2014-12-29 Chaos All Around
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Chaos All Around

The famous split street, the digital billboards, the Great White Way, this is a tremendous center of entertainment, especially theatre, in the city. Shops and theaters line it, each in their own sections, and everything seems to shine bright and at times garish, to coax visitors to this or that attraction. Even foot traffic here is almost impossible dense, and at all times something is happening.

The billboards of time square never seem to go out, go dim, or even loose a few pixels in the screens. It's stupid bright, all the stupid time. Even worse than the lights, are the crowds, the endless sea of sheep mindlessly hearding each other from one business front to the other. One individual in this crowd wears a tan over coat, covering his black sports jacket and pressed blue jeans over a pair of simple tan shoes. Almost as if he were a banker. But that's the way Stephen Strange prefers to appear. Classy and yet forgettable. His eyes however aren't watching the crowds or the screens and ads swarming the senses. No. His attention has been locked skyward, eyeing the clouds overhead, trying to get a mystical reading on the oddities he spotted earlier in their amorphous shapes.

The light surrounding is likely not allowing for an easy time to look in the skies for anything that stands in contrast up there. But there is definitely something in the area. A few pixels on one of the billboards does seem to go dark, seemingly in an act of defiance of the scene set but it soon lights up again as the dark spot seems to move across the screen.

Stephen's looking less with his eyes and more with his mystically attuned senses. And the blinking light, the shifting shadow on the coke ad catches the faintest corner of his attention and quickly Steve spins to face it wholly. He looses it in his twisting motion but he begins to close his eyes and probe out with his abilities. "Where did you go?" He asks no one under his grey breath.

The dark blip moves to the edge of the screen, vanishing off of it only to reappear on a nearby screen. Upon the latest commercial finishing on the screen, the transition screen lingers in nothingness before an inkling of light appears on the black background.

"There." Stephen says, his eyes locking on the things movements, before the hidden amulet on his chest begins to open. The eyes of Agamotto sends forth a harsh beam of light hidden from the sight of non magical humans despite it streaking through the air, brighter than the whole of the lights in the area. "You will reveal yourself!" Stephen commands as the light of Agamotto approaches its target.

As the light travels towards the screen, the dot of light pauses in it's process of enlarging as it connects, revealing to Strange, nothing as it

From behind Strange a woman screams as a werewolf appears from nowhere, running in the general direction of Strange.

"What?!" Strange exclaims with a twinge of fear even in his voice. Turning at the scream Stephen is able to react to the man-wolf-beast rushing towards his area. "Halt beast." Stephen demands of the being, shoving his outstretched hand in front of him as if to convince the thing to stop with words before turning to his magic.

The werewolf does not listen to reason as he continues to run towards Strange, mouth open to expose the hybrid set of teeth, fangs glinting in the artificial light. One brave soul swings a shopping bag at it. Whacking it on the side but with little effect on the creature's chosen path. The Doctor is on the menu it seems as it lunges.

Luckily his hand is already extended so all it takes is a simple shift in his gesture to form a quick ward spell. While not the shield of the seraphim, the mystic wall should repel any unwanted mystical and unholy beings and attacks. "Who are you beast?!" The doc requests an answer.

The doctor does not get an answer as the flying werewolf hits the shield, it simply vanishes.

And yet. There is another scream, coming from the other direction as a man, who could do rather well as an alto considering his pitch is pointing to the billboard where a gigantic spider is crawling across the screen. Not as an image, but a full out three dimensional spider.

"Not this night. Not this city!" The wizard mutters to himself before resigning to the fact tonight will be a battle, likely alone. He lowers his head and quietly teleports into the air, instead of flying, knowing it would be noticed by everyone. This way he can lose the spell disguising him, and take care of the immediate threat. Asking himself what is the purpose of these attacks he sends a hand forward to point at the spider and unleash a bolt of pure bedevilment towards the eight legged nuisance.

When a person in a crowd teleports. People DO notice. Just not as many. There are a couple more screams. Mostly due to the spider's appearance but one from Strange's vanishing act. The spider leaps from it's perch, not towards Strange but towards the crowd below, causing for a bit of a stampede of panicked onlookers trying to get away from the BIG FREAKING SPIDER.

One person ends up getting smacked by a car in the process, their only saving grace being the car wasn't going that fast to begin with. The braver, and probably dumber ones stand their ground, whipping out their cellphones to record the scene.

Stephen reaches out once more to force his will around the space of the spider, summoning a remote version of the shield of seraphim, he attempts to trap the arachnid in it's unbreakable sphere. Understanding know that the thing wont respond to his vocal requests he'll have to enter it's mind for the answers he seeks but the creature must be secured first.

As the sphere forms around the spider, it vanishes, causing for a bit of confusion from the running people. But they're still moving away. There's some weird stuff going on here.

Another Spider appears on another building, starting to jump towards the crowd once more. Lord, this is not going to help with the after Christmas clearance sales numbers.

It will however help the insecticide business in the tri-state area. Stephen's head tilts as he drops the shield with a sigh and a series of blinks. What's going on. This is weird, even by Strange's standards. His head snaps towards the newest appearance, and with practiced hands, Stephen sends forth the crimson bands of Cyttorak, to bind the spider before it can ever land on the ground.

When the bands reach the spider they wrap around the creature, but before it can stop, it vanishes once more.


Nothing. There is an inkling of magic to the area somewhere behind Strange but it soon seems to drift off, the strength drifting away as it moves further away. In the disturbance, several black and purplish birds flit about as they seek quieter grounds.

Turning his head to glance over his shoulder at the sense of magic behind him, Stephen doesn't pursue as he doesn't sense a strong enough source to actually follow. The wizard hums to himself in thought. This has been a strange night. "Those birds." His eyes lock onto the somewhat familiar birds with a squint. "Mike?" he asks of no one.

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