2015-03-24 Cyclops Loves Lemon Bars
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Players: Cyclops Jean Rogue Vincent
GMed by Rogue
Title: Cyclops Loves Lemon Bars

March 24th, 2015

The gym is the place where students come to work on their training, keeping their bodies in good physical condition. Expansive, the gym has a huge selection of training and gymnastic equipment, enough to make the Olympian drool. Treadmills, high beams, low beams, medium beams, I beams U beams…everywhere a balance beam. If you can dream it up, it's here. Weight machines ranging from a few pounds to a few tons are in the corner, an indoor track and even arial equipment high above with catwalks surrounding it.


Marie had her hands shoved into the side pockets of her leather coat as she swept into the expansive training gym. She turned around to see and make sure that Vince was keeping up with her. "And here's where I bench-press like, complete pickup trucks." She tells the young man, her right hand coming out of her coat to sweep some of her hair back behind her ear. She then motions it to the entirity of the room. "I mean, I know its not an olympic sized pool… but this is where lots of grunting and weird noises come from, so its cool for that reason too." She flashed her friend a grin.

Scott is in the gym already with another student is who is jumping rope and as he gets faster his body seems to go invisible as the rope becomes a blur. Noticing Marie and a guy he hasn't met he walks over towards them, "Hi."

Help save the world and vanish for five months after being consumed and merging with a celestial fire bird, that's Jean alright. After her recent return, she had seemed different. Distant, quiet, almost aloof. The wandering the grounds at night was new too, it was like she hardly slept. Even now she was striding down the hallway past the gym and looked in with a soft, small smile, as if just seeing them there in the room was making her happy.

Vincent's eyebrows shoot up at Rogue when she says she lifts trucks. "I think you're lying, but them I'm not sure." Vince notes as he looks over to Scott, his face lowering in a polite nod, but not raising his head fully, hiding his face via his ball cap. "Hi." The young man in leather says with a hushed tone.

Marie's attention shoots over to Scott as he steps up to them and she flashes a nice big smile to him. "Oh, hey!" She says, her right (gloved of course) hand comes over toward Vince. "Scott, this is Vince. He's… wanting to maybe join up here. I got clearance to show him around a bit." Regarding Vince now the young Marie continued. "And Vince, this is Scott… or 'the rule master' as we affectionately call him." Her eyes caught sight of a familiar face outside, over Vince's shoulder… her smile faded at the sight of Jean's face at first, but she summoned it back up and lifted her hand up to offer the woman a wave.
Scott nods his head, "Good to meet you, Vince, I take you you have a special gift then?" he smiles upon seeing Jean in the doorway. "Please meet Jean Grey. This is Vince a friend of Rogue and possibly a new student."

Standing stock-still by the door, still clad in the same bird-imagery costume she had reappeared in, Jean caught Marie's eye when she looked at her, that smile fading as well into the almost serene expression she had been in the habit of wearing for the most part. She stepped forward to them though at the gesture, raising her own hand up in greetings, "Hello, Vince, it's a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to our school."

|Vince gives another nod towards Jean, his vibrant brown eyes locking with hers for a moment. Looking to Scott he shrugs his shoulders, the zippers on his sleeves rattling for a moment, "I guess you could call it that but I'm rather indifferent about it." The brown haired mutant notes, then he responds to Jean, "It's seems cozy." He says flatly.
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Rogue seemed a little distressed by Jean, as if she sensed something was a bit off about it all. But she put on a smile-face and grinned toward Vince again. "He's not really used to talking about that sort of thing in the open, like we do around here." She says, green eyes returning to Scott's shaded-ones. "I've seen his skills in action though, and I'd say its from the same ilk is that of our resident sideburns, Logan." She gave another look back over to Jean. "H-how are you feeling, Jean?" She asked her, they never talked a whole lot, ever… but that didn't mean Marie didn't worry about the woman.

A nod is given to this, "I understand. Don't have to hide anything here, Vincent. Just be yourself." Scott tells him. Maybe some see Jean as different but to him she is just Jean and he can't be happier to have her back.

Jean's impressively-deep emerald eyes looked between Rogue and Scott, then back at Vince as she put a gloved hand on the two instructors's shoulders, "I should hope it feels cozy here, Vince, we're a family here, isn't that right, you two?" A ginger eyebrow lifted at Rogue's description, Like Logan's? Interesting…" Marie gets a warm smile in reply, "I'm feeling fine, Marie, thank you." For a brief moment there she had a teasing look in her eyes, as if she was responding to a joke only she could hear, "Really though, you don't have to worry about me, I just went on a little trip, that's all."

Vincent nods his reply to Scott and shrugs, "I will." Is all the healer actually says before looking to Marie, "You keep saying I'm like Logan…" As though it was a question towards the young woman. He doesn't follow anything else the other two say but he just nods and looks around. Breaking away from the trio of Xavier-ites, the young man moves to the middle of the gym, turning once and taking in the whole room, feeling it out with his ears and eyes. "Very nice place." He notes aloud, trying to be nice to Jean, Scott, and Marie.

Marie flashed a faint smile between Scott and Jean before she heard Vince speak up and move toward the middle of the room. She started to walk toward the young man herself, stepping away from the other two. "You're welcome to to start pumping some iron if you'd like." She says with a grin toward her friend, her hands going back into the pockets of her trenchcoat. "I'll stand around you while you do and fan myself and talk about how I got 'the vapors' just watchin you!" She said to him, her grin growing larger then.
Scott slips an arm around Jean if she allows for it. "Yes. Make yourself at hime." he tells Vincent and half grins at Rogue's words. "Shall I have the overhead fans turned on for you?"

Jean does allow Scott to for a moment until Rogue speaks up about the weights. There was a flash again of her old teasing self once more and she snaps her fingers, "Let me get those for you then." The entire weight machines start to approach them, settling maybe ten feet away now. "You're such a southern belle, Rogue. I don't think I've told you that enough."

"I'm actually not a weight lifter." Vince says with a smile, showing his teeth for a brief moment. "You can be the stronger one of the two of us." Vince then winks at Marie followed by the blush caused by the belle's words. "I'll try." He says towards Scott.
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With hands jammed in pockets and a big smile on her lips the young Marie grinned over at Vince and then nodded at what Scott said. "We can raid the fridge too if you'd like… YOu want to get a soda or something?" She asked him when she saw Jean's motions and saw the massive… and heavy, set of equipment get moved. Rogue's eyes blinked then. "That, was unexpected." She said, voice quiet. "I mean, wow, damn… Jean. I ain't never seen you show off quite like that before." She said, cracking a grin at the woman.

Scott doesn't normally see Jean be so open about her powers but it is refreshing of course. "Yes. We have the best of foods and things here. Plenty for all and if you have special diet needs or anything just let us know and we can accommodate you."

Jean lets out a laugh as she sets the weights back in place, "New me, new abilities, no limits," she replies. "And maybe I wanted to show off just a tad…" her hand comes up, a finger and thumb maybe an inch apart. That was something that had changed a couple years before, when she first encountered the Phoenix, she had gotten a bit wilder, a bit more showoff-y. But she was still Jean at heart. "So what was that about food?"
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Vincent blinks over at Jean as she effectively trapped him in with weight lifting stuff. He's obviously a scrawny kid, living on the streets will do that. So will an enhanced healing factor. "I assume that was you?" He asks towards the telepath. Then with a glance between Scott and Marie, "Either you want me buff and skinny or fat and pudgy. Bipolar." Vince says teasingly with an elbow to Rogue's leather clad side.

Marie's eyes remained on Jean as she watched her and listend to the response. It got another small grin out of the girl with the white bangs. She felt the nudge, and heard the words from Vince then. "Nothing wrong with a little belly on ya." She says, reaching over to him with her left hand she gave his stomach a couple pats. "I cooked up a batch of lemon squares last night, had some of the students asking me for them. They may not all be gone by now…" She glanced from Vince to the others. "I know Scott wants some, can't hide that look behind them shades of yours.

Scott smirks watching Jean a moment before glancing back to Rogue and her friend. "Ah yes they are the best. And excuse the shades. I have a power that well.." he glances off raising a hand to the side of his visor sending a red blast out to hit a mirror breaking it to demonstrate.

Jean mmms softly as she looks around at the other three, "I missed this. I've been places, seen things you people couldn't possibly believe, but only here do I feel like I'm home." Seeing the mess Scott made, she reaches out her hand, her eyes glowing slightly, as the pieces start to fuze back together. "Scott, someone could step on glass, be careful. You're supposed to be a teacher."

Vincent takes a step back away from the path of Scott's eye beam. He then drops his mouth at the way Jean fixes the broken mirror. "These two are nuts." Whispers Vince towards Marie, hopefully quiet enough to not be heard but there's a chance for error. "Food does sound nice." He says as he grabs her hand when she pats his stomach and holds it down to his nice, not liking the gesture in front of two new people.

Vincent takes a step back away from the path of Scott's eye beam. He then drops his mouth at the way Jean fixes the broken mirror. "These two are nuts." Whispers Vince towards Marie, hopefully quiet enough to not be heard but there's a chance for error. "Food does sound nice." He says as he grabs her hand when she pats his stomach and holds it down to his nice, not liking the gesture in front of two new people.

It wasn't often that she got to see Scott blast things with that eye beam… and to be perfectly honest, she loved watching it every time. Rogue grinned, and then saw the mirror come back together followed with Jean's correction toward her man-friend. "Mmmhmmm!" Marie uttered to Vince. "They're a real hoot." She said. She gave Vincent's hand a squeeze and then released it and started to walk back toward the entrance of the gym. "I'm going to keep this tour bus rollin'." She announces on her way out with her coat swaying about her legs as she moved.

Scott stands there letting his hands rest behind him, "My apologies." he says with a slight nod. "To the kitchen?" is suggested unless Marie has other intentions for her guest. "I'll show him the dorms when he is official." is hinted reminding Rogue not to be taking a boy into the girl section etc.

"Mmm, yes, to the kitchen," Jean replies as she steps around towards Rogue and the entrance, pulling her cloak's hood back up over her flying scarlet locks. "I was happy to see my things were still in my room, albeit a little dusty." She pauses for a moment, her words echoing in Vince's head only, the woman facing away from him and towards the door still, "We are not nuts, we're mutants."

Vincent follows behind Rogue, being a bout two full steps back. "Um, so, where am I going?" He asks, looking between Rogue and Cyclops with a tilt of his head, then looking towards Jean, he doesn't realize the voice is in his head and says, "The two aren't exclusive." The shy mutant whispers, lifting the hat off his head and brushing his bangs underneath it. "Most I've known are a special kind of crazy." He whispers, not wanting to show off his mutation. It's how he is.


The expansive kitchen is meant to accomodate any number of ravenous students at any time. The large, stainless steel fridge is well stocked, the wooden cupboards kept full of accessories and necessities. Toasters, microwaves, ovens… if it can be used to make food, it's in the kitchen.

Marie had strode into the kitchen to find it oddly empty. She'd gone about pulling a few things out of cabinets and the icebox (southern words!). The half eaten pan of lemon-bars, drenched in a pale yellow icing were set out along with a few glasses of ice water that she filled up. She glanced at Vince several times during her preparation of all of this, smiling at him when he'd look back at her. "So what do you think of the place?" She asked him. "I get the sense that this is kind of terrifying and you're ready to run off and hide in the woods or some'n."

Scott has followed along for his own purposes of course. Once he gets a chance he glances into the fridge taking out makings for a swiss and ham sandwich. "Try one of the lemon bars. They are the best." he tells Vince while getting out some bread mayonaising it up.

"I'm always ready to run and hide in the woods, regardless Marie." Whispers Vincent as he has trouble looking away from Marie's eyes. He's pretty laser focused on the young woman. That's just how he is. "I like it though." he says pretty openly. He doesn't reach for one as he sits at a table on the counter, not wanting to over reach his visit.

Jean follows along of course, remaining fairly quiet as they walk, but she does reach out for one of the lemon bars, even as there's a small flurry of activity around Rogue, another sandwich and a drink seemingly preparing themselves before landing on a plate in front of Jean.

Marie saw how uncomfortable her friend looked and it was something she could remember feeling herself, all too clearly. She picked up one of the small square plates she'd gathered up and sliced him out a lemon bar onto it. She slid it and a glass of ice water toward him, not figuring anyone in here was really the soda type, except herself. "Well, there's a big treeline just outside." She said, hooking a thumb back over her shoulder toward a large kitchen window. "But if you start running, I might follow after you… and I'm guessing I'm a smidge faster than ya." She grinned at him.

Scott wishes he could just float things around but has to make his sandwich the old fashion way by hand. "Vincent, if we are making you uncomfortable. Jean and I can take our food somewhere else and eat."

"Thank you." Vincent says, putting his hands on the counter and looking down at the lemon squares and lifting one to take a small bite out of it. "They're right. It is tasty." He notes. Setting the rest on the plate and blushing at Marie, "Is this hypothetical chase to beat me up or …?" He trails off not sure how to fill in his own question. "No, you two are fine." He blurts out quickly towards the couple, his hand reaching up to take his hat off and set it next to his plate.

Jean daintily took a bite of her sandwich and had a wide grin on her lips for a moment, "I'd forgotten how good food tasted," she said almost flippantly. "Still, watch out for the perimeter defenses, Vincent. They're designed to keep people out, but if you approach them wrong…"

Rogue's eyes looked up at Vince and she grinned at him. She heard Jean's words and she looked over to the lovely dressed redheaded woman then. "Ya want me to throw you together a plate of something more?" she asked Jean. "One of the kids had a birthday the other night and asked for a 'turkey dinner with all the trimmings'." She flashed a small grin. "There's still a metric tonne of the left overs in the icebox…" She glanced over to see Scott putting together a sandwich and for whatever reason this made her laugh just a little, she wasn't really sure why either.

He isn't exactly a stick in the mud as some think. Yes. Scott has his quirks but then he can let loose when he wants too. Especially when it comes to making a sandwich with swiss, ham, fresh lettuce, mayo, and mustard on it all on wheat bread cut in two. "That was a fun night. Ice cream cake as well. Indeed enough leftovers to feed an army."

"Good to know, but I think I'll be fine either way." The young mutant says with a smirk, with a furrowed brow towards the telepath, not sure how to process the words she's saying, so he ignores them for now. His attention turns back to Marie, who he seems to really only have eyes for. No words are spoken to Scott or Marie this time as he eats his lemon food and takes a sip of water politely. So, there's birthday celebrations here, odd, Vince can't remember having one.

Jean's eyes widen and she stands up a little bit straighter. "…yes, Marie, I would -love- some turkey, please…" Then there was a little bit reserve back on as she took a sip of her drink, "If it isn't too much to ask, that is. I missed ice cream cake…"

"Ice cream cake and turkey it is." Marie said as she slipped the knee off of the stool that she'd been resting it atop of and walked over toward the fridge. The girl actually pulled her gloves off at this point, opening the wood-covered fridge with a pull from her right hand she dipped out the varous items and uncovered them. The plate of turkey strippings and a green ice cream cake that clearly used to be of the Hulk. (as per the birthday child's request of course). A couple more plates were pulled from the cabinets and Rogue had it all done up. "Scott." She starts. "Vince has a motorcycle, looks a lot like the one you got." Southern hospitality dictates one keeps a conversation going, even while serving your guests and she was playing the right proper hostess this afternoon. She turned back toward the center counter where Jean and Vince were and headed back, placing the items in front of the lovely, dimensional hopping, redhead.

Scott eats his sandwich while sitting on a stool. "Oh? I'd love to see it sometime." he says about the motorcycle. Getting up he takes out a couple of glasses filling them with water for Jean and himself. Setting them down he grabs a napkin wiping his hands.

Vince doesn't seem to eat too much as he keeps nibbling his lemon treat. He nods at her mention of his motorcycle after looking flabbergasted towards the young mutant working in front of him. He says towards Scott, "It's a softtail." He explains. "In yellow. Really pretty actually." He actually might let someone see it on purpose.

Jean gave Marie a grin, "Thank you," before she was already taking a bite of the turkey, her eyes fluttering closed for a moment in pure pleasure. Sure enough though, she was picking up her plates, or rather they were floating around her as she rose, "I'm going to turn in, I think I'll let you and the boys bond over their toys. Good night, everyone."

Rogue watched Jean wander off with the floating food that she'd made for her. She then looked between Scott and Vince. She gave Vince a little grin before she glanced down to her own plate and glass of water. "Scott." She said. "Do you get the sense that something fishy is going on there?" She asked him, of course referencing his girlfriend.

Scott watches as Jean wanders off with little regard to him. "…uh…So a soft tail you say?" he glances back to Vince rather trying to not let the departure bother him. "Marie knows where I park mine. She can show it to you sometime."

"Yeah, it was inherited." Vince whispers, giving a smile to Marie, "I wont touch yours, ever." The healer says with a smirk as he finishes his small snack. He looks over to her, not sure what else to say. He's not a very good conversationalist.

"Marie knows where you hide the keys too." Rogue replied to Scott with a grin. She also noticed he didn't respond to her concern about Jean. She let it go though, it wasn't her place. Her eyes went up to Vince's "I'll show you the garage with all the wheels, infact. And you'll see why I was showing up in random vehicles them couple'a times." She told him.

Scott glances back to the way Jean left, "Yeah something is.. different." he finally responds to the earlier claim from Marie. "feel free to go for a ride." is told to the pair which makes it obviou his mind is elsewhere.

Vincent smirks, putting his hat back on as he stands up. "I have a lot to think about." He whispers and glances over to Scott, "Not likely, seems rude." Before he turns towards the door and starts to make his way back to the entrance. "You'll have to show me another time Marie." His eyes stuck on her face, he can't help himself.

Marie's eyes had gone back to Scott as she heard him say she could take his bike out? Thats… not usual. "For real?" She said, but just as she said this Vince was up and making for the exit. She looked doubly confused at this. "You want me to walk you out?" She asked her friend then.

Scott silently leaves his stuff walking out.

- END -
March 24th, 2015

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