2015-03-25 Widow's Pizza Party
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Players: Natasha Tony Lucy Adrea Mike Wade Steve Cara
GMed by Natasha
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<RA > - Roof Access
[*Mansion Roof*]

The top floor of Avengers Mansion long holds the hangar and landing runway for the Avengers' supersonic quinjets. Employing the principles of a naval aircraft carrier's landing deck, the third floor uses a wire (which caught the arresting hook of a quinjet) and a series of pistol-coupled pulleys that gradually decelerate the craft over a 30-foot distance. The third floor also contains computerized navigation aids, radar, and communications systems. The hangar had storage room for four quinjets; three on storage dollies, and one in launch position.


After a nice hot shower Tony decided to go up to the roof of the mansion. There is one area that is above the landing strip or anything really. He is laying on one of the picnic tables staring up at the sky. There is earbuds in his ears with rock n roll blasting from them. One hand rests behind his head while the other rests on his stomach.

As she does, Widow appeared and with her came the sound of a plastic picnic basket being sat down ontop of the picnic table that he was using as a lounging bed. She sat down a six pack of some imported fancy wheat beer next to it. She didn't say anything to him, she just started unpacking the basket and inside of it were plates with slices of pizza on them… the same kind he had been eating at dominos, toppings wise, but these were clearly a considerable higher quality of ingredients.

The smell of pizza rather wafts over to him. Tony breathes in the scent a few times, "That is cheating." he remarks carefully getting off the table to sit down. Pulling the buds out of his ears a sigh is given, "Looks good. Not delivery its digiorno?" he questions.

Natasha laughs softly at what he says and she shakes her head. "No." She pulls a beer out of the six pack cardboard container and twists it open. (but it wasn't a twist off…) She sets it down near him and then opens one for herself. "I made it. I was looking up recipes and such on my phone back there in the gym. I've been wanting to cook you something that you liked, and this is all I could thik of." She lifted the wheat beer up and took a drink of it, eyeing him. "Technically all of this stuff was in your kitchen though, so you still paid for the meal."

This was rather a turn of events, "Not bad granny." Tony smirks lifting a slice to look it over. Taking a bite of it, "Tastes good, Natasha." he takes a swig of his beer not expecting less than she be able to take off a top from a bottle.
I don't understand that.

Widow parked herself down onto the picnic table and she flashed him a small smile as he complimented her, sort've. She tried the pizza herself and didn't seem quite so sure about it, it wasn't her kind of food… but… she relented and tolerated it. "Yeah, well." She reached for the beer again, that… she liked more. "I've never made one of these before, it sounde like a fun thing to do and it was, honestly. I might try to make different kind for anyone interested. Maybe I'll start a business chain." She smirked softly.

Tony smirks, "Black Widow Pizza." he says with a deep laugh. "Sounds kind of catchy really." taking another bite of it, "But seriously being your first time. It is really good."

The woman smiled at him a little more honestly then after her setting her bottle down once more. "I just followed the instructions." A small grin then. "Maybe next time I'll deviate from then and see what kind of disaster befalls the frankenpizza."

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There's a set of metal stairs that leads up to an area above the landing strip on the roof. This is the area that Tony and Natasha are currently. IT also consists of a set of picnic tables and a small bar. Tony and Natasha are seated at one of the tables and they have a set of plates and six pack of beer out, they're quietly chatting and joking with each other.

"Oh yes frankenpizza." Tony smirks at a comment she makes, "We will have to try that together. Some of the freshest ingredients. I bet it will be great. Surely we can come up with something. I still say we can open up Black Widow Pizzaria. We have have a pizza named after each avenger. Veggie Cap, Hulk's Margarita, Hawaiian Iron, and hmmm." he strokes his goatee, "Widow's Mystery Meat."

*Ding* (or whatever sound the elevator makes). The doors slide open and Adrea takes a moment or two before stepping out onto the roof. She takes a moment to collect her bearings and then finds Natasha and Tony. A few steps close the distance before she greets the two, "Good Evening, Natasha, Tony." she says. "I brought some wine this time, for both of you. I heard that you were up here when I arrived. How have you been?" she asks, putting a pair of bottles on the table wherever she can find room.

Natasha was eating her pizza slive with a fork and a… combat pocket knife… She listened to Tony's suggestion for names and it made her laugh openly and she shook her head back and forth. "Although I completely sign off on the names on the menu… I'm still not QUITE sure that people would want the name of a horribly deadly spider associated with a restaurant they're considering eating at." She forked a piece into her mouth and chewed on it as politely as she could. Her eyes then went to Adrea when she saw the woman approaching. She grinned. "Adrea, you're quickly becoming my go-to source for alcohol. Sit, join us." She said. "There's some glasses in the basket here." She motioned to it on the table beside the pizza that was covered over by a plastic lid.

Tony has his hair brushes back still damp from an earlier shower after a light workout. "See that is the appeal of it. It is different and will make people wonder about it." he picks his piece of pizza up by hand taking a bite of it. Putting it down he takes a napkin wiping his face and hands getting up as Adrea arrives. Looking in the basket he pulls out all the glasses, "Allow me." he takes the bottle of wine popping the cork and pours three glasses offering the ladies their first. Now though he takes a moment to look a the label, "See the doorway can be a big Black Widow and people walk in though the front legs."

"I might have to go with Natasha on this one." Adrea says, gesturing to Natasha. She's wearing a black skirt, but for once her blouse isnn't green today, featuring a deep shade of blue. She ahhs, and then nods, "May I take a seat then?" She asks. She nods to Natasha, shrugging, "Well, I stopped on my way here." she says. "Am I an enabler, Natasha?" she asks. She looks to Tony, "What do you think?"

"Yes, sit." Natasaha told Adrea as she heard the woman politely asking first. She motioned toward the lid covered pan of pizza. "I made it. Its the greatest thing you'll ever put in your mouth. Have some." She said, not making it sound like there was even an option. "And thank you for the wine… I'll start on it once I finish this… beer." She THEN raised her fork up and pointed at Tony. "You want me to open a restaurant where the customers come to it, and enter it by walking into the crotch of a giant spider?" She laughs again and shakes her head, looking back down to her nearly finished food.

As people gather around the circular foods of deliciousness, bathed in the glow of the slowly departing circle of warmth and light, the faint outlines of birds flying in the distance provide a break in the lighter tones of the sky. While most of the lines grow smaller, one line gradually gets larger.

"No not through the crotch of a spider." Tony laughs with the shake of his head. Setting the bottle down he sits back down in his spot drinking his beer. "Thank you, Adrea. That was kind of you." he sets a plate in front of her to grab some pizza. Noticing something in the sky he watches it rather curiously, "Incoming."

Adrea pulls out a chair for herself, starts to open her mouth to Natasha, closes it, and then, "The best thing?" She asks, arching a brow and canting her head slightly. She hmms, "Well, I guess I HAVE to try a slice now." she says. She wrinkles her forehead, "Would you have any time to run a restraunt…I mean, it'd be fun to own one, but I'm not sure it would be as fun if you never got to be there…It does give me an idea though…"

Adrea nods to Tony and smiles, "Well, if you're going to host me at such a nice place, I figure a couple of bottles of wine, an imported bottle of vodka every so often - well, it's the least I can do. Natasha said I could keep a room here, and I have been…so, Alcohol. Though maybe I should stop enabling Natasha. I"m a little worried, Tony. Does she drink often, or is it just when I come over?" She pauses, blinking, "Hmm, where?" looking around quickly - not sure if Tony would react if there were something more dangerous coming.

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Lucy had heard there was /something/ going up on the roof of the mansion while stopping by to check up with Pym about a project he was working on. Since she was here anyway… Up she comes via the elevator. The door dings, or wooshes, or whatever high-tech fancy thing Tony has programmed it to do as she steps out into the pleasant evening air. Both eyebrows raise at the small gathering even as she cracks a grin. "Yo. Not interrupting, am I?" Never hurts to ask. Especially since she was usually given a wide berth by many other SHIELD agents who knew what her task was. Apparently being associated with Deadpool could kind of kill your social life. Go figure.

Aaaand everyone is looking at the sky causing her to tip her head in that direction as well. "… Huh."

Natasha was seated across the table from Tony, so her back was to whatever was seen and she was still thinking about the conversation. "Not only that, but Pizza places are supposed to be for families and what… little kid, will ever want to go near Spider's Crotch Pizz—" She looekd up to see the others gazing behind her so she turned around in ehr seat to look to, toward the setting sun and the wind that was pushing her red hair about her head now. She didn't yet catch Lucy's arrival.

The line comes closer and closer, transitioning between an upwards curve and a downwards curve at a leisurely yet steady rate before evening out once more to a line. Eventually the line grows larger as proximity gives definition to the approaching purplish black form. As the raven levels out over the roof, the Raven suddenly turns upwards, narrowly avoiding the crowd that's gathered on the roof. And yet, there is no sound. Not even the typical woosh of wings cutting the night wind in near proximity.
Except. For a solitary curse word.

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"Hey there ,Lucy! Come join us fr some Widow made pizza beer and wine." he gets up pouring another glass of wine and setting out a plate for Lucy to grab some pizza but the raven causes him to suck a little bit hovering himself over Natasha and Adrea as if they needed protecting. "Give me one of those shock things. I'll make sure the raven quotes nevermore." he tells Natasha.

Adrea snickers just a bit as Natasha keep stalking about the restraunt and spider pizza. She is distracted by the oncoming Raven, and then blinks, leaning back a little as it changes direction and swoops by. She blinks again, "Does the Messenger come by the Mansion often…?" She makes room for Lucy, "Oh, hello there." she says. She wrinkles her nose, "That sounds awful, it's not good karma to screw with Death's Messenger."

Lucy lifts a hand to give a half wave as she approaches at Tony's beckoning. Her attention however is still upturned toward the incoming Raven. It doesn't stop her from snagging a beer however, and pulling it close to crack open for a quick sip. "Mm. Thanks." Tony's protective hovering is given a little smirk before she remarks, "If this is an attack, it's got to be the worst attack ever. And you without your fancy clothes." Nevermind she's a bit tense, herself, perhaps out of habit more than anything.

Wade stumbles on the roof top. He seems a little tired. He looks around for a couple of seconds. "Pym? Sir?" He rubs his eyes and shrugs. "I really hope I didn't go through the wrong access door while looking for Hank or else I'll probably have Hulk beat the @#$!@#! out of me." He checks his twitter on his phone. "Nope, no sign of Hank." He looks at the others that are gathered around and waves. "Oh, I can leave."

The bird's flight up slows to a stop, head leaning back enough to cause the bird to effectively do a backflip before gliding down, directing it's path away from the pizza eaters as it comes in for a landing. "Dammit Loki…" The bird mutters, talons already starting to clack across the roof in a walk.

Adrea blinks softly, "Ok, well now the bird talks." She says. She sighs, visible tension releasing form her shoulders, "Tony, can you pour me a glass please?" She asks. Her gaze switches to Deadpool, but she looks back to Tony, "Is it always this crazy on the roof?"

"Who said I wan't just protecting the pizza and wine from bird droppings?" Tony smirks at Natasha. Noticing the bird actually talking, "I am not drunk yet.. I can't be seeing talking ravens." he looks at the glass in front od Adrea with a blink. "I already did. There a bug in it?" he leans farther on Nat to take a glance in Adrea's glass. "No need to leave. Come join us." a hand is waved to the chairs for Wade to have a seat.

Lucy lets out the smallest of sighs when Wade shows up, and when the bird speaks. "Loki's fault. Not surprised," she utters with a shake of her head as if this was normal. Or at least to be expected. Her head tips back as she takes a quick chug off her beer. Her free hand points toward Wade as if she were accusing him of something… Then she curls her finger in a simple 'come here' gesture expecting to be obeyed.

Natasha had been sitting quietly observing the bird with a laser-pricese focus. But when it landed and spoke she got the sense that there wasn't anything threatening about its presence. Her attention flickered then to the arrival of Lucy and then Wade also. "There's food here, everyone." She motions to the large covered pizza, with slices large enough that one would likely feed the average person. "My first jump into the wild world of dough and suace and cheeses slapped together in an oven. Go easy on the reviews."

Adrea blushes, "Sorry Tony, safe to say I was distracted. Thank you." She says warmly. With all the commotion, she decides she should just enjoy the feood while she can. She starts eating her piece of pizza, making sure to take a sip of her wine when she is finished. She hmms, "I'm slowly getting used to the…odd as I work this job…" she says. She looks between Lucy and Wade for a moment, and just smirks. She smiles a little broader, "I'm going to have to get you to cook for me sometime, Natasha." She says. She takes a breath, "Oh! I almost forgot, you said you had wanted to go to the Opera sometime, right?"

"Why is it that people have to ask about things being crazy when I arrive? It's like people automatically assume I'm up to something messed up or crazy," says Wade as he leans against the seat. "Oh, hey Natasha. It makes sense that you'd be here." He smiles at her as if he had some conversation with her. "And thank you, Mr. Spark—- eh, Stark. You have been a great influence to science and humanity. I admire how you have reworked your company and lifestyle to give back to the world." He reaches into a pocket and produces a small folded glossy picture. He hands it to Natasha… "I figured you could use this poster when you get stressed."

Making sure he is next to Lucy, Wade bites his lower lip. "Yes, ma'am. I was simply here to find Doctor Pym to let him know that I was cleared by Agent Preston and I have my standing orders for the next mission." He looks around to see everyone, "And good evening. I'm Wade Wilson. An agent of SHIELD as you might have guessed. I'm also formerly known as 'Deadpool' and I understand that you might not agree with my past actions." He listens to Natasha talk about the sauce. "Ma'am, I am sure it will be better than the best tacos I have had at the finest Taco Bell."

The bird stops at the mention of food and turns, taking the time to actually look at what he avoided crashing in to. Click. Click. Hop Hop. The bird stands next to one of the pizzas, looking to Widow. "First attempt at pizza?"

Moving back to his seat Tony sits down swirling his glass of wine. "No judgements here. Have a seat." he tells Wade before drinking at his wine. A glance is given towards the raven and he puts a piece of pizza on a plate breaking it into pieces and pours beer into a glass setting it near the bird, "Enjoy."

Adrea narrows her eyes at the Raven sitting on the table, "Corvid-…" she sighs, getting up for a moment and turning a chair around, "Why don't you perch off the table, before I feel tempted to start pulling your primaries?" she asks. She takes a breath, calming down a little before looking to Lucy, "We met on the phone, I think, the other day when We were doing the inspection and you got the stitches. I'm Dr. Venoa, but please, call me Adrea, Lucy." she says, offering her hand politely. She waits to shake, getting back to her seat.
Steve pages, "LOL Why is my neck wet?"

Natasha first heard the question from Adrea and she leaned over toward her and nodded her head, offering a faint smile. "As soon as you give me a little notice on when and where, I'll be there." She said to the woman. "Opera sounds like a nice change of pace than my usual." She says, as she stares at a… raven that was apparently speaking to her. Her green eyes then shot up to Wade. "If its worse than what you get a Taco Bell, Mr. Wilson, I'll personally buy your next chicken burrito there." She grinned faintly as she lifted her bottle of beer up for a drink.

The bird turns his head, beak dropping open as Tony tears apart a slice and follows it up with beer. The beak closes for a moment as he shakes his head, "I don't know what's worse,
Tony. That you tore apart the slice thinking I'm a regular ol' bird, or that you then followed up that conclusion with giving me beer." The voice is rather familiar. No effort made to disguise it.

Lucy reaches out to grab another beer before sitting down herself, since that was the thing to do. The other beer is offered to Wade. "No business tonight, I'm off-duty right now. Relax, Wilson." An eyebrow raises as she watches him give Natasha a picture… Well there goes her sense of curiosity. Keeping it under tabs she looks toward Adrea flashing a bit of a smile. "Oh, yeah! I'm sorry about not being there myself. As I said—Recovering." A light pat of her hand is given to her side which appears as if there's a bit of extra padding, perhaps from bandages, beneath her clothes.

Then, while everyone is talking pizza and talking ravens, she leans over a bit closer to Tony to ask, "You got any way to lo-jack a person?" With a little sideways shift of her eyes toward Wade. Hey it wouldn't hurt!

"That's great! Tony Stark is acting pretty cool about letting us join his dinner party. We're going to be asked to be part of 'The Offenders! Earth's Feistiest Zereos!' Isn't that awesome? Maybe we can hang out with the Hulk?"

"No, this is not great. First of all, Tony Stark is feeding a bird pizza and also trying to get the bird drunk. Second of all… It's 'The Avengers.' Not 'Offenders.' We're the Offenders if there ever was a team. After all, we have that 'Merc with a Mouth (R)' thing going for us."

"Would you two be quiest? You're making work a lot hard because I have to give you colors and now I am going to be slow responding because these colors are tricky. Something about having to code them up. You know what I mean?"

"Ehr, there's a bird talking. I think I am going to not have any wine tonight. I am sorry. Pym and Preston got me some new meds. I don't think the current side effects would mix well with the wine." Wade looks over at his feed and tries to eat it. He's cautiously concerned about a talking bird with a voice that he thinks he knows. "Oh, this is really delicious." He tries to ignore the fact that the 'Tacocat spelt backwards is Tacocat.' poster didn't go over too well. "I'm on duty, right now, Lucy. I'm getting deployed very soon in fact."

Tony grins a little at Lucy though his full concentration is on the raven. It takes a moment but it clicks, "Mike? How in the light of a blue hell are you a bird? And not just any bird but one many consider to be a mark of death." lifting a hand he reaches out to poke the raven in the side, "Got a purple hue about you too."

Deadpool looks around and steals the 's' from quiest making it quiet. "Excuse me, I need to kill an editor." He says that out loud to no one in particular.

"I'll be sure to. But do you mind me volunteering to be someone else's 'date'. I use the term loosely. I made another friend who would like to come along, we just have to go shopping for dresses - and I already have MY date." She says to Natasha. She sighs, moving her plate farther away from the bird, "Excuse me, Mr. Corax. If you wouldn't mind getting OFF the table?" she asks, gesturing to a chair she brough up so the bird could perch on it. "I just don't htink everyone likes the idea of a bird that eats dead people standing next to thier food…" she says, making a face.

Cara has arrived.

Adrea remembers to move her glass of wine away from the bird too, and then just takes a sip of it, while she's at it.

Natasha was listening to Adrea and didn't seem to notice anyone offering her any pcitures about cats and tacos. "Well that sounds a little odd." She said to Adrea. "But I guess I'm okay with it, just tell me a date and time." She gave the woman a small smile then before looking back toward the talking bird…

Lucy gives a helpless little shrug as she settle back with beer, and beer in hand. The extra beer is placed down on the table untouched and the now-identified raven is given a look. "I heard 'Loki' mentioned. If it's anything like why I disapeared for a year, I bet it's his fault that he's a raven. Which reminds me… I still need to beat the crap out of him for that." Frowning in thought she shrugs, and dismisses it. There were more important things. Like pizza, beer, and, "I wasn't notified. Where are you being sent? And why?"

The bird blinks at Tony, and then looks over to Adrea. "First off, I don't eat dead people." He looks over at Tony, "… And really? All this time here I've never been in this form around you?" He sighs, turning to jump off the table, form seemingly suspending in air as extensions of the body reach to the roof forming a humanoid shape, a hoodie wearing figure with a shadow where the face should be. He turns to look back to the group, the empty space shifting a bit more, catching a little light to indicate fabric now rests there, blocking view of the face hidden within the modified hoodie. Voila. Unphantasmed Phantasm.

Noticing that the mansion was abnormally empty, Cara begin wandering around trying to find everyone. Even the usually reclusive Mike isn't in his room. Eventually she made her way to the roof with the pinging of her glass shoes on the rooftop, she opens the door, her belly poking through before her face. The pregnant, mutant, jr. avenger finds her way to the crowd with a smile. "What's going on?" She asks quietly with a smile on her face.

Adrea shrugs, "You're a Raven, you're standing on the table. You're being rude, so you get jibes." she says just a little bit curtly. She gestures, "You're making everyone just a shade uncomfortable?" she says. She nods as he jumps off the table, "Thank you…" she says, sighing. She looks to Natasha and nods, "Alright, I'll make sure I let you know, unless you want to go shopping too. I get the impression you don't do that too often."

As Steve steps onto the roof he gives a quick look around. Wow quite a few people he knows and a lot he doesnt. It's a party he figures. Holding a hot cup of black coffee filled in one hand he takes a sip and quietly takes a seat before anyone else notices he's there. He's only there to observe at the moment.

"You really should try to cut eating dead people out of your diet. You can get some kind of stomach virus from doing that. Plus, if you try to bring some dead people snack with you on a plane, they charge you for carrion," says Wade as he sits back in his chair. "Though, I guess if you watch Sweenie Todd, you might get adjusted to the idea of human meat pie." He starts to feel like his bad jokes are going to ruin the dinner. "Don't worry, Natasha. You're sauce would rock any meat pie." He smiles with that. He's about to answer Lucy's question just as he notices Cara and Steve both arriving.

"Congratulations, Rogers! You are the Cap'n and you made it happen! Do you know if it's going to be a boy or a girl? I would totally name the kid 'Sam' because that way it works if it's a boy or a girl." He smiles brightly, "Can I be the god father?"

Cara looks up at Steve who she somehow walked up behind without noticing, then back to Wade and her face turns BEAT RED! She looks down and walks the opposite way from Mr. Rogers. She's suddenly very shy about being on the roof and moves over towards the edge of the roof and leans with her arms on the brick and looks over.
Tony blinks looking over to those Wade addresses. "Hey, Cap." he notices the pregnant girl and rises up moving to help her sit if needed. "Mister Wilson, I don't think Cap is the father." he follows after Cara, "Want some pizza? There is some bottled water in the basket."

Lucy is just about to take a bite of the pizza… When talk of Sweeney Todd and meat pies comes up. A long suffering sigh is exhaled, and she lowers the slice of pie back to her plate for now. "I swear you are the best diet any woman could want, Wade." This also earns him a little elbow in the side in retribution when Cara rushes off like that. "Come on now, she's skittish. And…" It slowly dawns on her though what WAS said, and her attention snaps toward Steve to stare. "Um. Uh. Hi." She never met him before, okay!? Eesh.

"Not very often." Natasha replied to Adrea with a small smile. She then rose up from her seat and grabbed that extra beer that Lucy had sat down. She walked past Wade and gave him a soft elbow to his stomach for his comment about her sauce and meat pies. A casual walk took her over to where Steve sat and she plopped herself down beside him, setting that beer down next to his coffee cup. "This, is for you." She said, looking at him with a little grin. She then took a swig from her own bottle of beer.

Adrea smirks and nods, "Perhaps yet another date then." She says, winking to Natasha. She makes sure she has enough room, and continues on her piece of pizza, "It is really good, Natasha…you really should try it with the wine." She says, doing so herself. She smiles and waves to Steve, leaning over to watch Cara retreat. "If you'll excuse me." she says, nodding to Tony. She gets up slowly, to follow the young woman without chasing her, making sure she elbows wade on her way past.

The still veiled face turns to look at Andrea, quietly before Wade's comments draw his attention. "Carry on is included with flight." Phantasm replies, lifting a hand up to lift the lower part of his mask up, stiching preventing for the full removal without removing the outfit itself. Moving over to the plate Tony set out, he pulls another slice and puts it on top of the pieces. And picks up the beer. "Thanks guys."

Giving Wade a look that would make the Red Skull wet his pants, Steve merely shakes his head at the crazy man. Then he waves his free hand to Natasha and Tony. "No thanks guys. Im just up here for the clean, well clean-ish air and to enjoy a cup of Joe."

Cara looks up to Tony "I might grab some in a bit." She replies to the metal man, her face becoming much less red. "Just, gonna sit off to the side and watch you guys for now. I'm not quite comfortable around this many people." She says her amber eyes turning to lock onto Adrea with a soft smile, "Hi." She says looking down and glancing towards Steve but stays at her ledge.

"Man, everytime we imagined that we'd be touched by both Lucy and Natasha at the same… we never imagined elbows would be involved."

"Uhf." Wade looks back at Natasha and Lucy who elbowed him. "Dammit, two Karl Malones." He lowers his head and imagines getting elbowed next by Tony Stark and he falls off the roof… to his death. "Christ, that would be a wonderful idearight about now." He then looks back at Lucy, "I'm off to Canada. To locate and obtain Emrys Killebrew." He closes his head and sighs. "Not exactly the best mission for me but it's part of the advancement."

He tries to smile a little bit, ignoring the death glare from Rogers. "At least if I get him in custody, perhaps Pym can get some answers."

Adrea smiles warmly, "It is a bit busy. Hello Miss. I'm Doctor Adrea Venoa." she says, offering her hand, "I'm not sure if you've met my friend Tony. But this is Tony Stark. We just saw you looked a little uncomfortable, and wanted to make sure you knew you were welcome up here." she says, her voice in a different tone than that she uses with Tony and Natasha - but not at all patronizing.

Tony nods his head, "Very well." he steps away to grab a bottle of water and brings it back as he is introduced. "A pleasure." he offers Cara the bottle. At least Lucy and Wade should be happy to se ehe isn't being Mister Grabby hands tonight.
With the distractions going on, Mike starts to head towards the stairs.

Natasha shrugs her shoulers then as Steve turns down the beer. "I figured." She replied to him as she leaned back in her chair then and put her feet up on the empty chair that was in front of her. She glanced at Cara, Tony and Adrea but then caught a bit of what Wade said and her eyes refocused on him. She peered at the man, wandering what exactly he was talking about… but she didn't ask.

Lucy gives a small nod to Natasha as she passes snagging the abandoned beer, and the elbow… Well there's no complaint there. As it sems Cara is taken care of, and Steve is now being welcomed by Natasha, it leaves her free to finally enjoy her slice of pizza! "The baby isn't Steve's, Wade. And if you need help you know I'll back you. You don't always have to try to protect me from missions." Which she knew full well he did. Another nudge is given to Wade, though it's… not so much an elbow. "Eat some pizza at least."

"Thank you Ms Venoa." Cara whispers. "I'm just Cara. Um, codename Cin." She says softly her eyes watching Tony walk away and bring her a bottle. "Thank you Mr Stark, but everyone knows who you are." She's been her for a few months already but she's gotten a little star struck tonight. She takes the bottle and opens it to take a small drink from it. "Is tonight a special occasion or just because?"

Adrea smiles warmly, "A pleasure to meet you Cara. Should I call you Cara?" She asks. She laughs softly, "I suppose everyone does know who Mr. Stark is. Still nice to be introduced." She says. She smiles, "Natasha made pizza." she says, "I suppose that's special enough." she adds. "What do you do, MIss Cara?"

Tony grins as the girl of course knows him and surely Cap too. "Please just call me Tony. Mr Stark was my dad. Captain Rogers over there knew my dad personally." a grins comes to his lips poking a little fun at the man's age there. "That is Natasha over there near him. The pizza she made is really good." noticing Mike sneaking off, "Mike, you are welcome to stick around."

Mike pauses, the lifted mask only exposing the bottom part of the forming smirk. "Are you sure Miss Bird Hater agrees?"

"Mike." Natasha speaks up. "Stay. Come, drink, eat, be merry." She says to him having overheard he and Tony's little back and forth. She lifted up a beer in her hand that hadn't even been open, she waggles it back and forth. "Lookie lookie what I have, all for you, if you come hang out with me."

Making a mental check list of their faces, hair and bodies, Cara matches names up to them. "That's … interesting and kind of weird yeah?" She asks, turning to look at Tony, unscrewing the cap again to drink more water, she's been drinking a lot more lately. Moving her attention to Adrea, Cara nods, then shakes her head, "Just Cara, not Ms. It sounds weird" She smiles, her teeth showing faintly as she is still nervous. "I, uh." She taps her shoe on the floor causing the glass slipper to PINK loudly. "I can manipulate glass." She says with a smile.

"Um, thanks but you're not going to be allowed in Canada while I'm there. My request," says Wade as he tries to smile. "If I do find my target, it's going to not end well. Preston and I had a deep and long conversation about this," says Wade as he fishes in his pocket and pulls out a water bottle for himself. Doctor Killebrew is not going to give up easy. Nor is his disciple 'Ajax.' I put him down twice and Francis has an ability to avoid death it seems." He smiles slightly at Lucy, "And @#$!# if I see T-Ray." He reaches into other pocket and pulls out his tablet and shows a picture of T-Ray. He whispers, almost inaudible, "I'm not going to bring him back alive."

Now trying to change topics, Wade asks, "Does anyone here watch 'Arrow' or whatever that DC knock off of Clint series is all about." He pretends to use a bow and arrow. "You have failed this city…"

Taking another sip of coffee Steve can feel people looking at him. He gets that a lot as of late. It doesnt bother him as much as it used to. But when he hears his name and Howard's mentioned in the same sentence, Steve smiles and lifts his cup in a polite silent greeting.

Adrea looks over her shoulder for a moment, "I didn't say I hated corvids, just ones that molt on my food." she says. She hmms, and turns back to Cara. She smirks just a little bit and then nods, "If you keep Missing me, I'll keep missing you." Adrea promises, grinning just a bit. She ahhs, "Well, that certainly sounds interesting. I play with robots for a living, and SHIELD pays me to do it."
Lucy lifts a hand to wave over at Cara as introductions are going around. "I'm Lucy. The loudmouth is Wade. He's really not a bad guy, just has filter issues. Stuff a taco in his mouth and he's great," she teases lightly with a smirk. A smirk that turns to a tight-lipped expression as her hand drops, and her attention returns to Wade.

Lucy tries to keep her voice low, and calm, as she asks, "What the hell Wade?" When the tablet is produced, and the individual shown, her expression turns to an outright scowl. She takes a long pull of her beer suddenly looking serious, and even moreso disturbed over the topic.

Tony goes silent for now just observing as everyone interacts. Walking back to the table he picks up his bottle of beer and chooses to sit in one of the chairs a little bit away. A hand comes to his ribcage a moment before taking another swig from the bottle.

Mike grows quiet, looking to the group, then to Adrea, then to the unopened beer. He sips the one he already has. Unopened Beer. You have no power over this Avenger. Although… He looks to Natasha and starts walking over. He looks over to Andrea, "I SURE as hell wasn't molting in your food."

Wade smiles back at Lucy, "I hope you never have to understand or relate to whatever I am going to go through and have been through. You know when you read the files about me that are at your access level? There's those black marker'd out parts? This is all about that area. Same with Natasha. She can't see it. It's very restricted access." He has a sudden vision as he looks back at Natasha and imagines that she is stuffing a taco in his mouth to shut him up. He puts away his tablet. He tries to change topics. "So, Mike, what's on your Google history? Anything interesting?"
I don't understand that.

Natasha stood up from her seat beside sTeve and she handed Mike the beer with a grin. "There you go." She says to him. She gives Steve's shoulder a soft pat before she turnst toward Tony and walks in his direction. Her free hand fishes out a bottle of aspirin out of her hoodie's pocket and she strides up to his chair and gives it over to him. "Here. Take it, or I'll get the electric shocker again." She says in a quiet tone with a little smile.

Cara gives Tony's back a wave as he walks off. She sets her foot down and makes the heel clap against the floor. Looking up to Adrea, "That's pretty awesome. I imagine they pay well huh?" The auburn haired mutant asks, trying to make small talk and learn how to be apart of the group. One person at a time.

"Electric shocker? What? Did someone go to Spensors or something?" says Wade as he looks back at Natasha.

"You… are just…" Lucy's face has gone red now; partially from anger, mostly from frustration. Being kept out of an entire country so he could go on some black ops killing spree that he sounded fatalistic about? Her hand clenches on her beer as she sits there with back rigid and face a mask of barely concealed anger, and worry, and frustration. Glancing away she looks out over the skyline of the city taking slow, deep breaths that seem to do little to help the fact that the temprature around her was beginning to rise to an uncomfortably high level of heat. Enough so that the beer inside the bottle starts to bubble and steam.

Tony reaches out taking the asprin from her opening it and popping two into his mouth. Taking them with ber he swallows offering her to bottle back. "Thank you. And no.. please no more shocks."

Adrea blushes a little bit, "Fairly well, it's definitely not unkind to say." She says. She nods, "And I enjoy my work, so that certainily doesn't hurt." she says. She pauses, "I just came by to say hello to Natasha and Tony, but the night is winding along. We'll definitely have to talk again sometime, Cara." she says. "Takec are of yourself."

Now with two beers, a whole slice of pizza and a torn up slice, Mike sits down in an empty seat, placing the bottles and plate on the table. "No mo-" the partially masked rocker pauses, looking over at Tony, "Why was she shocking you in the first place?"
"Beecaause…" Natasha replied to Mike's question after handing the bottle of pain relievers over to Tony. She turned about and sat down o the army of Tony's chair, withher hands on her knees. "His mouth gets him into some serious trouble." She says, smiling toward Lucy. "I think she knows what I'm talking about, yeah?"

Standing all on her own now, Cara feels awkward again as she's alone again, this time with a near empty water bottle in her hand. She scans the roof for a familiar person to sit next to that she isn't intimidated by. Eenie meenie miney YOU! Cara takes a seat at Mike's table after picking up a slice of pizza, "Hi." She whispers to the phantasm before taking a small bite of her pizza.

Mike looks over to Cara as she whispers to him, finally taking note of the belly. The head tilts as the guy who has been out of it for awhile finally processes the information. He leans over to whisper to Cara "…who knocked you up?"

"Look up Merceds Wilson at some point," says Wade directly to Lucy. "When you see what happened to her, you'ld understand why I am not letting you be a risk factor." He looks at her again and then breaks contact, "I had a handler die when you were off in Loki-Land. That was kept from you. She was brought back to life via a LMD." He drinks his water, "I've had a lot of dark times before you came around when you are around those darknesses vanish. I'm not going to let you be a risk factor. That's all." He smiles at her. And then he hears Mike ask a question.

"Sweet Jesus, is this 'Billy Jean' all over again?"

Counting on his fingers, "So we know it's not Cap. Stark is a real go getter but I think he has 'Arc Reactor' aiming at Natsha. Clint loves the arrows, ifya know what I mean." Wade pauses, "Wait, I think he shoots both ways. And then that leaves Hulk… and Thor?" He swoons. "Thor is very dreamy!" He then shrugs, "Or maybe the Avengers are really just the 'Swingers.' But shouldn't Spider-Man be your mascot?"

He then pictures Lucy dying as he speaks and Tony laughing at the MJ reference. He shoots him a Thumbs Up and a wink!

Tony raises a brow while glancing over at Wade, "No offense to Cara but she is a bit young for me." An arm goes around Natasha for a moment since she sits on the arm of his chair. "Far as I know there are no little bitty mes running about."

Lucy takes another long, deep breath… only to let it out slowly. "Right. I … get that. But I'm…" Ugh! Still looking highly annoyed, she catches Natasha's remark giving a curt nod of her own to the woman in return. She DEFINTELY knew that issue. "Sometimes a good smack cain straighten a guy out. Or…" Her expression slips going thoughtful a long moment. And slooowly her head swivels toward Wade. "Mercedes Wilson. … Where you /married?/"

Cara blinks at Mike's question and then shakes her head with a soft shrug. "Based on what Loki has told me, and what Dr. Pym's research has showed, it's asgardian." She says looking down, not even a hint of a smile on her face. "I honestly don't even know how it got in me." She responds with a quiet frown, a bit of fear in her eyes.

Natasha was grinning in Lucy and Wade's direction before she just barely realized what Cara had replied to Mike with. She looked at them both then and her expression seemed a bit deadpan. She… just kind of stares, not really having words for that whole, uh, situation.

Reminiscent of the avian form he had previously taken, Phantasm's head tilts curiously to the explanation. "When did this happen?"

With a sigh, Wade says, "Phew. I was worried I'd have a Widdle Wade running around. That's not going to happen for at least another good thirty issues or so." He then looks back at Stark and offers a hi-five. "We're not the fathers! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" He then pauses, "Wait, you don't remember touching Mjlnir?" He shakes his head. "Man, Thor is a horrible man. Going around and hammering things. Just because he looks like George Kirk doesn't give him the reason to be sloppy."

Glancing back at Lucy. "Shortly. Or at least that's the memory or story I was given. It's really fuzzy. Like I have references to a time when I was married with some memories but no back issues give any evidence to support that I was actually married." He shrugs, "There's a whole issue with my mind being wiped from back when I was not a Weapon X toy. I kind of understand how Logan feels. Not that you know him. He has steak knives in his hands and no memory of who he was. I just have all kinds of weird flash backs that make no sense. All I know is that I think there was a Mercedes in my life and she was killed by T-Ray." He shrugs, "So I am supposed to eventually kill T-Ray. A guy that Weapon X hated as well. So who knows what is true."

"Why? Can you actually imagine me married?"

Cara looks down and replies to Mike, "Uh, around the time of that huge snake in the sky, thing. Ragnarock I think it was called."

Lucy opens her mouth and just listens to Wade. By now she'd developed a bit of a Wade-Filter which helps to pick out the important stuff mixed in with the odd references of back issues, and comics, and other things that made no sense. Slowly she nods though. Memory loss of some sort, that DID make sense, and what little she knew of Weapon X and it's programs were that they were fucked up. "Mm. So that's why you want to go to Canada." Her lips purse together, and she looks over toward the other conversation she's been partially following in her peripherial. "Loki's… Loki. He told me once that sometimes his magic can do things he doesn't intend if his emotions get out of control enough. Or something." Her fingers drum on her bottle of now-hot beer before opting to gently set it on the tabletop hoping it doesn't burn a ring into the top of it. It should have cooled enough by now, at least. Then, without a word, she stands with her arms swinging overhead to stretch out as if she were about to announce she was tired and heading to bed.

Except she doesn't. She sits down again. On Wade's lap in a manner not entirely dissimilar to how Natasha was sitting with Tony. With her arms crossed stubbornly as she tries her best not to look embarassed DON'T STARE OKAY? "When are you leaving?"

Wade is drinking his water and ends up spitting it out as he starts to laugh. He can't seem to control his laughing either. "Wait, wait. You're going to tell me that there was a 'huge snake' and all of a sudden you ended up preggers?" He pauses. "I really think I understand. People always told me, 'Be careful of what you do and dont go around breaking young girls hearts' And Mother always told me, 'Be careful of who you love and be careful of what you do cause the lie becomes the truth.

Tony stares at Cara, "Well see, dear, a man and woman have to umm… mate to make a baby. Unless you are carrying a christ child or forbid a devil's spawn. Though if it is Thor's baby then I guess he had to knock you out to knock you up." ok so maybe the beer and wine is starting to make the man feel pretty good.

"Oh." Mike pauses, taking a sip of his beer as he considers that. Bottle set down, he smiles, "Right now it'd be kind of funny if your middle name was Mary." He looks over to Lucy. "It's an Asgardian thing. Ragnarok. Lots of shit happens, everyone dies, they come back in a different form. Hell, Loki came back looking even younger than when I met him."

Cara just falls silent and looks down at her table, her hands fidgeting with her water bottle even blushing at Starks words.

Natasha turns around on the arm of Tony's chair and she slaps his shoulder with the back of her hand. "My god, Stark!" She said to him then. She uses her other hand to pull one of the small black discs out of her hoodie. "I have the Shocker right here!" She tells him.

Wade quickly goes silent as Lucy sits on his lap. He's actually wordless for a few moments. He blushes and tries to not do anything stupid. For at least a minute. "Saturday. It's a 24 hour mission." He then listens to Stark. "What happened with those birds and bees?" He winks and then watches Natasha ready the shocker. "You really had a good time at the Spencer's store. Did you get a new Hawkeye action figure while you were there?"

Tony sets his bottle of beer down and holds up his hands, "I'm sorry.. Didn't mean to offend. My apologies, Cara." he bows his head towards her. Looking up at Natasha, "I'll be a good boy. Promise. Don't need to activate the shock collar." a hand rests on her leg.

Lucy mms quietly with a nod at Wade's response. Though her attention turns to Mike, and Cara then. "Yeah, I know. Before I was Wade's handler, I was assigned to keep an eye on Loki when he was around. To make sure he didn't cause trouble," she points out with a shrug. Gesturing toward Cara's belly she tries again. "See… Ragnarok is the cycle of death and rebirth that Loki is supposed to herald in. Yes, I did my research and read my lore, it was part of my mission. My POINT is that… Well, when he was annoyed at me and wanted me 'out of his hair' for awhile, he shipped me off to another dimension for a year. He hadn't MEANT to send me away that long, but his subconcious desire to get me away took over there. As far as Ragnarok goes, you might have been a bit too close to the whole 'rebirth and renewal' part of that when it went down. Which would…" Her hand gives a little flapping gesture. "That. Not conciously, not with intent, but as a backlash because of the INTENT of the magic going around at that time."

Natasha put the shocking device back into the side pocket of her grey hoodie and she had both of her hands in said pockets now as well while remaining seated on the arm of Stark's chair. Her eyes drifted over to Wade as she heard him speak her name. She narrowed her eyes again. "What is a… 'Spencer's store'?" She asked the man with a genuine confused look on her face.

"Tony, can you teach me how to dress like you? And Steve, can you teach me to be a gentleman like you? I was… kind created to be the Canadian version of you so I might as well learn how to be polite like you." Wade grinds his teeth. "It was horrible that you weren't around. I had deal with Preston who died and I had to get her soul into a LMD." He shrugs, "I mean, I could deal with things but I need you around because you're the smart one." He grins, "S-M-U-R-T." He rolls his eyes at Natasha. "It's where moose and squirrel go when they want to play."

Mike eats quietly, simply giving a slight nod as he listens to Lucy before looking over to Natasha, "Spencer's sells a lot of crap, belt buckles, and if you get past the sex items, black light posters."

With a polite nod, Cara stands up, grabbing her water bottle and making her way to the roof access door. "Y'all have a good night. It was nice meeting you all." She says softly before slipping inside.

Tony keeps his hand rested on Natasha's leg since she doesn't seem to care. "I like getting my Black Sabbath shirts and such there. They have the better designs." his attention now falls over to Wade. "Dress like me? Be like Cap? better to just be yourself." then he raises a hand, "Night, Cara."

Mike lifts up a hand to wave to the departing glass manipulator, turning his attention back to his food, "Unless it's in the job description." He tags on to Tony's comment. Giving a bit of a smirk.

Natasha's eyes fall onto Cara as the girl rises and makes her way off. She thinks the girl was at least offended eight times since coming up onto the roof, and she felt bad about that since thiw as HER pizza party afterall. She exhaled and looked over to Tony beside her. "Wait, so you buy your shirts at the same place that sells sex toys?" She huffs out a laugh and glances to Wade. "Mr. Wilson, I think you should aspire to dress like Steve also."

Lucy glances askance at Wade when he asks such things. "Wade, you were the only one who kept looking for me when I was gone. Even SHIELD had written me off as missing. And you clean up pretty damn good in those suits when you want. Stop … trying to be other people." She frowns lightly, and glances over at the other couple here, before looking away again with a small clearing of her throat. Whether he likes it or not, Wade gets a quick peck on his cheek before she finally slides off his lap to stand. She was NOT used to that much display of affection and was far, far too embarassed at this point. "Spencers is across from that bookstore in the mall that mysteriously burned down."

"Good night, Tara," says Wade as he waves to Cara. He then looks back at Stark and smirks, "Have you ever met the real Wade Wilson? Do you think I should really, really be /Wade/ all the time?" Just after Lucy pecks him on the cheek, Wade sneaks in a pulse check on himself. "Was that the book store that I made a scene at once? Yeah, that was strange that it burnt down." He then tries to brush his hand gently against Lucy's.

Mike eyes Lucy, remembering the fire "It wasn't THAT bad in damages." He pauses, "Was there a second fire?"

Tony lifts up his beer drinking more of it, "They don't just sell sex toys. They sell all kind of neat items. Comical stuff and movie figures and such." he tells Natasha. "Can't say I have." a look is cast to Wade. "And yes dress in sparkly pajamas with a large red,white,blue frisbee as a shield."

Natasha hears the jab at Steve and she looks down at her feet in disappointment again. She sighs softly. Her head comes back up then and she speaks out. "I've never heard about this fire before. Whats the mystery?" Is her question.

Lucy twists her fingers to snag at Wade's giving his hand a little squeeze before she resumes her prior seat trying to look as inconspicious as possible. "What? Nothing." She blurts out at Natasha staring straight ahead at the woman with a suddenly completely blank, emotionless face.

"I think it was some hippy pot heads reading about the Grateful Dead in a section of a bookstore. One of the kids took his lighter out to a picture of a bong and lit it up." Wade instantly says, still kind of puzzled about how Lucy is reacting to him. "God, I hate hippies more than I hate Hydra. With Hydra, you cut off one head, more heads come out. With hippies, you cut off one head, they plant trees." He hopes his insane rambling will distract the book store conversation. "I wonder who flames more… Johnny Storm or Sir Elton John?"

Tony let shis other arm go around Natasha while the other remains on her leg. Listening as they speak of fires he closes his eyes a moment leaning his head against Natasha gently.

Natasha listened to the interesting story about the fire and the hippies and Elton John being on fire. She then looked down at Tony and she patted the top of his head. "I'll get you your own Captain America jam jams for your birthday, Little Anthony. You needn't worry." She said with a small smile.

Mike shakes his head at Wade's assessment. "Nah." He comments, picking up the plate and the second beer, "Hydra sucks more." Frowning, the performer starts heading towards the stairs.

"Maybe Stark should paint an Iron Man suit up like Cap's colors. Can you imagine the armor in red, white, and blue? That would be epic." Wade smiles slightly and then notices Mike frown. "What's wrong, bro?"
What's it like dating an older woman? It Depends! Get it? Because she's wearing Depends!

Tony would normally be upset if someone called him Anthony but he doesn't really mind it from Natasha. "Actually, Wade, there is a suit in those colors for the Iron Patriot." he tells him, "Flown by my good ole pal James Rhodes. He is a Liason to Stark Industries. I should call him sometime." looking up at the one sitting with him, "Jam jams? Sure if you wear lingerie to match."

Mike doesn't answer Wade's question and just continues his path into the mansion.

Lucy shifts in her chair so that she drapes her legs over one arm, and leans against the other with her back. It was one of those twisted positions that typically only teenagers have no problem with. Or those that were teenagers not so many years ago, at least. It puts her leaning closer to Wade, who ends up with his arm being used as a pillow so she doesn't lean TOO far back. "I just want some more durable suits. Mine wear out too quick."

Natasha smirks at the words from Stark. "We'll see about that." she replied in a soft tone of voice. She rose up from the arm of his chair and gave the top of his head a pat as she walked over to the table and started to pack some of the stuff back up, including the bottle of wine from Adrea. "I think Dr. Vavnoa is testing my alcohol tolerance…" She admits aloud.

Wade begins to really imagine what Lucy would look like with her suit burning off her. He thinks it must have happened before since she brought it up.
"How could we miss this?!"
"Wait, we can talk with emoticons? Let me try this."
Wade enjoys being Pillowpool. "I seem to rip my suits apart. Stitching them back together is expensive." He grins and tries to concentrate really hard, "It's kinda fishy <*)))-{ that Fury won't let me order the kevlar that I wanted." He pauses and looks up. "Woah, it worked!"

Tony gets up to his feet once Natasha moves and begins to help her clean up. "Can't be as bad as how much clothing Banner goes through." he mentions ending it with a wide yawn. Really he should have a room here in the mansion so he doesn't have to drag himself back to his Penthouse. Tossing empty beer bottles and paper plates. "Thank you, Natasha, the pizza and beer was great." he leans in kissing her cheek.

Lucy tips her head back quizically. "The hell was that? Norse-Russian?" Somehow that just didn't translate for her… but then again, it's him. She shrugs it off and glances over toward Natasha and Tony. "Thanks for the pizza and beer, guys. I'll buy next time or something. I'm a terrible cook though. Everything tends to burn."

"Dear Santa, I hope I am on your good list. I really enjoyed this dinner party with Tony and Natasha. I would love to invite the Avengers and Thor's mistress over to my private hideout where I will ask Lucy to help me host a 'chimichanga' night." Wade then whistles at Lucy. "Hey, I'll handle the food if you handle the Native Canuckistanese Mormon missionaries that always knock on my door. I don't know why they keep asking me to be part of the Ladder Day Saints. I hate ladders!" He tries to squeeze her hand. "I can cook for us."

Natasha could hear Wade's words and they made her grin a little as she picked things up and stuffed things back into the large picnic basket that had all sorts of modern features like wine glass storage and such. She smiled at the cheek kiss from Tony as well as Lucy's words. "Hey, its no problem. I just wanted to try something new."

Tony grins to Natasha, "We will have to try to make that frakenpizza together sometime." he stretches with a light wince. "I better be heading home."

Lucy smiles softly at that only to give a nod. The hand squeeze is returned and she doesn't withdraw her hand this time as she just… relaxes there on the rooftop. Not like her bosses were around right now after all. "Deal. My place though. Yours is…" Yes, she's seen it. Nodding over at Natasha and Tony she flashes a grin. "It was a nice night."

- END -

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