2015-02-27 Leo is Altered. Poor Leo.
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Players: Adrea, Black Widow, Phantasm
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Title: Leo is Altered. Poor Leo

A long, well lit, corridor with smooth concrete floor and tall (twenty foot) ceilings. The corridor has white walls and doorways evenly spaced out on either side. Each doorway has small square shaped windows, and all of the windows are black either due to lights off in the rooms beyond or just simply not able to see inside the glass. One door, however, stands apart with two Shield guards standing on either side of it. And exiting this open room is a full medical team of three individuals, a doctor and two assistances… they're pushing their portabl medical tools out of the room and are starting to move down the corridor…

A McClaren pulls into the Driveway of the Avenger's mansion. Adrea gets out of her car, swinging her legs out before she climbs out, and then closing the up-raised door when she does. She wears a pair of black heels, with a dark green dress just a few inches longer than knee-length that clings to her form. A black jacket covers her shoulders and back, and the force-harness she wears underneath of it. She isn't exactly dressed for business, but when SHIELD called, a showing at the MET wasn't exactly enough reason to report back with an 'I'm Busy.' She heads inside quickly, not knowing quite where to head, getting off first at the basement, and then finally the sub basement, before heading in the right direction.

Already starting to feel better as Dr. Strange promised, Mike didn't feel any risk about grabbing more coffee. He ends up running into Adrea and, after handing a mug over to her, showing her the way down while he brings two mugs of his own. Upon seeing Natasha, he surrenders one of the mugs over to her. "How's he doing?"

The room was a large square with the same smooth concrete floor as the hallway. In its center was a metal talbe (that used to be a chair at first). On it lay the subject in question, one 'Leo'.. he was unconscious on his back again but now his head rested on a white pillow and a cloth was laying ove rhis eyes. Natasha, is in a tall metal stool that had been brought in along with a table that three other metal stools were surrounding. She looks up at the two arrive. "He's fine. He's resting." She had her leather jacket now draped on the back of her metal chair, leaving her in her black hoodie, etc. "Doctor Venoa." She says to Adrea. "We have something here… that is a bit beyond us." She motions to a silver surgica tray on the table, laying in the center of it is a small bit of tech about the size of a fingertip.

Adrea made motions to Mike and thanked him politely as she makes her way into the proper area. She's faintly embarassed, wearing her 'going out' clothes into the Avenger's mansion as she tries to get her bearings. She nods to none other than Natasha and pauses for a moment, "Do you mind then, Miss Romanoff?" she asks, starting to move around to get closer. "I assume you've called me in for technical analysis then? I wasn't given an in-brief. Can you tell me what you do know?" she asks. "And can it, or he, be moved?"

Giving a small smile at the news, taking what good he can out of it, he nods. The smile is short lived as he looks over to the tray on the table. "Well, at some point in the past few months, Leo here was taken and things were done to him. He aquired a demon and some free unrequested surgery."

"Its an assumption it was unrequested." Natasha said as she stood up from her chair and accepted the second mug of coffee from Mike. "Mike here is this man's friend, though, so we'll give him the beneift of the doubt on that." She walks toward the table that the man is laying on with a whtie blanket over his body. "The device was removed from the back of his neck on the right side. As soon as I touched the skin that covered it his right arm came up to.. seemingy try to stop me in what appeared to be an involuntary motion." She pauses and looks back over at the other two from the unconscious man's side. "I am guessing its a tracking device of sorts, but its not like any that I've seen." She finished, then raising the mug up to her lips for a drink.

Adrea takes a moment to listen to them each in turn. She looks for a place to put the coffee down, but takes a sip as she does. She returns her attention to the chip, still listening, "An assumption." she notes aloud. "Okay, has he displayed any…symptoms, other than the…demon…thing?" she says. "That would be outside my area of expertise." she notes out loud. She pauses, "Well that should be easy to determine, let's have a look at it."

A pause, she searches for her purse, "I left my purse in the car…do you have tweezers or forceps?"

Mike's lips thin to a staright line as Natasha corrects him on the assumption part. But opts not to say anything in comment. He instead gives a small smile, a nod and tactfully sips at his coffee. He's grumping. He grumps big time. "He SAYS he doesn't remember much about the past few months other than a helmet." Ok, not so much tact. Just grump.

Natasha's booted feet quietly clop on the concrete floor as she steps back over to the table and she pulls a silver metal box over to the tray that the Doctor was looking at. She reaches up and silently removes the lead from the box exposing a whole host of medical tools neatly organized. "I'm unfortuantely not familar with the man, but my first experience with him was that of him… conjouring a two hundred foot asp out of thin air and, commanding it to attack our lovely Mike here." She says, setting her mug of coffee down on the table. "Beyond that, he seemed like any other bartender I've met."

Adrea nods slowly, again pausing to listen to the other two before she makes any observations. She uses forceps to pick up the object so she can look at it without touching it. "Short-range, probably RF Transmitter." she says, "Wouldn't penetrate these walls, meant to be used by someone who's not very far away, with the right transciever." she observes. She purses her lips, thinking it over. "What do you have for medical history, background?" She asks. She blinks, "Well, that's certainly interesting." she says. She shakes her head, seeming to think about it a little longer.

She reaches up to tap an object above her left ear, and a blue light illuminates beneath her hair from the 'hidden' bluetooth device. "Armalite. Search records, rehabilitation…go back 3 years and start there." she says, "Narrow search to Exo-tech and early prototypes for anything that resembles the implants we're designing." she says. She pauses, mindful of Natasha and MIke. She seems to listen for a moment, and then nods, "Mhmm, Missing Persons. That sounds about right." She takes a breath, and looks to Natasha, "It's not even meant to be picked up by another person. It's a controller for an assistive exo-suit, like for rehabilitation or helping someone learn to walk again, or…now…probably like skipping the biogenics and going straight to machine-assisted super soldier."

Mike watches Adrea appear to have a bit of a monologue with something unseen. Listening curiously as she gives an explanation, "So…these guys put Fucking NIGHTMARE into him and installed a controller into him?" He pauses, "… A cult with a surgeon and tech." He pauses, trying to recall something.

"Very expensive technology." Natasha added to Mike's statement. "We haven't pulled his medical history yet… Up until about an hour ago we didn't think he'd be hanging around here all that much longer." She replies to the doctor. "But now…" Her green eyes swept over to Mike's form. "I get the feeling that your friend wasn't ever 'just a bartender'." She exhaled sharply then. "So they were planning to outfit him with some kind of exo-suit?" She asks then.

Adrea watches Mike for a minute and then nods, "Worse, the Surgeon, or two of them, might be good guys. They dissapeared while working on this tech for others. It would have been a huge breakthrough. The good news is they might still be alive if they're batting for the right team. I'll need more of my own equipment to analyze the chip, however." she says. She hmms, and then nods, "Fair to say he's been hanging with the 'wrong crowd.'"

The musician closes his eyes, trying to focus. "helmet…"

Natasha pulled her jacket off of the back of the stool that she'd been sitting on then. "Doctor. We can have the device sent wherever you'd like it to be… along with the patient if, if you feel thats necessary as well." The red haired woman looks back to the man on the table. "We found no other obvious incisions on his body, but with science like this, who knows what all they did to him." She then starts to pull her leather jacket back on over her black, zipped-up, hoodie. "Where is Loki?" She asks, turning then to Mike. "Strange never mentioned him when he returned."

Adrea nods quickly, "Well, it all starts expensive, the goal is to research it, use it, and refine it until it becomes cheaper. Which has it's own frightening implications in this case." she says. She considers, "Loki would probably know more about your demon problem. As the Agent on the scene, I suppose I'd lock him up - much as I hate to do that to anyone, it appears we don't really understand the nature or severity of the threat. If we have it taken to my lab, I should be able to analyze it and tell you what it was programmed for specifically. That'll be the easy part. But you'll need someone else to look at him…that's outside my area of expertise I'm afraid."

Mike doesn't immediately respond, eyes still closed as he seems otherwise focused on something else. But the consistent mention of Loki distracts him from his goal as he comes back to reality, "DemonInfest. A cult of some sort is putting them in to people. Strange is probably your best bet on getting more information. He seems to have an issue with not telling me things when he first finds out. But if he says Leo's clear of the demony side of things, then he's clear."

Natasha pulls her phone out of her jacket pocket and she taps a few things on the glass panel face. "I'm not going to sleep well until I know that this man's body has been fully scanned and cleared. He can then return to his… normal life." She looks up from her phone then. "Mike, I want you checked as well." She says to him then. "I'm not convinced that these strange things you've been going through are simply related to hocus pocus and the paranormal." She lifts her phone up and slips it between the long strands of straight fire-red hair and her ear. "Doctor, we'll have this all transported to your lab."

Adrea hmms, "Well, at least you have Dr. Strange. We sort of lack that expertise down in the tech labs at SHIELD. We can always request a consultation." she says. She cants her head, listening to Natasha for a moment. She looks to Mike and looks him up and down for a moment, and then asks - a serious look on her face "Do you have any Latex allergies, sir?"

"W-" Mike pauses, grumbling, "Fine." He sighs, glancing over to Adrea as she asks him a question, "No." He sighs, turning his head. Arms crossing in irritation.

Natasha flashes mike a soft smile after hearing the Doctor's question. "She seems professional, I wouldn't worry." She says, her eyes going back to the doctor then. "Strange cleared everyone of any connection to the paranormal side of things. So we're all just focused on the tech side." Her feet carry her to the doorway and she leans out of it to the guards there. She mutters something to them and then turns to walk back into the room. Following after Agent Romanoff are the two guards pushing the gurney that they brought Leo in with. They push it toward the table and go about transfering him over to it once more.

"Oh, I'm hardly a medical doctor." Adrea says, though she walks over to Mike regardless. She looks over his neck and taps him on the shoulder when she's done, "We'll have to have a medical professional check you out. But as far as I can tell there's nothing there that doesn't belong." she says. She nods to Natasha, "A trip to the labs then." She comments, "Who's coming in the McClaren?" she asks, last out of the room (right before the SHIELD retinue).


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