2015-03-24 Captacular Punching Bags
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Warning: N/A
Players: Steve Natasha
GMed by Natasha
Title: Captacular Punching Bags


Its a gym.


The sound of fists on bag echo though out the gym. There are only a few people who like to go the old route and beat on the bag. None more so the Captain Steven Rogers himself. Standing in a fixed position the tall muscular man beats away on the poor canvas bag.

Natsaha stepped into the room, she was wearing a black hoodie and had her hands stuffed into the side pockets of it. She can hear the sound of the man working on the punching bag before she even sees him. She walks quietly through the gym, stepping past the various odd looking machines… She passes under the ceiling lights that spot-shine beams of white light down at the floor in rows in this room. Stepping around one of the machines she spys Rogers. "I feel like I've seen this before…" Natsaha said to him as she stood there watching.

Steve continues to punch when he hears Natasha. "Every day." he says with a few punches more. "Helps get the blood pumping. And keeps one on top of their game." he adds with a few more hits. "But what brings you down to the gym?" he asks as he looks over to her. "Not looking to work out, judging by your clothes."

Natsaha listened to his accurate summation of the process of working out and it made the woman softly smile as she took a few more steps toward him and then came to sit down on the end of a benchpress bench. She put her hands together and placed them between the knees of her jeans-covered legs. "I haven't seen you in awhile." She said to him. "I just wanted to check in, make sure you weren't going rogue on us." She flashed him a grin then. "You've been busy, I know though."

Steve stops punching and looks to her. "Me? Go rogue? Come on." he says giving her one of his Boy Scout smiles. "I couldnt even if I tried." he says to her. Stepping away from the bag he walks over and takes a set beside her on the bench. "Now what's really on your mind?" he asks her. Not everyone comes to the gym to talk to the old soldier. Unless there's something.

Natsaha grinned softly at what his response as and she slowly nodded her head twice to what he said back. "Everyone's got their boiling point, Rogers." She said to him then as he sat down. Her hands went up to the tops of her knees then and she gave a light shoulder shrug. "Two nights ago I sent Tony out on a mission that he convinced me he was ready to do by himself… It was a… capture mission, live target." She said to him then, glancing around at the gym equipment in front of them. "He took a grenade and it shattered his suit. He was able to fight the guys off, but…" She shook her head and looked over at Steve then. "I was wondering if you could convince him to do some sparring matches with you, no fancy technology. Just some simple training. Maybe make it a regular thing?"

Steve gives Natasha a look over. She seems generally upset with the outcome. "I can only train those who want to be trained. If he doesn't want to I can't force him." well he could, but Tony is a bit more frail. "But you know as well as I do he relies on his tech more then anyone." Steve states as he pats her hand.

Natsaaha looked down at her hand as she felt him pat it. She flashed a smile and looked up and over at him beside her. "Thats the problem, Steve." She replied then. "I brought it up with Fury, and he agrees. Stark needs to be as capable as the rest of us, without the armor." She drew in a breath and turned away to look toward the bag he'd been knocking around. "And I'll get him to play along with you, don't worry about that… I just wanted to make sure you'd be onboard for it."

"Just as long as he brings his A game." yes Steve has been working on his modern lingo. "Nothing is half-assed with me." He says as he stands back up and moves back over to the bag. "He best count himself lucky I dont take him out for my morning runs." A brisk twenty mile jog out and twenty back at Four AM makes for a good start to anyday.

The redhead hears the man suggest the run scenario and this makes her release a light laugh as she watches him walk back over to his favorite spot in the mansion. "Yeah, I think that might just kill him… which defeats the purpose of this entire training suggestion." She replies with a big grin. "Oh, and he has a broken rib… at least one. But he's trying to hide it from me. I still haven't decided if I should wait for it to heal or punish him for trying to hide it by asking you to give it a couple of taps." She flashed a smile toward Steve then.

"Teach him a lesson." Steve says with a punch and its a heavy one. "But dont go overboard." Which he proceeds to do by pummeling the bag til he puts a hole in it the size of his fist. As the sand rushes out he turns around and looks at her. "Too much can do damage. So use your better judgment." he says to her as he walks over to grab a towel. With a few dabs to remove sweat he disappears for a moment and returns with a broom and pan in hand.

Natsaha listens to the man that she has a great wealth of respect for (more than she'd probably admit to him ever). She flashes a smile when he downs another bag. "We're going to have to step up the technology these things, I think." She says. "Might be cheaper to &RD a new kind of bag than to keep buying you these old fashioned kind." She stood up then and walked over to the row of them he had laid out. She leaned down to grab on by its chain and stand it up on its end while he cleaned up where the previous one broke.
As Steve pours the sand back into the busted bag he looks to Natasha. "Why is it everybody wants something new? You just can't beat this style of bag. Easy to repair and easy to use." He says as he pushes the bag out of the way so he can repair it himself later on. "Maybe Im just old fashioned." he stands and walks over to her as she hooks the new bag up.

"I've seen the way you dress, Steve." Came the redhead's response to him as the new bag was put up for him with little struggle beyond it being nearly the same overall size as she, th weight certainly didn't put her off any though. "You're definitely old fashioned." She slapped her hands togethar a couple times to shake off the feeling of sand that was on them and she grinned at him. "I admire you sticking to your guns on these kinds of things though. I just am surprised you don't get tired of fixing them." She takes a few lazy strides back toward the weight bench she'd been seated on.

"I dont mean to sound like an old man here, but back in my day we fixed everything we had. I still fix my own socks with a needle and thread. So fixing a few bags arent any kind of hassle." he admits as he looks to her with a smile. Most people would go out and buy a new pack of them. "So getting blown up aside, how are things between you and Tony?"" he asks her as he places the broom against the wall.

Natasha came to settle back down onto the bench seat again as she heard this summation of hard work and the question. She didn't really feel like reminding him that they were almost the same age… different backgrounds, different lives, as they say, she had a love for tech and gadgets where he did not. The question about Tony and She got a bit of an inahel of air, as well as her lifting her right hand up to the back of her head where she ruffled her own fire-colored locks of hair a little. "I'm just working on domesticating him still, you know." She says. "He's like a wild horse, for lack of a better description. I did fly around in one of those suits of his though. Thats a rush you should try sometime." She said, her voice was very calm and she smiled again softly toward Steve.

The remark about using a suit causes him to shake his head. "No thank you." he says sternly "I prefer my Harley and my shield. I know how to control them and I dont need all the little do-hickies to get the job done." He isnt the kind to be called 'anti-technology'. The internet has been helpful, so have cell phones and iPods. Amazing how much music he has on his. But he just likes things a bit less complicated.

Natsaha grinned at his response to her suggestion, its what she knew was coming. "Mmm…" She quietly replied with just that sound at first. Her eyes looked about the room again then before she settled them on his form once more. "So have you gotten out and had any fun lately?" She asked him. "Had any wild love affairs that you'd like to share with me?" A grin showed up on the edge of her lips as she waited on the literal edge of her seat for the answer.

"I got to the cinema every Saturday. Usually for the classic double features." He says knowing thats not she wants to hear. "And no. I dont have time for a love life. To busy." he says as he looks over his shoulder at her. "So sorry nothing juicy." And with that he starts punching a new bag.

Natasha had her hands on the tops of her knees and after listening to his response she slide them back a bit and released a soft exhale and a little huff of a laugh. "You know…" She started. "I do think the ideals you hold so dear are impressive, as is your resolve to stick to them… But." She had a slightly stronger smile appear then. "There's a girl out there who's in need of a guy like you, one just waiting for you to make her life a happier place. Maybe even give her some mop-haired Little Steves to run around while you smack on these old leather bags." A soft single nod then. "I think its something you should think about, maybe its a side of life you don't realize how much would fit you." She wasn't really sure why she was on him about this, partially because she liked to hear his respones and partly because she thought really was lonely, even if he wouldn't admit it.

Steve stops punching and hangs onto the bag to stop it from swinging. "Look, Natasha, I appreciate what you're trying to suggest." He smiles a bit as she spins the bag around so he can see her. "But I'm just not at that point yet." He says looking at her. "There is no place for anyone in my life right now. Plain and simple." He gives her another smile. "So can we drop it, please?"

"Consider it dropped." Natasha replied to the man with a smile on her face and her hands coming up, palms out to emphasize that response for him. All 5 foot 3 inches of her stood up off of the weight bench then and her hands went back into the pockets of her jacket. "Let me know when that changes. I know at least half a dozen girls who'd be all smitten around those muscles you work on constantly." She started to walk past him then and she gave his arm a soft pat and a slow nod of her head, like she was juding them same muscles she just mentioned. "Yep." She said and started to walk off, seemingly going to head back the direction she'd entered from.

— END —
March 24th 2015

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