2015-01-13 Spider in the Garment
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Loki, Surge
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Spider in the Garment

The Garment District was once a densely-populated retail area, but now it is occupied by clothing and fabric manufacturers. A number of wholesalers and warehouses remain in the area, along with the studios of fashion designers, making it an efficient stop for any retailer, distributor, or a particularly well-connected individual. Madison Avenue boasts perhaps the densest concentration of designer showrooms, while the Javits Center at the far west end of the district is the premiere place for garment and accessory shows at any time of year.

For those who enjoy being in the crowd, Tuesday night activities seem a little less interesting to them. But this is not entirely the case when the activity in question involves musicians. With the way tours are and the amount of venues demanding an appearance, not every venue gets to have the musician perform on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. For Madison Square Garden, this is the case tonight. Several various acts have united to help put on yet another fundraising concert with tonight's beneficiary being the shelters of New York City, which is STILL dealing with an uptick in the amount of homeless people made by the Ragnarok. And judging from the number of people starting to flow out into the streets, it was a successful venture.

All that noise, noise, NOISE! Drake may not be the Grinch, but when there's an uproar in the city, he can't help but poke his head in and see what's going on. Back home, it usually meant a block party. Here in New York, it might mean.. err.. a space monster is rampaging through the block. So it's good for at least one person affiliated with the New Mutants to be on-site!

Alas, no such happenings. Just a concert. Drake tries not to look disappointed as he jams his hands into the central pocket of his hoodie. He stands against the throng of moving civilians for a moment, like a stone in a river, waiting to see if anything interesting happens to emerge.

Loki looks almost just like Drake with his mannerisms and hoodie, taking up a spot next to him like some creeper with no concept of personal space. "Why do they insist on this? Midgardian music is so…foul. I could put a field around the area so the sound does not carry so…"

As the two non-music lovers hang outside of the music venue, watching the crowd of persons flowing out of the building, it seems to be a quiet night for all those involved.

And then there's a scream.

And another.

Good lord, they still have their voices after being at a concert for so long?

As for the cause of said screams, well, the giant freaking spider appearing on the side of a building and leaping towards the mostly unawares crowd seems to be reason enough.

Drake snaps his attention suddenly to the side, spotting Loki. Only it's not Loki. Or it is, he just looks different. Drake hasn't seen him since before Ragnarok, so this rendition is a little weird. "…Hey. I think I know your dad."

A scream!

Drake's eyes zip first in the direction of the sound, then soon land on the giant spider scuttling along the building. "OH CRAP!" The teen automatically recoils, skin crawling. Spiders have a knee-jerk reaction for him - it isn't a phobia, but they're far from his favorite thing. So a /giant/ one is just the damn creepiest thing, ever. "Y-you, uh.. I'll be right back!" Priorities! Call the mansion! Those scoldings for /not/ calling things in are to be avoided. So Drake turns to hurry a little ways down the sidewalk, fishing out his phone to make a quick call.

"My dad? You know Odin? Or Laufey? It is I, Loki. I was reborn into a younger body when the Ragnarok cycle completed." Loki scurries along after Drake. "Spiders….tell me you are not one of those mortals that are afraid of spiders! They are simple eight legged creatures that can really cayse you no harm!"

As Drake makes his phone call, the spider finishes it's descent down upon the crowd, knocking over a few people as it lands. This, does not help with the potential for crowd control as even more people have caught on to the fact there's a big freaking spider in the middle of the crowd. Flight or fight kicks in, with the majority of them choosing flight. One who sticks around for the 'fight' aspect promptly gets knocked own by the spider.

Drake has his phone out, autodialing the Professor's office. "Giant spider! Near Madison Square Garden! Loki-.." He pauses to shoot the Asgardian a look. "Loki? Really?" Back to the phone. "Loki's here. Gonna do something about it."

And the phone is shut. Drake whirls on the Asgardian again. "If that's the case, then you'll have no problems helping me put that thing low, right?" Without waiting for confirmation, Drake begins to trot /towards/ the spider, worrying his teeth over his lower lip. No time to change outfits. He'll have to try to be subtle. But it's a huge freakin' spider. God, he doesn't wanna get close to that thing…

Loki stares at Drake, jaw slightly agape. "I still don't know what you're talking about!" He complains and starts running. "Oh hello there, giant hideous beast." He draws his daggers and looks up at it, lightly skipping toward it, ready to slice at its legs.

If there is any plus side to the spider attacking, the resulting screams probably the sounds from the finished concert seem much more pleasant for the non-music fans in comparison. This is not much consolation as Mr. Fight's instincts lead to him staring death in the face as the spider brings it's fangs down upon him. With the increased size of the giant spider, it's not an efficient bite. The screams coming from the poor victim are very justified as the fang presses in on hi- The fang lifts up as one of it's eyes catch Loki's slicing motion, leg buckling a bit. The other 7 legs compensate as it turns, facing Loki now.

Oh, good. Loki's being a distraction. Drake's fine with this.

…Spiders are creepy, okay?

One of the seven remaining legs stomps close to him, causing him to freeze. No launching electrical bolts. People would notice that. But he could claim to have a taser! And so, inexplicably, the following happens:


Drake latches onto the nearby leg, clinging like the cuddliest of koalas.

Electricity begins pouring from his hands onto the spider's leg, hoping to course it through its exoskeletal frame and fry the sucker.

As Drake was doing that, Loki was taking a slice at another leg, the middle left, with a fancy move. When Drake turns on the juice, Loki stiffens and complains "Oh come ON! Electricity???" Loki and Electricity don't mix. Blame Thor.

As Drake grabs for the back leg of the spider to pass along electricity, he is given the added complication of his hand just passing through the creature. As if it's not really there. But with electricity wanting to take the shortest route, it travels to the nearest structures, which, oddly enough does NOT appear to be the spider. Loki's attack of one of the front legs appears to bear a bit more fruit as the creature jumps back into Drake while knocking down some of the slower folks in the crowd nearest it's front. Drake is not knocked down but seemingly looks like he's standing in the middle of a hologram or something of that nature.

Drake pounces, the electricity flowing, and he manages to land his rear on concrete. "OW!" The electricity arcs up something other than the intended target, leaving the teen to blink. And when a leg swings at him, he knows he doesn't have enough time to move out of the way. He cringes, bracing himself for a really nasty impact… only it doesn't land. He cracks an eye open… then the other.

"Shenanigans!," he shouts. "Shenanigans, Loki! This spider's not real!"

And that seems to bolster him. It's like a giant animatronic! Probably no venom! He turns his attention to whatever structure actually drew his electricity to scrutinize it in what time he has.

Loki stops his assault and realizes there is no need to attack, he begins putting his dagger away, but in lieu of anywhere else for the electricity to go, it wraps around Loki and with an annoyed sound, he falls to the ground, staring up at th sky.

As Drake yells, the spider's head turns, getting a glimpse of Drake sitting in the middle of the body, suddenly there's a grip around Drake, the body sealing him in ooey gooey tight and bringing him in for a wild ride as the spider bolts on it's six remaining legs. For a non real spider, it sure has some oomph to it.

As Loki looks up. theres the view of several, dark colored birds observing from a nearby building.

Wait, this doesn't seem right at all. Drake tries to wriggle away, but finds himself stuck. "..Loki! Don't lay around! This is no time to be stargazing! Find whatever's keeping this thing together and- erff!" Off he goes, on a magical adventure with a gat'damn spider.

As the spider runs through the crowd, barreling over the slower observers with it's body and the one lodged in it, the pace starts to slow as, well. There's a body in it's body. Soon the run is more of a labored walk befoe coming to a complete stop, falling to the ground hard, Drake and all.

Drake is going for a ride, and he's not happy about it. Though while he's stuck in the… thing… whatever the Hell it is, it makes anyone focusing on him have a difficult time sorting out what exactly is going on. And that's an advantage he can use. Whatever illusory properties were going on before, he's found himself stuck in something very physical. So while it's running along, that current of electricity kicks in again. By the time it hits the ground, Drake's teeth are grit and he's pouring ionic energy into his confines with the intention to roast it from the inside out like a microwave. "Rampaging days are over, pal!"

The tendrils of electricity flash all around as the bug twitches, one leg hitting another person, passing a bit of that shocking attack over to them. It twitches before it simply, vanishes, leaving Drake by himself with a random stranger twitching on the ground.

Up above, a raven spreads it's wings and flies off.

The spider vanishes from around him, and the electrical currently promptly cuts off. And Drake winds up landing on his rear again. Whump. "Ugh…" Spotting the twitching civilian, Drake retrieves his cellphone again. "Quick medical out here. The spider's down. I'm out." The call is disconnected, Drake pulls up his hood, and turns to take off at a run. This was not one of his better nights, but at least the… threat… seems quelled. Spiders. What a bother.


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