2014-11-16 Something's Happening at the Zoo
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Loki Sparrow
GMed by Both!
Title: Something's Happening at the Zoo

The Central Park Zoo has been closed for hours, now, and the cold November fog is wet, clingy enough that it's threatening to turn into a drizzle. Outside the gates, a forlorn figure in a bright red coat and bright yellow wellies stands, seeming to contemplate the complex in a trance. It's a long period of time, yet — and who knows how long she's been there, prior — before she turns away and begins tromping along one of the paths leading away, her gait suggesting that her boots are several sizes too large.

Loki isn't affected by the cold, and is wearing only a light jacket that goes with his light armor. He looks half the age he did just a few months ago thanks to Ragnarok, which is both an advantage and disadvantage. He strolls past the figure in red and yellow, then pauses a moment to get his bearings. This stupid city is so confusing. When Sparrow tromps along, he looks up, noticing the sound.

The girl looks up, as well, noticing that he stops as she's passing. Her head cocks to the side, like a curious bird, and she takes him in from head to toe — the kind of look that's gathering data, rather than admiring or judging. "Are you lost?" she asks.

"That depends on your definition of lost. Are YOU lost? I know we're in the park, but can I identify my surroundings? No." Loki shrugs and folds his hands behind his back, not even shivering as the cold wind blows through. "What are you doing out here in this weather? You will become ill and all manner of disgusting things will spew forth."

She goes on considering him, head still at that inquisitive angle. "There aren't a lot of people; I like to be out when there aren't. It's a calculated risk. I don't yet have a proper assessment of my disease resistance." She glances around, then offers, "The zoo is over there." As though that might help him get his bearings. "It's a wretched place."

"Yes, I've been there. I have a mind to release all the animals and send them back to their original homes, if I knew where they were. You probably have the same resistance as most mortals. So who are you, anyway? Most mortals seek warmer places when the sun goes down. This is nothing compared to the chill of Jotunheim. Though, I am unaffected."

"Where the frost giants live. The jotnar," says the girl, cannily. Her tongue pokes out to touch the corner of her upper lip, thoughtfully. "So you're one of the Asgardians." She pauses. "I'm not sure I believe in you." Despite, she offers, "I've decided I should be called Sparrow."

"Jotun." Loki corrects curtly. "Yes, I am an Asgardian. Believe in me or not, I exist, and if you make me prove it I am certain you will regret it and I will most certainly be grounded…again. Sparrow. A bird's name. I am Loki. Who told you about Asgardians? Or are you one of the few intelligent mortals who actually learned something?"

"Jotnar is the plural, in Midgardian Norse," the bird-girl replies, serene and solemn. "A jotun in a war party of jotnar." She hms. "A friend told me about you. At least that you were present. The rest…" she lifts her shoulders. "I don't know how I know what I know. I didn't know what bacon tasted like until a few days ago. I don't know the name I was born with. But you, Loki — if you are that being that's written — I know." She takes a step toward him, then, and urges, "Prove it. Let them go. I can tell you where they belong."

Loki hmphs. "Midgardian bacon is pathetic. If the animal is no threat to you then there is no point in using it for food…at least that is what my brothers say." He flicks a hand and knocks the lock off the gate, then passes the other hand in front of him to blind the cameras. "I will release each of them from their cages. If they become hostile, don't worry, I can protect you."

Sparrow smiles wide, a brilliant and ebullient smile. "I'm not worried," she assures him, stepping through the gates without a moment's hesitation.

"Good." Loki says, walking through the zoo with his hands above his head dramatically, green glittery magic pouring out of them and into the locks of the cages, opening them and letting the animals out. Alarms go off everywhere, but at least the cameras are blind to them so no worries, right?

The girl puts a hand over her mouth, eyes all mirth and excitement as she watches the glittering green display. "You're very dramatic," she observes, climbing up atop a covered bin to watch the animals venture out. She's not worried, but she's not stupid. She'd less tempting tiger bait when she's not on the ground. "That one," she begins, pointing to a red panda that's still up a tree in its enclosure, "belongs in Bhutan. And that," she points to a lovely snow leopard, pacing out of its cage, "southern Siberia." So begins her careful and considered direction, indicating where each should be returned home. What alarms? Pfft.

"I know where Norway is…and New York. If it is neither of those two places I have no idea where to send them." Loki puzzles for a moment. "I am from Asgard, remember?"

Sparrow sighs. "What good is your magic if it can't tell you where Bhutan is? Turn off the noise, it's frightening the animals. And keep stupid people out." With that, she hops down from her perch and digs a piece of chalk out of her pocket. She draws on the pavement… what winds up being a remarkably detailed and accurate world map. It doesn't, however, include boundaries of nations. "Pay attention," she instructs, like a little professor. "We… are here." She marks New York City. "Here," she indicates, "Is Bhutan. And here? Southern Siberia."

Loki frowns and looks around. "How is my magic supposed to know where Bhutan is? It is inside of me, why would it even know?" He huffs and tries finding the source of the noise. "I've only seen your world from a distance, I have no idea what it looks like from the outside. I travel by Bifrost or portal! Where is Siberia??" He starts throwing magic around to try and turn off the alarms. "Why is this world so ANNOYING?!"

The girl watches him throwing a sparkling green tantrum, nonplussed, then begins to giggle. She steps up and places her hands on the mischief god's cheeks. "Close you eyes," she advises, gently.

Loki looks a bit apprehensive, recoiling a bit at first, but then closes his eyes with a nervous huff. "What are you going to do? I am not accustomed to permitting others to touch me. Or having others wish to touch me in a way that is not punching me."

"I'm not going to do anything," Sparrow promises, softly. "Now… keep your eyes closed, and listen to the noise. It's not one noise, but many. It's like hearing different voices. One's brassy, one's tinny. One has a stutter. One's close by. Another's far away. And another, further. You knew where all the locks were — maybe because your magic knows 'locks,' or maybe because you understand where things are better than you know. So quietly, patiently, listen to the different voices in the noise. Then… see if your magic can find them."

Loki flinches, stepping back with a slight gasp. "Don't do that…don't do that. I could destroy your mind too easily. " He isn't the most mentally stable individual, so tripping out about people touching him isn't too out of the ordinary for him. "Can we not just consult the internet?"

Sparrow only rolls her eyes gently, a dimple on her cheek. "We could. If we had the internet here." A beat. "You can listen to the noises without me touching you. Try it."

Loki closes his eyes and listens. "How can I open a portal to these places without knowing what they look like? I could be sending them all to Muspelheim for all I know!"

"I'm just telling you how to shut off the alarms," she explains, patiently. "Because you were getting frustrated. And you can't do anything like that. We'll talk about how to get them home once there's some quiet."

"Oh…" Loki sighs in relief and listens, his sensitive hearing pinpointing the locations and after a few minutes the alarms are off. "Well then, that's taken care of! You know, we don't have many of these animals in Asgard. We do have dragons and Bilgesnipe though."

Sparrow beams at him. "Well done. Maybe someday you can show me dragons and bilgesnipe. For now, tell me how you travel by portal. Can you only go to places you've seen before?"

"I can usually only travel to places I've seen before. If I don't know the place I'm traveling to, I may not be able to open a stable portal. Would you be able to open a portal safely to Asgard if you could open portals?"

"I have no idea," says Sparrow, a dimple on her cheek. "If I could open portals, maybe I'd be better at it than you are." Then, with a sigh, she says, "Well, we should lock up behind us. They're out of their cages now, but if they got out into the city, someone would hurt them. We'll go find the internet and when you know the places better, we'll come back." She nods, very sensibly. Apparently, there is now a 'we.'

Loki sighs. "Fine." He waves his hands at the animals and says something in another language. The animals seem to fall under his spell and go back to their cages. "I am certain they would be just as happy if they were allowed to roam free."

"Until someone shot them for being free," Sparrow says. "And their keepers won't be gentle, herding them back into place, when they return. They'll feel threatened and afraid. People who're afraid to terrible things." She holds out a mittened hand. "Come on. Let's go educate you about Siberia and Bhutan. Never mind Bolivia and Peru. I saw a snake that belongs there."

"They're going back to their cages. I don't know why the humans need to be afraid, it's the animals that should be afraid." He reaches out to carefully take the offered hand and nods. "Where are we going?"

Sparrow shrugs, mittened fingers curling around his as they stroll out of a zoo that's destiend to be plundered at a later date. "I don't know. Somewhere there are computers. And maybe hot chocolate. I haven't tried that yet, have you? It's supposed to be pleasant."

"No, but I have heard of it. It sounds as though it would be good. We could go to the Avengers mansion and use their computer, if you like. That would be the best option since they have many of them. One of them will even speak to you if you ask it questions."

Her eyebrows perk. "That sounds like an expedient interface. Will they have hot chocolate?" Because, really, she's sort of set on that now. It's an easy, wending walk out of the park and to the street. Cabs are easy enough to hail if you're small and pretty and wearing a bright red coat. Probably also if one is menacing and ever-so-slightly alien and steps out into the street — but Sparrow tries her way, first.

Loki shrugs. "If you know what it looks like, perhaps!" He sweeps a hand through the air and opens a portal, tugging her through with him. It takes them right into the kitchen of the mansion. It is a place he knows well, afterall. "If there is hot chocolate here, it should be somewhere within the kitchen."

Sparrow yelps as she's on tiptoes, one minute, waving to a cab and then stumbling, the next, through a portal. It takes her a moment to get her bearings, all wide eyes, and then she laughs. "That's a very practical talent to have!" she approves. As for hot chocolate, she frowns, gazing around the kitchen. "I don't Know what it looks likes. Or how it's prepared. But at least there are computers here." She nods. "We should focus on our primary quest."

Loki looks around the kitchen and ponders. "There are computers in the other room. Perhaps they can tell us how to make hot chocolate as well as where the animals belong. I am not supposed to bring people over unannounced but I will not tell if you do not."

"That's a brilliant idea," Sparrow beams. Hot chocolate instructions on the internet! What will they think of next! "We'll do that." She pauses in the act of stripping off her mittens, however, when he indicates she might not be as welcomed by some as by him. "I don't want to cause you trouble. I like you."

"Trouble is my name." Loki smirks and slips into the other room. "I wouldn't be very good at my job if I didn't cause trouble now and again. Do you know how to use a computer?" He pulls out the chair for her politely. "I can perform some tasks, but I am not overly good at using it."

She follows, stuffing mittens into pockets, removing her muffler and unbuttoning her coat. Her outerwear cast aside, she looks even smaller in her faded dress and too-large boots. His chivalry is rewarded with a warm smile, and she sits smoothing out her dress beneath her, however sad and serf-like a garment it is. "I made myself familiar with it the first night I was out," says Sparrow. "It seemed a necessary thing. And I don't sleep much."

"I don't sleep much either. I suppose there is a bit of a disadvantage to having a mind that actually functions. What did you learn about it? I am generally not allowed to touch most technology after the incident my first few nights here."

"Come sit with me," Sparrow invites, rolling a chair closer to hers. "I'll show you." She demonstrates opening the browser, then carefully chicken-pecks on the keyboard www.google.com. "This is Google. It's like an oracle. We can ask it anything we want to know." Then, pecking away again with her index fingers, she types in the search bar, speaking as she does, "How do I make hot chocolate?"

"I see. Ask it if it knows anything about me!" Loki grins, sitting down and watching. "What else can we ask it? I didn't know it held all the knowledge on Midgard. This could be a very valuable tool!"

Sparrow laughs. "You can ask it about you on your own time, vain poppinjay." She smiles at him. Still, she cautions, "It holds all the knowledge, but also all the nonsense and rambling of every mind and madman. So you have to be careful and canny about what you believe." She nods. "But it is a valuable tool. For instance, I learned primates bond by grooming one anothers' hair. I haven't seen it done among humans, yet, but I mean to try it out — when I find one I want to bond with. I'm picky." She clears the search bar and pecks out, "Pictures of Bhutan."

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