2015-02-26 Leo the Bartender
Michael Hannigan was observed entering the Avenger's Mansion appearing to be in some form of discomfort. I attempted to follow him, observe and then offer assistance. I made contact with him in his chambers in the mansion. There I discovered both Dr. Stranger as well as Loki's involvement with MIchael's discomfort.
Strange explained the situation involving a mutual friend in immediate distress. Strange used his powers of teleportation to take all involved individuals to the scene of this friend in peril.
MIchael and I found his friend Leo (full name included) and attempted to speak with him. It was clear that the individual was not in control of his own actions. He attacked us with an unusual conjuring magic. I disabled him and we brought him in for questioning and examination.
Reported by Natasha Romanoff on 2015-02-26
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