2015-03-14 Tyler on the Wind
This scene is rated PG-13 - Mild Language
Warning: Mild Language Used (Rogue's fault)
Players: Rogue Mist Cyclops
GMed by Rogue
Title: Tyler on the Wind

Front Porch - Xavier's Mansion
The front porch is rather large, made to accomodate those of any size. A wheelchair ramp runs alongside the wide stone steps, each side of the porch decorated with tall white columns with a white railing between them. The doors to the Institute are large and elaborate, inviting and warm but perhaps intimidating at first. On either side of the porch, large pointed bushes reach nearly as high as the columns, and along the front wall of the mansion are smaller bushes, hedges and flowers.


It's late afternoon on a Sunday. The northeast has slowly been thawing from winter and the first hints of Spring have been hinting at an end to the interminable cold. With the warm weather, the porch has become a delightful place to sit for a spell.
Tyler, looking a bit put out with himself, gets dropped off by a taxi far up the drive, and starts the long walk. He's walking oddly - he's not wearing shoes, and the ground is cold. His clothes look ill-fitting and a bizarre amalgamation of 90s thrift-store cast offs. Lots of pink dorito-shaped triangles. Yeah, 90s.

Marie is sitting on the large stone steps near the top of the staircase. She has on her leather trench coat and some sufficiently warm clothes underneath. In her right hand is a smart phone and its resting on her green stocking covered thigh. In her other hand is a lit cigarette that she's holding off to the side over top of a metal cup so as to not get any ashes anywhere. When the taxi arrives, the woman's green eyes look up to see who's showing up… Tyler. She eyes him closely as he starts to walk her way.

Tyler's blonde locks are touseled and he smirks with self-effacing humor as his bare feet pad towards the steps. "Well." He runs a hand over his hair, looking left and right, "Turns out I can fall asleep in mist form." He wrinkles his nose with disdain as he lifts each foot in turn. "Eugh."

Scott steps out of the mansion giving a nod to Tyler before moving up behind Marie. Squatting down he reaches out to steal the cigarette, "Don't you know this thing can kill you?" taking a draw off it he gives it back before standing back up straight blowing the smoke out into the air.

Rogue's attention is fully on Tyler as he makes his presence announced and she smirks softly at him and his bare feet. She then pauses and laughs a little. "Wait…" She says. "Don't tell me, you blew away in the wind while asleep?" She asks, about to laugh again when her cigarette is taken and she looks up over her shoulder. "Hey, what the f- Uh…. Hi, Scott…" She frowns heavily at his words but is relieved when he just takes a puff and hands it back to her. "Heightened immunity to poisons, remember?" She says to him as she loosk it over in her gloved fingers and then takes a drag off of it herself, her eyes going back up to Tyler then.

Tyler lifts his chin in greeting to Scott. Great. More people get to see his horrible thrift-store collection of clothes so he could take the cab instead of getting arrested for indecent exposure. "That.. well, yeah. Precisely." He leaned against one of the support posts of the porch, crossing his arms over his lean torso and crossing his legs at the ankles. "I don't know if it counted as sleep? Or if it's something different? I just… lost track of myself. Woke up up-state in some farmland." He sighs through his nostrils, shaking his head.

Scott takes a seat beside Rogue taking the cigarette again for another long draw. Offering it back he spills smoke out of his nose showing he can be rather ow key sometimes at least. Listening as Tyler explains what happened he doesn't really have anything to add at the moment.

Marie hears Tyler's story and it makes her smile admittedly as she feels the ruby-goggled one sit down beside her and take her cig again. "I can give you a whole one if you want." She says quietly to him when he hands it back. She deposits it into her lips and glances down to her phone a moment, thumb something on the glass surface of it before she looks up to Tyler again. "You just… poofed… and floated that far away?" She asks. "Like a fart on the wind…"

Tyler has no illusions of pride about his lackluster mutant 'gift.' "Mmmhm," he agrees with Rogue's colorful assessment. "Such is the might of my awe-inspiring talent. Although, I think my real skill lays in the way I was able to convince some mid-40s republican farm-woman that I wasn't a crazyperson." He smoothed a hand over his face, wincing at the memory of the intense awkwardness of THAT portion of the adventure. "And look. I got these /sweet/ clothes to keep. So not an entire loss."
The tee-shirt, on closer inspection, has a /radical/ t-rex on a skateboard amid all the dorito-shaped designs.

Scott shakes his head, "No thanks." he tells Marie considering the cigarette. Looking at Tyler he looks over his clothing, "Stylish." where is the beanie to go with it, you know one with the propeller on top… "I wonder what would happen if Bobby ever froze you or used you for his own powers by mistake." afterall Iceman uses moisture around him.

Marie's green eyes glanced at Scott as he turned down his own cigarette, she knew he'd ask for one eventually. She plucked the one out of her lips and puffed out a haze of smokey mist of her own. She cleared her throat then, once, twice and then sniffed in a breath. "I gotta say, blondie." She replies to Tyler. "I personally think thats the best darn outfit I ever seen ya wear, myself." She flashed him a small grin then as her phone beeped and she looked down at it. "And I ended up in a field or two, in similar situations, myself. Always a good romp, times like that." Her fingers tapped the phone's screen a few more times, apparently texting someone.

Tyler's lips tighten at the corners and his eyes narrow as Scott wonders aloud at ways that Tyler might be frozen or otherwise imperiled. Scott. Always a charmer. The blonde chooses not to comment.
Instead, he lifts his shoulders with a breath, sighing it out, "Well, savor it. I think I'll be keeping this outfit packed away until… maybe my wedding day. Something /terribly/ momentous." His voice drips with droll sarcasm. "I'll leave you two to season your lungs." With that, he turns to head into the mansion, stepping delicately to avoid leaving gross footprints from his dusty, bare feet.

Scott raises a brow looking towards Marie in wonder maybe of how a /romp/ with her could happen. He is too much of a gentleman to actually say anything but it doesn't stop him wondering though.She can't touch humans — O M G. Shaking that thought away he reaches out stealing her cigarette again drawing again off it but this time not giving it back.

Marie watches Tyler progress up the staircase and she notes the marks he leaves on the stones behind with his dirty feet. This all makes her grin at seeing this snooty guy reduced to this level and its a moment she'll have to remem—- "Oh, shit. wait!" She says to him as she lifts her phone up and points it at him. Scott steals her cigarette at this point and she mutters something rude but its hard to understand as she thumbs for her camera to take a photo of Tyler before he goes up the stairs and disappears never to be seen in this outfit again…

Tyler need only hear the tenor of Marie's voice to figure out what she means to do. "Nope! Nonononono…!" He laughs, speeding up to flee the amateur paparazzo.

Scott gives back the cigarette to her and stands up stretching. "Have a nice night." he tells the pair turning to also head back inside.

The photo sound comes out of the phone as Tyler tries to get away and the sound of Rogue's laughter can be heard a little as well. "I got that pretty little backside of yours, Professor Junior!" She shouts after him. She stares at the pic and grins devilishly until Scott gets up and she looks over at him… getting her cig back. "You know where to find the stockpile, when Red ain't got yer leash tugged too tightly, sparkly eyes." She says to him too.

"I deserve royalties…!" comes Tyler's trailing voice from up the stairwell. He /does/ have a nice butt, after all.

- END -

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