2015-03-01 Cleanup Crew Follow Up Report
In follow up to the previous report regarding Leo the bartender, a cleanup crew was dispatched to the location of the altercation. By the time we arrived, those of note in the report had vacated the premises but we did find some architectural odditites to the place. Visibily and functionally on the outside, it is indeed a halfway house. There are residents of varying levels of addiction residing on the upper floors which appear to be in states of disrepair. But in the office of the building's administrator, that's where things became unusual.
We found a hidden entrance leading to a secondary basement. In there was a rather up to date medical lab, a cell with some biker gloves in it, bunk beds in another location, and an escape exit. The delay between reports and dispatch of the team seemed to be enough for the residents of the building to clean up most of everything that was down there.
The halfway house residents have been collected and have been relocated to another location for observation on the off chance one is a repeat of the Leo situation.
Reported by Bob the Cleaner on 2015-03-01
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