2015-01-04 Sleepy Phantasms and Cultural Dishes
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Loki and Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Sleepy Phantasms and Cultural Dishes

The main dining hall is often used by the Avengers and is closer to a restaurant style of appearance. Long drapes hang from the windows, typically pulled back and tied to allow natural sunlight to filter in. Various tables litter the area for smaller settings, though they can be easily combined for larger groups as needed. The Mansion's Butler will receive orders and have them taken to the kitchen. The menu changes daily. There is a window where 'togo' orders can be asked for from the kitchen for those too busy to sit down.

As the afternoon light peeks through the drapes of the dining hall, there are bright spots within the room and dark spots. During the afternoon lunch time, a certain rocker has opted for a table in one of the darker spots in the room. In front of him rests a coffee cup with a white froth on top and a small plate holding two crescent rolls, one of which has a bite mark in it. Shoulder resting on the table, A forearm is extended upwards, allowing for the knuckles of the attached hand to act as a perch for Mike's chin. Eyes barely open, he looks like he's about to fall asleep.

Loki occasionally lurks around the Xavier Institute, partly to keep an undercover eye on those he considers friends, partly to be a nebnose. At the moment he's not shapeshifted, but his clothes are completely modern, complete with knit hat holding up his longish hair. He passes the dining hall, narrowing his eyes when he sees Mike inside. What is he doing there?

Apparently Mike is in battle and currently sleep is winning out as his eyes start to close.

Loki goes toward the table to pick up a piece of fruit, finding Midgardian fruit to be soft and a little sweeter than Asgardian fruit. He looks at Mike and sighs, picking up a banana and balancing it on Mike's head.

Feeling something set on his head, Mike's eyes snap open as his hand shoots up to grab at whatever it is. "The f-" Oooh! Surprise win over sleep.

Loki teleports himself behind Mike, taking a bite of the apple. "Such terrible language. Why are you not sleeping in your bed?"

Mike mumbles, setting the newly aquired banana on the table. "Because sometimes you got to eat." He glances to the solitary bite on the croisant sighs and grabs the already started roll to take another bite.

"As far as I am aware, mortals are not capable of sleeping and eating at the same time. Perhaps you should focus on one task at a time. There may not be anyone available to save you should you choke on your meal."

"I'm awake now." Mike replies, voice betraying a hint of irritation. "Just kind of nodded off there." He sets the roll back down before reaching for his drink. "It's also not a good idea to skip too many meals in a row."

"Ah. I can go a week without eating, so I suppose I cannot sympathize. Well, if I am not expending too much energy I can go a week. If I am expending energy then I must replenish it, of course."

"Hmmph." Mike sips his drink before setting it down. "You want the other Croisant?"

"What is a Croissant?" Loki asks. "I don't recognize that word and it does not translate using the Alltongue. I assume it is something to eat, so I thank you but no, I am not hungry at the moment."

Mike points down to the unbitten roll, "It's a pastry that is usually eaten as a breakfast item." He lifts his off the plate and slides the remaining one over to the place in front of the unoccupied seat next to him. "Go ahead and try it. They gave me two and I probably won't even be able to finish one before I need to go to sleep again."

Loki sits down and looks at it, sliding it around in a circle with his finger. "If you are certain you are not going to eat it," He says, taking a bite. "Interesting…we don't have these in Asgard."

Mike smiles, "I'll be lucky to finish this one today. I haven't had much of an appetite in the past few days." He takes another bite, chewing it before a question pops to his head, "So what do you guys usually have for breakfast? More of the eggs, meat, and potatoes variety?"

"I usually have fruit, sometimes cheese and bread. It depends on if it is a day in which there will be adventuring or if it is a standard day within the palace. On days we are heading into battle or a long voyage, even I will eat something such as meat and potatoes."

"Ah." Mike nods, "So Meat and potatoes is not a common breakfast spread when you're at home then." He looks to his food, "To be honest, I went Italian style with my breakfast today. Traditional American and Irish breakfasts are a bit more meat heavy."

"Well, it is, just not for ME. Thor and the Warriors Three consume more hearty breakfasts. I eat enough to satisfy. If I expend a lot of magical energy, I will sometimes have something like dried meat or cheese. There are usually more choices, such as cheese, fruit, breads with butter, not too terribly different than Midgardian meals."

"Ah, I see." He gives a bit of a chuckle, "That makes a bit more sense. I have a hard time imagining your brother opting for a primarily vegetarian breakfast."

"No, Thor is anything but a vegetarian. But I cannot fault him for that, what he lacks in brains he makes up for with brawn, so I suppose he has his uses."

"There's room enough for both types." Mike agrees, "Along with the other variations." He sets his coffee cup down, "It would be a terrible thing if the population was 100% one way or the other."

"Well yes. Ours is a warrior culture, so the diet is mainly meat and cheese, items meant to provide strength. I do not rely on brawn, so I have no need for it."

"Still, meat tastes pretty damn good."

"Yes, I suppose. I cannot argue. Midgardian meat is not nearly as good as Asgardian meat. Perhaps I will bring some back with me."

"Does the meat come with the same warning signs as your mead?" Mike asks, a hint of amusement to his voice.

"No…as I understand it, meat is not alcoholic…"

Oh right. Cultural differences and humor. Mike's smile fades momentarily before coming back. "That sounds good." The smile widens, "Maybe we should have a cultural potluck supper for just the Avengers. Every person brings a cultural dish that reflects their family background. With the general rule of nothing that can kill the teammates." That's right.
No mead.

"I suppose. I doubt your kitchens could cook the meat, though. I will bring it already cooked. I also doubt they would allow me to use the kitchen here. If I can burn down an Asgardian kitchen, it would not be difficult to burn down a Midgardian one."

Mike's brow lifts at the comment before he starts laughing. Loudly.

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