nose uncertainly. "I'm usually AJ. To… people." And he's certainly people. She takes a deep breath. "So! It's been really swell meeting you! I have to get these upstairs and find a quiet place to commit seppuku." The sooner the better.

Tony snaps his fingers, looking like the suggestion is legitimately being considered. "Good idea, but bribery only gets you so far, what with the library scanned and online nowadays. Hey — hey! No talk of seppuku. But maybe sushi? Is it lunchtime?" He looks around, as neither of his wrists sport a watch. Probably for the best, since it would be an expensive one and probably get ruined within the first 24 hours it was supposed to tell for him. "AJ, you like Japanese? Or we could always go Italian. Everybody loves Italian, I think. Great place not far from here. Or there's just a good old pizza joint. I mean, who doesn't like pizza?"

"People who are lactose intolerant?" ventures AJ, still holding the stack of reports. "Or have a milk allergy. They'd probably anaphylax." She looks rather puppyishly confused by the conversation they're having. "Would you like me to get you lunch, Si — uh. Tony?" Interns do that, right? Also dry cleaning.

"Vegan pizza! Like you can do it without the cheese, or with the vegan cheese substitute. It's good, these days. Are you lactose intolerant? Seafood allergy? Vegetarian? Because I can totally eat whatever." Tony takes out his tablet and starts tapping it repeatedly, sidling up to Angelica and pointing to some of the results on his internet search. "Here's a few places we could just walk to, or if you want we can get a car, but New York traffic…am I right? Might as well walk." No, he's clearly talking about going to lunch. Together!

"I'm not — I like cheese. And fish. And wasabi," AJ reports, dutifully… and then she finally processes the things that he's saying. No. Nonononono. Ohhh no. She can't possibly do this. It's been less than five minutes and she's said half a dozen things that will rob her of sleep the rest of her life. She's not sure she can pop a Klonopin without his noticing. There must be some escape. "But… the reports…" she protests, meekly. She shifts them so he might notice. THEY'RE SO IMPORTANT.

Tony glances to the papers, once they finally get his attention. "Oh. Oh! Right. Um, are you working under anyone right now?" Then he pauses, thoughtful. "I mean like, under a supervisor. If Pepper or Mrs. Arbogast were here, they'd probably have smacked me a few times by now." He chuckles in such a carefree way, lowering the tablet again. "I'll just punch your manager or whoever up on here and let them know. Don't worry! They'll be fine. I mean, you've gotta have lunch sometime, right?"

AJ only needs to be clobbered with blithe entitlement so many times before she recognizes she's dealing with a force of nature. So she takes a deep breath and hands her huge stack of reports off to a passing fellow drone. "Hi! Could you take these up to Ms. Potts? That'd be great." She delivers the last with a Bill Lumbergh drawl. Because why not? Then, girding her loins and taking a deep breath, she faces Tony Stark, empty handed and ready to lunch. "Sure!" she forces a HUGE smile past her jumbled nerves. "Let's rock."

"Oh, Pepper? Yeah, it'll be fine." Tony gives his brightest, winningest, boyish…est? That kind of grin. "That's what I like to hear!" He stows the tablet again, in his inner pocket, and picks up his coat from where he'd left it, draped across one of the chairs in the lobby. "Uh, are you okay like that? Need to borrow a coat? Or we can grab you one on the way." With that, he leads the way out.
Tony leaves for the Midtown Manhattan.

"I'm fine!" AJ assures her employer, somewhat more assertively than she's said anything else so far — even her name. Because holyfuckpleasedon'tbuyheracoat. "I'm super warm blooded." Haha. IYKWIMAITYD. She puts her hands in the pockets of her suit jacket, just because. Something to do with them. When she's walking beside Tony Stark. Jesus.

Well, close enough.

"So. Uhm. Sushi?" If she's going to have to choke on her food in addition to her words, it might as well be delicious.

What a day. Ramped up training and being a little extra hard on himself for not being able to stop an assassination, then kidnapping, on top of feeling somewhat guilty for events occuring a night or two ago leaves for one particularly restless teen. Restless and a little scattered. He'd managed to forget a coat, himself, but somehow remembered to bring a backpack, slung over his right shoulder. He trudges along the sidewalk, looking for some manner of distraction - indeed, the very reason he left the oh-so-mysterious Xavier Mansion. But insofar, it's just a bunch of faces in the general throng of civilians, playing bumper-car with his shoulders.

"Sure, but if you change your mind…" Tony walks out of the tower beside Angelica, not wanting to outpace her. "Ahh, what a great day! Nice and crisp. I think we're supposed to have snow tomorrow, aren't we? Time to get out the chains." There's just a moment's pause, this time, before he amends his words. "For your tires. Your tires! I swear, I can't say anything without it sounding weird. Sorry, AJ." They're sharing a prolonged awkward moment that he hopes, at least, will be relieved somewhat by a friendly lunch. It's worked before!

But this lunch break is about to get even more awkward, as evidenced by a volley of laser fire and men in lemon yellow suits. Kind of like hazard suits, but different. As recognition dawns on Tony's features, the casual playboy tone vanishes from his eyes, and he steps in front of Angelica. "Take cover. Uh…better yet, maybe you should run back in the tower. Let Pepper know AIM's here."

"Nobody puts chains on their tires, anymore, Sir — Tony," AJ advises her employer, dryly. She actually smirks a dimple onto her cheek when he apologizes, both sympathizing and feeling immensely comforted that he's stumbling a little, too. Who knew that was even possible? "Which I'm sure you know. So I'm going to take your Freudian expression of lust in the spirit which it was intended."

Annnnd then there's lasers. And dudes in yellow Tyvek(R). AJ skids to a halt and yelps, "What the fucking fuck?!" He steps in front of her and she squeaks in protest, "Sir! You're not bullet proof!" When he's not wearing the suit, anyway. The one that's not Armani. She fumbles out her phone and drops it. Awesome.

It's amazing what laserfire can do to focus someone's mind. When that 'pewpew' causes panic in the streets, Drake's operating on full alertness. Head up, eyes wide, and…

Hahah, what? Bright yellow jumpsuits? Holy crap, they can't.. they can't do this. It's not even fair.

Headshake! Right, focusing for reals this time. People are opening fire out in the middle of the city. Civilians could get seriously hurt. There needs to be at least a distraction until the police can arrive. The commotion gives him ample opportunity to duck into an alleyway and hide between a pair of dumpster, unshouldering that backpack of his. Out comes a pair of boots, gloves, a mask, and belt. Off goes his normal clothes, stuffed into the backpack and tucked under one of the dumpsters discreetly. The entire changing process takes remarkably little time; he's been practicing.

Once done, Surge emerges from the alleyway and hops into view. There, he spots none other than the highly recognizable Tony Stark, and… AJ? His eyes move to the men in jumpsuits.

"Hey, Devo!," shouts the mutant. "Put the spacerays down and stop daring to be stupid!"

Oh great, Tony reflects. Angelica and Surge — whom he doesn't know — in the sights of AIM — whom he does. And they're nasty. Logical in some ways, reasonable one might say, but no less nasty and no less deadly to deal with. "I will be in about thirty seconds," he calls back to Angelica. "Go on — go! We'll go for that sushi later. Promise. It's a date."

Fortunately Tony's handier with his tablet phone device than his intern. It'll only be a few more seconds before he doesn't have to worry about being laser-proof. There's a whistle in the air, a swooshing nearby.

The AIM personnel, however, seem less than persuaded by Surge and not distracted enough to avoid turning to focus specifically on Tony. And of course Angelica, since she's right behind him. A hail of laserfire smashes into the pavement and building facade around them, as the might-as-well-be-naked Iron Man turns to tackle the intern out of the way if he can. In the process, of course, he gets winged by half a dozen laser shots. "Ngaaaahh!"

AJ recovers her phone, but finds her hands are shaking too hard to do anything but hold down the main button. There's a chime. "SIRI! CALL PEPPER POTTS!" the intern shouts. Then she's tackled by Tony — "Auuugh!" The phone clatters to the sidewalk again.

"Would you like to hear 'Lyrical' by the Leper Bots?" SIRI inquires, solicitously, from the concrete.

Surge is… ignored. A look is shot to Tony and the intern he's thrown himself onto, noting the laserfire he's tanked. Despite the mask, it's obvious the male is giving the attackers a scowl when his gaze returns. "Now that's just rude."

There are some benefits to being relatively unknown in the world of superpowers. For example, when he extends his left hand, there may be no red flags raised. The suddenly blast of electricity would probably raise a few eyebrows, however! The brilliant blue arc of ionic energy twists through the air, aimed to connect with the closest AIM agent. But the circuit doesn't end there; the electricity leaps to the next closest agent, followed by the next for a total of three victims. The current is strong, but carefully managed, intended to seize up muscles and incapacitate.

So now Angelica has Tony kind of half-draped across her and there's an Iron Man armor incoming. Fortunately Surge has occupied the AIM agents adequately enough that they're not still able to focus on Tony, or the two of them might be in a much worse state than they are. Tony pushes himself up a bit and manages a smile, although it's clear he's in a tremendous amount of pain. "Promise me you're not going to tell Pepper about this. If she knew I'd tackled an intern within half an hour of meeting them, she'd give me 'the talk' again."

Giving Angelica a once-over visually to make sure she's unhurt, he gets to his feet and braces himself after shedding his longer coat. It always feels a little strange wearing anything but a bodysuit in the armor, but he'll deal with it. He always does. The pieces shoot onto him, and he lets out a kind of sigh. Now that — that is a relief. That's better. Not quite so squishy, now. "Get to the chopper!" He speaks, voice mechanically distorted by the suit, even with his joking tone still shining through. "Seriously, get somewhere safe, AJ. I don't want to have to pay out survivors' benefits of a sushi lunch. And incidentally? Now I'm bulletproof." If he could grin with the mask, he would.

AJ may have hit her head a bit, 'cause she's a little dazed looking up at Tony. But she notices the once over and shakes her head quickly. "I'm okay. You're hurt." But before she knows it, he's bulletproof, and she can't help but grin back at the grin that's audible even in his suit-scrambled voice.

"Yeah, you ar — ACK!" A laserbeam explode-melts the granite-and-steel wall right above her head. Safe! Right. She should get there. Stat. The intern scrambles around the corner and into the alley Surge so conveniently used for his quick-change, a moment ago, squeezing herself between the wall and a big green dumpster. Not entirely out of sight, but out of the way.

Unfortunately, a couple of the bad guys seem to have decided she might be a high-priority target, chumming about with Tony Stark and all. They make a bee-line for the alley.

From his position of relative safety (compared to where the majority of the laserfire has been focused), Surge can track a lot of what's going on here. He sees Angelica hurry off into the alley he had used a moment ago, and his knee-jerk reaction is to panic. He has to get his backpack from there when he makes his escape! But then, she's on his side! Right? They're both under the same roof…

But finally, some agents are paying him attention! A laser blasts in his direction, and Surge ducks behind a mailbox. He tilts around the box to fire off a fresh blast of electrical energy. A couple get past and into the alleyway, but he doesn't have a clear shot on them - not without risking nailing some civilians.

It's a chaotic scene, but Tony's focus is on the AIM troops. They're the primary danger here, and so he shoots off with his jet-boots in the direction of those that fired upon him. That'll give Surge some breathing room, especially after he took out a few of the yellow-suited personnel with his chain lightning attack. Impressive!

"We can do this the easy way, or we can do it your way." Tony raises his hands, palms-out, towards the AIM men. People? He's not really sure. It's hard to tell, with those suits. And at the very least, AIM's many faults don't include gender discrimination, so there may well be anyone in the lemon-hued outfits. "Not really much like your outfit to come out in full force and pretend like you're going to pull a hit on someone. Not very subtle, either."

"Oh… shit." AJ whispers. "Ohshitohshitohshit!" She sees the two thing-people in yellow see her, in her brilliant hiding place that's left her nowhere to go. The dumpster's angled toward the wall behind her, too heavy for her to move. All she can do is wedge herself back into a smaller space, trapping herself further. Blind panic takes over — knowing what the raised rifles might do to her, and knowing what she might do to them. There's no time to consider which is worse. She throws up her arms to shield herself, a futile instinct, but something deeper than instinct, on the level of her very cells, takes over.

What Tony Stark and Surge will see is the two AIM men — er — aiming for the alley hit by a wall of force that smashes them off their feet and through the air, across the street and into parked van — so hard it dents and rocks the vehicle. Their rifles explode and then melt into slag. There's a ripple in the air at the same time, stretching like a curtain across the sidewalk and the street, like the wave of a mirage — the world viewed through extreme heat. Then it fades — leaving the guns of the foremost AIM rank wilting at the barrel, drooping almost comically.

The AIM fellows are definitely not stupid. They may be crazy, but they're certainly not lacking in intelligence. So when Tony delivers his ultimatum, palms out, they know they've been licked. So to speak. They toss down their weapons and hold their hands up. But when Angelica lashes out, by instinct more than design, it attracts the Golden Avenger's attention…and gives his would-be prisoners a chance to flee. But the emphasis for Tony is on finding out what's up with the flying AIM guys! So with those same miraculous jet boots, he rockets over to the alley, ready for anything!

What he finds in the alley, alas, is nothing more remarkable than his cowering intern, just beginning to peek around her arms (which are still thrown up in defense.) She's shaking like a leaf, dirty and tear streaked. SO not the battle-hardened veteran is Angelica Jones. Bonus, however? Across the street there are still two AIM whatevers, crumpled and unconscious beside a van with its side caved in (and paint job melted.)

"So I'm thinking we probably might need to talk over that promised sushi, but I'm pretty sure that's it for the AIM goons." Iron Man reaches up and flips up the mask, to reveal the smiling face of Tony Stark. "I'm just gonna do a little once around the block and make sure, but I think they're gone. We can slip away before the authorities arrive, and in about half an hour we'll be enjoying inarizushi and sipping warmed sake."

AJ slowly lowers her arms, blinking at Tony's smile. "Uhm," she says, her voice quavering. She clears her throat and tries again. "I'm pretty sure being seen out with a girl streaked with alley smoodge and garbage would be crap for your rep." Slowly, she pushes herself to her feet. Jelly legs. She uses the dumpster to keep herself upright until she's sure she can do it on her own.

Tony winks and pulls the mask down again. "Don't go away. I'll be right back, AJ." He waits just for a moment, boot-jets hovering him just off the ground. "And you should know I never care about what other people think. But if you're that worried…let's go by Sak's and grab you a new ensemble. K?" Before she can even answer, he's gone to do his circuit to find any remaining AIM people. But the place is deserted. However they came here, whatever their ultimate purpose was…they seem to have disappeared without a trace. Curiously, even the ones Angelica rebuffed are gone by the time he flies off. Curiouser and curiouser.

AJ groans, waiting until Tony's flown off for his recon before she bangs her forehead against the dumpster. "Does Sak's have a shower?" Leave it to men, even one so… 'familiar' with women as the infamous Mr. Stark, to completely miss the point. She picks a piece of something unspeakable out of her now-undone tangle of hair and wipes her grimy hands on her slacks.

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