2014-11-19 The Goodbye Girl
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Drake Angelica
GMed by Both
Title: The Goodbye Girl

During her couple of weeks at the Xavier school, Angelica Jones has been rather absent. She spent a few days trying to settle in, haunting the halls, neither student nor teacher… Then she threw herself into what work was left to her, once her lab was destroyed and her sabbatical began — Stark Industries. She's spent more and more time at the office, these days, seeing Drake in passing — and on the street, that one time, with the freaks in yellow Tyvek wielding laser rifles. Most days she's coming and going in one of her plain black suits and geeky graphic tees. Today, she's returning in a pea coat and Jayne Cobb hat, all bundled up against the weather. As she unbuttons the coat, she reveals denim overalls and a blue Superman shirt underneath, certainly not office wear, though she's still got the Stark Industries badge clipped on.

That's about the time Drake comes down the main stairwell at an energetic trot, decked out in the P.E. uniform. While they've since issued a warmer, winter-season outfit, he's still wearing the warm-weather version. This almost certainly means that his imminent workout will be taking place indoors.

Feet find the landing and those vibrant emeralds catch sight of Angelica. His movement halts abruptly. It had been a long time since they had actually said a word to one another. He's had no idea how to even talk to her since that evening. But today, he chances a simple, "Yo."

She greets him with a big, bright smile, cheeks pink from the cold. "Hey, Dragon Boy." The hat comes off and her hair sticks out in all directions, at the mercy of static electricity. She smirks and tries to smooth it down as it crackles in protest. "How's things?"

"Same ol'," Drake replies simply. His hands prop to his hips and he glances over her briefly. Once his eyes land on hers again, he exhales a small, breezy sigh. It had been bothering him since that night, and he'd managed to occupy his mind with other things. The fact that they weren't interacting any more than a passing glance in the halls helped, but now they're talking. So screw it. "Sorry for stressing you out earlier. That was basically the opposite of what I had in mind."

AJ shrugs. "I got over it," she says, looking down at her hat. Which is, coincidentally, in her hands. She glances up at him. "So. Wild times with Tyvek the other day, huh?"

"Who? What?," asks Drake. No one told him who they were. He just saw guns and lasers and stepped in. "You mean Devo? Sure, I guess. Seen wilder." Beat. "You'n Tony Stark, huh?"

She blushes to the roots of her coppery hair. "It's not like that," she qualifies, quickly. Maybe too quickly for someone who wouldn't like it to be 'like that.' It could just be that Tony Stark has joined such luminaries as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Captain America in her personal pantheon. Or… something. Then, smiling wide again, sparkly as champagne, "I'm not just an intern, anymore, though. I'm an apprentice." She gushes, "I'm allowed in his lab! It's incredible."

Drake observes her reaction keenly and concludes with an unconvinced nod and equally skeptical, "Right." Not that it's something he wants to dwell on. Fortunately, she brings up the next tidbit of what's new with her. He offers a mild, "Grats," with all the aplomb of someone who is both guarded and unaware of what that might mean to her.

"We might discover a new element together — or a new method of containment and distribution for plasma to power the next gen Iron Man suit," AJ gushes. "I mean, it's — he's kind of letting me be his partner. And he has facilities where we can study my ability. Where I can use it safely and push the limits, see what I can really do and learn to control it. Everyone around here — they're… busy. Saving the world, I guess. And teaching algebra."

Drake's expression is fairly even and measured, simply watching her as she continues. Though about halfway through her explanation, his expression starts to sour. He sees where this is going. He sees it so much, he even calls her on it; "Ditching us already, huh?" The bitterness in his tone is unmistakable. "Be straight with me. Is it me?"

AJ looks stung. "It's not you," she says, crestfallen. That seems honest, at least. "And I'm… grateful. I really am. That you trusted me enough to bring me here. I know everyone's intentions are good here, and I know the intention is to help me, but — it's not happening fast enough, Drake. It's not happening at all, actually. I haven't even seen the inside of this underground training — thing. That's supposed to be here." She shrugs. "I know I'm not a priority. And that's okay. You've got other priorities. I'm not a student, here. I'm not — an anything."

A sharp look is cast to either side to ensure they're actually alone before engaging in that particular topic. When he speaks again, it's in a quieter, hushed tone. "People don't see that stuff until they prove they can be trusted. You have to put in the time before that happens - we have to be careful. Tony's just a dude in a suit. He doesn't face the prejudice'n suspicion we do."

"Fine," AJ returns, her voice hushed as well. "I don't have that kind of time, Drake. Every time I step out that door, I'm a menace to innocent people — I know that, now, but I'm not going to live my life hiding in this school waiting for your little secret society to decide they trust me. I need to work on this — on me — now. Yesterday. Years ago. Before people died." She takes a breath. "And Tony Stark is way more than a dude in a suit. You don't even know him."

"Missing the point, AJ," Drake replies with a flattened look. It only grows more embittered as he talks. "Rushing into things is dangerous. Assuming you can handle everything at once is dangerous. Assuming they can even /trust/ you is dangerous. They don't know anything about you." His hands lift in a forced shrug. "It's cool that you're getting to do the things you like. Go for it. If you ever decide you can trust the people who are actually like you, they'll have you back."

"Back to do what, Drake?" AJ asks. "I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be an asshole. I'm trying to get the help I need — and Tony trusts me. If your friends ever decide they do, they can come to me." She blows out a breath and starts up the stairs. "I'll pack my things."

Drake turns to face her as she moves past. His mouth opens to give a final comment, but ends up opting out. His full sentiments emerge in a slow, but meaningful shake of the head while she takes her leave. Before she's rounded the landing's corner, he turns to head down the east wing hall and depart on his own.

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