2014 News

Uptick in Missing Persons Cases
Copy by Daley Bergur Written for 6 Oct 2014
Since the destruction that came about from Ragnarok, there has been an increase in the number of persons reported missing by loved ones. With the exception of several persons who were identified as mutants at some point or another, most of the persons missing are humans who have been homeless.
With the amount of displaced persons from the Ragnarok events living in the shelters, police are having a harder time dismissing these reports.
Entertainment News
Copy by Noah Boundres Written for 30 Sep 2014
Blurb from a celebrity gossip column:
Outspoken music performer turned actor, Nick Drago pauses in front of the cameras at the London premiere of The Waves of the Phoenix the woman who Drago had been seen with on numerous occasions was notably absent at this event but Drago appears to be in good spirits despite that. This is likely for good reason as initial reviews from film critics have been favorable and so have the sales of his most recent single release Ragna-ROCK. Proceeds from the songs sales are being donated to New York City shelters which are filled to capacity due to the destruction brought about from the world wide events that share a similar name to the song.
And now, we rebuild
Copy by T Ward Written for 9 Sept 2014
With the presence of the creatures that wreaked havoc upon the city removed, Governor Creed has lifted the request to evacuate the city for those whose homes have passed inspection. However there is a lot of damage to many residential buildings, causing for the Governor declaring a state of emergency to gain access to Federal resources.
Due to the sheer amount of damage and the wish to get the city up and running again in a reasonable amount of time, cleanup and rebuilding areas have been split amongst several groups.
FEMA has provided the following information about where to seek shelter should your homes have been damaged to the point of being structurally unsound
(yada yada technical stuff…)
Return of the Demon?
Copy by LatePoster Written for 1 Aug 2014
Street Beat, July-August
Hell's Kitchen was rocked several nights ago by a sudden inferno in a back alley around the corner from O'Sullivans. According to witnesses, large pillars of flame erupted out of thin air and remained for several moments before vanishing just as suddenly as they had sparked. When bystanders approached the scene they found a completely burned out and destroyed, luxury Lincoln sedan and two suspected Russian mafia members burned, beaten, and unconscious. One anonymous call was made to authorities long before several witnesses also reported the event, leading police to suspect an eye witness saw the whole event unfold.
When questioned, several bystanders remarked that it must be the return of the Demon of Hell's Kitchen; why else would it have been the Russian mafia that was hit? So, has the protector of our streets returned to us after a long absense? Will we be hearing of more Demon sightings? We here at Street Beat will keep you informed.
Drago Returns.
Copy by Tee Emsy Written for July 29,2014

Good news for Drago fans came out today as reports of him being sighted at the hospital occurred.

"He looked absolutely exhausted. " One witness stated, "Wherever he was, it doesn't look like it was pleasant."

This of course leads to the question. Just WHERE was he for the past four days since the explosion? How come he has not visited his friend sooner?

Although a request for response has been given, Drago has not complied.

So it looks like it is another case of 'Think what you want.'

New Roanoke
Copy by Gloria Haynes Written for July 28, 2014

The town of Hamsburg, New York, was recently discovered to have become a veritable ghost town. The streets are silent, the houses and businesses are empty. Where did all the residents go to? What caused them to leave? Why are all the animals gone without any trace?

These are questions burning at the hearts of state police and politicians of the area that used to call Hamsburgers part of their constituency.

So far only a few clues have been found, mainly the body of a young man with a single stab wound to his chest, left in a cave just outside of town. Who is this boy, and is his death related to the haunting emptiness that is Hamsburg, or New Roanoke.

Evening News Flash
Copy by Cobvilla Carpntree Written for July 24, 2014

We interrupt your program for some breaking news, There have been reports of an explosion down in Chelsea. Here is Cobvilla Carpntree with the latest. Cob?

*Cut to the scene of a collapsed building with a man in a beard and plad shirt holding up a microphone. "Thanks Bob. Residents and visitors to the Chelsea area were suprised by a series of explosions and a subsequent fire that came from Golem Studios. As you can see, the building behind me has collapsed. Representatives of the studio have stated that due to the time of day, the building was in use at the time but with an extremely reduced staff and at this time of day would have just closed, depending on if the studio work scheduled inside was completed. As of now it is unknown just how many persons were in the building at the time or if there are any still trapped inside. What we DO know is after the explosion a group of people rushed in and came out with a victim who was carted off by Emergency Services. It is unknown the identities of the heros but it looks like they could have been mutant."

"Cob, any news on the person taken to the hospital?"

"Very little, Bob. Th-" He pauses, looking to the side, brow raising as someone is apparently speaking to him. He turns back to the camera. "Well Bob, the victim turns out to be Wade Shaw. Friend and former bandmate to Nick Drago. With the way those two have been known to collaborate on work, it is ENTIRELY possible that Nick Drago was inside at the time of the blast."

"Thank you Cob." The news anchor turns back to the camera, "For those of you who have just tuned in, Golem Studios in Chelsea has been destroyed. Wade Shaw is in the hospital and Nick Drago is still unaccounted for. We will be back once we have more information to give you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…"

Nick Drago releases a statement
Copy by Press release Written for July 24, 2014

After over a week of press speculations over performer Nick Drago's status of either being human or mutant, a statement from Mr. Drago was released by Mr. Drago's representatives. As to clarifying his actual status, it does nothing and remains vague. But it issues a reason for his silence:

"I had expected for things to have calmed down by now but judging from the reactions I've been witnessing, it does indicate a need to address this issue.

There is more than one reason to why I refuse to answer the question that was posed to me by Miss Limon and it's not for the reasons one might suspect. I don't believe it's a necessary question to ask. A person's race, creed, or genetic makeup should not, nor should ever be the basis in which one values another. It should be attributed to the person's actions. The things in which they control.

If you feel that you need to know the particulars of one's genetic makeup in order to determine whether or not you like someone's music or acting capabilities, you are NOT a true music fan or a true movie fan.

Also, I don't like Miss Limon or her methods for 'interviews'.

So, in consideration of this, I will continue to NOT answer this question. If it's figured out later on, so be it. But as for now.

Think what you want.

It's not what you are. It's what you do."

-Nick Drago

Unusual Siberian Phenomenon
Copy by Noel Beckman Written for July 18, 2014
Astronomers have reported an unusual meteor shower that produced a dazzling display over the remote forests of Siberia.
Theories have included debris from a passing asteroid being drawn into the moon's gravitational field to decaying satellites disentegrating the atmosphere. Scientists will keep their eyes on the heavens as the story develops.
Is Nick Drago a Mutant?
Copy by Liz Limon Written for July 14, 2014

Since the incident at Club Nightshade where reports of an enraged Hulk being spirited away by one bearing a striking enough resemblance to Nick Drago to be none other than him, there has been a question that needs an answer. Is Nick Drago a mutant?

Let's review what we know about him.

1) 'Monster' - Arguably one of his bigger hits from his Breakout album, this single was adopted as an anthem for several 'anti-discrimination' movements going on around the time the song was released. But perhaps there's a hidden message to his own background in it. Take note one verse from the chorus:

"Monster. From a Monster. It's in the blood it's true."

2) Drago's father - We all know about what happened to his mother. But what about the father? There's no mention of him at all. Just WHAT is he? Is this where the blood he's referencing is coming from?

3) He confronted The Hulk and is still alive. Do I really need to expand on this?!

4) Drago's blantat refusal to answer this question. If he wasn't one. Wouldn't he say that? Instead when posed the question, all he said was "Think what you want."

Very well then Mr. Drago. Challenge accepted. I think you're a mutant. What does everyone else think?

Charity Event Disrupted
Copy by Urkel Laz Written for July 9, 2014

A charity event at Club Nightshade was disrupted yesterday evening when a dispute errupted between Loki and a clubgoer. While Loki appeared to be accosting the clubgoer, another stepped in to calm the situation. Unfortunately this Good Samaritan was struck and turned into the Hulk. Others stepped in as well, setting up barriers to block off others from getting too close to the exchange while another performed some type of light show.

Another party stepped in to intervene with a bit more success, causing for Loki to depart while he vanished from the club with the Hulk. One witness claims that it looked to be Nick Drago, one of the acts that was scheduled to perform at the charity event.

Thieve's Guild Reward
Copy by A cousin of this guy I know… Written for July 2, 2014
The Thieve's Guild is putting word on the street placing a $5,000,000 bounty on the head of the person responsible for the Blue Moon Masacre. Dead or Alive.
CrimeBuster Reward
Copy by Crime Buster Written for July 2, 2014
A $1,000,000 reward has been posted by a private citizen for information leading to the capture and conviction on the Mutant terrorist responsible for the Blue Moon Massacre.
Murder at the Blue Moon
Copy by Reed Rume Written for July 2, 2014

Yesterday an unknown mutant attacked the patrons of the Blue Moon, a Jazz club in Midtown Manhattan.

The police have been given a full description as well as video of the unprovoked attack. Be warned the following footage is very graphic.
(Several images of Quicksilver, running at accelerated speed and three patrons dropping with broken necks, Quicksilver stopping to say something at the door, and running out again.)

The mutant in question is believed to have connections to mutant terrorist organizations. If you see him, do not approach. Call the police and Crime-busters at 1-800-Call-Cops.

Live (Aid) from the Garden
Copy by Reed Krosse Written for June 26,2014

Residents displaced by the explosion in East Harlem are getting some additional relief through a supply and fundraiser drive sponsored by multiple parties.

Governor Creed , who helped secure Madison Square Garden for the event, made an appearance as well, giving a speech encouraging those present that were affected by the tragedy, "Friends, we stand defiant in the face of another tragedy in a line of events that have struck our proud city. But we do not cower. We rise together stronger."

Together they do indeed rise, along with aquiring a sizable amount of goods consisting of toiletries, food, and toys for the children in the displaced families, donors got a glimpse of several celebrities who donated some of their time as well with the drive. Notable names include Babs Bebetteson, Andre the Midget, Nick Drago, Juan Claude Van Damme, Wade Shaw, Gilligan Spark Lefeet, and Allan Morse Zett.

Explosion in East Harlem
Copy by Ned Gedmon Written for June 24, 2014
Tragedy yesterday as several buildings were destroyed in a combination of explosion and fire. Estimated death toll is at around 1,000. Details have not come out fully but a gas leak is suspected.
Breaking News on Action 8 News at 5
Copy by Apple Pai Written for June 26, 2014

Breaking News on Action 8 News at 5 (Transcript)

The camera cuts from commercial to Sally Jenkins shuffling papers on her desk and staring at the camera with a serious look. "We turn now to continuing coverage of events that transpired earlier today at the Hammer Tech corporate headquarters in downtown New York." Footage from a variety of angles and a variety of digital devices shows what appears to be a flying armored suit, much akin to an Iron Man suit but less polished, smashing into the fifth floor of the building, with throngs of people fleeing the building and surrounding area. Another clip catches a man smashing through windows on the opposite side while final clips show black Hummers racing down the street and snatching the suit out of the building by tow cable launched from the entry point in the building. At least one shows a blurry image of a red haired woman with face mostly obscured, standing at the newest 'balcony' of the building and watching after the fleeing vehicles. "Authorities are still trying to piece together what happened today, but we do have this statement by Justin Hammer, CEO of Hammer Tech, recorded earlier today in conference."

A smarmy looking Justin Hammer, who hasn't even spit out his gum, addresses a crowd of reporters from behind a podium, hands held out for quiet as he delivers a premade speech and tries to make light of the situation. "Ladies and gentlemen, what you witnessed today was a little bit of good old corporate espionage carried out by one of our competitors. It's not our fault our military systems are the best and others simply cannot compete at our level and decide this is the best course of action to get an advantage. Let me reassure you, there were no serious injuries and that we're cooperating fully with all authorities to get this situation resolved. Plus, this what insurance is for." He ends the statement with a wink, a pistol finger, and a *chk chk* sound before heading back into the building.

The camera cuts back to Jenkins. "More on this story as it develops. In other news tonight: Puppies: are they as adorable as we perceive them to be? One researcher has the answer after this."

FDNY mourns the loss of their own.
Copy by Skee Mo Pai Written for June 4,2014
Two FDNY medics were found in East Harlem yesterday afternoon, deceased. The cause of death has not been determined yet, but initial findings hint to it being attributed to 'random street violence'. The names have not been released to the public yet.
Demon Skeleton Hits the Rail
Copy by Apple Pai Written for June 4, 2014

In a bit of excitment during rush hour yesterday evening, a giant demonic skeleton came into Grand Central Stadium causing for a massive panic for the crowded station. While most fled from the scene, there were accounts of a Loki, a girl who jumped through things, and a 'very British' bandaged man fighting off the creature.

Service to and through the station was suspended as transit officials worked to get the remains of the creature off of the third rail.

In the confusion there was a stabbing and an unknown female apparently killed herself immediately after stabbing Loki.

Police are still investigating the incident.

Music and prayer saved my life
Copy by Moone Pai Written for May 15, 2014

"Music and prayer saved my life."

A common phrase indeed but for a London nightlifer, he swears this to be true in the most literal of senses.

In two separate instances, each person reported running into something of a demonic nature on their way back from their respective party scenes. One of them was willing to give more detail than that.

"With the street lamps, it's not all that dark if you're walking the right areas, normally. But as I was walking home, it got a lot darker near me. Like there was this wall of shadow. And this THING just came at me." Grahm Walton commented, "First I could see, then I couldn't. I heard this growl and something struck at me so I started running. But fat lot of luck that does you when you can't see where the hell you're going. Thought I was going to die."

Despite the less than favorable situation, these two did end up with a surprising ace up their sleeve.

"I prayed." Grahm admited, "Not the best with memorizing things. Can't say the full Creed to save my arse. But, this prayer from a song my roomie kept playing, just popped into my head and well, why not? Didn't have anything else to work with. Imagine my surprise when it worked. This light came around me and that thing just backed off."

As for what song it was and who sings it, Grahm couldn't answer that directly, "I just remembered the prayer from the chorus. About Lucia's Light."

Rockstar Lands in Hospital. Demon to blame?
Copy by Edgar Poe Written for March 24, 2014

Late Monday afternoon, 911 dispatchers recieved a phone call reporting an attack outside of the Avengers Mansion. But it appears that the mansion was not what was being attacked but instead at least two people just outside the gate area. One of the persons who was under attack has been identified as Nick Drago, a musician and actor who has been rumored to be in the movie adaptation of Lehann Maloney's best selling book, 'The Waves of the Phoenix'.

As for the attacker, it is to be described as 'unhuman' and likely demonic in nature but was led away from the scene by a young man with a bad blonde dye job. The man and the demon have not been found.

Drago was described to have been unresponsive at the time of emergency workers arrival but after some 'odd complications', he became responsive once more. He is currently being kept at a medical facility for observation. The name is being withheld for saftety reasons.

Crocker Corp Rebranding!
Copy by Jasmine Germaine Written for March 23, 2014
Long thought to be just another urban legend, Ms. Betty Crocker, owner of Crocker Corp, has announced a rebranding of her company's name this coming April. Not only will the name and logo change, but also the company's standard business methods!
No one is quite sure what this will mean yet, but for a company that has brought high quality foods and appliances to the general public for so many years, it can only mean good things.
Rock Star Plays Supernatural in Hell's Kitchen?
Copy by Juan Don Written for March 22, 2014

In what is sadly, and yet, poetically, occurring in an area that uses a title that references Hell, there has been another sighting of a demon in the area. Unlike the other, this one was in the process of turning into ash by the time police came.
The investigation of the alley came as the result of shouts and the sounds of fighting that came near an unrelated medical call first responders were working. Prior to police arriving, two men were spotted leaving. One sporting a really bad blonde dye job and the other in a suit that appears to have been torn in the presumed skirmish.

"He kind of looked like Nick Drago." One paramedic stated, "But, I just watched the DVD of Life Sucks last week so I could be imagining it."

Although improbable as it may be for the rock star to be wandering around Hell's Kitchen rocking his inner Dean, it is possible for him to be in the area as fan lore does place him as living in the area when he was younger.

Police have declined to offer further information due to a pending investigation.

Demon of Hell's Kitchen Destroys Illegal Chem Lab
Copy by LS Walker Written for February 9, 2014

Papers shuffle as the camera shows a news reporter getting prepared after the commercial break. "Welcome back to Channel 2 News at Ten. We continue our coverage this evening of the events that unfolded but a few hours ago in Hell's Kitchen. Fire and emergency crews were called into Hell's Kitchen at 7:13 this evening when a dillapadated auto garage exploded. Early reports were chaotic, but eye witness reports and amateur footage seemed to place responsibility for the event squarely on the shoulders of the Demon of Hell's Kitchen that has been sited more frequently as of late.
Initial reports labeled this as a random act of violence, but information has just come to light that the explosion destroyed what officials are saying was a "well funded, well stocked chemical lab with several illicit compounds." When asked about the blast, some of those who witnessed the event had this to say."

"What do you think about the Demon of Hell's Kitchen?"

"Well, it seems like it's here protecting us from bad things. First there was that guy makin' everyone's lungs burn, then there were some Russian mob types that'd been causing trouble, and now the Demon's gone and blown up this building. I think the Demon's here to help us."

"We'll continue coverage of this story as more details become available. We turn now to business news this evening as reports from HAMMER Tech's recent announcement to setup a new research and development facility in New York promises to bring needed jobs to the area. Their recent bid to also purchase the faltering NYC ChemLab has lead some speculators to wonder what new technologies and product lines HAMMER Tech intends to unveil in the coming months."

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