2015-02-27 A Complication For Leo
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Widow, Dr. Strange, Phantasm
GMed by Dr. Strange
Title: A Complication For Leo

Logfile from FlameOfDarkness.

You see nothing special.

Stephen (IC) and Natasha (IC) are here.

Obvious exits:
<O > - Out

A long, well lit, corridor with smooth concrete floor and tall (twenty foot) ceilings. Natasha is walking down the corridor alongside of a gurney being pushed along by two men in Shield uniforms. The red headed woman takes a small right turn toward a metal trash container and she deposits her now empty coffee cup into it. A few steps later and she was at what appeared to be a cell door with a simple small square window on it. The men pushing the gurney met her there and she started to tap on the keypad beside the door.

After their return, Mike had to take a detour over to the kitchen to get coffee because, well. He's friggen tired. (THANKS LEO) Fortune smiled down upon him as there was a fresh pot already brewed (THANKS TONY!) and he is now coming in to the corridor, no longer phantasmed and looking back to normal in his Goodwill threads. Two mugs of black coffee are in hand.

Natasha's green eyes looked over to the right to see the form of Mike appearing at the other end of the hallway. She didn't wait for him, however, as he was well aware of where they were going. The door hissed and opened inward on the room it serviced and the woman stepped off to the side and let the two Shield employees push the gurney into the room. She followed them into the room and left the door ajar for the time being, for Mike! Once inside the room the men pushed the cart toward the metal bed/chair that was partially reclined in the center of the chamber. "Go ahead and transfer him into the chair, and put the restraints on him." The short woman told the men who began to comply with the order.

Mike finishes his trek over to the cell that's left ajar. Finding the door open, he glances in and upon confirming the others in there, he steps inside, holding out one of the mugs to Natasha. He glances over to the two agents that are transfering Leo over to the chair, frowning at the friend's predicament. He sighs. "This sucks." Hey, even the best songwriters can be at a loss for words.

Slowly, seemingly seeping out of the man's pores, a black and red garbed figure appears floating in the air. Mimicking Leo's position only three feet above him, Doctor Strange appears once more, having been gone since the initial split of the four avengers. "Ah. Uh, where are we exactly?" The man asks, moving through the air to stand on his feet, the question posed to any of the four other conscious folk in the room.

The maen secured Leo to the chair and Natasha reached out to accept the offered mug from Mike, placing both of her hands around it.. and then Strange appeared. The Shield employees both back pedaled several steps in surprise and Nataha's eyes centered on Strange's form. Once she recognized him she started to lift the mug up to her lips with both of her hands. "There's something about having teleportation powers… those with them always seem to dislike simply using doors." She murmered.

Mike glances over to Natasha as she makes the comment and then looks to the door he JUST came through. But then again there are varying levels of discreteness. As far as those other agent may know, he could just be there because the guy they're shifting around is a friend of his. Or they know EVERYTHING and no one bothered telling him just who is in on the deal and who is not. Dammit Fury. "…right."

"Not teleportation." Notes Strange as she moves over towards Mike and Romanoff. "Leo should be free of all foreign spirits and malignant entities, at least the mystical sort." Stephen gives a soft smile to Mike, and notes, "You should start to feel like your old new self rather shortly I presume."

Natasha regards both Strange and Mike then as she lowers the mug of coffe down in front of her stomach. "Does that mean that this man is safe now?" She asks. "I can revive him if thats the case, but I'd prefer to keep him in restraints until we're absolutely sure of his condition while conscious." The two Shield employees move around the room to stand near the doorway then but they don't yet leave.

Mike nods, bringing up the coffee to sip. "You never explained WHY." He sips a small amount before looking to Natasha, "I think the basic gist was he was possessed by Nightmare?" The statement turns into a question of the Sorceror being that he's not entirely sure of the situation himself, "Is it that cult again?"

Stephen gives Mike a look, "It's because you two share a power source." He says flatly and then moves onto the next question with a nod. "Yes he's safe. Yes it was Nightmare. The cult was working with Nightmare, but I'm not sure to what extent as I had thought Nightmare was behind this whole thing and it turns out he was being used as well."

Natasha lifts the mug of coffee up for another drink while the two others beside her speak on the matter. She listens to their provided information and she takes a step or two up to stand beside Leo as he slumbers there in that shiney metal chair. "So where is this Nightmare now?" She asks, observing the man that she'd shocked earlier this evening.

Mike gives a slow nod. "Oh… right." He looks over to Leo, "You'd think that would have been something that would he'd have brought up during the whole orientation process. I just assumed it was split down the middle."

"Most phantasms usually don't know. He might not have." Stephen says, turning to look at Natasha and the other two men. "Nightmare is back in his dream realm, for now." Stephen says as the demon can never fully be destroyed, lest grave consequences befall humanity and worse.

Natasha looks over at Stepehn as he says these things. "Mm." Is her simple reply. She takes her right hand off of her coffee mug then and she dips it into her leather jacket's side pocket and then turns to face Leo. Her right hand comes up and she places a small metalic object beneath Leo's nose. A gentle thumb tap is given to the device and a quiet 'ssss' is heard from the capsule. Leo's eyes flinch and he's quick to wake up then.

As Leo wakes up, Mike tilts his head to look to the seated barkeep. "Good morning, Sunshine." He deadpans, "Have you slept well? Because I sure as fuck haven't because of you."

Stephen steps between Mike and Leo, "He isn't at fault Mike." Strange says, plus Leo JUST woke up. "Give him a moment to recover."

Widow pulled her hand back from Leo's face as he did wake up, the man no doubt having to suck in a lot of panicked oxygen and would very likely be disoriented as to his location, but he's fully awake now and not groggy at all. The redhead puts the little capsule back into her jacket and she turns around to walk toward her fellow Shieldonians near the doorway, she speaks to them and they both turn to leave. She, however, remains in the room and turns back to look at the three reamining.

Mike looks over to Strange, blinking, "This is just how we interact."

Looking back at Leo and seeing a goofy grin on the barkeeps face Stephen sighs and moves out of the way, falling awfully silent for the wordiest wizard ever.

Natasha leans her back against the wall beside the open door and she puts her right booted foot up on the wall as well with her knee bent and jutting out in front of her. She just watches them and sips at her black coffee warming her hands inside those wool-knit black fingerless gloves.

Having actually silenced the Sorceror, Mike turns his attention back to Leo, "How you feeling, Leo? Remember anything about the past few months?"

Leo looks over at Mike, "I- no." He looks down at his restraints and flexes an arm against one then the other and then back at Mike, "Why? What happened Mike?"

Natasha pulls her phone out of her jacket pocket as it buzzes in her hand. She lifts it up and reads the screen her thumb working on the glowing screen while she sips her coffe in the other hand.

Mike's frown deepens, "Are you sure? Not even a room? A gurney? Doctors?"

"I remember a dark, like bike helmet." Leo says softly, and then lifts his left arm, before it snaps against the restraint. "Little help? Gotta a real back itch over here." He says, looking to Natasha, the only one he actually wants to touch him.

Natasha's eyes look up from her phone and she pushes off of the wall and starts to walk toward Leo on the chair. She steps around Mike and Strange, approaches the edge of the chair and ptus her phone back into her jacket pocket. Looking Leo in the eyes she reaches her left hand over and in a moment his restraint (on that one arm) is now freed. She remains staring at him a moment while she lifts her mug up for another sip.

Mike chuckles a little at the exchange between Natasha and the older Phantasm, taking what humor he could before he recalls the mention of the helmet. "Helmet?"

"Yeah, an all black motorcycle helment." Leo says, his hand moving up to his neck and scratching at what looks like a recent shaving of his head and what appears to be a few stitches, visible only from Nat's angle as he looks down and away.

Natasha watches the man in what might otherwise been an uncomfortable social exchange, in any normal situation anyway. A moment later she hands her mug of coffee back to Mike suddenly and she takes a step closer to Leo. Both of her hands come up now to the spot she just saw. "Sir." She says to him. "Have you had any medical work done recently?" Her fingers touch around the spot on his neck, very lightly.

All line of questioning about the helmet slips Mike's mind as he steps towards Leo to look at what Natasha's looking at. "The f-?" Mike looks over at Strange.

Once she gets close to Leo, his arm stiffens rigidly and aims to give the spy a sudden and rapid slap across her face and ear. "No I haven- OH MY GOD! I'm sorry!" He shouts, as he continues to try and hit the spy with his one free hand.

Stephen looks at Mike and then steps up, his hands raising towards Leo, preparing a spell to incapacitate the man, but waits to see what the others will do. He has a vow, and this is grey territory.

The initial slap catches Natasha's face as she'd been focused on the man's surgical location? She pulls herself back then and angles herself to stand behind his chair. Her right hand comes up and she takes him by the flailing wrist, twists it and jams his fingers into the back of his own arm in a restraining hold position. Her eyes level on that of Strange from over Leo's shoulder behind his metal chair. "What is he doing?" She asks, looking… peeved.

As Leo slaps at Natasha, Mike closes the gap between him and the chair to help. "I don't think he knows either." Mike replies, shaking his head, "But I'm guessing it has something with those stitches…"

Suddenly Leo is asleep. His body goes limp and he's not doing anything at the moment other than breathing like he's snoring.

"I have never seen this." Stephen says with a frown as he approaches the chair, gesturing Natasha and Mike to stand back. "What ever it is, it's not magical by nature, there's no spells woven here other than the phantasm magics." He looks to Mike, at a total loss what to do next, then to Natasha, maybe the spy has an idea.

Mike looks over to Strange as the Doctor speaks, and then looks over Natasha as he looks to her.

Natasha moved swiftly and with surprising ease placing Leo's arm back into the restraint. POP CLICK and the restraint was locked again. "It looks like an implant." She says to them both, well to all three of them really. "He's going to need to be scanned and possibly moved from this location… if its explosive." Her head shakes then as she looks to specifically Mike and Strange then. "That could be far fetched however, we won't know until we have him checked out. I'll place a call for a medical team."

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