2015-03-05 Awkward Run-ins
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Cat, Loki, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Awkward Run-Ins

Private quarters for any Avenger who requested them comprise the entire second floor of the mansion. Unlike the third floor, which was completely gutted to make room for the hangar facility, the second floor closely resembled the original floor plan and architecture designed and constructed by Howard Stark. While many members of the Avengers maintain residences outside the mansion, many members over the years lived at the mansion full-time during their term of active membership. When space was available, a member such as the Wasp, who had a residence elsewhere, could use one of the bedrooms as a Manhattan apartment. At only one time in Avengers history were all eight bedrooms occupied, with usually at least half of the rooms remaining vacant.

Felicia steps into the hallway, shutting Loki's door behind her as she does so. "Alright, see you later." She says with a small grin and a wink before the door clicks shut. Turning to start walking down the hallway, Felicia takes her jacket off her arm and slips her arms into the sleeves with a deep breath. "Silly god." She whispers to herself.

Now, there is bad timing and there's just BAD timing. With luck like Felicia's it's not all that surprising which type it is when the door to Mike's room opens. With him not actually planning on leaving the mansion, he is very much dressed down. Sweats, an old concert tee, and still damp hair hanging down to the shoulders. Although seeming a little tired, he does appear to be in slightly better spirits. Seeing Felicia, he stops, looking to her, his part of the hallway becoming quiet until the door behind him closes.

Of course she has to walk past his room to get to the elevator, Felicia gives Mike a soft smile, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear as she spots the musician. "Hey Mike." she says, slightly shy but not afraid of meeting her ex-boyfriend. "You look, well." She says after giving him the once over and eyeing his clothes. She wears a white low cut v neck, and a pair of blue jeans and a pair of boots, underneath her jacket and a pair of purple tinted shades. "How have you been?"

Mike is quiet, watching Felicia approach. Occasionally glancing from where she came from. As she looks him over, he returns the favor. "You look ok too." he returns, "Things have been… odd." He grows silent, considering the woman in front of him.

The thief continues to step closer as he's on her way out technically but once she's close enough she leans forward and gives the man a deep hug. "I'm sorry for the way things ended." She says, uncommonly selfless. "Glad you don't seem bitter at all." She says with a playful smile to Mike, Referring to him saying she looks ok, she knows she looks great.

As he's hugged, the shirt presses against his chest, causing for a bit of moisture to seep into the shirt. The damp hair seemingly just the first indication that Mike has freshly showered. Eyes closing as an old habit eeks out, one of the rocker's arms respond in kind, wrapping around Felicia's back to return the hug halfway. He takes a deep breath. "Felicia. I thought you were gone. What are you doing here?"

Giving a smirk, Felicia responds "I was just leaving." The thief does purr gently against Mike, enjoying the embrace. "I've been around, y'know." She says pulling back from her friendly hug, her shirt now complete with a few wet spots on the front and her arms where she hugged the soaked singer. "Thanks, you coulda said you just got out of the shower." She says with a chuckle, looking down her front at the dark spots.

Loki steps out of his room, his own hair hanging down damp, oddly showing off that it is in fact natually in wild waves. He opens his mouth to say something to Felicia, then sees them hugging and quickly turns on a heel and re-enters his room. Whoops.

A bit of a long stay if you're just leaving now." Mike murmurs, lowering his arm to let the now damp shirted woman move back. "I didn't know you were still around. Was a bit out of it… for a couple months." He cracks a bit of a smirk, "I thought the wet hair and the fact I'm just wearing sweats and a tee would have been enough of a tip off considering our history. Although, I guess the shirt is overdressed for the situation." He shrugs.

"Yes it is." Felicia says with a smile, "But you're better now, right?" She asks, stepping back with a smirk, "You always looked like a mess, it was hard to tell if you were sweaty or freshly cleaned." The thief chides her smile growing further.

Loki keeps his back to the doorway, closing his eyes and sighing. It's OK, mortals belong with morals, he knows that. Going to the vanity but still listening, he starts to brush his hair straight.

Mike tilts his head at the comment, brow raising. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a few more nights of extra sleep and I'll be back to normal." He smiles, "Got pulled for another book to movie project."

"Look at the big movie star." Felicia says, giving Mike a nudge with her elbow. "Why have you been so awful?" She asks, being purely polite not that she's too concerned.

Mike pauses, looking at Felicia, "Awful?"

Loki changes into one of his nicer satin tunics and sits on the edge of the bed, folding his hands in his lap and waiting until the right time to come back out, looking toward the door. Perhaps he should just slip back through his portal.

"I figured if you weren't normal, and you needed sleep, you probably weren't feeling well, right?" Felicia is capable of putting one and one together. She leans back and puts her hands into her pockets as she listens to Mike's response.

"Ah." He pauses, frown forming, "Sleep disorder." He doesn't expand much further than that. He turns his head, glancing to the elevator area, "I should… let you get going."

Loki stands in the doorway now, looking between the two as he steps out. "Don't let me interrupt, just need to step out a moment…"

"Good to know, sleep better then Mike. See you around maybe." Felicia says as she moves to the elevator a smile on her lips. "Oh Loki. Come with me." She says, gesturing her hand out to take Loki's.

Mike looks over towards Loki, frown lessening for a bit before Felicia calls to Loki. He glances to her, and then to Loki. And thus the WHY for Felicia being over here is solved. "Ah." He steps over to Felicia, bringing his mouth close to her ear to whisper something before turning to head to his room. He can wait til later to get what he wanted…

"I'll be back. You two will have time to talk, that way. I'm going to get something out of the library. Don't wrap things up on my account." He offers a smile and disappears with a whirl, reappearing downstairs.

"You know I will." Felicia calls back to Mike even as he moves to his room. She then turns to give her attention back to Loki and then pauses finding no one there. "What- Oh." She says as she ends up standing alone in the hallway.

Mike smiles, lifting up a hand to wave to Felicia in parting, going back through his own room door.

Loki thought they would keep talking, so reappears outside his door. "What is it you wanted to show me?" He asks, offering his hand.

Felicia smiles, waving to Mike and then using that same hand to take her boyfriend's hand. "Just wanted you to walk me out." The thief smiles leaning to give Loki a kiss on the cheek, "And who knows after that?"

Loki blushes. "Where are you going?" He asks, "Of course I'll walk you out. I thought you were talking with Mike, though. Would you not like to bring him along?"

"I was headed home sweetie." Felicia says with a smirk, "I was, but he seems to be feeling down." The thief looks over to his door but doesn't mention anything else. "Is there anything you'd like to do?"

"Oh." Well that was easy enough. "I can transport us there but only if that is what YOU want. What do you really want to do? It is entirely up to you."

"Might as well." Felicia says with a smirk as her arm moves to wrap around Loki's shoulder.


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