2015-01-27 Park Avenue Halloween Style
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: Violence
Players: Black Cat, Dominique, Loki
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Park Avenue Halloween Style

A variety of businesses call Park Avenue their home, and aside from that it runs north to south, cutting through Manhattan and parallel to the famous Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue, west and east respectively. The median is filled with flowers and greenery most of the year, most primarily begonias, with a number of Christmas trees in the winter.

Loki almost trembles, he wants to mess with them so badly. Loki never did have great impulse control and lifts a finger, making whatever the man is drinking to bubble dangerously. The couple leap to their feet in overreaction, causin some people around them to look in concern. The drink bubbles and bubbles and then…stops. Lull them into a false sense of security…yessss…

Felicia stops just before she bumps into Loki, only her attention isn't on the person in front of her, nor the phone in her hand, at least not at the moment. "What's going on over there?" She asks the god who might or might not have noticed that she's next to him yet.

Her tea is perfectly fine; it's not boiling away. She's already analyzed the coffee shop several times; there are no immediate threats or dangers. Therefore, she should have no need to react.. and that's precisely what she does. Another long sip of her tea before it returns to rest on the saucer with a tiny clink before her hand moves down to rest in her lap, sitting there stoically.

Up in the sky there's the shifting of birds, resting upon some building ledges, the darkness of their feathers not assisting with their visibility, but the sound of some of the feathers is enough to show that they're there.

It is a peaceful evening. Nice and quiet. Not a thing that is at all out of sorts. Just a bunch of people all nice and bundled up. There's even a man walking down the street bundled up in some old worn gray coveralls. It's so cold he's even blocking the chill with a battered old white mask. Geez. Now that's cold! It doesn't do much for his looks as his hair looks extremely unkempt. And yet despite all the precautions against the cold, his red splotched hands are not wearing any gloves or mittens. Ha ha! What an oversight! He walks a bit funny, slowly making his way towards the coffee shop.

Loki smirks. "I don't know!" He says, watching as the couple sits back down and the man takes a tentative sip of his beverage. The woman does the same and things seem to return to normal for the moment. WIth his arms folded over his chest, he lifts a finger and both the couples drinks begin to bubble as if to a tune, making them freak out and flee the coffee shop.

Felicia's eyes catch movement from their corner and she looks directly at Loki's finger and then makes a leap of putting two and two together. "That…" She begins and hesitates to find the correct words, "Is pretty funny." She says looking up to Loki's face and twisting her eyebrows in confusion. "You look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?" Felicia asks, as her hands move her phone into one of the many pockets on her coat. The murderer line up guy #2 behind her goes unnoticed for now.

The redhead, seeming to be unphased by the plight of the yuppies, twitches a little in her left eye. Though she remains stoic and unconcerned with the two of them, their loud disruption is going a long way to disturb her evening.

As a couple ventures away from the herd at a high rate of speed, the masked figure continues his walk, path altering slightly to better intersect with the less than observant pair. When the male of the two runs right into him, he glances down quietly while he lifts up a hand, revealing a kitchen knife which got missed in the intial description due to the horror of his attire. With it being raised up, it's noticable NOW. The female of the pair turns to see her companion staring at a knife and does what some would do. She screams. Thank you, Miss Curtis.

Loki spins around whn he hears the scream, dropping his arms to his sides. When the scene registers, he starts running toward the couple. "Come on," He tells Dominique. "We must help them." With a flick of his hand, he sends a bit of magic toward the assailant. "Cease your activity now or you will face the consequences!"

Not used to being ignored nor hearing screams around her Felicia turns to look at the ruckus behind her. Then looking to Loki and over towards Dom she furrows her brow and starts to move away from the scene, she's not a hero. Tried that once, didn't work out too well. Nor is she in the proper attire, she doesn't want to have people showing up expecting her to save them or someone they know. That's not how she works. To the alley it is!

To whom was that addressed? Not her, certainly, for she was tucked safely inside of the coffee shop. And even if she did hear it, which maybe she did, maybe she didn't, it is not only a problem that does not concern her, but she has yet to finish her tea. Not only that, but she's not exactly the heroine type.

The knife in the hand starts the downward motion towards the unfortunate male but SOMETHING causes for it to shift in it's path, only cutting the man's arm. Unfortunate side effect but it does have the added benefit of kicking some sense into the man as he realizes he might want to run from the knife weilding madman. The face turns, looking towards Loki. Ignoring the initial intended victim.

Ok, that worked a little too well. Knowing that he's extremely durable, he tries to keep his attention to give the others an opportunity to do something. "Oh, hello there. I can't help but notice you are attempting to slice open some mortals. I can tell you from experience there is nothing of interest inside of them, so perhaps you should choose something else. Perhaps a pie?"

Others? What others? The professional thief has made a sneaky b-line towards the nearest hide-y-hole. Felicia slips between the buildings with a frown as she pauses to press against the wall of the building they're closest to and peaks her blue eyes out to see what Loki will do. And step it only if it's ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! *wink wink*

The head tilts slightly as the unnaturally white faced maniac starts to walk towards the Asgardian. Yep. A little TOO well indeed.

Loki grins his best grin and spreads his hands in front of him. "Come now, can we not resolve this as mature adults?" Says the godling that looks like a teenager. "Do you really want to attack a god? Your blade would not even pierce my skin."

Felicia frowns and puts a hand up to the brick to brace herself but doesn't do anything more than that. What's going on she asks mentally.

The knife holding man is not much a speaker and he does not start now despite Loki's efforts to start a discussion. If anything, the steps towards Loki continues, perhaps a bit quicker now. That would probably be a 'yes'.

Loki tilts his head to the side and smirks, letting out a sigh. "I am one step below Sorcerer Supreme, so I would be cautious." He holds his hands up as if being mugged. He doesn't expect that anything will happen to him of course. He is one tough little cookie, afterall. He does look around for the women he thought would attack the guy from behind, thus eliminating the threat altogether, but alas he finds himself alone.

Yup, should have talked to her earlier. Felicia stays behind her wall just shy of being a visible target, worried and considering running off. There's no positive if she helps Loki, or none that she can see. Felicia does step out and move towards the masked man and once behind him she swipes her leg out at his feet, trying to knock them out from under the murderer-look a like.

Alone indeed. Whatever gave Loki the idea that Dominique would be there to step in and save the day is beyond anyone's capability to conceive. Though, unconveniently, the path she intends to travel takes her directly past the two. Undeterred, mostly as the way her brain calculates it, it saves two full minutes, two minutes that can be dedicated to more research (plus the minutes missed at tea this evening), she presses towards them, her steady gait putting on a trajectory to walk behind the Mr. Myers impersonator by a good twelve feet.

If Loki holding his hands up in a giving up manner has any effect on the situation, it's only making things more convenient for the masked man to approach. There's no word spoken as the man jabs the knife into Loki with a surprising 'shuluck' of sound as the blade cuts in. The head tilts once more, observing the Asgardian's reaction before vanishing from sight, knife and all.

After the attacker vanishes, there's the sound of birds taking flight from their selected perch above.

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