2015-02-27 A Nightmare for Leo
This scene is rated R
Warning: Strong Language
Players: Black Widow, Dr. Strange, Loki, Phantasm
GMed by Strange
Title: A Nightmare for Leo

The decor of the large room is very VERY simple. There is a bed. Over to the far end of the room, furthest from the entrance, the music gear rests. Drum pads, The actual kit, keyboard, two guitars upon stands, and a violin case. There's also a sketch pad, a note pad, and writing utensils. Thaaaaat's about it. For you snoops out there, the sketch pad contains sketches of people Mike has seen in passing. There may even be more than one of Wade, Felicia, Loki, and a woman who bears some resemblance to Mike himself.

Stephen (IC), Natasha (1m), and Loki (8m) are here.

Obvious exits:
<O > - Out

It's cold outside. VERY cold outside. Which is probably a good reason for having a scene inside where the heat of the building drives away the blistering pain of the cold. In here it is a soothing warmth. One that will cause for anyone to easily slip into the comforting sleep that recharges one's energy.
Except for the guy who is entering the room right now. Door banging open. The extremely dressed down man flings a white and blue paper bag onto his bed. Papers stapled to it rattling as the air resistance gives voice to the protests of the container's mistreatment. Turning, Mike brings a hand up to the frame of the door to swing it shut. "F-" Exhausted, the rocker can't even finish a single word.

"Mike, are these sleeping pills?" Asks a deep, calm, familiar voice. Strange is sitting above the corner of the room. His legs crossed indian style and yet he's floating off the ground, just the bottom of his infamous cloak touching the floor. The wizard hasn't opened those grey eyes and even with his cloak obscuring his face he can tell Mike's in the room and very distraught. He waits for an answer from the rocker.

From the doorway a subtle, but audible, pair of knocks to the doorframe are heard. The door opens up slightly and a figure is seen now looking inside the room. Red hair framing her face, Romanoff peers into the room to look about its contents. Her eyes find the form of Mike and then she caught the tail end of Stephen's words and her green gaze shifted up to look at him. "Am I interrupting?" She asks the both of them.

Loki doesn't knock. You just hapve to hope you aren't naked when he appears. A green and gold swirl accompanies his arrival and the young Asgardian prince looks around at the people assembled. "Hmmmm…"

Surprise spurring the energy, Mike spins round, eyes widening enough to be considered open but upon seeing who it is, the performer relaxes slightly. "Christ, Strange don't you ever k-" His head turns as he hears Romanoff's knock and then is once again looking over as Loki shows up. The irritable features switch to one of confusion, "…Did I miss something?"

Setting his feet below him, Stephen finally stands and caries his own weight, like a normal human. The wizard gives Natasha a polite nod and then looks to Loki slightly puzzled but has nothing to say to the trickster. Instead the warlock keeps his attention on the youngest one here. "Why would I knock when I'm here to help." Stephen says, glancing around the room once more, waiting to see why the other two are here at, somehow, the same time.

The flash of light and the sudden presence of Loki… Natasha's eyes blinked twice and her gaze leveled upon his form. A second later she swept her sight over to Mike. "I just saw you come in, you looked upset… I thought I'd check if everything was alright." She looked back to the other two. "I didn't realize there was a party going on in here, however."

"I just came to relay information that is of no consequence to anything. I simply thought Mike would like to know. If there is something else happening, I will return to what I was doing."
Said Loki.

Mike blinks, looking from Avenger, to Jr. Avenger, to Strange guy. "So I'll take that as a yes…" He sighs. Walking over to the bed, picking up the bag of medicine before sitting on it. "Alright then," He starts, opening the bag. "Who wants to go first?"

Finally addressing Loki, Strange notes, "Good this could concern you too." Then peeking over to Natasha, "Nice to meet you ma'am. I assume you're an Avenger, if so, you're help will certainly be of great assistance." Whispers the master mage. Looking back at Mike and stepping forwards, he places his hand on the man's shoulder to comfort him, "You've been feeling very wrong, that much I can see, but I know what's causing it." Says the Sorcerer Supreme.

Natasha let her stare linger on Loki for a few moments before she shifted her gaze to that of Strange. The woman lifted her left hand up then, a capped cup of store bought coffee being held in said hand, she leaned against the doorframe on her right shoulder. "I'm always happy to help." She replied to Strange then, waiting now and watching…

Loki lifts a brow and folds his hands behind his back. "What could condern me? Hello Natasha…you are looking quite well." Don't let Felicia hear him say that or he might be running from the thief. "What is happening?"

Pulling out the bottle, Mike looks to the label. "It's a sleeping disability. Had it since I was a kid." He shakes his head, leaning to the side of the bed to grab a recently opened bottle of water, "It just relapsed."

"Glad to have your assistance." Nods Stephen to the Russian gratefully, before looking to Loki, "Well, you had an indirect hand shaping this situation and now you'll have a direct hand in the remedy." Remaining vague like he always does, then finally to Mike. "It stopped when you gained the phantasm powers didn't it?" The mage asks rhetorically, before continuing. "Leo's in trouble."

The paper cup was raised up to the redhead's lips and she took a drink of whatever was within it while the conversation unfolded in front of her. She remained in her casual position at the doorway, her eyes now on that of Mike as he seemed to be the clear root of this current activity.

"Me? Why is it MY fault? Be more specific. I have no interest in assisting with something when I know not what we are doing. I am in no mood for your cryptic nonsense." Loki folds his arms over his chest, frowning.

Mike sits up, setting the reaquired water next to the one containing medicine. "Leo?" He frowns, "What happened to him? Explain."

"I never said it was your fault." Stephen explains to Loki, and even expounding it to him, "You may even be the reason why things aren't completely bottoms up at the moment." Turning his grey eyes back to Mike. "Someone is using Leo, I'm not one hundred percent sure who it is at the moment but I fear my suspicions may be correct and if I am, I'm going to need everyone here's help." The doctor explains looking to each individual person in the room.

Natasha lowered the cup again down to her hip-level and shen grinned a little when she heard Loki's lack of patience toward whatever it is that is unfolding here in this room. Her attention returned to Strange however and she caught he look. "Leo?" She spoke out, eyes going to Mike. "Who is this and… what is he being used to do?" Were her initial questions so far.

Loki just stands and listens, waiting to hear what all of this is about.

The tired quasi-hero looks over to Natasha, the tired look on his face, while not gone seems to be more of a backburner feeling to him. "The guy who gave me my powers," Mike explains somewhat, looking to Strange, "Demoninfest?"

"I think they're related but not the same." Strange says, lifting his hand to his chin in thought. "An entity by the name Nightmare. It seems like it could be his work, and I fear I'm correct." Stephen says. Looking to the god and the spy he asks them, "We shouldn't hesitate on this any longer, the sooner we can confront whoever this is, the better." Urgency the exact tone of the doctor's voice.

Natasha's gaze shifts away from Strange back to Mike then. "If you have any information on Loe's… where-abouts we can bring him in and keep him guarded until we can locate this Nightmare." She suggests then.

Mike's frown deepens at the mention of Nightmare. Not good. Giving a grumble of discomfort, he works to stand himself up. Feeling a bit of the sway, he extends a hand to steady himself against the headboard. "You know where he is already, don't you?"

Strange silently nods very slowly in response to Mike. "As I said, the sooner we leave the better." He looks to Loki and sighs softly as he feels he must explain. "You. You are the genesis of the Phantasms, you are the original source of Mike and Leo's abilities." His grey eyes set on Loki before he shakes his head, "Or at least one of the earlier versions of you is responsible."

Natasha observed the conversation and did look back to Loki when he becamse the center of it. "Interesting…" The woman quietly said to all of this, but she kept it at that for now as her assistance in the matter was limited.

"What? How can I be the source of Mike and Leo's abilities? I didn't even know Mike or Leo until I came to Midgard. What do you want me to do about it? I don't understand how this can be my fault!"

At Strange's revelation, Mike's head turns, looking towards Loki. "What?" He shakes his head. Bringing a hand up to the side of his head, pressing the side of his temple, giving a growl of frustration, "Ok. So we're not just running in blind can you just give us a cliffs notes of what we need to know about what's going on?"

"I never said you were at fault. Just you are the reason they can do what they do." Strange says ignoring the rest of Loki's complaints. "We're going to Jersey, and we're going to confront Leo. Mostly you are." He points at Mike, and says, "We need you to distract Leo." Sort of. That part is left out, then looking over to Natasha he asks, "I assume you can incapacitate a man?" Then after her answer he looks to Loki, "You're going to help me make sure they're not distracted by anything else, and then we have phase two."

Natasha's eyes remain on Loki while he speaks of his disbelief in how he could be related to this. She slowly starts to shake her head from side to side then. "Is there anyone's life you, haven't, negatively affected, Loki?" The woman calmly asks him before lifting her cup up for another slow drink. Strange poses his question to her while she took the sip and then she looked upon him. "Incapacitating men might be my most developed skill." She says in a dry tone of voice.

Sigh. "Fine, but I still don't understand how I could possibly be the source of two mortals' powers." Loki looks sharply to Natasha, his tone scathing. "I could ask the same of you."

Mike glares at Natasha. "Are you saying I'm a BAD thing?!" He snaps out, momentarily growing shadowlike before looking like himself again. Shaking his head he looks over to Strange. "Fine. Let's go. Less time Nightmare's making use of Leo, the better."

Glancing to Loki, his rage starting to boil slightly, "They are given their powers, not born with them, the first ones to have these abilities ages ago were given them by you." Says the warlock before motioning to Natasha to step closer and if she does or not, the group of them suddenly are taken out of the avenger's mansion.

The landscape around them changes to a less pleasant and safe one. The four of them appearing across the street from a run down, house, covered in tacky graffiti and tasteless repairs and mends. "You two are in charge of Leo, Mike will point him out, Loki and myself will take care of the others."

Natasha was about to reply to Mike when she suddenly found herself in a new… location. Her expression changed to a slight concrn as her eyes shot about the new surroundings… She sighs. "I wish I was given warnings…" She heard Strange's words and regarded Mike again, taking a step toward the man now with her paper coffee cup still in-hand.

Bed taken away from him, Mike stumbles back before locking into place, form shifting into something a little more used to the tired sleepy effect going on with his body. A tattered hooded figure hunches, the dark shadow where the hood would be replaced with the glow of burning eyes and jagged teeth remain where Mike once stood. A low rumble of a growl sets in place as it becomes rather apparent why Mike's been skipping out of training exercises for a bit recently. Head turning, he's already looking for Leo.

Stephen begins to lift himself into the air, his cloak doing all the heavy lifting. The wizards hands flair out as he begins to prep a spell to attack the demon infested likely living in the shoddy quarters. "Come Loki, it's time to work."

Deep in the back of the house, Leo's eyes snap open suddenly aware of the large magic presence in the area. "Knock knock." He whispers, standing up, his eyes glowing red. "Took you long enough." Says the dreamer as he stands and begins to slowly walks towards the front door.

The arrival of the four does not go unnoticed as it appears that this house is not unoccupied. A recovering addict seated down the hallway looks at them wide eyed and starts screaming as he's hallucinating again it seems. It likely doesn't help matters for him as two other people enter into the hallway, already making leaps and bounds towards the quartet.

Natasha watched Mike's transformation with an intrigued curiosity. She paused a moment and reached out to an old rusted mail box that was resting between four other similarly rusted boxes. She popped it opened and put her cup of coffee inside of the metal box then closed the little metal door again. Her eyes went then to the building as she heard Strange speak. She reached her free hands up now and unzipped her hoodie to reveal her black tshirt beneath it. Her right hand inside her hoodie and pulled forth a single 9mm handgun, which she then held down at her side near her thigh. She kept relatively close to Mike.

Stepping up to the door and smiling as he looks out of the screen door. "You finally made it." Leo says, lifting a hand to the rickety latch and opening the screen and stepping on to the moldy porch. "Glad you could make it to the start of my new world!" Says Leo, extending his hands outwards to the sides. Stepping down each step as though each was a three act play in itself, the man gives Mike a faint smile, as if he doesn't recognize the man. "Have you come to stop me?"

With Leo presenting himself, the locating of him is much MUCH easier. "Leeeeoooo…" Phantasm hisses, pointing a claw at him. "get OUT of him!" And in a move of pure tactical genius, or lack thereof, Phantasm runs towards him.

Natasha halted when the interaction between the two started with her gun held in a locked right arm down at her side. She was not terribly far away, but this was a situation that left her at little choice but to see how it further unfolded. Her eyes were focused on this 'Leo' individual and she stood ready to throw in her assistance however she could be needed…

Leo lowers his hands to his waist with his elbows behind him and he crouches down slightly at the knees. "C'mon puny human!" Summons Mike into a fight. Just as Mike finishes his approach a new combatant is brought forth into the battle ground, an enormous snake, roughly two hundred feet long with the thickness of a small child's height. The scaly beast snaps forward, jaws wide trying to swallow the musician whole.

The more grotesque and yet by the way of the scene's flow, more benevolent Phantasm continues his charge, leaping at the end of the approach to jump by the side of the snake's head, clawing at the snake's eye in the process as he spins round mid air.

It was when the snake appeared that Natasha lowered down into a crouch behind some junk not far from the house. She saw PHantasm engage the mighty beast and her eyes flickered from that fight down to Leo. Giant snakes don't just… hang around, it has to be some kind of a trick… she told herself, and Leo has to be the cause of it. She put her handgun in both of her hands and held it out in front of her as she circled around the Junk Cover and came up beside the porch that Leo was standing on. In one fluid motion she slide her body onto the moldy porch and found herself behind the man, walking at him with a steady clip with her gun pointed in her right hand and her left hand coming down toward his mid-section.

The snake smashes into the ground with an earthshaking THUD Its body crinkling under the speed of its impact. "You F**K!" Shouts Leo, suddenly widening his red eyes at the attacker, snapping a hand out, to summon a new dream, he pauses, and looks down his arm to his wide splayed hand, "What?!" He asks no one as it seems most dreamers in the area were roused by the impact of the reptile. Leo has yet to notice the approaching avenger at his back as his attention is squarely on Mike.

Phantasm lands on the ground in a crouch, not even shaking from the force of the snake's landing. A jagged smile forms as the Phantasm looks to the surprised Leo. "What's the matter?" He growls, hood tilting up, to give a glowing glare as he stands up "Out of ammo?" A cruel laugh emits from the quasi hero, echoing a bit near some of the other nearby buildings. "Too bad."

The Widow's eyes catch sight of the fight with the snake beyond Leo's form in front of her. As Mike speaks, she makes her final approach and her left hand goes into Leo's lower back, her metal gauntlet pressed firmly there. "I've never liked men who had to show off with giant snakes." She quietly said to him before her Bite flared to life with a powerful blue flash and the unmistakable sizzling shocking sound of pure electricity!

"You little shit!" Shouts Leo before he tilts his head. "Mike, you sonnova bi-" He's cut short as he starts to convulse madly slumping to the ground. The inhuman hue of his eyes fading as he falls, the influence seemingly halting as the barkeep falls into unconsciousness at the strike from the Widow.

As Leo topples to the ground, out cold, the remaining Phantasm pauses in his walk towards the pair, and glances to his claws. The jagged teeth twist into a sneer, then a grimmace, before the figure backs up, away from the pair.

Natasha does nothing to help Leo as he crumples to the ground at her feet like a sack of rocks. "They always seem to fall asleep the fastest…" She finishes her previous thought. Her eyes then sweep up to where Mike was and she stands there over Leo's form, with her gun in her right hand and the bracer folding back up into the cuff of her leather jacket on her left…

Phantasm's head tilts back as the glow of the eyes dim, seemingly squinting. Clawed hands curling, the upper body rocks, soothingly as he starts murmuring.

Natasha stands there on the porch staring at Mike as he begins to do these things. She allows it to go on for a handful of seconds before the woman speaks up to him. "Mike…?" She starts. Her booted right foot starts her down the porch stairs slowly at first. "You're going to have to let me know what our next play is here… This is your tango, afterall."

A claw lifts, begging off a second as he continues murmuring. It is short and by the time she comes any closer to him, it is almost done. "-e a cure." There's no flash of light, nor anything else of note in terms of showmanship but the fanged teeth soon forms into a slightly relieved smile as he turns back to his old OLD self. Hair wild, attire just as much so, face a reflection of what Natasha may usually see of him. He looks over to the Widow and then to Leo, "We get him away from here." A bit more humanlike in appearance, he moves towards Leo.

When she sees him turn back into his prettyboy self, Natasha's gun hand comes up and dips back inside of her hoodie onto her left side. A second later she'd holstered her weapon and had a phone in hand. "I'll put a call in for a car… It won't take long." She says to him then as she turns back to the stairs up the Moldy Porch to where the body of the fallen Bartender resided.

Mike nods, "Oh well, if we're taking a car then, by all means." With nothing else to do than help guard a body, Mike flomps down on the ground.

Natasha walks back over and gets her coffee out of the mailbox while they wait for the car.

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