2015-03-26 Mall Rats
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Rogue Sayt Wade Adrea Felicia Mike
GMed by Rogue
Title: Mall Rats

[*Bayville Mall - 1st Floor*]

The mall parking lot is rather large, surrounding the mall on all sides in a sea of grey stone with yellow stripes. The grand doors to the mall are decorated with lush landscaping, including a fountain off to the side which trickles water down every five minutes or so.


Marie had been contacted a little while ago, via text and she'd taken Scott's motorcycle. (He said she could take it for a spin). She arrived at the Mall about twenty mintues ago and stopped off at the Food Court to get a fruity icey drink from the Boba Tea (not a star wars reference, i asked once). She now strolled down one of the brightly lit corridors with the cup in both of her gloved hands, sipping through the fat straw the little tastey drink, eyeing the windows and the items that they displayed to all the various shoppers. She only had a few people stop her and ask her questions, including those three goofballs at the cell phone booth that have flirted with her on multiple occassions now. And that is where she is now, having them act all cool as they show off a few different cases to her for phone.

Adrea made her own way to the mall via McClaren and highway. She'd enjoyed the drive every bit as much as she enjoyed the drive the day before. She enters the mall and takes off her sunglasses, putting them in her purse as she picks up her mission to start looking for Marie. She's wearing a pleated grey skirt with pin-stripes, and a patterned blouse that's loose and airy for the summer heat, but fitted enough to show her sillhouette. She offers her arm to Felicia, "So, are you going to help me find this dress for our date then?"

"I don't see why not." The young burglar says with a smile, hooking her arm with her date and toothy grin to anyone who walks by with judgement in their eyes. "I'm going to have to find something for myself though." She says, her outfit isn't exactly date worthy. Felicia wears a flannel shirt, red and black mostly, buttoned up just over half way, allowing her cleavage to get some unadulterated air. Her pants are short, but not too short it has been a bit chilly lately, stopping about half thigh. She wears a pair of red and orange shades and orange thongs on her feet. "I might need to get something a bit warmer." She notes, looking down at herself.

And enter a rather oddly dressed guy that is getting strange looks. Sayt glances around wondering where to find clothes like most are wearing in this world. "Sure. Take this paper stuff and get clothes for this world." he mutters to himself noticing most stores seem to have only women's attire.

Sayt's Desc
Standing at 5'9", with his black hair brushes straight back from his brow. His eyes are bright and blue. His features are certainly what many would consider handsome, even dashing, the Asgardian is clean shaven, and well built.
Dressed in black breeches and a white tunic, he wears black hard leather chaps along with black leather chestplate. On his arms are golden bracers with a green drape over his chestplate that has gold trim. On his feet are black heavy boots that some up to the knee. A dagger is strapped to the left side of his belt and a bow and quiver of arrows ar eon his back. A darkgreen cloak covers the bow on his back and a hood is pushed back. Around his neck is an Asgardian amulet of dark emerald arrowhead trimmed in gold.

Rogue steps away from the cell phone booth and the three 'goofy bird heads' as she refers to them behind it. She starts to walk away at a slow pace, just meandering about the mall this afternoon and it doens't take too long before she walks closer toward Sayt. Her eyes go up and down him and his attire… she stops near him and takes a sip from her cup. "Are you like… one of them 'Game of Thorns' guys?" She asks him in a confused tone of voice. He was cute though, she'd give him that much.

Adrea smiles brightly as her date takes her arm. She blinks, taken aback, and looks back to Felicia, "YOU don't have something to wear to the Opera?" she asks. She hmms, "I'm actually surprised…I kind of expected you'd have nice things like that." She says. She giggles, "But then, I suppose what you're wearing now wasn't exactly Dolce, hmm?" she asks, giggling. She pauses for a moment, eyeing Marie and Sayt, "There's Marie…do you know her boyfriend? This is where we play 'Cosplay or Asgardian'." she says quietly.

"I never said I didn't have anything to wear. I said I want to pick up something new." Felicia explains. She kind of wants to play pretty woman in the mall today. "But it's comfortable and is cute as FUUU- No. I've never seen him before. Actually neither of them. I know I'd remember her." Felicia says looking to Adrea and then to Marie. "She's cute. Is she coming with us to the opera too?"

"Definitely cosplay." Felicia adds after a moment. "But yeah, kind of has a bit of an Asgardian quality to him. Why don't you go find out sweetie." She replies, puling her arm away from Adrea's to free it up so she can smack the agent on her backside and push her into verbal battle.

Sayt glances towards Rogue, "Game of Thorns? I know nothing of this game of thorns you speak fair maidan. I am in search of attire befitting this realm as M'Lo… My friend has requested of me." he notices some guys wearing chain, others with colored hair, "This realm is rather odd. But I have all this paper to trade for things." he takes out a big stack of money putting it into her hands.

Adrea rolls her eyes, looking back at Felicia even as she starts to walk forward, "You really should treat me better in public, I might begin to feel depreciated." she says, rolling her eyes again for effect. She smirks, "And she might be, but she has a date." she says, before turning her attention to the pair. Adrea pauses for a moment, watching the exchange between Sayt and Marie, "Making friends, Marie?" she asks. She blink, "Um, gentlemen sir…that's currency here, and you may want to be careful just who you hand it to. Why, I happen to know this woman is looking to purchase an expense piece of attire, and you've just given her all she needs to take care of her own needs…what's to say she doesn't run off and do so, leaving you high and dry? Or up the Styx without a paddle?"

Marie just stood there with her cup between her two green-gloved hands and her eyes on Sayt while he spoke at her in his funny words. She lowered the drink down a few inches and what he said got an actual little laugh out of the girl. He shoved his money at her then and her left hand came out to take it out of reflex more than anything… though she just stared down at the pile of it, and then back up at him. Adrea appeared out of almost no where then and Rogue just said. "Hey there, Doc. I think I just found me a sugah daddy."

Felicia walks up behind Adrea, but doesn't exactly move to show affection to the woman. She's in public, meeting new people, she doesn't want to seem rude or anything. "Are you going to introduce me to your friends Adrea?" Asks the white haired thief, her hand roaming up and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she smiles to the two new people. She can't help but eye the stack of money held brazenly in the open. "Careful with that." Is all she says.

Sayt lets his eyes go among the trio of women around him and he can't help but muse to himself how Fandral would be jealous right now. "Because her feet wouldn't be faster than my bow." and he will leave it at that. "My friend Loki says I need to find attire of your realm. Where might I barter for such?"

Adrea smirks to Marie and nods, "Well, isn't that something?" She asks Marie, though she can't help but smile a little bit broader. She looks to Felicia and nods, "OF course." she says warmly, "This is Marie, the cute one you were talking about. And she'll be Natasha's date for the Opera." she says politely. "Marie, this is my girlfriend, Felicia, whom will be MY date for the Opera."

Adrea pauses, opening her mouth, and then looking between Marie and Felicia. She takes a deep breath, collecting her thoughts, "Sir." she says curtly, "I'm afraid the locals don't take kindly to being shot at. And I'm going to have to ask you to refrain from that course of action." She pauses a heartbeat or two, "I can help you shop, but if you don't learn to stow that happy trigger finger and attitude of yours, I'm going to have to promise swift retribution."

Marie looks now at Felicia who showed up behind Adrea. She glances back down to the money in her dark green glove. "It ain't a bomb, Snow White." She said to Felicia and then offered the man back his money. She glances at the 'weapon' on his back and she smirked a bit. "I'm not too scared of that little toy he's got back there." She says, lifting her drink up for another sip from her Bobatea Cup. "'Sides, I ain't runnin' off with his dough anyhow." Her green eyes went back to Felicia. "Love your hair, Snow." She said, for obvious reasons.

Felicia tries to stop Adrea from going through with her threat but it still happens. "You know Loki? He's a friend Adrea, c'mon, give him some slack and try not to hassle him so much." She says smiling to Sayt, "I'm a friend of Loki's too." Then with a glance to Marie, "You're dating Natasha? Interesting, didn't think she was into women." She says with a wink to the young mutant, and with a bit of a furrowed brow in return. "Clever." She retorts to Marie without emotion but with a smile on her lips.

Wade Wilson is not in his normal Deadpool attire! He does seem to be calm; He has a full head of sandy brown hair and brown eyes that seem to casually lock on to different objects around him; as if he is focusing on nothing and everything at the same time. Ever since he joined forces with SHIELD as a contract agent, Wade appears to have focus, his healing factor and cancer under control, and is more sedated.
Today, Wade is wearing a black and red varsity fleece; the chest area is black with red trimmings and the upper left side has a Deadpool logo stitched on while the sleeves are red. Underneath, Wade has on a French cuffed white buttoned down white collared shirt with a red silk tie that matches his jacket's sleeves. The tie does have a black pattern to it that is secretly a printed radio circuit. Wade dug it out of the old SHIELD archives. "Strange Tales. #137. And if course, the cuff links are Deadpool emblems." He has on black dress pants with a belt buckle that replicates the Deadpool emblem as well. On his feet, Wade has on shiny black patent leather dress shoes. "All of the clothing is non-iron! Nobody has time to deal with wrinkles." On his left hand, there is a retro looking watch that is actually a magnetic repulsor watch. "It's an authentic working replica from S.T. #159." Randomly, Wade jingles the keys to his standard issue Air Car
"I wonder if any of the stores here would have a DVD of 'The Mike Tyson Mysteries.' I totally could use a new DVD to keep my focus."

Sayt raises a brow towards Adrea as she speaks, "I did not draw my weapon so I am not as you call it trigger happy. And believe me it is no toy for children." a glance is given back to marie he reaches out taking the money back stashing it away. Now he looks at Felicia, "You know Loki?"

"Snow White, Kitty. That's one I haven't heard you called." Adrea says, "I think I like it." she says. She arches her brow, "You probably should be, though I suspect you'd be alright, it might smart quite a bit." Adrea offers, shrugging a shoulder softly. She smirks, "I didn't think you would," she starts, "Think of it as an object lesson, much as you probably think you're above learning from our people." Adrea says. She shifts her gaze to Felicia, and then back to Sayt, "The caliber of this one remains to be seen." She says. She giggles, "Not actively, they both signed on for the Opera, so I signed them up to go with each other." She says. She nods to Sayt, "You do seem a little bit ready to jump to violence as an instant solution. Anyhow…" she looks to Felicia, "I didn't know you knew Loki."

Looking at Adrea and Sayt rather rapidly her eyes fall on Marie's for a moment as a hint of panic sets in. "Oh uh… I have to go, do you hear that?" "COMING!" Felicia shouts out to a nearby crowd as she turns around and disappears into the crowd.

Marie lifts her cup up again for another sip from the wonderful drink that she always tried to hit-up everytime she was at this mall… She listened to the back and forth between the folks and out of the corner of her eye she caught the well-dressed… if a bit nerdy looking… Wade. She nods in hsi direction and points at him with a motion of her Cup. "Ya could follow that guy and take his clothes from him. You'd be doing him a favor." She then takes another sip from her drink.

Wade is adjusting something on his smart phone at the moment. "@#$i#. How can I be out of minutes on my SHIELD phone?" He tries to work on something with his phone. "Oh, would help if I had this fully charged." He makes his way to the Taco Bell in the food court. "I'm totally going to need to grab something to eat." He smiles as he seems to be happy. For once.

Mike's gone to the music store to buy a replacement violin string. The G one. There."
Having stopped by a music supply store within the walls of the mall, Mike comes to the food court with a bag sporting the logo of the store. The outline of a small box can be seen through the white plastic. Is he hungry? Could he be splurging for food? Coitainly. Nothing cheaper than burgers and fries from a food court McDonalds or Taco Bell. As for which one he goes to, the lack of a line determines it as he ends up stopping at the McDonald's counter. Oh hey! No wait.

Sayt rubs his forehead really trying to kep himself in check here. He glances towards the man in question and back to the women around him. Like he is going to do demand clothes like that..

Adrea blinks softly, and her gaze follows after Felicia, "Kit-…Felicia?" she asks, looking after her. She turns back to Marie and Sayt, and starts to say something, starting to blush in spite of herself, her composure faltering. She presses her lips together and hmms, making a very slow nod, "Well…that was unexpected…" she says. She pauses to take a deep breath, exhaling slowly, "M…Marie. Did you still want to go shopping…?"

Marie's eyes go back to Sayt and she flashes him a little smile. "I'm only joking, Aragorn." She said to him, she swayed her body back and forth a little then out of boredom and flashed her eyes over to Adrea and the fleeing Felicia. "I think you're lady friend just pulled the oldest 'I'm Outta Here' trick in the book, Doc." Her cup was lifted up for another sip from the long red straw.

"Yeah…I know." She whispers, but it's loud enough for Marie to hear. She takes a breath, "Maybe I should go visit Natasha." she says quietly. But she blinks and looks back up to Marie, "I'm still going to need a dress…I promised you and Natasha…" She smiles to Sayt, in spite of herself, "Forgive me, you do come off as a little crass. It can take a little getting used to, I'm certain."

Marie nodded softly to Adrea's words. "I don't know who this Natasha is, but if she's a friend of yours, Doc… I'm sure she's good people." She grinned then at Sayt and reached her left hand out to smack him softly on the shoulder. "I'll help you find some fancy pants." She offered to him, eyeing him up and down. "I think there's some good Men's stores upstairs."

An order of french fries later (small of course), Mike turns around holding his itty bitty pocket o' fries, nomming on them one by one. As he strolls through the court, a familiar face draws his attention. Gaze settling on Adrea, he frowns.

Adrea hmms, and nods to Marie, "I'm sure a talk would do me good." She says. "Maybe it'll be white wine this time. And Natasha is your date for the Opera. Assuming we-…well, of course we're still going.' She nods to Marie. "Rain check on the dress shopping then, since you'll be playing Dress Up with Mr. Sayt here?" She asks, nodding to Sayt, "She'll set you straight." She pauses, "Take him to Abercrombie." she says, "Do you need any money?"

Turning his head, Mike eyed Sayt's attire and in particular, the color scheme. His head tilts. "Is it Loki day at the mall?" He quips, "Man he's going to be pissed that he missed it."

Sayt is beyond confused at this point and would love to just shoot things to get rid of the fustration. Hearing a scream he notices a man knocking an old woman down and grabbing her purse plus goods. "Pardon me a moment." he touches a hand to Marie's cheek which she may notice does anothing against him. His cloak is undone and he hands it to her quickly. Now running he hurdles a bench running after this offender.

Mike blinks and as he hears the scream and sees Sayt bolting off, while exposing his weapon, realization dawns on him. "Ah. Fuck." He pauses for a moment before he starts running after Sayt as well. JUST a concerned citizen, That's all. Yup yup!

Rogue was holding her cup up to her lips and replying to Adrea's words. "I ain't never been on a date with a woman before, but if her name is Natsaha, I guess I'll give it a tr—" Thats when the touch came to her face… She recoiled, but her heightened reflexes didn't catch the action in time before Sayt's touch brushed her skin. 'Shit!' was her internal dialogue, but she saw him rush past her, sending her hair flowing across her face and upper body… her eyes followed after him, she was stunned, to put it mildly…

Sayt hasn't drawn a weapon and continues to run after the offender that is going around tables. He jumps onto the tables leaping from one to another until finally tackling the guy into a fountain. Standing up he pulls the man up with him, "where I am from we take the hands of thieves."

Mike runs up, as Sayt's explaining the penal system of his culture. "Well, it's a good thing for him we're not where you're from then." He replies, looking to the thief. "Although, where I'm from, knocking down an old lady is at least worth a punch to the face. You know you can kill older people by doing what you did?"

Marie stood there, stunned, shocked and disturbed. She wasn't familiar with asgardians, frankly that word sounded like 'nerd stuff' to her. When the chase ended up in the pool, the girl in the trenchcoat was standing there watching from a distance. There were a lot of similar folks standing about watching the action and some people were leaving in a hurry. Marie's eyes fluttered about all of this and she saw down the corridor a team of white-shirt-black-pants security guards rushing the field. But her eyes then went back to Sayt… she stared at him.

Sayt hands off the guy to the men that request to collect him. Now though eyes are on him because of his dagger and bow. "I help apprehend this thief and you want to punish me as well?" he allows them to jerk him from the pool trying to remember Loki asking him to behave. Hands going up on the back of his head as the weapons are taken off him his eyes fall towards Marie and then Mike.

Wade is still starting down the Taco Bell Menu and rambling to himself. He looks around, idly, and shrugs. "I think there was a Michelle or something that used to be around here at a table. She was crazy and people used to think we dated." He shrugs and looks at the Taco Bell menu a bit longer before the poor kid at the register asks again for an order. "I'll have a Big Mic!"

I think it has more to do with your attire violating the policies of this mall." Mike replies, looking around for possibilities. Annnnd an ill-advised one presents itself. "HEY WADE! COME HERE!"

Hearing Mike, Wade looks at the poor cashier. "Ten tacos. Deal?" He hands him a twenty and then begins to chase down where Mike is. "Mike! Did you forget to use Incognito Mode and Tony was wondering about those links you went to on Google?!"
Wade pauses,

Marie's eyes go from Sayt and Mike, back to the Security team that was rounding the corner of the food court and rushing toward where the scene was. This is when the girl acted. She dropped her Bobatea cup and started running at Mike and Sayt herself… and she was much closer. "Sorry!" She shoulted at Mike as she passed him. Rogue pulled the black hood on the collar of her coat up over her head and then TACKLED the Asgardian… but just before their bodies landed in the water the girl was up off of the ground… holding Sayt underneath his shoulders and… flying… toward the exit at a great measure of speed.

Mike arcs an eyebrow and shakes his head, moving over towards Wade, "Can you use your connections to get him off the hook? I'm not in a pos-" Annnd suddenly the problem goes away. "…Nevermind."

Sayt is suddenly lifted by the girl and is heading for the exit of this place. Not like he hasn't been picked up by something and flown off before just normally is was a large bird not a girl oh well… yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

Wade winks at Mike, "Help who with what? Kid, I think you had too many beers last night. Adrea kept freaking out that you molted on her food." He leans against an imaginary wall. "Do we need to have an intervention?" He looks kind of concerned.

Mike glares at Wade. "I. Don't. MOLT." Response given, Mike turns and walks away, munching on what remainder of the fries he still managed to keep after that run down after Sayt.

— Cut to Parking Lot —

Marie's flight out of the Mall is a dip to get under the door that had been left open after a mall patron had run out, and then she soared across the parking lot still holding the man underneath his armpits. They came to the edge near a tall rusted-old-mall-parking-lot-lamp-post and there was a motorcycle parked there. She descended with the man and sat him down beside it, with a sharp exhale she took a step back from him, his cloak still draped over her shoulder. "Who the hell are you?" She asked him then, well… demanded it, her hair was blowing about her face wildly in the late afternoon wind.

Wade runs out of the mall to his SHIELD car. He quickly changes into his DP costume. Something is up apparently. He slaps the mask on and looks around before he begins to blast something from his car's speakers. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23PUUKSO6to ) He leans against the hood of the vehicle and smiles, "I'm totally going to get fired in the next 48 hours for this!" What is he talking about? Stay tuned!

Sayt blinks as suddenly he is sat down next to this eletric looking mini horse thing. Getting to his feet dusting himself off, "I am Sayt of Asgard, a defender of the realm and personal guard to Prince Loki." he states since she demanded it so strongly. Of course he is wet with hair dripping which he brushes back with a hand. At least she got him before his weapons were taken, "I am not your enemy, I've been sent here to Midgard to watch over M'Lord." he then glances towards the one blasting the odd music.

Rogue doesn't seem interested in loud music behind her… its a msll parking lot, there's always idiots in them. The words that Sayt speak just makes her eyes peer at him, and she shakes her head. "Are you like a crazy person, or somethin'?" She asks him, as she has no knoweldge of any of these things. "Back in there.." She starts turning a little to point back at the mall. "You touched my face." She said to him. "You can't do that. Nobody can!" She, of course, isn't making much sense herself right now because she's mostly speaking out of passion-and-confusion at the moment.

Wade begins to look at his SHIELD issued communicator. "Dammit, it looks like something happened at the mall and it wasn't me? I have to look for some bozos that were up to no good? And what's with this picture of some chick with a skunk on her flying or jumping really high?" "Tha's her hair, Wade." He looks around and tries to focus. "I really need to inject myself with a chimichanga. It gets me brain going. When I take my Ritalin, I stop my fiddling!"

Sayt stares at the woman, "Crazy? I am not crazy, M'Lady." he steps towards her. "If touching you offended I surely didn't mean too. Many apologies. I am still learning of the culture here."

Marie stares at the man with a dunbfounded look on her face, nothing he said seemed to make any sense to her. She stood there with her skunk-hair blowing around in the wind and then suddenly reached out to take hold of his right wrist. She brought his hand up and pressed it against her face, tested… held it there… patted his hand against her face again and again. She then just dropped his hand and walked around him, she threw her leg over the motorcycle and started fumbling around in her pockets to look for the key, not saying anything to the man.

A skunk walks by and turns reveals itself to be a Skrull. "Thanks, Mr. Skrull for not invading my planet today! And saving the day about my typo!" says Wade. The Skrull smiles and turns back into a Skrull Skunk. OR a SKRUNK… Yep, that's what happens.
Wade notices the chick on the bike and waves to her. "Nice wheels! What model is that? I'm looking for a new bike! Rhino crushed my moped." He nods, "True story!"

Sayt stares at her like she has three heads as she raises his hand againt her cheek and pats it. Though as she walks away getting on the mini horse thing, "Did I do somethign wrong?" he asks more confused. "Where are you going?"

Marie's hands fumble for the key a little longer but she eventually finds it and looks up toward Sayt as he asks her this. "You're not a real person." She says, her eyes catch sight of the car with the loud music and she sees a man… in red pajamas, flailing around inside the car… WTF? expression on her face, but she shrugs her it off with a shake of her head and looks back up at Sayt. "People 'round here touch me and they fall down dead, nobody can touch me. So you're not a real person, you're some kind of… I don't know. Probably like a murderer or something." She jams the key into the motorcycle and is clearly about to start it up.

"But…. but.. my pajamas are really sexy. They got the feet thingies sewn on. And I have a mask!" says Wade to no one as he sits on the hood of his car. "Wait, this is my uniform because I joined SHIELD and I am waiting for some kind of orders that have yet to be sent. Something about a Sentinel is being dispatched to my location. WTF is a Sentinel?" He grins, "I hope it brings me food!"

Sayt is fast asleep after being attacked by the Honey Badger. The Honey Badger is crazy cray. He don't care.

Sayt still is confused, "why am I not real? I am not a murderer." he walks in front of the bike grabbing the handlebars staring at her. "I touched you and I didn't die so I must be a murderer? I'm not from the world."

A mother and her two children are walking past the front of Wade's car and she grabs hold of her kids shoulders and tries to shield them from the crazy man. The little boy looks really impressed the little girl asks "Mom, is there an insane asylum around here?" The mom "Shoosh, Heather! Don't make eye-contact!" The rush on past.

Rogue sees the man step in front of her bike. She pauses starting the thing up. She looks up at him confused by what he's saying still, the wind is pushing her white hair across her face but she allows it, ignores it. "So what, you're a space man?" She asks him, shaking her head. "Dressed like a Dungeons and Dragons reject? If you're from another planet, why don't you prove it then? Show me your space ship." She looks around the parking lot for it, her eyes fall on Wade. "I think THAT guy is from another planet…" Her eyes go back to Sayt.

From the sky, a sound of a giant engine booms. A colossal robotic figure hovers over the mall, as if it is scanning the area for something specific. It doesn't seem threatening… yet…
"Oh, right… That's what a Sentinel is," shouts Wade as he looks up at the entity. "So, are you Optimus Prime or the Iron Giant? Please be not from a Michael Bay movie. I can't deal with his explosions. He'd be better making some other kind of adult movie with all those explosions and Megan Fox." He looks down at his belt and then back up at the Sentinel, "See! Just thinking about that kind of movie with Megan Fox already got some kind of explosion going on!"
He doesn't seem to be talking to anyone at all…

This isn't a war he is winning, "Do you have clouds in your ears? I said I am from Asgard." Sayt sighs deeply and reaching into a pouch on his belt he removes a small special stone that is relfective. "Fine." he rubs his thumb on the stone opening a portal that shows Asgard to her in all its glory and those dressed as he. "It is one of the nine realms."

Rogue watched the man and listened closely as she saw him reveal this shiney stone. She looked over as the portal materialized and this made the young woman practically leap off of the motorcycle in the opposite direction, startled! The wind pushed her trenchcoat behind her causing the leather to flap in the window (she still had his cloak on her shoulder too). Her green eyes stared at the portal and she started to walk in a large circle to peak around behind it and just generally inspect it. She looked back at him. "Alright, fine… Jesus Christ, make it go away." She looekd left and right, seeing crazy pajama guy still there but seemingly no one else saw the portal.

The Honey Badger don't care!!!
Wade just watches the giant robot scan the area and then it leaves. "Ok, so Sentinels are pretty boring. That's it? Just scan the area?" He hangs out with his vehicle and stays put. Waiting for contact from SHIELD. Why? Because he's their new wild dog and he doesn't want to get into trouble just yet…

Sayt makes the portal go away as she requests. Taking his cloak he puts it back on once the stone has been put away. "My name is Sayt not Jesus Christ whoever that may be. I'm sorry for giving you a fright. I'll just go, M'Lady."

The wind is pretty harsh today and it picks up a nice big gust… an extra large plastic bag from one of the mall's stores flies through the air and slams into Wade's face, latching onto him like an octopus!

Rogue narrows her eyes at Sayt. When he finishes speaking she exhales and starts to feel herself calm down a bit. She looks around the area near them and assumes… "What are you like walking around everywhere on foot?" She asks him then, she looks hesitant and unsure of her next sentence. "I can give you a ride somewhere if you need it." She motions at her bike.

Sayt looks at the motorcycle, "I don't have my horse here." he admits, "I wouldn't know where to go. Haven't really found an Inn to lodge within."

Rogue steps back toward her bike (Scott's) and she shakes her head at what he says softly. "I thought you were with a friend, Luke or something." She tells him as she puts her right hand onto the machine's right handlebar. She swings her left leg over it and sits back down on it, looking up at him.
Sayt isn't used to riding anything behind a woman. But being he doesn't know this realm he copies her actions climbing on behind her. "His name is Loki and I don't know where he resides in this realm." hands resting on her sides he isn't sure what to expect from this thing.

"Asgard, huh." Rogue replied as she saw him come around behind her and crawl onto the bike. "Well, I don't know any Loki's… But I think I might know someone who will." She fires the bike up then and it roars to life at a level that would PROBABLY startle the foreigner. The engine is revved several times by the girl before she gasses it and their odd-pairing drives off together.

- END -

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