2014-12-19 Back Home
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Loki, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Back Home

Private quarters for any Avenger who requested them comprise the entire second floor of the mansion. Unlike the third floor, which was completely gutted to make room for the hangar facility, the second floor closely resembled the original floor plan and architecture designed and constructed by Howard Stark. While many members of the Avengers maintain residences outside the mansion, many members over the years lived at the mansion full-time during their term of active membership. When space was available, a member such as the Wasp, who had a residence elsewhere, could use one of the bedrooms as a Manhattan apartment. At only one time in Avengers history were all eight bedrooms occupied, with usually at least half of the rooms remaining vacant.

Loki (IC) is here.

Obvious exits:
<EL > - Elevator <RMS> - Rooms
<CO > - Corridor

With the responsibilities that come with celebrity status, the holidays can be quite busy, busy busy. Having finished up one of the more recent legs of an album promotion tour, a rather exhausted looking Mike steps out of the elevator to where his room is at the mansion. Bleary eyed, the ponytailed musician trudges towards his door. Oh lord. SLEEP. Must. Have.

Loki huffs and kicks a lint ball out of his way as he walks out of his room, hands stuffed in the pockets of the black jeans he wears with a black t-shirt with the V-ish shape that represents his horns on it. Being a god, he can change the graphic on his shirt if he so desires. He's tired of being forced to report to Tyr constantly, being watched and being under his older brother's thumb at the command of Frigga. He runs his hands through his black hair and emits a frustrated sigh.

And so the sleepy musician and the frustrated God are in the same hallway. Head turning at the sound, Mike gives a tired smile to the Asgardian. "Hey Loki," He greets, "How's things been while I was gone?"

"You were gone?" Loki asks, no disrespect intended. He had just been so busy that he didn't notice. "Er, I mean things have been fine since you have been gone. Where did you go? I have been spending time in Asgard by order of the Queen."

Mike blinks at the response, a expression relaxing as Loki explains where he was, "Ah, so you were gone while I was gone." He smiles, "Work related stuff mostly. Promoting an album, some charity stuff, and a couple movie premieres for the international market."

Loki stuffs his hands back in his pockets, rocking back and forth on his heels. He used to be much taller than Mike, now he actually has to flick his eyes up at him a bit. "Was it fun? Where did you go to do those things?"

"The premeires were scattered around Asia." Mike answers, "The album promotions were primarily North America and Europe. The charity event was more like a charity tour so that got me around the United States a bit." His smile weakens, "It's kind of fun but it's also work and tiring." He glances down towards Loki, "So, by order of the Queen? As in, grounded or empty nest syndrome?"

"What is Asia?" Loki asks, moving to the rail to look down at the main floor. "North America is where we are now, correct? Where is Europe?" He looks over at Mike and shrugs. "No, mother blames me for the near destruction of the universe and told me that I need to do what my brother Tyr says."

"Europe is where England, Spain, and Ireland are." Mike explains, "Asia's next to and under Europe and much larger. Russia, Japan, Korea, and China are there." He pauses as he listens to Loki's answer, "That sounds like 'grounded' to me."

Loki sighs when Mike mentions more places he doesn't know anything about. When Mike mentions being grounded, Loki shrugs. "No, it wasn't being grounded per se. Tyr will probably want to keep me tethered to something either here or Asgard."

"Hmm." Mike shifts, sliding off a backpack to lower it to the floor, "Guess there's nothing better to be tied to than here. Any idea how long they're going to do this for?"

"I don't want to be tethered to anything. I suppose mother will continue this ridiculous punishment until she comes to her senses and listens to the fact that I did not intentionally kill Balder. Besides, he's alive again so what difference does it make?"

"Ever heard of the phrase, 'Once bitten, twice shy'?"

Loki shakes his head. "No. Did something bite you?"

Mike chuckles, shaking his head. "No. Well, not recently at least." There's a pause before the chuckling fades, "It's an idiom. It basically means an unpleasant experience brings about caution. It seems appropriate for your situation."

"Ah. Like the time I was bitten by a swamp dragon…I use extra caution when traveling through that area of Gymirsgard. Is that what you mean?"

"Yes, like that." Mike acknowledges with a nod, "For your mother, the unpleasantness would be Ragnarok, which would explain her caution. For you, the unpleasantness would be reporting to Tyr, so perhaps it's to encourage you to be careful as well."

"I was set up. I didn't have mistletoe on my weapon when we began sparring. It wasn't until I went back to the table that I let my weapon out of my sight for a moment and when we returned to sparring, it scratched him."

"If you left your weapon out of your sight for a moment again, would you inspect it now?"

"I would not let it out of my sight. I cannot trust my brother, nor can I trust the citizens of Asgard." Loki rather takes the sentiment to an extreme level as usual. "I will not spar with anyone again."

"And so, unpleasant experience, leading to caution."

"Perhaps. Anyway, did you want something?" Loki asks, a little annoyed now. "It doesn't help that he now makes fun of my appearance."

"I assume that's more of a brotherly thing." Mike responds, "You and Wade are the closest things to brothers I have and you guys have fun at my expense from time to time." He shakes his head, "I just wanted to say hi to you before I go to sleep. It's been awhile."

"Oh. You did not attempt to contact me while you were gone?" Loki glances away and looks down at the first floor.

"My free time landed when it would typically be sleeping time here. Didn't think you'd appreciate me waking you up."

"I don't really need sleep except every couple of days. I thought you could send words through the phone device as well."

Mike pauses, pulling out the SHIELD given cellphone to look at it. "…Oh yeah…" He frowns, "Sorry."

Loki shrugs a bit absently. "I cannot read your language very well anyway." He sighs. "I was just hoping that perhaps someone would…miss me."

"Just because I didn't call or text doesn't mean I didn't miss you." Mike replies, "I don't text much and with the time zones, I try to avoid calling when I think someone's sleeping." He pauses, "I didn't call Wade either."

"I didn't know Midgard had temporal rifts." Loki looks thoughtful for a moment, then looks back to Mike. "Why did you not call him? What if you had a fish that required attention?"

"But I don't have a fish that requires attention." Mike replies, "And If I did, I know better than to have Wade watch it."

"Why would you entrust its life to Wade?" Loki asks, "He does not seem the type that would be very responsible."

Mike blinks, "I thought I said I wouldn't." Bringing a hand up to his head, he rubs the palm along his face, "Must be more tired than I thought…"

"I suppose you did. Now that you have returned, we can go have tea or some other beverage of your choice."

"Yeah, sounds good. Let's do that."


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