2015-03-10 Party At Casa de Tony Again
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black-Cat, Loki, Iron man, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Party at Casa de Tony… Again.

The central living and work space of the Penthouse. A large, sprawling room from which the rest of the penthouse is accessible. This room also has a spectacular view of the city, featuring floor to cieling windows. This room could comfortably hold a few dozen in a party setting, but the layout offers a sense of intimacy. There are several couches through the room. One sits in front of a TV that takes up half the wall, on either end of which is an end table and a coffee table in front of. The set up is likewise repeated in front of the fireplace, as well as the windows. The walls are decorated with art, with sculptures in the odd corner and floor to break up the vast footage. The lighting is ambient, appearing to not come from any one source but rather spaces around that seem to glow. The area around the elevator are seperated by a marble floor, and has various coathooks on which rest different jackets and coats and the like.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Tony is up in his house at top of the tower. This of course is one of his many houses but thus far his favorite. There is a small gathering of friends or whoever. Not many really and going to the elevator he presses a button for the doors to open. "No need to knock. Just come inside and join the fun. There is drinks, food, entertainment."

Loki appears wearing rather fancy Asgardian clothes. He never knocks, so Tony need not worry about that. He just sort of shows up wherever and whenever he likes and mortals should just accept that. He carries a bottle of wine in the crook of one arm, the outside of the glass frosted from using his Jotun powers to chill it. "I come bearing gifts. One of Asgard's finest but do not drink too much or you will likely die."

Although no stranger to the Penthouse with the other events that have gone on there, Mike was indeed the one who knocked. His mom may be long gone but the once repressed sense of manners she instilled in him are still present within. Being that it's a small gathering, Mike has forgone his celebrity persona of Nick Drago and is here just as Mike Hannigan. Considering how long he's been at the mansion, It's no secret to Tony who he is. His attire, although not as over the top as Drago's is still a much more cleaned up version, A newer set of jeans, and a T-shirt that quite possibly had a differing origins from his usual Goodwill assortment. Most likely a gift from someone else. He does not come bearing wine but instead brings a large tupperware container. "And I bring something from one of the many recipes you haven't bought." There's a bit of a smirk from the rocker as he steps in.

Tony looks at the wine bottle Loki holds with a smirk, "Thank you for bringing death to the party." he winks motioning towards the bar. "Oh what is it?" he asks Mike leading both to the bar taking out three glasses to at least give him a taste of the Asgardian wine.

"My pleasure." Loki replies and starts looking around the room, reacquainting himself with it since he hasn't seen it since before he was killed by Ragnarok. "Hello Mike. You did not come with Felicia?"

After getting over to the bar, finding an empty place there to set the container down, Mike opens opens it up to expose a filled container full of lightly golden and salted slivers of vegetable. "Homemade potato crisps." At Loki's question, the musician looks over to the Asgardian, "No." His head tilts questiongly, "Why would I?"

Tony takes a potato crisp trying it, "Oh wow very good." he pours some wine into a glass. Swirling the liquid around gently he sniffs at it before sipping just a little. Coughing while setting the glass down, "That needs an octane rating." he chokes a little. He stands with Loki and Mike at the bar while random others mingle about the penthouse.

Mike takes a glas and pours him a small amount of wine as well, curiousity about the drink Loki's mentioned so many times before drawing his focus. Tony's review of it causes for him to look at the small amount in the glass. "Hmm." He cautiously sips.

Making herself show up late, Felicia's is one to be fashionable, at the cost of other's time. She steps into the penthouse with a glance one way and then the other to eye the people in the room and what they might be doing. With a big smile when she spots those she's familiar with and starts making her way through the crowds towards Loki and Mike. Popping up next to the players, Felicia extends an arm with a bottle of white wine held in it, purchased from the hills of Napoli. "Try this instead." She whispers to Tony, her eyes dance toward Mike and then finally Loki, speaking in order. "Hey you, and how are you? It was nice surprise, I had a great dream about you." Her hand on Loki's arm.

Loki jumps and grins, pulling her into a hug. "I think Tony will have wine to last him quite a while. I hope he does not make himself ill. Asgardian wine is three times as strong as MIdgardian wine, so it will make one inebriated much more rapidly."

After taking a sip, he glances to the glass and then looks over to Loki as he gives the explanation to the potency of the drink and then over to Tony. Oh LORD. He takes another sip. Thank God for genetics and a Catholic upbringing.

Tony is rather a lush himself and he takes another sip of the wine. "Thanks." he accepts the bottle from Felicia, "And welcome to my humble home. Feel free to take a look around and enjoy yourself."

Felicia hooks her arm through Loki's elbow and gives him a quick peck on his cheek. "So, why the party?" She asks, her blue eyes lingering on the eldest Avenger.

Loki is not the most social creature, ever, but he does try. He shuffles from foot to foot, blushing when she kisses him. TECHNICALLY, Loki is the eldest Avenger but if you compare Midgardian aging to Asgardian Aging, then Tony still wins.

Mike is quiet as he takes a third and final sip, emptying what's left of the small amount of wine that was in his glass. Sample done with, he starts glancing towards the non-Cat guests.

"I don't need a reason for a party." Tony tells her, "But if you need one then. Life is the reason." he smiles raising his glass also downing the rest of the contents. "Woooo… wow.." setting the glass down, "Splendid, Loki, very good." walking around the bar he hooks an arm around Felicia, "Care to dance?"

Slipping away from Loki with a blush and a smile towards Tony. "I'd love to!" Felicia says as she moves out towards the dance floor. Whispering to the robotics expert, "He's still getting used to some of our short commings but he means well. And yeah, that shit is HARD to drink." The white haired thief says with a chuckle.

"You should come to Asgard and experience a gala…" Loki's green eyes watch Tony try to mack on his girlfriend and narrow slightly. "Oh." He says, sighing and going to pour himself a tall glass of Asgardian wine. He is a bit of a lightweight even by Asgardian standards.

As Tony leads Felicia away for a dance, Mike's glance moves back towards Loki. "So, how long have you two been together?"

Tony glances back towards Loki offering a wink. The music from the DJ is jamming so he dances with Felicia to the tempo set. "So you are dating Loki?" he asks, "Trying to make me jealous?" he teases lightly.

Looking back over towards Loki, Felicia's hips rock back and forth, her legs wide as she hunkers down to the music, waving her arms and touching her hair as is the earth custom. "I'm trying to make everyone jealous Tony, not just you." She says with a smile looking at him as her shoulders bounce back and forth for the dance.

Loki slouches a bit. "I don't know." He says, gulping own some wine. "How long were you two together?" Felicia should be careful making Loki jealous, he's not exactly the most mentally stable individual.

Mike frowns, "Oh geez." His eyes roll up as he tries to remember. "We started around…" He pauses, frowning, "Last July?" He pauses, trying to remember when they stopped. "We stopped seeing each other when I went on tour for the album."

Tony is bumping and grinding with Felicia and likely any other woman on the dance floor. "I think its working." he notices the look on Loki's face. "He is probably thinking of a million ways to kill me right now."

Keeps dancing with a smile as she turns her head to get a look at Tony, Felicia smiles, her hands holding her long white locks up. "I'm sure the entire room is jealous of either of us. You should be careful, I'm certain he might try one or two of them if it strikes his fancy tin-man." She says turning around to face Tony, her eyes giving him a once over before she turns around once more. She walks back to Loki and Mike. "You two gossiping about me again?" Her eyes linger on Mike.

"No, we were not gossiping about you." Loki says, placing one hand on his other upper arm. "I have no particular reason to kill Tony, as satisfying as it could be."

Mike looks over to the pair as Felicia approaches them once more. That was a REAL fast song. "Nope. Was just trying to recall when I went on tour last year."

Tony moves back over towards the bar pulling away from a couple of women. "And happy I am to hear it." he glances at Loki, "Why don't you go dance with her? The night is young. The DJ will play whatever you want. Show us some of your godly moves." he pops a crisp into his mouth. Sad.. Pepper isn't here to babysit him this evening.

Moving to the bottle she brought, Felicia is not one to shy away from alcohol. She pours herself a glass of wine into a cup she's claiming as her own now and takes a playful sip as she tugs on Loki's sleeve. "Oh, come dance with me!" Then with a look to Mike, "You can join us if you want."

Loki sets his wine glass down and allows Felicia to tug on him. "No he can't." The godling says flatly and begins to sweep Felicia off her feet in eloquent dance. Asgardans don't exactly know modern dance moves so his dancing looks more medieval or like ballroom dancing.

Mike gives a small, practiced smile. "Oh, you two go on without me. I'm going to just make sure Tony doesn't eat the entire batch of crisps all by his lonesome." Stepping away, he turns back towards the bar, grabbing a crisp for himself. Mission accomplished.

Tony chuckles deeply as Loki finally takes her out to dance. "I guess I could eat them all but I won't." he goes back behind the bar. As some want the Asgardian wine he only gives them very little, "Very potent. Is imported." he tells now putting it away for safe keeping. As he is left with Mike, "Imported from a galaxy far far away."

Felicia's hands rest on Loki's shoulders and she leans in close to the godling, her lips near his ear. "It's nice to see you be forceful." She pulls back and gives him a smile, "You okay?" The thief's head is tilted to the right when she asks, looking into his green eyes. "Is anything bothering you?"

"Me? Forceful? I…I'm not certain about that. But no, nothing is bothering me. Is anything bothering you? I suppose I am not used to being at a party that does not end with everything on fire."

Mike doesn't get any possible references to sci fi shows that could be made from the statement but simply crunches down on a chip, giving a bit of a shrug. "Didn't seem to take that long to get there." He grabs another crisp.

"It's an attractive side Loki, don't be so shy about it. I like it." Felicia whispers to her boyfriend. "I'm not used to a party that's not used as a distraction." notes the thief, moving her hips along side Loki's her hands falling into his own as she mimics his movements with a semblance of ease.

"Ohhh." Loki grins, dipping her in their dance. "Like this? " he asks, his long hair complete with some thin braids falling over his shoulders. "Perhaps I will consider going to more parties."

Mike noms.

"Yes Loki, that's great. But it's better if you don't ask." Felicia explains, her hand moving up to slap his cheek kindly and playfully. Looking down to her phone she gives Loki a kiss. "I've got to head out again. Time for work." Felicia says, as she runs to the elevator and makes her way out of the party.

And so there was much more dancing and merriment. And likely the foundations for many morningtime regrets were laid.


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