2015-03-22 Seal Team Tony
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Natasha Tony Henry
GMed by Black Widow
Title: Seal Team Tony

[*Public Conference Room*]

The Conference Room is large. The long table that dominates its middle holds a total of 20 seats to accomodate a decent sized public forum. There are additional seats off to the side of the room at smaller tables meant for overflow. Dominating the wall at one end is a large screen built into the wall, though the other walls are mostly unadorned save a single window to the outside. Screens are inset at each seat under the glass on the table with holographic controls for interaction that will appear at touch.

The room can be shut down with heavy steel reinforcements in place within the walls that can slide over the exits and window. This will cut off the room from all communication, providing a completely secure environment. This feature is only used as absolutely necessary.

A figure in a lab coat and a Sputnik like helmet enters the conference room. He's stooped a bit, as if searching the ground. Under his arm he has an empty Mason jar, lid opened and in his hand. He sets the jar down on the floor and reaches under his lab coat. And with that movement he vanishes.

Natasha is standing near the large view screen on the far wall. She has her hands behind her back and she's eyeing the large monitor that is active. On the screen is what appears to be a news feed from some middle-eastern situation unfolding either Live or recently. The woman doesn't notice the arrival of anyone, nor the sudden vanishing of the same person.

The floor of the room is now a vast expanse for Pym who crawls out from under the limp lab coat in his Ant-Man suit. The jar lid sways back and forth in his hand, light, but nonetheless tough to carry with tiny hands. He presses a button on the helmet and waits, looking around him at the room from such a low angle, finally noticing Natasha and the massive shapes, like blurs from the floor, on the screen.

Natasha's right hand comes around and she swipes it through the air in front of her face. The display on the screen sweeps away and is repalced by what would appear to be a nightvision camera looking down from the sky onto some kind of a rural town. Her other hand comes up to her left ear and she speaks out. "Negative. Target left this location approximately eighteen hours ago." She says then to someone clearly over a comm channel.

Ants, about fifteen of them, move from the corners of the conference room towards Pym and his jar, like dogs to their master, and about that size from his vantage point. Large dogs, retrievers, maybe a small St. Bernard. "This'll take a while," Pym mutters before he's distracted by Natasha's voice. He turns to watch her and the screen with a guilty expression on his face for no one to see.

Natasha's head shook very faintly once to the left and back. "Negative, Zero-Two." She says. "No contact in nearly a day. Proceeding is prohibited by order of the Director himself." Her right hand comes up then and she slowly turns it like she's unscrewing the cap off of a jar in front of her face. The camera angle on the monitor starts to zoom in then. Her hand slowly turns to the left and she's now looking down a city streetway, distant beams of light can be seen. "Hold position. Possible contact. Northeast quadrant, heading south by southwest."

Henry furrows his brow, then shrugs his shoulders. If he was meant to know he'd know in time. Meanwhile the ants continue to file up and into the jar. Only a couple stragglers take their time coming from what is probably the food source.

Natasha was waiting… staring at the monitor and watching the car headlights grow larger and closer to the nightvision camera. The vehicle pulled under a streetlight and Natasha spoke once again. "Affirmative. Target identified. He's in your reach, but hold position. Wait for him to pull into the parking lot and get out of his vehicle." She spoke to the unknown operative connected to her comm.

Henry glances back to Natasha and waits a moment to see what will happen. Not the time to grow back. "Don't move," he says to the ants, holding up a hand. He sets the jar-lid down. It pings off the floor.

Natasha's eyes were fixed on the monitor and she watched the white SUV pull into a parking spot beneath a streetamp that was lit-up bright green in the nightvision lense. A second later four doors popped open on the vehicle. "Confirm, four tangos…" Her right hand went up and she zoomed the camera in on one face… she swept over to another. Primary target is the driver." She said, her voice firm and calm. The camera zoomed out again. "Targets are all armed, Assault Rifles…" She paused again and watched the men move around toward the back of the truck… "Confirm, Zero Two, engage the targets."

Hank presses the button on the suit and returns to full size with a slight gasp, kneeling quickly to screw the lid onto the jar. He keeps on his knees, waiting to move when the mission is carried out.

_Tony Stark_
The one communicating with Natasha is the one and only Iron Man. Seeing the targets, "Shoot to kill or take alive?" he questions while keep his eyes on the boogeys.

"Less than lethal." Natasha replies to the operative, Tony Stark in this case… "They're irrelevant but there's no need for unnecessary loss of life here." She tells him as she hears a noise over her right shoulder and she turns to look… She spots Henry stand there in his, suit thing, and her eyes narrow at him. She knew who he was but her voice was being recorded right now so she merely looked away back to the monitor in front of her.

Henry makes a face of extreme aplogy, not that it can be seen through the small eye slits in the helmet. He picks up the jar of ants and sets it on the table. No point in leaving quietly now. He picks up the lab coat and drapes it over his arm before unlatching and removing the helmet.

"Roger." Tony answers flying into view of the camera in front of the targets. "Hi." he waves at them as he hovers in the air. "Say cheese!" he sends out flash bangs all around their feet.

The four individuals all spin around to face the sound of the approaching Iron Man. Their guns level at him and right as he tosses those flash bangs… the nightvision camera lense is out of commission. Natasha sighs audibly. "Well now I can't see, thanks Zero Two." She says to him over the comm. The soldiers, meanwhile. start firing blindly and back peddaling while screaming out nonsensical shouts to one another. One of them falls onto the ground, this one being the primary target, unclear as to whether it was the flash bangs or friendly fire….

The light from the flash bangs causes Henry to wince and turn his head with a sigh of his own. After a few blinks he looks at the jar just to check on the ants. "It's … effective?"

"Miss me?" Tony can't help but ask sweeping through the confusion to grab up the primary target. "Ah sh…." suddenly there is an explosion that really mucks everything up.

Natasha glanced back to Henry again and she stared at him for a second, with far less of a confused look on her face this time. She then heard Stark's exclaimation and turned her head back to the monitor… Vision was fading back into normalcy on the screen and she spoke into her comm. "Zero two? Report. Status of the target?" She asked.

It takes a few minutes of static before a voice is heard, "Tar…." the voice comes across jumbled. "..plo..jured…" Tony changes the view to what he can see and all it is.. is the sky above him as he seems to be on the flat of his back. 'OFF-LINE' comes JARVIS' voice and things go black.

Henry sighs deeply and looks to Natasha. "Do we have anyone else in the area? Authorities we can alert? I … I don't actually know protocal for this." Pym folds his hands and looks back up at the screen. "Or do we go after him?"

Natasha listened to the jarbled words over the comm and then she saw the camera switch views to inside of Stark's su9it. When it shut off she looked down toward the floor. Henry's words filtered in to her mind. "This was a routine operation that he assured, all of us, he would handle and be back 'before supper time'." She put it in Stark's own words. "Stark." She tried her comm again. "Stark, wake up!" She kept her eyes down and her left hand on her left ear. "Jarvis?" She tried anything at this point.

'There was an unexplained explosion' JARVIS answers giving information. The AI then takes over the cameras showing the oversight of the scene with Iron Man moving slowly to stand and their target knocked out on the ground. 'Fifteen minutes until Iron Man will be back online.'

Henry nods his head and frowns faintly. "Well when things don't go as Mr. Stark plans them, what generally do we do for back-up? I don't like the idea of waiting for the suit to—" JARVIS comes online and give an overview. "JARVIS, Dr. Pym here. What's the status of the targets? Is Stark protected until he can get out of there?"

Natasha is relieved to hear that computerized voice, but disheartened at the length of time until the suit will function again. She listens to Pym's question and it was precisely what she was about to ask. "Backup is about an hour away from his location." She quietly replied to Henry, no emotion in her voice.

JARVIS runs scans over the area, 'All objectives are knocked out.' They can see Tony ejecting himself from the suit he was wearing stepping away from it he watches it explode itself. 'Suit arrival in ten minutes.' JARVIS tells them. They can see someone else is there and engaginc Tony in hand-to-hand combat. 'Emergency protocol engaged. Suit inbound in parts arrival in five minutes.'

"Well, that works," Hank says and slips his labcoat on. "My apologies," he says to Natasha. "I wasn't aware the room was in use. I needed to collect my ants which escaped while I was giving a presentation here this morning."

Natasha's hand comes up and she sweeps through the air again and the camera returns to the nightvision birds-eye angle camera. She watches the situation unfolding in front of them… the desire to be there to fight with him is very very high within her, but she remains coldly motionless. "Its fine." She replies to Pym. "This should already be over…" She doesn't want to shout over the comms. She also wasn't the only one monitoring this… Backup was already on the way but it was some time out… "Jarvis. Two birds are inbound with backup… fourty five minutes out."

Tony can be seen fighting the man and suddenly a suit hand attaches allowing him to punch the guy in the face. As the guy is laid out his sticks out both arms with both legs apart the suit begins attaching in pieces to hi body. Once the faceplate attaches, "Miss me?" Tony asks.

Henry pulls out a chair and slumps into it. His fingers work with the sleeves of his coat until he pulls out of his pocket a small device and works at it with a pocket screwdriver. He looks up at the sound of Tony's voice and shakes his head with the smallest grin on his face.

Natasha's head was angled down a little and her green eyes were up at the top, glaring at the display monitor in front of her when the suit starts to form itself back onto the man. When his familiar voice is heard she lets a second or two passby. "Finish the mission and I'll personally show you just how much." She responded to him, expecting to give him a nice solid punch in the stomach, the second she was able to.

"Yes Dear." Tony says to her, "I'll have all targets ready for pickup." he moves around taking the now five binding them together. "Since pick up will be here soon. I'm coming home. Iron Man out." she can see him take off on the monitor.

Henry lets out a small sigh of relief and pockets the gadget he'd been toying with. He looks down at the table, perhaps mulling over a thought. "Agent Romanov, I don't wish to overstep my bounds, but I assume that that was a fairly sensative operation? I also assume that such operations should not be monitored in a fairly public area. I realize we are secure, but I know I wasn't supposed to see that."

Natasha's stance relaxes some and she reaches a hand up, the monitor shuts off. She hears Henry's words and she slowly turns around to face him. "There were two guards posted outside the doors." She tells him. "I assume they're no longer there?" She starts to walk toward the conference room entrance then, not waiting for a response from Henry. "The real question is, why did they let you in?" She opened the door and looked out into the hallway.

— END —

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